Top 10 Best Guns for Women in the World (Self Defense)

Top 10 Best Guns for Women in the World (Self Defense)

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In this post, we will be looking at the top 10 guns for women in order to facilitate self-protection. The information on this page would enable ladies to narrow down the possibilities and give them insight on how to make the best decision in terms of searching for the right guns for them. After looking at the information provided about each gun take out time to read up on the manufacturer and the full product description and order to give you better insights on which is best suitable for you. Also reading of reviews of these guns is very important because there are resources out there that give the best feedback from other ladies that have used similar products all over the world. it would interest you to know that the reviews you find about this product and not official reviews but reviews from customers like you who have used the product and are testifying about how the product performs.

After the purchase of one of these weapons, it will be the best decision to make a review of the one you’re currently using so as to help other ladies make an informed decision.

There are very few of these weapons that women like because of the stress of going through carrying these sophisticated weapons and that is why ladies always prefer to go for the slick ones which are mostly handguns. The information provided on this page is being collected from an annual survey which woman has given their opinion concerning most of these handguns. The ranking is being placed in order of preference due to the valuable information that has been provided by other women who have used these weapons as well. Luckily for most of the readers on this page, they are in the locations where it is legal for a citizen to own a gun and that is why it could be easier for you to apply for arms and get it without much stress or having to go through the illegal means.

It is very important that I stayed this fun which is that there was no absolutely perfect gun for women rather this list is being influenced majorly by preferences from these women.

It is very important that a woman owns a gun because society is not safe and women are not spared probably because they are perceived that we can sex which makes them more vulnerable to attacks.

Most of the guns being recommended on this post are handguns which are portable, flexible, and can be easily handled by a lady.
This firearm can come in handy when a lady is taking a walk or even jogging early in the morning.

There are several reasons why people look for guns and their self-defense competitive shooting or for fun. One good thing about handguns is that it gives reliable performance and it is easy to use. The best handgun that would be the best fit for you would have to be the right caliber, weight, and size. It should also be enjoyable to shoot and easy to operate. The features of a good handgun for a woman are that it is light for concealed carry and it offers a comfortable grip. these guns also achieve the same objective as handguns for men does the only difference is compact and lightweight but notwithstanding it is still being used for self-defense, recreation, or target shooting.

Factors for Best small guns for women

if you are want to buy a gun for yourself there are several factors that need to be put into consideration and that includes the weight and size of the gun, not just that also how easy is it for you to shoot.How to choose a handgun for a woman

How to choose a handgun for a woman

Here is how to choose a handgun for a woman:

  1. Choose a Light felt recoil
  2. Select the best caliber
  3. Pick a perfect gun size
  4. Select the best magazine capacity
  5. Check the weight
  6. Confirm the safety features
  7. Confirm reliability

Here are some factors needed in a woman’s gun:

Recoil: they gone with light felt recoil will be easier and comfortable while shooting because the shooter’s hand cannot get easily retired. It also enables accurate follow-up shots. It is the caliber of the gun that dictates the recoil, size, and weight. That is why even small pistols still have high felt recoil. It is best detected in person if u shoot it yourself because the recoil effect varies.

Caliber: many small handguns are chambered for 9mm ammunition and .380 ACP. These calibers give enough power to halt any threat and it has a light recoil that can be easily handled.
Most 9mm have recoils that are strongly felt than .380ACP. I would recommend 9mm guns because they’re more suitable for both competition shooting and self-defense, making them very versatile.

Size: if u are looking to carry around a concealed weapon then a small compatible handgun will be best suitable for you. This kind of gun would fit into your holster or bag. If you need this gun in your home for self-defense then you should go for bigger pistols as they are easier to shoot and more accurate.

Magazine Capacity: If you’re going for a competitive shooting then you need a large magazine capacity. go for compact handguns which have double stack magazines for higher capacity. If you need the gun for self-defense then a single stack magazine would be enough for you.

Weight: there’s more relation between lower felt recoil and heavy handguns though it might be more difficult to aim for shooters with weaker hands. If you’re concealing their weapon with you the weight affects how comfortable it’ll be on you. It is advisable you go for a handgun that has a weight that gives you manageable recoil and also achieves comfortable shooting.

Safety features: All pistols have features like protection against accidental shooting if the gun is mistakenly dropped. Heavier trigger pull guns guarantee this kind of safety and amateur shooters are advised to pick a gun with these safety standards even after receiving training on how to use a gun.

Aesthetics: the comfort and function of a gun is very important. There are also different styles and colors of handguns. A buyer should choose the one with textured patterns and grips to her taste. The guns are also open for further customization.

Reliability: In order for a gun to be suitably used for self-defense, it should give reliable and consistent performance. Ensure you test your handgun at a firing range. Make sure it is easy to use even in a high-stress situation.

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Top 10 Best Guns for Women in the World 2023

Here are the top 10 best guns for women for self-defense in 2023:

  • S&W M&P 380 SHIELD EZ
  • GLOCK 43
  • GLOCK 19
  • SIG P238
  • SIG P320
  • SIG P365

10. S&W M&P BODYGUARD 380Top 10 Best Guns for Women in the World 2021

The S&W Bodyguard 380, chambered in.380 ACP, is ultra-lightweight and concealable. The Bodyguard 380 is the lightest handgun on our list, weighing just 12.3 ounces. When loaded with high-quality ammunition, the Bodyguard 380 remains an effective self-defense pistol despite its size. It is among the best Guns for Women in the World 2023.

The total length of the S&W Bodyguard 380 is 5.3 inches, making it suitable for concealed carry. The magazine has an extended finger grip for a more stable hold, and the extra-slim 0.77-inch grip width is convenient for small hands. The Bodyguard 380’s 9.5-pound trigger pull weight may be difficult for some shooters, but it provides a layer of protection against accidental shooting. Despite its short 2.75-inch barrel, the Bodyguard 380’s lighter caliber makes it easy to handle and shoot accurately.

9. S&W M&P BODYGUARD 38Top 10 Best Guns for Women in the World 2021

The Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 38 revolver is easy to use and has manageable recoil for women who choose to carry a revolver. The silicone grip on the S&W Bodyguard 38 helps to minimize felt recoil while still being easy to wear. The Bodyguard 38 has an integrated laser sight with ambidextrous laser controls for increased accuracy. The laser sight can also offer the shooter a psychological advantage in high-stress situations.

The Bodyguard 38 is a perfect choice for a concealed carry firearm because it only weighs 14.4 ounces and measures 6.6 inches long. The Bodyguard 38 is an attractive, but strong, revolver with a sleek black matte finish. It is one of the best Guns for Women in the World 2023.

8. S&W M&P 380 SHIELD EZTop 10 Best Guns for Women in the World 2021

The Smith & Wesson M&P 380 Shield EZ, as its name implies, is designed for ease of use and maintenance in every way. Beginners would have no trouble firing the 380 Shield EZ because it has an easy-to-load magazine and a slide that is easy to rack. The 380 Shield EZ is also designed for quick cleaning and can be disassembled without pulling the trigger.

The 380 Shield EZ is ideal for concealed carry or home safety, weighing 18.5 ounces and measuring 6.7 inches overall. Its crisp trigger has an audible reset for more relaxed shooting, and the 3.7-inch barrel increases accuracy, making it an ideal option for both beginners and seasoned shooters. It is among the best Guns for Women in the World 2023.

7. S&W M&P SHIELDBest Guns for Women in the World 2021

The M&P Shield from Smith & Wesson is a slim and lightweight 9mm pistol that is easy to fire and conceal. The Shield is suitable for shooters with smaller hands, with a grip width of less than an inch. The Shield also has a longer grip height, which makes for a stronger grip, better recoil control, and improved overall shooting accuracy. It is among the best Guns for Women in the World 2023.

The Shield has a stainless steel chassis system and a corrosion-resistant polymer frame. With a weight of 20.8 ounces, the Shield is easy to wear all day. The Shield’s barrel and slide are coated in stainless steel for long-term durability.

6. GLOCK 43Best Guns for Women in the World 2021

The Glock 43 is a common Glock pistol that uses a single stack magazine and is chambered for 9mm ammunition. The subcompact Glock 43 weighs just 16.23 ounces and measures 6.26 inches in length, making it incredibly light and concealable yet still packing a punch. The Glock 43’s compact size, just over an inch high, makes it easy to grip for smaller hands. For tighter and more relaxed pistol use, the grip has a textured surface and a beavertail shape.

The Glock 43 has a barrel length of 3.41 inches, making it simple to fire accurately at close range. The Glock 43 does not need any equipment to field-strip for ease of maintenance. The Glock 43, like all other Glock handguns, is extremely dependable and a reliable self-defense weapon.

5. GLOCK 19Best Guns for Women in the World 2021

The Glock 19 is a well-known 9mm pistol that is ideal for self-defense and competitive shooting. While the Glock 19 is heavier than the other handguns on this list, at 21.5 ounces without the magazine, it is still light enough to carry comfortably. The Glock 19 is compact enough to carry concealed but wide enough to fire accurately, with an overall length of 7.28 inches and a barrel length of 4.02 inches. It is one of the best Guns for Women in the World 2023.

The dual recoil spring mechanism on the Glock 19 Generation 4 and 5 models produces a lighter felt recoil. The Glock 19 has a compact trigger pull weight of about 6 pounds, making it simple and fun to use. Beginners can soon feel comfortable firing this handgun because it has only a few controls to work and a steady trigger pull. The Glock 19 also has outstanding safety features, such as a protected action mechanism that prevents the weapon from firing accidentally if it is dropped.

The Glock 19 has an extended reversible magazine catch for quicker reloading for competitive shooters.

4. KIMBER MICRO 9Best Guns for Women in the World 2021

Kimber’s Micro 9 is another excellent option for a compact 1911-style handgun. The Micro 9 is manufactured by one of the most well-known 1911 handgun manufacturers, and it has 1911’s trademark short single-action trigger pull for improved accuracy and performance. The Kimber Micro 9 has a fast magazine release and reloading is easy. It is among the best Guns for Women in the World 2023.

The Kimber Micro 9 is built for concealed carry, weighing just 15.6 ounces and measuring 6.1 inches overall. The Micro 9’s moderate recoil and slim grip width make it easy to shoot for both beginners and experts. Despite its higher price, the Kimber Micro 9 is made to last, with a sturdy and robust stainless steel barrel and a firm grip and aluminum frame.

3. SIG P238Best Guns for Women in the World 2021

The SIG Sauer P238 is an excellent option for women looking for a traditional pistol in the.380 ACP caliber. The P238 is a 1911-style pistol with an all-metal frame that weighs just 15.2 ounces. The P238 is easy to aim and handle thanks to its caliber and relaxed grip, which results in a lighter felt recoil. However, the 2.7-inch barrel length can make accuracy more difficult for inexperienced shooters. The SIG P238 is lightweight enough to fit in a small bag or pocket, weighing just 5.5 inches overall.

Although the SIG P238 is more expensive, it is a reliable pistol that comes in a variety of colors and configurations to suit any shooter. The SIG P238 is also simple to manage, requiring no special equipment for field-stripping. It is among the best Guns for Women in the World 2023.

2. SIG P320Best Guns for Women in the World 2021

The P320 striker-fired 9mm pistol from SIG Sauer offers exceptional precision and reliability, as well as unparalleled modularity thanks to a completely customizable handle. Instead of modular backstraps, the SIG P320 provides separate grip modules in a variety of sizes to match the shooter’s hand perfectly. Improved grip comfort can lead to improved shooting efficiency and precision, as well as make shooting more enjoyable.

The full-size P320 is one of the largest handguns on this list, with an overall length of 8 inches and a barrel length of 4.7 inches. The P320 may not be a woman’s first choice for a concealed carry firearm due to its weight of 29.6 ounces. The P320, on the other hand, is ideal for target shooting or home defense due to its 17-round magazine and excellent sighted accuracy. It is among the best Guns for Women in the World 2023.

The P320 is also available in a subcompact version that measures 6.7 inches overall and weights 24.9 ounces while providing the same smooth and crisp trigger pull as the full-size versions, as well as the same reliable output. The P320 Nitrogen Subcompact is ideal for concealment or for shooters with small hands.

The SIG P320-M17 was chosen as the Modular Handgun System for the United States Army, demonstrating its superior performance. The P320-M17 is available in the same coyote-tan PVD coated slide and coyote-tan grip as the military version, or in a range of colors and styles in other P320 versions. The P320 is an attractive, strong, and reliable handgun for women that falls in the middle price range.

1. SIG P365Best Guns for Women in the World 2021

The well-known SIG P365 is at the top of our list as the best handgun for women in 2023. Shooting Illustrated named this SIG Sauer concealed carry pistol the 2019 Handgun of the Year, and Guns & Ammo named it the 2018 Handgun of the Year. This slim 9mm micro-compact pistol is designed for easy concealment, dependable performance, and a wide capacity of ammunition.

The SIG P365 has a 1-inch wide grip that is easy to carry for those with small hands, and the 3.1-inch barrel increases shooting accuracy. The SIG P365 weighs 17.8 ounces and has a stainless steel frame and slide, making it lightweight but well-balanced. The trigger pull on this striker-fired gun is clean and crisp for enjoyable shooting.

The SIG P365’s crowning attribute, however, is its extended capacity, which carries 10 rounds while remaining small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. The SIG P365 is a great option for a woman searching for a concealed carry weapon that packs a powerful punch, with an overall length of just 5.8 inches.