How to Get a Job fast in Nigeria without Connections

How to Get a Job fast in Nigeria in 2022 without Connections (Quick Steps)

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How to Get a Job fast in Nigeria in 2022

Getting a job in Nigeria is a job on its own it is not something you just walk by on the street most people search effortlessly yet don’t get it. Graduate and the youths screen there is no job anywhere all because of what they heard or experienced in the process of looking for jobs in Nigeria.

There are many factors that cause job hunt in Nigeria to be extremely difficult. Work experience is a very vital factor a job seeker should have. Nigerian employees have made this part very annoying for job seekers because most employers will set out a standard that is not looking realistic for the prospective employee; how can use it for an entry-level Worker with an experience of at least five years.

When people try to find good jobs and earn a decent living they get discouraged by these unrealistic work experience. Well, you are right on spot for coming here to read this article because it will show you how to get a job in Nigeria without connections and experience.

At the end of the day, you’ll have to keep applying if you get that job because what makes you think other applicants I’m more qualified than you Are For that job role?

The problem you might be more qualified than the person that will earn that job.
Fresh graduates who just left for universities find it very difficult to land a job due to this difficulty in having the experience required.

But don’t worry it’s not the same thing that chances of successfully gaining of employment without this work experience is greater than it seems. Every graduate has a chance of getting employed so the selection criteria it’s actually more sophisticated for people with several years of experience.

There is a lot of competition out there the numbers of graduates and people pass out from the National youth service corps keeps increasing these people don’t know where to turn to for the next step to take except getting a job. Only but a few have turned to their skills for survival.

However, being an entrepreneur in Nigeria is difficult and this environment tends to kill businesses in just two years of its start-up.

Why is it difficult to get a job in Nigeria?

It is quite difficult for most graduates to get jobs in Nigeria due to the poor economy of the country. The government has refused to take fast actions to provide jobs for the youth. Also while most graduates cry that there is no job, people still change high-paying jobs like clothes either because of their background or connections.

How to Get a Job fast in Nigeria in 2022 without Connections

Now here are Vital tips to get a job fast in Nigeria 2022 without connections or experience;

  • Start early
  • Take professional courses
  • Write a good CV
  • Be prepared for the job interview
  • Go for an internship or training
  • Make new connections
  • Maximize your achievements
  • Be careful applying
  • Get good References
  • Never Badmouth your Previous EmployerHow to Get a Job fast in Nigeria in without Connections

1. Start early

Most people who have some working experience gather them while in school they do this by some sort of internship or part-time works. Some make up their CV using the skills of acquiring.
So for those that are still in school give a thought about your future and start early there are things that you can do to beef up who you will become tomorrow.

Don’t relax be prepared there is no time University days passes very quickly and before you know it you are in the Nigerian labor market and if you’re prepared by then you’ll be thankful.

2. Take professional courses

This is also crucial while you don’t have enough working experience you spice up your curriculum vitae by finding some professional courses online or offline register for them and get certified and any specialty you are in. Taking that causes require discipline for you to finish it. Getting the certifications will give you an advantage over some job seekers that also do not have the experience required. this makes you stay ahead of your competitors in the market. When these certifications and courses are present in your CV you have a high chance of getting the job you are applying for.

3. Write a good CV

Things you like and work experience you can only indicate them in your achievement and skills that you’ve built up over the years this will make the employer value you and decide to hire you because skills are important and what you can offer to the company is key. Recite some mandatory items required on the CV also putting some of these lines:
Behaviour, values and Language capacity.

For people that have done their thesis, if it’s related to the job role you can add it even for those that have done their Internship.
Edit your CV to suit the role you are applying for. Yes I know it’s not easy but nothing is ever easy in Nigeria.
If you’re not finding it very easy to write your CV maybe you could use some help from one of the best CV writing services. contact 081-154-1361-1 to help you out at a very affordable rate.

Place your CV regarding finding a job on as many sites as possible. Then give it to particular companies that you find to be an excellent start to your career. Don’t wait for a response, either. If you didn’t get a response in 3-4 days, just call yourself. Check if your Resume has already been checked by the recruitment manager.

You will either be invited to an interview, or you will be immediately told that your application did not interest a company. In the second instance, ask politely for reasons to refuse. After all, persuading the manager to intervene on you will be inappropriate in most cases, so just pay attention to the possible explanations for the refusal and say thank you for your time. The information received could be used in the future, not to repeat such errors.

4. Be prepared for the job interview

Interviews are always just some form of tension. Everybody always fears before them. And if this is your first interview then the anticipation level triples. Though on your own side, you can use this, because the more anxious you are, the more attention you give the interview. Just don’t cross the line when you’d be disturbed by your nerves and left with no word in mind.

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5. Go for an internship or training

Many large firms have ongoing internship job openings for young professionals. This is a real chance for a graduate with no work experience to get a job. However, you may have to go through a selection process (often a long and daunting one), and if you prove that your theoretical awareness is at a high level and you’re excited about working and improving, then you’ll have all the chances of getting the internship. And you can also get a chance to gain a permanent position within the company after passing it successfully.

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6. Make new connections

Tell all your friends, relatives, acquaintances, acquaintances, that you are looking for a job. Participate actively in professional social networking communities, make new acquaintances, discover which companies have open interesting vacancies for you.

7. Maximize your achievements

As mentioned above, it often happens that specialists want to get the position of a chief and a high salary immediately without experience. But very often there are also exactly opposite cases when an accomplished candidate does not take his successes and abilities into account. If you have successfully graduated, you will have some experience already.

You wrote a diploma and possibly participated in any conferences or workshops of scientific work. All this is an experience, too, and that can not be understated. Quote everything you can do in interviews in a confident manner. The employer would give the applicant priority without substantial experience, but with sufficient enthusiasm and a greater willingness to work than someone who says “I never worked anywhere, I don’t know much.”

8. Be careful applying

Throw a little caution in the labor market as it now operates a lot of scam companies. An inexperienced professional can be very easily deceived, and even more so, a novice graduate looking for his first job. These businesses promise huge wages, fantastically perfect working conditions and other dubious stuff from the first month of work. If you’ve been to work and pay for paperwork or something else you just need to make a monetary contribution. When the employer asks you for something to pay, turn around and leave immediately. They might ask you to pay for some booklets or training….run oh! These are scammers that have no intention of offering you any work. You’ve got to pay for the work, not vice versa. Also avoid unknown companies in secluded locations, always run a background check.

9. Get good References:

References are relevant and these are reviewed by employers. Provide recommendations from superiors, colleagues, clients, subordinates, and suppliers. Store it on sites such as LinkedIn and post it wherever possible. If you’re worried that your supervisor will give you a lousy reference, focus on getting some personal references you can attach to your credentials.

10. Never Badmouth your Previous Employer:

One of the most common interview errors is badmouthing the boss or co-workers. The first thing the interviewer is going to know exactly is what you will say about their company when you ‘re moving on.

Good luck as you get a job in Nigeria in 2022!