Shatta Wale Net Worth 2020, Biography, Songs, Family and Facts

Shatta Wale Net Worth 2021, Biography, Songs, Family and Facts

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Shatta Wale has proclaimed the Hall King dance himself, but there will be very few people in Ghana who will challenge his claim. The Ghanaian producer is known all over the world and has distinguished himself in several respects.

He courted controversy but he also knew how to keep bringing the music and entertainment that keep him relevant. For fans and foes, this article will share lesser-known facts about man, artist, and enigma.

Shatta Wale Biography

Shatta Wale was born on October 17, 1984 to Charles Mensah and Ms. Elsie in Accra, Ghana. He was baptized Charles Nii Armah Mensah. Like all parents, Shatta Wale’s parents had an idea of where they wanted their son to go and this path led to the right, a path that clearly never came to fruition.

Shatta Wale Musical career

Shatta Wale began writing and recording music from his high school years. He was not to give up like many other musicians because his parents placed a great deal of importance on education, but he then began to music full-time. He was very inspired by Yoggy-Doggy, another reggae musician very popular in Ghana, and began his career with the stage name Doggy.

After much work and persistence, Wale landed a new contract with a recording studio, then became Bandana, which released in 2004 the hit “Bandana from Ghana”. He stated that he chose the name Bandana because he preferred bandana as his clothing.

He took a long break and reappeared in 2013 as Shatta Wale. In an interview, the singer revealed that he had decided to change his name to Shatta Wale after consulting God. Shatta is a Jamaican slang for “Gangster,” while WALE is an acronym meaning “World Alerted Lyrical Entertainer.” In the silent period that preceded the name of the scene, he claimed to be in Jamaica to learn the kind of music he now believes to rule – Dancehall.

Shatta Wale Record breaker

Shatta Wale broke a world record after becoming the first musician to perform 118 songs in one night. The capital performance took place on 23 July in Nima. The pouring rain didn’t stop Shatta Wale or his loyal fans from taking control of the night.

Shatta Wale Controversy

Wale’s propensity for controversy began to emerge after the 2013 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA). What made the moment so meaningful? The musician and dancehall producer said he was the legitimate candidate to win VGMA’s Dance Hall Artist of the Year award, accusing him of giving it to a female artist “Kaakie” unworthy of Dancehall.

His claims became more public when he later published a song called “Me Need No Awards” in which he dissected the VGMA for their supposed lightness. It was after all this episode that he declared himself King of Ghana, Dance Hall, with a new title entitled “Dancehall King”; a blow that brought him fully into the limelight.

The music artist has since ridden this wave, fuelling controversy and sharing his opinions, regardless of their appearance.

Shatta Wale Net Worth 2021, Biography, Songs, Family and Facts
Shatta Wale Collaborations

In 2014, Shatta Wale proved his collaboration After his song Wine Ya Waist ‘featuring Davido from Nigeria, was named one of the five must-see musicians in the world. Also in 2014, his song ‘You Can’t Touch Me’ was widely used by the Dancers Against Racism Worldwide campaign.

Shatta Wale also presented interim chops. He starred alongside Bisa Kdei and Majid Michel in a film and was also in the film Never Say Never with Charles Ko Bucknor, Edward Kufuor and Paulina Oduro.

Nii Akramah Mensah, father of the famous Hall King dance has tended to use the Internet all over Ghana. The father and son share close ties and the old man was recently appointed and approved as the new leader of Ngleshie Amanfro under the name Nii Akramah Nyonmo Bei II. After his accession, his son Shatta Wale congratulated the population for their support and love and promised to help him, promote development and promote unity in the region.

Shatta Wale Family

Just as he has a warm relationship with his father, Nii Akramah Mensah, Wale is also a favorite son of his mother, Elsie Evelyn Avemegah. He had already shared a photo of himself and his mother on Facebook after buying her a car for her birthday, adding that he hoped to buy her a house soon.

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Shatta Wale Wife and children

Shatta Wale is traditionally married to her girlfriend Michelle aka Shatta Michy. They have two children, which makes it very disconcerting that the king of dancehall has declared that he will finally settle down and claim full responsibility for family life when he turns 72.

Contrary to the “irresponsible” reputation mostWale would have been particularly praised by actress Grace Omaboe, better known as Maame Dokono, for whom the singer is a truly responsible family man.

Shatta Wale Net worth 2021Shatta Wale Net Worth 2021

With a successful career in entertainment, money finds to flow. Shatta Wale is a person who likes to show his strengths to let the world know that hard work and dedication are the key to success. In 2016, the artist bought a mansion in East Legon and shared a photo of himself standing behind the hotel pool.

It can be recalled that the king of the dance hall had revealed his interest in real estate and had posted a picture of himself and his mother in front of his “new home”.

Judging by his $1 million home, Shatta Wale estimates the net worth at about $6.2 million. He is also the CEO of Shatta Movement and the brand ambassador for Guinness Ghana Breweries – an added asset for its cash flow.

Shatta Wale Awards and achievements

  • Shatta won best new artist at the International Reggae and World Music Awards.
  • At the 2014 Nigerian Entertainment Awards, the king of dancehall won the African Artist of the Year award.
  • Nominated for the gN Bank’s first award as Best Musician of the Year by People’s Choice.
  • As part of its annual survey of influential figures in Ghana, it was also named the 38th most influential Ghanaian by E-TV Ghana in 2015.

Interesting Facts about Shatta Wale

  • Full name: Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jnr.
  • Net worth in dollars: $6.2 million
  • Country of origin: Ghana
  • Occupation: Music producer / Artist / Artist
  • Costs per show: Varies
  • Civil status: Married
  • Age / Date of birth: October 17, 1984
  • Private phone number: Unavailable
  • Record Label: Nedjon Media, Empire of the Shatta Movement, Shatta Movement Music Production, SM 4 LYF Records.