Beautiful names for boys and girls in 2020

Beautiful names for boys and girls in 2021

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Are you looking for a beautiful name for a baby boy or a baby girl?

If Yes, then you are in the right blog.

The birth of a child is a great happiness. However, together with the addition of the family per person, parents face an important question – how to name the baby? Every dad and every mom wants their child to have the most beautiful, best name. Therefore, a few months before the happy day of the long-awaited child’s birth, his parents meticulously choose his name.

And it is right because the name plays an important role in the fate of man. Since ancient times, parents have tried to give their children the names of relatives with happy lives or called the kids by the Saints – the names of biblical saints.

Nowadays, the name for the child is chosen by parents taking into account the unusualness (agree, who will like to call their Dimochka, and will respond, well, if a few, other people’s children?) and modernity. In this article you will be able to view the Beautiful names for boys and girls in 2021 for children, whose appearance in our world is planned just in this wonderful year, following the leap.


How to give the ‘right’ name to your child in 2021

Of course, it is not necessary to say that a child should live with his name at birth for the rest of his life. Every parent knows that. That’s why the choice of name is so important. People’s wisdom says that it is better for boys to choose a sonorous, firm, courageous naming.

The name must have the letter “R” as this snarling sound is a symbol of strength and confidence. Girls should be called affectionate, soft and beautiful names.

Throughout his life, no word a person hears more often than his own name and when choosing his name should, first of all, rely on sound and conformity of name, middle name and surname. The name has an impact on the child and his fate almost from birth, but the middle name begins to influence each person from the moment he entered adulthood.

If the parents choose the right name and the combination of it with the middle name will be in tune, then in adult life their child will be treated with respect, and the appeal by name-father will be just music, both for the master of the name, and for others. If there are too many consonants in the name-fatherhood at the junction of words, in this case the pronunciation is much more difficult and, therefore, the name of the person will be constantly distorted.
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Modern popular names for boys and girls in 2021

Gradually, the fashion for beautiful, but already slightly fed up foreign names comes to naught. Also, the popularity of native names is fading and in 2021 again become names that were fashionable a few years ago.

Men’s names:

Alexander is from Greek. “courageous defender”
Artem is from Greek. “unscathed, healthy”
Gleb is from the ancient Scand. “Pleasing God”
Daniel – from a biblical. “God is my judge”
Elisha – from the ancients. “God will save”
Ivan is from the ancients. “God’s mercy”
The lion is from the ancient scan. “heart”
Mark is from him. “the essence, the core”
Rodion is from Greek. “Hero”
Roman – from lat. “Roman”

Women’s names:

Alexandra is from the Greek. “courageous protector”
Alice is from an ancient herm. “Baby”
Anastasia is from Greek. “resurrected”
Anna is from the ancients. “merciful, grace”
Varvara is from the Greek. “Foreign”
Veronica is from Greek. “Winning”
Eva is from the ancients. “live”
Karina – from lat. “looking forward”
Mary is from the ancient svr. “rejecting, serene”
Ulyana – a derivative name from Julia or Juliana – from greek. “fluffy, wavy”

What to name a child, according to the church calendar.

Recently, parents are more and more often called newborn babies on the Saints. That is, depending on the month in which the child was born, he is assigned the name of a saint, who is remembered in the same month. This practice is becoming increasingly popular in Russia and CIS countries.

Calendar of names for boys and girls for Saints for 2021


Boys’ names: Ilya, Timothy, Ignatius, Ivan, Vladimir, Naum, Makar, Dmitry, Leo, Joseph, Anatoly, Erast, Emelian, Eugene, Dronotei, Nikoror, Nikolai, Michael, Thaddeus.

Names for girls: Anisya, Arseny, Aglaia, Agrippina, Augusta, Irina, Vasilisa.


Boys’ names: Makar, Hippolyte, Arseniy, Arkady, Peter, Kirill, Anatoly, David, Elisha, Konstantin, Raphael, Julian, Ansim, Prokhor, Timothy, Maximilian, Maxim, Akim, Trifon, Afoniy, zakhar.

Names for girls: Elizabeth, Anna, Catherine, Sofia, Vasilisa, Maria, Christina.


Names for boys: Samuel, Makar, Basil, Nikon, Daniel, Philimon, Nestor, Andrei, Alexander, Taras, Stepan, Ivan, Victor, Porfiry, Peter, Ephraim, Kirill, Andrei.

Names for girls: Daria, Natalia, Alexandra, Nadezhda, Avdotya, Marina, Evdokia, Mstislava, Olga, Agrippa.


Names for boys: Ivan, Dmitri, Maxim, Victor, Nestor, zahar, Georgi, Martyn, Nikita, Herman, Alexander, Pavel, Polykarp, Sergei, Isaac, Philip, Mark, Stepan.

Girls’ names: Nika, Glafira, Vasilisa, Akulina, Alla, Alexandra, Sofia, Efimiya, Taisiya, Anatolia.


Boys’ names: Ephraim, Arkady, Maxim, Dmitry, Sidor, Stepan, Fadei, Nestor, Sergei, Denis, Prokl, Alexander, Bartholomew, Lazar, Thomas, George, Kuzma, Nikofor, Christopher, Nikolai.

Names for girls: Jeanne, Matrena, Suzanne, Jeanne, Irina, Pelagea, Muse, Anastasia, Christina.

You can also check interesting Russian names and meanings.


Boys’ names: Michaliy, Maxim, Ignatius, Matvey, Vladimir, Patriy, Nikita, Zahar, Fyodor, Gennady, Fadei, Athanasius, Yakov, Sevastian, Ivan, David, Irakli, Ivan, Luke, Ostap, Leontius, Konstantin, Mark, Igor, Karp.

Names for girls: Julian, Faina, Pavlina, Ulyana, Elena, Efrosinha, Maria, Sofia.


Boys’ names: Fedor, Naum, Maxim, Gennady, Nikita, Mitrophan, Galaction, Konstantin, Yakov, Luca, Dafydd, Ivan, Peter, Andrey, Leo, Archip, Stepan, Victor, Ostap, Gleb, Kuzma, Leonid.

Names for girls: Julia, Sarah, Lucia, Maria, Veronica, Tatiana, Olga, Angelina, Jeanne, Ulyana, Inna, Rimma, Agrippina.


Boys’ names: Athanasius, Mitrophan, Konstantin, Ivan, Tikhon, Seraphim, Peter, Savva, Fedor, Michael, George, Semyon, Ermolai, Cornelius, Vasily, Nikolai, Prokhor, Stepan, Nikanor, Plato, Akakiy, Sergei, Mark, Herman, Ostap, Prokhor, Julian.

Names for girls: Milena, Serafima, Elena, Anastasia, Mavra, Irina, Antonina, Olympiad, Anna, Christina.


Boys’ names: Timothy, Nikolai, Philip, Alexander, Ephraim, Arseniy, Dorothea, Vasily, Denis, Alexei, Ephraim, Pavel, Pankriatiy, Andrei, Thaddeus, Serafim, Dmitry, Illarion, Sergey, Kirill, Michael, Clement.

Names for girls:Fekla, Anna, Elena, Varvara, Tatiana, Elizabeth, Matrena, Anfisa, Martha, Ksenia, Tatiana, Raisa.


Boys’ names: Igor, Alexey, Ostap, George, Vasily, Fedor, Ipatiy, Vladimir, Daniel, Nestor, Martyn, Andrey, David, Vitaly, Kuzma, Nikolai, Prokhor, Moses, Pimen, Yakov, Maxim, Dmitry.

Names for girls:Sofia, Irina, Tatiana, Martha, Raisa, Nana, Ulyana, Vera, Alexandra, Veronica, zinaida.


Boys’ names: Jacob, Konstantin, Herman, Pavel, Nikolai, Peter, Valery, Nikifor, Mark, Athanasius, Timothy, Nestor, Demjan, Valery, Timothy, Bogdan, Porfiry, Ilya, Vasily, Rodion, Boris, Eugene, Leo, Nikita, Constantine.

Names for girls:Pelagea, Anna, Matrona, Elizabeth, Martha, Anastasia, Praskovya, Avdotya, Olga.


Boys’ names: Alexander, Roman, Ignatius, Dmitry, Denis, Vladimir, Joseph, Alexey, Seraphim, Victor, Prokopius, Nikolai, Nazar, Innocent, Nikolai, Solomon, Savp, Maxim, Zakhar, Daniel, Leo, Philimon, Luke.

Names for girls:Fekla, Tatiana, Cecilya, Maria, Anisya, Margarita, Anna, Tamara, Ekaterina, Glykeria, Ulyana, Kira, Angelina, Eudoquia.