All Russian names for girls: from A-Z

All Russian names for girls in 2021: from A-Z

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Full Russian names are the middle name, the name, and the last name. And the middle name is what distinguishes the system of Russian names from the systems adopted in other countries. And as additional forms of the name, there are diminutive or nicknames.

The nickname could be given to a man at any age. It was associated with its owner even more closely than the name received at birth. The nickname spoke, for example, about some trait of a person or a place where he once lived. Most often the nickname was known only to the family and to some of the good friends, but in everyday life, it was used very actively.

Despite the fine line between ancient Russian names and nicknames, they were still not the same. It is very difficult to define the boundaries between these concepts. For example, Russian women gave their children names to protect them from evil or unkind acts. Such names were derived from words that denoted any plants, animals or household items – and, of course, were very similar to nicknames.

The year of baptism (988th) was a turning point for Russia. Since then, much has changed in the name of the name, predetermining the system of names for many centuries to come. Now the Russians, like the rest of the Eastern Slavs, who used to call their children personal names until the end of the 10th century, were forced to get used to the concept of “the christening name.”

Then there were most of the names, which to this day are considered modern Russians. The new orders obliged parents to give the children a name only through the rite of baptism – only so the name could be considered correct and real.

Christian names had a variety of origins – Latin, Greek, Hebrew, because the Byzantine Greeks gathered together the “representatives” of the peoples who came into contact with them. The saints included even some “general Slavic” (Vladimir, Vsevolod, Sviatoslav, Yaroslav), as well as Scandinavian names (Igor, Olga, Oleg). However, they were considered a privilege of the high class, and commoners, as a rule, they were not awarded.

The main concerns of future parents usually begin with the choice of a name for a girl. Young parents should be as careful as possible about choosing a name for their daughter. Our extensive list will help in this 100%!

Even during pregnancy, or even during its planning, couples have a serious question about what name to name their child. Here you will find a variety of beautiful names for girls (both Russian and original). This is the largest list on the Internet, which collected young mothers themselves!

Interestingly, over the past 10 years, Russia has become popular exactly original and rare names for girls. And if earlier it was customary to call children standard Russian names, which were given to choose from in the registry, today parents are increasingly looking for original options. It can be Slavic or foreign variants Our list includes all possible options.

As you can see, here really collected the most beautiful names for girls, and the fact that our list is the largest and complete – makes the selection for parents a convenient and enjoyable activity because you do not have to look for more, everything is already on our website!

Check out the most beautiful names for boys and girls in 2021.

What’s the easiest way to find a Russian name for a baby girl in 2021?

A little about how the easiest to choose a name for your daughter: first of all, think about how the girl’s name will be combined with her middle name and surname. After all, it will be very important when she becomes an adult.

We recommend that you write the most attractive names on the piece of paper from our list, and if possible, that your spouse does it as well. After that, gradually you need to strike out less attractive options for you, until there are only 3-5 names left.

After that comes perhaps the most difficult moment – you need to finally decide on the choice of a beautiful name for your girl. Don’t rush, let it be a considered decision.


Below are Russian girl baby names and their meanings:


Russian names for girls in 2021 by letter A

Alvina – from the ancient German-noble, friend, all.
Angelia is from the German name Anelie, sworn to God.
Augusta / Augustine (old) – summer
Avdotya (nar. from Evdokia) – famous
Avelin (Ancient Hebrew) – life force
Aurelia (New) – gold
Aurora (Nov.) – goddess of the morning dawn
Agapius (old) – from Greek. ilove agapao.
Agatha (Nov.) / Agafya / Agafya (old) – from Greek. agatos – good, honest, kind.
Aglaide (old) – sparkling / daughter of beauty, charms
Aglaia (new) – brilliant
Agnes /Agnes (old) – chaste
Agnia (old) – unbback or fiery
Agrippina / Agrefena (old) – from the Roman ancestral name Agrippus (Agrippa)
Ada (old) – decoration
Adina, a Jewish name, translates as “gentle, refined.”
Adele / Adelaide / Adelaide (dr. herm.) – from adal – noble and heid – state, estate.
Aza (old) – the first
Azalia (New) – flowering bush
Aida (New) – harvest-giving
Isadora is a gift from Isis (Greek)
Aisylu – Lunar Beauty
Aquilina / Akulina (old) – eagle
Axinya (nar. from Xenia) – hospitable or vice versa alien (“xenos”)
Akulina (Latin) – Eagle
Alevtina (old) – alien to the bad
Alexandra (old) – protector of people
Aliona (FullElena)- sunny, scarlet, graceful
Alina (Latin) – someone else’s, another
Alice (new) – charming
Alla (old) – (from Semitic languages) “goddess”
Albina (old, N. Alvina) – “white”
Almira (New) – peaceful
Alfie (Arabic) – centenarian
Amina (new) – faithful
Anastasia (old) – resurrected
Anatolia (New) – Eastern
Angelina (old) – angel
Anelia (Greek) – light
Angela (New) – Angelic
Animais (old) – soulful
Anisia / Anisya (old) – sweet smelling
Anita (New) – Shrew
Anna (old) – “grace”
Antonina / Antonida (old) – good
Antonia (old) – entering the fray
Anfisa / Anfusa (old) – blooming
Anphia (old)
Amira (old Arabic) – princess
Apollinaria (old) – goddess of the sun
Arevik (Armenian) – Sun
Ariadne (old) – sleeping
Arina (nar. from Irina) – calm
Arcadia (New) – Shepherd
Arseny (New) – courageous
Artemis (old) – unscathed
Asel is a Kyrgyz. Asel; /ysel/; From an Arab. “Honey,” “sweet”
Asta (old)
Astra (new) – “flower”
Astrid (scand.) – passionate
Athanasia (old) – immortal
Aphrodite (old) – originated from sea foam
Aelita (new) – from Greek. Air and litos – stone
Aella is from Greek. aello – whirlwind, hurricane


Russian names for girls on the letter B

Bajena is a saint
Beata (New) – Blessed (Latin) – Happy (Greek)
Beatrice (old) – Blessed (Latin) – happy (Greek)
Bela (Glory) – beautiful
Bella (new) – beautiful
Bellatrice (Latin) – warrior
Bertha (new) – gorgeous
Bogdana (slav.) – given by God
Bozhena – God’s Blessed, God-gifted
Boleslava (glory) – more glorious
Borislava (Glory) – Fighting for glory
Bridget (New) – space
Bronislawa (Slavic) – a glorious defender


Russian names for girls by letter C

Callista (Greek) – beautiful, beautiful
Camilla – (with him) – daisy
Camila – (with Muslim. Kamil) – perfection
Capitolina (old) – the main
Karina (New) – Aspiring Forward
Caroline (d.-herm.) – queen
Katerina (Nar. by Catherine) – unbback
Kira (old) – “Mistress”
Cyril (old) – lord
Claudius (old) – lame or from the genus Claudius
Clara (new) – clear
Clarice / Clarissa (New) – light
Cleopatra (old) – beautiful
Clio – abbreviated from Cleopatra
Concordia (old) – agreeing, agreeing
Constance (old) – persistent
Christina (New) – baptized
Xenia (old) – someone else’s


Russian names for girls on the letter D

Dazdraperma (New) – “Long live the First May!”
Dinah (New) – a different reading of Diana’s name
Dana (New) – goddess of the river
Daria / Daria (old) – winner
Darina/Darena (Slav.) – gifted
Darjana (Nov.) – winner
Dei / Diya (new) – divine
Ginevra – on behalf of The Wife of King Arthur Guinevere
Juliet (old) – julia’s analogue
Diana (New) – on behalf of the Roman goddess Diana
Dila – soul (from Turkmen)
Dilfusa – Silver Soul (from Turkmen)
Dina / Dinia (nar. from the old Digna) – “faith”
Diodora (old) – given by God
Dionysius (old) – patron of winemaking
Domna / Domina (old) – mistress, mistress of the house.
Domnica / Dominica (old) – belongs. God
Donara (New)
Dorothea (old) – from Greek. Doron is a gift, a gift, and a theos is a god.


Russian names for girls by letter E

Eva (old) – a life-siter
Eugenia (old) – noble
Evdoquia (old) – well-known
Evladlia (Greek.) – eloquent
Evlampia (Greek) – light
Eupraxia (old) – doing good deeds, virtuous
Eustole (old) – well-dressed
Eupalia (old)
Euphrosinia (Greek) – prudent, joyful
Catherine (old) – unbback
Elena (old) – chosen, radiant, sunny
Elizabeth (old) – revering God
Eliconida (old)
Hermionia (old)
Ephemia / Eupimia (old) – pious

Evelyn (new) – hazelnut…
Eurydice (New) – bitten by a snake
Edda (New) – abbreviated by Hedwig
Eleanor (New) – Complex
Elina (Nov.) – Greek
Elvira (New) – balanced
Elmira (new) – calm
Elsa (New) – Manly
Amber (New) – Amber
Emilia (old, from Emilia)
Emma (new) – self-critical
Emmanuel (New)
Enola – Magnolia
Erika (Nov.) – the creator of the temple
Esther (old, from Esther)
Enia – (new) from Anna, Ital.

Russian names for girls by letter
Jeanne (New) – “The Gift of God”
Yudana is a waiting one


Russian names for girls by the letter F

Faina (old) – radiant
Fevronya (old)
Felixana (New) – a successful
Felicia (old) – “happiness”
Fedora / Theodore (old) – “God’s gift”

Feoctista (old)
Philadelphia ( Nov.) – a loving Delphi
Flavia (old) – from the genus Flavias
Flora / Floria (new) – goddess of flowers
Florentine (new) – blooming
Florence (New) – Blossoming
Floriana (new) – young or blooming
Flura – from “flora”
Photo (old) – by the saints of Svetlana
Frosya (old)


Russian names for girls by letter G

Gaia (Nov.) – spouse
Gali (old) – bright
Galina (old) – calm
Gunna (Ukr. from Anna) – graceful
Guyana / Gayania (old) – from Greek. ge – land
Gwyneth (Wales) – happiness, luck
Henrietta (ancient German) – noble beauty
Gertrude (New) – patron of women
Glafira (old) – refined
Glykeria (old) – sweet
Gloria (old) – “glory”
Goluba is a gentle
Gorislava (Glory) – rousing fame
Gulane – (Greek) -flower
Gulnara – (azer.) – pomegranate flower


Russian names for girls by letter I

Ivanna (Nar. from John) – “God’s gift”
Ida (new) – mountain, “descendant”
Ilaria (old) – cheerful
Iliana (new)
Ilona (New)
Inga (nov.) – from dr. -scand. Ingvio is the name of the god of abundance.
Inessa (new) – serene
Inna (old) – the name of Rome / stormy stream
John (old) – “God’s gift”
Jonah (old) – “dove”
Hypatia (new) – related to horses, horse (hippos)
Ippolita (new) – from “(g) ippo” – horse and “litos” – stone, slab
Irada – Persian female name, occurs in many peoples, in translation means “desire,” “desirable”

Iraida (old) – the goddess of the rainbow
Irena (old) – peaceful
Iroidah (old) – heroic, daughter of a hero
Iraklia (old)
Irina (old) – “peace”
Isidora (old) – patron of fertility
Spark (new) – sincere, bright
Iphigenia (old) – immortal
Ia (old) – from Greek. ia – violet


Russian names for girls by letter K

Kermen (with Kalm.) – squirrel
Kalisa (old) – hot, fervent


Russian names for girls in 2021 with the letter M

Moors (old) – dark-skinned, dark-skinned
Magda (new) – see Magdalene
Magdalene (old) – sounding / hailing from Magdalena, Palestine
Madeleine (New) – see Magdalene
Maya / Maya (New) – goddess of spring
Malvina (d.-herm.) – From mal – justice and wines – a friend.
Margarita (old) – “pearl”
Mariana / Mariana (old)
Marianne (nar. from the old Mariamna)
Marietta / Marietta (New)
Marika (New)
Marina (old) – marine
Maria / Mary (old) – bitter
Marie (New) – Mary’s version
Marlene – A combination of the names Mary and Magdalena
Marlena (New)
Martha (New) – Lord
Martha (old) – mentor
Matilda (d.-herm.) – from macht – strength and hild – battle.
Matrena / Matrona (old) – mistress, mother of the family, mother
Melania / Melania (old) – dark, dark
Melitina (old)
Milada (Slav.) – good
Milana / Milena / (Glory) – sweet
Milica (old, glo. ) – cute on the face
Milia (new)
Miloslava (glory) – the glory of the sweetheart
Mira (Glory) – peaceful
Mirra (Slav.) – fragrant
Miroslava (Glory) – winner
Mitrodora (G.) is a gift from his mother.
Mlada (slavic) – young
Mstislava (Slav.) – conqueror
Muse (old) – goddess of art / mastermind


Russian names for girls on the letter N

Nada (old) – “hope”
Hope (old, good) – “hope”
Nadiya (Nar., from Hope) – “Hope”
Naina (New)
Naira (Armenian)
Nana (old) – nymph
Nastasya (Nar., from Anastasia) – resurrected
Natalia / Natalia (old) – native
Nelly (Nov.) – young; Sun
Neonila (old) is a principled
Nika (old) – “victory”
Nina (old) – ruler
Ninella (New)
Ninel (New)
Novella (old) – new
Nonna (old)
Nora (new) – cold
Nasiba (Arabic) – Carrying light leading the true path



Russian names for girls in 2021 with the letter L

Lada is a sweetheart.
Lana (New)
Larissa (old) – “gull”
Laura – from “Laurel”
Leila (Arabic) – Moonnight, Darkness
Lena – Torch
Leniana (New) – from Lenin
Lenin (Nov.) – from Lenin

Leonida (old) – “descendant of the lion”
Leonila (old) – lioness
Leontia (New) – the lion
Lesia (new) – courageous
Libya (old) – originally from Libya
Lydia (old) – the first
Liliana (New) – Blooming
Lily (new) – “flower”
Lilith (old) – “night”
Lina (new) – independent name or diminutive from Elina
Lira (dr.) – patron of the arts
Leah / Leia (old) – lioness
Louise (New) – from the man’s name Louis, which means “famous battle”
Luceria (nar. from Glykeria)
Luciana (old)
Lukina / Lucina (old)
Lusine (Armenian) – Moonlight
Lubava is a beauty
Love (old) – “love”
Lubomir (Slav.) – the favorite of the world
Lyudmila (old, praise) – sweet people
Lalya (new) –


Russian names for girls by letter O

Oksana (Ukr.Nar., from Ksenia) – hospitable
Octavia (old) – eighth
Octoberina (New) – autumn
Olesya (Ukr.Nar., from Alexander) – courageous
Olivia (Greek) – tree
Olympics (old) – keeping calm
Olympia (Nov.) – named after zeus
Olga is a saint


Russian names for girls in 2021 with the letter P

Paul (old) – little
Peacock (old) – beautiful
Patricia (old) – aristocrat
Pelagea (Greek) – marine
Platonida (old) – a descendant of Plato
Polixen (old) – Trojan princess
Pauline (new) – beautiful, smart
Pravdina (New) – honest
Praskovya (Nar., from the old Paraskev) – “Friday”
Penelope – in the myths of Ancient Greece – wife of Odysseus

Russian names for girls by letter R

Rada (old, goodness) – bringing joy
Radmila (Slav.) – joyful
Raisa (old) – submissive
Raymonda (New)
Ralla is the only one, a warrior, a brave
Regina (old) – queen
Renata (New) – reborn
Rimma (old) – Roman
Rognedah (glory) – admitted to the council of equals/council of men
Rose (new) – “flower”
Rosalyn (Tatar) – beautiful rose
Rosalia (New) – Blooming
Rosana (New) – flower
Roxanne (Persian) – Dawn
Rostislav (fame) – growing for fame
Ruslana (Nov.) – lioness
Rufina / Ruth (old) – red, red

Russian names for girls in 2021 by letter S

Sabina / Savina (old) – from the sabin family, sabinian
Salome / Solomei (old)
Svetlana – light
Svetozara (Slav.) – Light Dawn
Svetoslava (New) – the glory of the light
Freedom (name) (new) – “freedom”
Sviatoslava (glory) – the glory of the saint
Sevastyan (old)
Severina (Latin) – serious
Selena / Selina (New) – the moon
Celestine – Divine
Seraphima (old) – flaming
Sergiyan (nov.) – by. From my husband. Sergey
Silva / Sylvia
Simone (New)
Slaviana (Slav.) – Slava
Snezana (New) – cold
Sophia / Sofia (old) – “wisdom”
Stanislava (glory) – become glorious
Stella (old name) – star
Stepanida / Stefanida (old) – “wreath”
Stefania (old) – “wreath”
Susanna / Sosanna (old) – stubborn / from the ancient Hebrew “shushanah” – “white lily”
Suzanne (New) – stubborn

Russian names for girls by the letter Sh

Shahmira (Persian) – Shah – king, peace – abbreviated name on behalf of Amir – Lord

Russian names for girls by letter T

Taira (new) – persistent
Taisiya (old) – “God-lover” and “lover of children”
Tagliana – (Arabic.) – lucky, lucky, prolific. In honor of the ancient Israeli city of Talilea. On behalf of the Bulgarian Holy Martyr Talaley.
Tamara (old) – palm tree
Tamila / Tomila
Tatiana (old) – founder
Tecusa (old)
Teresa / Theresa (new)
Tal / Tali / Talia – dew (sovr.-Hebrew)
Tanya (from Tatiana)
Tractorina (new) – first tractor

Theodosia / Theodosia (old) – landowner

Theophania (old)

Russian names for girls by letter U

Ulytha (nar., from the old Iulitt, Cf. Julitt)
Ulyana (Iuliana)


Russian names for girls in 2021 by the letter V

Valentina (old) – strong
Valeria (old) – healthy
Wanda (Glory) – hospitable
Varvara (old) – savage
Vasilina (New) – Royal
Vasilisa (old) – regal
Vassa (old) – queen
Vaclav (slav.) – more glorious
Vevea (old)
Velora / Veloria (New) – from the VELIKA October Revolution
Venus (old) – “love”
Faith (old) – “faith”
Veronica (old) – faith in victory
Veselin (slav.) – cheerful
Vesta (old) is the patron saint of the house. Hearth
Vidana (Slavic) – prominent
The quiz (old) – winner
Victoria (old) – “victory”
Vilena (New) – from V. I.Lenin
Viola / Violetta / Violante (Nov.) – “violet”
Virinea (old) – green, fresh
Vitaliy / Vitalina (New) – life
Viulena (New) – from V.I. Ulyanov Leenin
Vlada (Slav.) – owner
Vladilen (Nov.) – short handfrom “Vladimir Lenin”
Vladimir (New) – who owns the world
Vladislava (Slav.) – who owns fame
Vladlena (new) – similar to Vladilen
Vlasta (Slav.) – ruler
Will (new) – free
Vseslava (slav) – everywhere glorious


Russian names for girls in the letter X

Harita (old) – goddess of beauty
Haritina (old) – beauty
Khatouna – young lady
Hanum/Hanuma – Mrs.
Hionia (old) – nymph
Christina (Old, Cf. New Christina) – Christ
Helga (Scandinavian name)

Russian names for girls on the letter C

Tsatsa (cargo) – affectionate
Cecera (old) – goddess of the moon
Cecilya (old)
Ciala – Radiance
Tsiuri – Heavenly
Tsvetana – from the word “flower”

Czeslava (Glory) – honest fame



Russian names for girls by letter J/Y

Yudif (old, from Judif)
Jozefa (Polish) – God will add
Jujana (old, from Juliania) – curly
Julitta (old, from Iulitt)
Julia (old, from Julia) – wavy, fluffy
Yumanita (new) – human, human
Yunia (old, from Unia)
Juno (old) – patron of marriage
Ustina (old, from Yustin)

Yadviga (New) – a rich warrior
Jana (New) – from Ionn (God of mercy)
Janina (New) – light
Yanika (New) – from the man’s name Jan
Jaromira (Glory) – “Sunny World”
Yaroslava (Glory) – “burning glory” or similar to the male name Yaroslav


Russian names for girls on the letter z

Fun (old) – fun
It is an Arabic female name popular with many peoples. In translation, it means “bright, blooming, beautiful.” There is also a form with the end at-at: zairat.

The Persian woman’s name, which is on the list of commonly used names in many peoples, means “gold.” There are many derivatives from this name, each of which has the root of “zar” – “gold”: zarema, zarai, zariyke, zargishi, zarif, etc.

The Persian woman’s name means “gold.” There are variants: “Golden Beauty” – “Golden Beauty”, zarbaft – “golden brocade”, zarbana – “golden mistress”
Sarina / zorina (new) – light, gold
He is a slave.
Saure – 1) Morning star, Venus.   2) Brilliant, sparkling.
Svenislava (Glory) – carrying fame
Semphira (Arabic)) – unruly
She was born in the old days.
Sinovia (old) – “The Power of zevs”
Sozan (Kurd.) – Alpine Meadows
zoya (old) – “life”



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