100+ Best YouTube Channel Ideas in 2021: Popular Niches to Earn From

Unique YouTube Channel Ideas for 2024: Popular Niches to Earn From

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See the Popular youtube ideas and Best Youtube Niches for beginners in 2024 which you could earn a whole lot of money from Youtube Adsense account with.

Welcome to YouTube, the world of cute animals, challenges, pranks, music and, where almost 5 billion videos are watched every day. YouTube is considered the second largest search engine after Google.

Most of us are part of this great YouTuber family. Some of us just watch videos, create playlists of our favorites and subscribe to channels. The others not only watch but also create the videos we like to watch and become popular.

For writers, finding a unique niche is the trickiest challenge and requires ground-breaking work (well, that’s what it looks like to me). The same applies to YouTubers newcomers who have the foggiest idea about what niche to choose and which YouTube channel ideas would be appropriate and profitable for them.

Fortunately, luck is on your side today as I have done comprehensive research (the kind of research I love). This might earn you a spot on the Top 10 Richest Youtubers in the world.

So, if you wanted to start a channel on YouTube but find it extremely difficult to think about the channel subject, this post is the best thing you’re going to read today in 2024. I would suggest bookmarking it and checking it for updates on a regular basis.

What do I offer on this topic? Top 100+ Best YouTube Channel Ideas in 2024.

Yes, this is not another 20-something list that repeats the same crap that thousands of internet sites have shared. To make it stand out, I spent over 40 hours watching different YouTube videos, analyzing their subject matter, success, methods of monetization, and more. I wish your reading time would be worth knowing The Best youtube channel ideas 2024.

These are the Top 10 Best YouTube Channel Ideas in 2024;

  • Tech & Gadget Reviews
  • Unboxing
  • Lifehacks
  • Top 10 Lists
  • Fail Compilations
  • Health & Fitness Tips
  • World or Local News
  • Celeb Gossip
  • Food & Restaurant Reviews
  • Cooking Videos

1. Tech & Gadget Reviews

Tech and Gadget reviews is one of the Best youtube channel ideas in 2024. Have you really purchased a piece of technology without viewing at least 10s of internet review videos and review articles? I’m not. I like to make informed decisions, and I need proper research to purchase gadgets.

Another famous niche with loads of potential (and competition) is reviewing tech and gadgets products. If you are good at explaining the complex features and placing your opinions, creating a review channel is something that you can consider. You can create videos with Flexclip.

How to Monetize:
Affiliate Marketing
Sponsored Videos
YouTube AdSense

YouTube Channel Examples:
Sean from Think Media has created an excellent video explaining the steps to start a YouTube review channel.


2. Unboxing

One of the most popular YouTube videos are unboxing channels, and people enjoy watching them. Seeing someone unpacking a package and finding out what it might feel good. Unboxing makes the list as one of the Best youtube channel ideas in 2024.

You don’t have to unbox only gadgets or smartphones; some channels unbox food packs, toys, and shoes to name but few.


How to Monetize:
Affiliate Marketing
Sponsored Videos
YouTube AdSense

YouTube Channel Examples:
Unbox Therapy

3. Lifehacks

This may be one of my favorite videos, and without getting fed up I can watch them for hours. The thing is that in a few days or weeks, I will know something that will most possibly help me. This is unarguably one of the Best youtube channel ideas in 2024.

One thing you’re going to note is that these videos are not too long. I mean, you can make a list of “101 best life hacks” quickly, but it would be too boring to watch and difficult to remember.
You can choose to talk about shopping, money-saving, airport hacks, daily life hacks, etc.

How to Monetize:
YouTube AdSense

YouTube Channel Examples:
Bright Side


4. Top 10 Lists

If you’re good with research and can attach voice narration, it’s not going to be a difficult task to create a YouTube channel that ranks top 10 things. There are tons of channels covering the top 10 items, but you may want to stand out for odd numbers such as “top 13” or “top 21.”

Generally speaking, you’ll need to gather videos and pictures of what you’re thinking about, and either include a voice-over to illustrate each one or captions on-screen (not recommended).

How to Monetize:
YouTube AdSense
Affiliate Marketing (in case you’re ranking products)

YouTube Channel Examples:
Top 5 Best

5. Fail Compilations

Don’t criticize me, but I prefer to watch failed compilations of videos that bring a smile to my face whenever I feel a little weak. Even though I’m sorry for the people, it cracks me up about how dumb people sometimes can be. It also generates massive views and is among the Best youtube channel ideas in 2024.

Starting a channel of fail compilation is an easy task as you compile only funny failed videos from social media and add beautiful music.

How to Monetize:
YouTube AdSense

YouTube Channel Examples:
The Best Fails


6. Health & Fitness Tips

What’s your first place to get some advice on fitness or exercise plans? For Google and YouTube. But if you need some exercises and activities, rather than written instructions, it’s better to watch it done by somebody.

Fitness and fitness-related channels are a huge success, and you’ll be able to stand tall if you have a story that can bind viewers. If you’re too nervous to face the camera but decent at animation, you can create an animated character that will execute the tasks (not the easiest way, but the job will be done).

How to Monetize:
YouTube AdSense
Affiliate Marketing
Sell Custom Diet or Workout plans

YouTube Channel Examples:
Jordan Yeoh Fitness
Roberta’s Gym


7. World or Local News

It would be a fantasy for many to become a VJ or an anchor for television. But you may not become a full-time anchor of news and do something else for other issues.

It’s a great opportunity to pursue your passion and start a news channel where you cover local or world news every day. To shoot the photos, you should make your room a studio and get some good lighting.

Because becoming a reliable source of information may take some time, try to focus for instant growth on a specific niche and audience. For example, you can create an interview series where you can ask questions from local heroes or famous celebrities.

How to Monetize:
YouTube AdSense

YouTube Channel Examples:
BBC News
Zee News


8. Celeb Gossip

I’m not proud to say that, but celebrity gossip is one of the most famous channels on YouTube. We’re more interested in the life of someone else than we are in our own.
People always want to know what they’re doing, carrying, going, or interacting with somebody. This gives them the opportunity to speak with other fans.

You can start a celebrity gossip YouTube channel if you are interested in such things and wouldn’t mind creating daily videos and keeping track of the lives of others.

How to Monetize:
YouTube AdSense

YouTube Channel Examples:
Nicki Swift
Clevver News


9. Food & Restaurant Reviews

Fantastic foodies! Thought I’d miss the niche? Calling myself a foodie, I spend hours watching various YouTubers’ reports of local places and food. This keeps me well educated about nearby restaurants, new launches, and where I get food cravings next time I go.

I’m too shy to get out there and shoot my own videos (added to the bucket list), you’re not me. If you’re a foodie and enjoy trying out new places and restaurants in town, creating a food review channel is for you. Only targeting the area you live in and surrounding is easier.

How to Monetize:
YouTube AdSense
Sponsored reviews

YouTube Channel Examples:
Bon Appetit


10. Cooking Videos

It’s two completely different things to be a foodie and cook. A foodie doesn’t need to love to cook (I don’t) and vice versa. This YouTube Channel idea is for you if you have a passion for cooking and love making new recipes.

Just get a camera and start shooting the next time you prepare something tasty. If your directions are clear and unique, loyal audience will not be difficult to obtain. this is the tenth on the list of the Best youtube channel ideas in 2024.

How to Monetize:
YouTube AdSense
Sell recipe books or teach cooking

YouTube Channel Examples:
Hilah Cooking
Divas Can Cook


Speaking of viral videos, do you know what types of videos are shared by the most popular YouTubers? The first three types are Comedy, Beauty and The Game.

Creating original video content is becoming more and more stimulating. To inflate your creativity to the core and move you one step closer to your video creation process, we’ve prepared an extra list of YouTube’s top 100+ best video ideas for beginners.

  •  Music/Dance
  •  Games
  •  Tech
  •  Cooking/Food


Music/Dance Youtube Channel Ideas

If you have the perfect terrain, a unique voice or unusual flexibility, then you must undoubtedly share your talents with the world. Here are some ideas for music videos and dance for your first music or dance video.

Original Music/Video Track – Combine your new track with unique and creative visuals to give it a competitive edge and an opportunity to become the next hit.

The acoustic song/reprise – What can sound better than the pure, acoustic version of a song?

Studio Recording Sessions – Give your audience the opportunity to witness the process of making music in a studio.

Songwriting’s process/journal – Share your songwriting deals with the help of a short video diary. Your disciples would like to see him.

The musical covers – can you make an exclusive and impressive cover that will be better than the original? If you do high-quality repeats, your chances of being noticed are higher. Here is “Watching covers with Pink” by Glamour Magazine, where Pink evaluates the covers of his fans.

Music video with a slideshow – Create awesome slideshows with your favorite song. You can use video manufacturer tools to make the process easier and more enjoyable.

Animated Music Videos – You can find a wide range of animated music videos on YouTube, including motion charts, 3D art, hand-drawn, etc. Most of us have seen “Rick and Morty” the series and now our favorite characters are featured in the animated music video of ‘Run The Jewels’. Nice, isn’t it?

Video of lyrics – word videos are also popular among music lovers. But, make sure you don’t have typos or errors in the text.

The karaoke version – Karaoke is the favorite activity of those who can and cannot sing. So do them a favor and create a high-quality karaoke video of their most beloved songs.

Live concert footage – live videos are becoming more and more popular these days, seize the opportunity as well and go live.

How videos – Use screen recording and show the process of track recording and mixing. This can be interesting not only for your fans, but also for other musicians.

Q and A (question-answer) with fans – This can be a good way to indulge with your fans and subscribers. Answer their questions and contact them.

Gaffes – Share gaffes from the recording or video shooting process. Make your audience laugh.

“Behind the Scenes” – Many of us are interested in things that happen behind the scenes of a video shoot or a concert. Let’s sneak into Eminem ft.’s “River” shoot. Ed Sheeran.

A personal greeting video – Congratulate your audience or do thanks to your fans.

Singing lessons – If you think you’re good enough, then you can record singing lessons for future stars.

Music Recommendation and Album Reviews – Review new albums and recommend the best new release music.

Music Quiz – Music quiz sets are a great way to check your memory and knowledge of music from different eras. Your subscribers and viewers will certainly appreciate your time and effort in creating the quiz.

Top music charts / greatest hits – A playlist with the greatest hits or the best pieces of music is a treasure. Create the list and let music lovers enjoy it.

Mashup Videos – Mashup is an amazing way to combine different songs using your creativity. You can experiment with different genres and get a really original mashup. The example below is very impressive. The way the author combined the compositions is incredible.

Popular music video cover on budget/parody – What if you could recreate popular music videos? Again, you have to be very creative and do it with the right proportion of humor to retain interest.

Soundtracks of tv shows and favorite movies – Once we hear a song in a TV show or movie, we try to find it. Get viewers’ attention by creating such playlists or a video.

A playlist of your favorite songs /best songs from specific genres – Create a list of the best of jazz, rock, pop and other musical genres.

The history of different musical genres – Talk about the origins and development of different musical genres in your YouTube mini-series.

Groups and their stories / best albums – You can create videos about different bands or musicians. How did the group form? Who are the key players? What’s their best album?

Play ingeve a musical instrument – Show off your skills by playing different musical instruments by recording and downloading the video to your YouTube channel. There are many options from piano and guitar to trumpet and bongo drums.

Musical Instrument Tutorials – You can also use your skills to create tutorials for those who want to learn how to play musical instruments.

Teach your pet to play a musical instrument – Why not? Our pets can be very talented, like those in the video below:

Adjusting and repairing the instrument – If you’re really familiar with the musical instrument, you can show it how to tune it or repair it. Save it and show your audience how to do it.

Music Equipment Review – As a musician, you use a variety of equipment while recording and editing your music. Some of them are good, others are not. Review your equipment and tell your audience what will be best for them.

Comments on music shops/online music instruments – In the digital age, there are many online shops where you can buy many things, including music albums, sound effects, musical instruments and equipment. Check which shops have the best deals and which ones are the most reliable.

Music App Review – So you’ve found a new music app? Try it and share your opinion.

Interviews with musicians/stars – Having guests as interviewees can be a great boost for your channel. Don’t miss opportunities to meet local stars/musicians, or even celebrities. Let’s watch an interview with Bob Marley!

Stories of the lives of famous musicians – If you can’t arrange an interview, you can at least make a video with stories of the lives of famous musicians or interesting facts about them.

Dance Battle – Invite your talented friends and organize a dance battle. Who’s the winner?

Dance Battle – Invite your talented friends and organize a dance battle. Who’s the winner?

A Dance Concept Video – Tell your story through a dance.

National Dances from Different Countries – If you are passionate about national dances, you can create video series about them. Talk about the origins and evolution of certain movements.

Children’s Dance Compilation – Who doesn’t love cute dog kids?

A video compilation of viral videos – You can never guess which videos will go viral. But, you can create a compilation of videos that would be viral.

A tutorial on how to make a video compilation – If you do not know how to create a video compilation, you can find a tutorial. Or, if you’re an experienced compilation manufacturer, you can create one for those who need it.

Reaction Videos – Register and your reaction while watching music videos, or challenges.

AMV (anime music videos) – This type of videos are most popular with anime lovers. Choose popular songs and add different scenes from your favorite anime.

Latest music industry news – And, of course, don’t forget to create videos on the latest music industry news. Don’t miss the latest album releases or music awards.



YouTube Gaming is a playing hub that was created for players and launched in 2015. Here you can find a wide variety of video games and live broadcasts, chat with other gamers, receive the latest news, share your videos and build your own audience.

If the game is in your blood and you believe it’s time to create a game channel, then these ideas about video games can be a good starting point for you.

Games in review – Share your thoughts on different games you’ve played.

Suggest a game idea – As an experienced player, you’ll have some really interesting game ideas or update ideas for existing games. Make a video of your suggestions and maybe you’ll be lucky to see them regain consciousness.

Get online – livestreams are one of the most popular types of videos. You can go online and make observations on a gameplay, show the procedure step by step, or just discuss a game. If you’re wondering how you can do it, go to YouTube Gaming and watch some videos online.

ESports Detailed Discussions – For those who don’t know, eSports is the professional competition for video players. So a detailed discussion of these games can be very interesting for eSports fans.

Share Frag Highlights Videos / Highlights – Create game movies with the highlights of popular games and attract the attention of their fans.

Tutorials – It’s really hard to spend a few games and a lot of players need help. So you can save tutorials and teach them how to do it.

Video game trifles question – There is only one way to find out if you are a real player – a quiz. Do you have the answers to all the questions? If you have, then it’s time to challenge other players. Create trifles to questions and check how many players can answer all the questions.

Unknown/new game review – If you’ve found an unknown game but you find it interesting and difficult enough, then you can share it with other players and tell them what you think about it. Or, if there is a new release, be the first to reconsider it.

How to be banned – Have you ever been banned? It’s never too late to be. In addition, you can show other players what they can do to be banned, or what they shouldn’t do if they don’t want to be banned. If you want to be banned in Fortnite: Fight Royale, then do the things mentioned in the video below:

The reaction of Gameplay – the record your reactions by playing a game and how you deal with different events arriving in the game.

The first print video – So you have a new game and you start playing it for the first time. Share the first impressions you receive.

The latest news from the gaming world – Is there any interesting news there, or even appalling from the gaming industry? Talk about them in your video.

The future of the game – What can players expect in the future? Do you have any theories? Share some interesting predictions with your audience.

Game Secrets – Reveal some game secrets and surprise your audience. Here are some tips and tricks from God of War PS4:

Awesome game tips – If you are a qualified player, then you will have some important tricks to show off.

Interview with game promoters – Get answers to the most asked questions about game development.

Compare two games – You can compare games of the same genre, say the pros and contra of each of them.

The basics of gameplay/step-by-step procedure – Register by playing a game and show different scenarios or chapters of the step-by-step procedure. Watch the full game through the step-by-step procedure of Half-Life 2:

Re-create a video game in real life – it requires a lot of creativity and vivid imagination. Try it, if you dare.

Make a song – Choose the highlights of different games, add an epic song and create a music video.

Show your inventory – Do you have a rich inventory? Make a video and share your treasures with other players.

Name the best things you like in a game – What are the best things you like? What makes you a true fan of this game?

Talk about things you don’t like in a game – Share things you don’t like in a game. Do they prevent you from playing it?

Game Scenario Details – Create a video about the history of a popular game. There can be a lot of interesting facts about heroes, locations or episodes.

Cheat code collection – Reveal the hidden features in games and show how to activate them.

Q and A (questions and answers) – Organize a question-and-answer session to answer the most frequently asked questions about video games.

Video games with the best graphics – Which games have the best graphics? You can make a list or show them one by one.

Game Challenges – Create a video game challenge that can go viral.

Funny Compilations – Who Doesn’t Like Funny Videos? Players would like to see a compilation of fun videos of their favorite games.

Recommend a game – Save short mini-series of video game recommendations. Tell your audience why exactly they should choose the recommended game.

Reaction videos from friends/parents – Let them play different games and record their reactions. Then ask what they think of them.

A Social Experience in a Game – Are You Ready for a Social Experience? There are many examples of social experiences you can try during a game.

Play with a strange configuration – Try different configurations in a game and play with them.

Test game equipment – Try new headphones, mice, keyboards, laptops, computers, controllers and other gaming equipment.

Game video meme – Makes mimes of video games. Check out an example below:

Game Room/Video Behind the Scenes Tour – Is there anything to show in your game room? Record a behind-the-scenes video and take a walk in your room.

Announcement/gift – You can make an announcement or offer gifts through a short video.

Add your voiceover to a game – Use our creative potential to create original and fun videos with your voiceover.

Slow down/fast video – One example is when you create an explosion video and show it in slow motion. Here’s how a slow-motion video can look like:

Your workout routine – If you have a special workout routine or tactics that you can share with others, just save them and download them to your channel.

“Best of” compilation – Share a list of the best games, players, episodes and anything else that may be of interest to your audience.

Speedrun – Can you make a world speedrun record? At least you can try. Here is a speedrun of a very funny game, which is very difficult to pass:

Unreleased games – Talk about games that are not yet released after watching some demonstrations and screens of them. Talk about your expectations and their potential.


Tech Youtube Channel Idea 2024

As Pablo Picasso said, “Everything you can imagine is real.” It is also attached to all the brave and unreal ideas that were once on paper. Now they are called a technological advancement. If you are a tech jugeote person and you are more aware of the technology than an ordinary person, then you can create your YouTube channel to share your knowledge with your audience. Here are some ideas for your first tech video.

Examine products – Choose different models of mobile phones, computers or other devices to review them. These types of videos can get a lot of views because people tend to check the reviews before making a purchase. Tell them what you like the most, or what you don’t like. Is it worth buying them?

Introduce specifications – This type of video can be useful for those who go deeper to specific examples of devices. Make a video of the mobile phone, computer or other device specifications.

Introducing features and performance – Talk about the features and performance of specific devices.

Compare different devices/software – You can compare two different models of device or software. Or, you can choose from different releases of the same device, tell the differences and what has been updated.

New products and releases – be the first to introduce the new gadget or device.

Old but golden gadgets – Talk about the technology of the last 50 years, which were the breakthroughs of their time.

Favorite gadgets – can you imagine your life without gadgets? Who are your favorites?

Wish List – Show the gadgets of your dreams that have found their place on your wish list.

Show off your gadgets – Why not? Show them what you’ve got.

Technology news and updates – It’s a very broad theme and there are a lot of things you can cover. Just follow the news and as soon as you find something worth talking about, grab your camera and record your video.

Computer hardware – If you’re mostly in front of computers, then you can make videos of computer hardware and the latest updates.

Smart products and gadgets – Intelligent technology becomes an inseparable part of our lives. Make a video of different products or gadgets and their use in our daily lives.

Buying technical pieces to hot – Let’s go shopping! You can’t record this kind of video on the budget, you would say. Have you heard of window shopping? Both options are available.

The beta version of software – Are you one of the lucky ones who have access to the beta version of a software? Save the test and revise this version, then compare it with the general release.

Technology of the Future – Prints your audience with examples of future amazing and unreal technology. Can humans be transplanted? Are robots real personalities? Super fast flying cars?

Explain tech concepts – It’s no surprise that most people don’t know much about the technology and the senses of some tech concepts. Educate your audience with clear definitions and examples.

Q and A session – answer questions about technology. If you are confident of your knowledge of technology, you can go live and answer questions from viewers comments.

Technical tips, tricks and hacks – Can you surprise your subscribers by showing them tips and tricks? Create point by point guide for them, in case they want to try.

Introduce programs and web applications – Discover useful new programs and web applications for your viewers. Choose specific industries and show which programs can be used to increase productivity, or help manage processes.

Create handy videos – If you’re good at something, register and show your audience how to do it properly.

The History of Technology – YouTube mini-series on the history of technology can be very entertaining and informative.

Unwrap the video – Unpack your new gadget or device in front of your subscribers.

Do it yourself – can be quite challenging. Record the manufacturing process for your DIY project.




Expert interviews – Collaborate with different experts to create hiring and informative videos for your audience.

Talk about inventions and innovations – Are there inventions or innovations that can save the world or change the future of humanity?

Review mobile apps – It has become very difficult to choose the right mobile apps these days. There are many options and we spend a lot of time choosing from them. Try mobile apps and review them.

AI News and Predictions – What is Artificial Intelligence? Create AI videos and its possible influence on our lives.


IdO news and predictions – How does the Internet of Things (IoT) change our lives? Talk about the IoT, the devices and how they work.

Technology Price Trends and Recommendations – If you can find the best prices, you can share your discoveries with others.

All about extreme gadgets – If danger is your second name, and you have extreme hobbies, then you can record videos to share your experiences with extreme gadgets and their effectiveness.

The best online technology and electronics stores – Browse online stores and tell your followers which stores are more trustworthy and provide the best shipping options.

Renowned technology companies – Create mini-series about world-class technology companies, their missions and their impact on our lives.

Upcoming or recent technical events or workshops – So you had the chance to participate in a technology event, upload it or create an uplined video. Or, present an upcoming event/workshop, maybe someone among your faithful would like to attend.

AR/VR technologies and gadgets – Make a video about Augmented and Virtual reality technologies and what we need to know about them. You can also tell about your experiences, the devices, and apps.

Explainer video – Show how the software or gadget works through an explainer video. In case you want some inspiration, you check these examples provided by Hubspot. And, if you are ready to create one, check out our ready-made explainer video templates .

Confirmed or broken technological myths – Do you still believe that private browsing/private browsing protects your privacy? Let the world know the truth through your videos.

Technological Case Studies – If you have examples or cases that illustrate the positive or negative impact of the technology, it is time to present and present it.

Lists of gadgets or devices – You can create a list of fast tech facts, the best of 2018 and any other technical list.

The history and evolution of devices/gadgets – This could be one of the most interesting types of videos. You have the latest iPhone, but do you know how it evolves? What did the very first iPhone look like?

Technology Experiments – Don’t forget to add the “Don’t try at home” warning.

A step-by-step installation/configuration guide – This type of video is the most useful. Help users by sharing step-by-step instructions for installation or setup.

Technology in movies/TV shows – Talk about the technology introduced in different movies or TV shows, old or new, whether they are real or not.


Cooking/Food Youtube Niche 2024

Are you the next Gordon Ramsay or Jamie Oliver? If you want to create a kitchen chain, post videos about food products or just have a passion for food, these youTube video ideas can help you get started.

Share recipes – “What else can I do for a cooking chain?” Start with the simplest and show that sparing appetizing and tasty food can be easy.

How…? – How to cut onions? How do I keep fruit and vegetables fresh? Think about the daily challenges people have in their kitchens and give helpful advice.

Preparing with children – If you want to record videos, but you have children and they need your attention, the best solution is to let your children join you. Create fun and interactive cooking videos with your kids.

Prepare with famous people / YouTubers – Do you get to know famous people or YouTubers? Me neither. But you can always contact them and suggest collaboration.

Preparing with pets – Is your cat a professional chef? Do you want him to become one? So it’s time to make videos with your cat and upload them to YouTube.

Cooking contest – They are very popular these days. But, you can think of very unusual competitions, like preparing with one hand or even eyes closed.

Street food – If you know where to find good street food, try it and share your impressions. Sometimes even trying street food can be very dangerous to your health. But it would be very interesting for those who do not have the opportunity to taste it.

Restaurant/coffee review – Create magazine videos for restaurants and cafes. Do it in an original way, add your personal approach and make it unique.

Grocery Review – If you like shopping, go to the nearest grocery store and have a video about it. Where would you go next?

Funny Videos about Food – Think about funny videos where you can use food. Have you seen the Annoying Orange videos? If you haven’t, then check one of them below. Think of fun videos where you can use food.

Stuffing at the supermarket – Pranks never get old. Think of the funniest pranks you can shoot in a supermarket. Watch videos on YouTube for inspiration.

This idea is for talented people who can create culinary art and decorations. If you have culinary art already done, show them to the world. If you haven’t done it yet, show how you create them.

Types of cuisine – Do you like Caribbean or Chinese cuisine? Create videos about different types of cooking. Spice them up with appetizing photos. No one can resist them.

Cuisine from different nations – What is the most popular food in the world? What is the most delicious dessert in the world? Make videos about dishes from different nations.

History of various products – Have you ever thought how milk was discovered? There are many interesting stories about various products and their discovery. Go ahead and create videos about them.

Beverage History – The same goes for drinks. How was alcohol discovered/invented? There are many amazing stories that you can use.

Bartender Tips – Are you a qualified bartender? Or maybe you know one. Record a video of different tricks. And even fails it. Why not?

Original Beverage Recipes – Do you have any secret recipes for tasty drinks? Share them with the world. You can use this type of video to promote your bar.

Kitchen equipment and utensils – These videos can help those who have never used kitchen utensils and don’t even know the right way to use them. Your audience will appreciate it.

Food Animations – Are you able to create animations? Create fun food animations. Here’s an example of 3D animation.

Cooking Apps – Do you use cooking apps? Maybe you have one. Create app video reviews. Show how to use these apps. Talk about the best and worst of them.

Your favorite food – Create a video about your favorite food. It could be pizza, fried potatoes or Carne al piatto.

Your pet’s favorite food – So you’ve created a video on your favorite dish. Now you have to make a video about your pet’s favorite food.

Best Cooking Shows – What are the 10 most popular TV shows? Create a plug and share it. You can also add historical facts about the oldest cooking shows.

Visit the kitchen – Take a tour of your modern kitchen. What’s going on here? Record a before/after video of your new kitchen and say what you’ve changed there.

Refrigerator tower – After you finish your kitchen tour, focus on your refrigerator. What food and products do you have there?

A friend’s refrigerator tower – Do your friends have huge refrigerators? Take turns from their refrigerators and show what they have there.

Product Comparison – Choose the same products from different companies and compare them. Tell your audience which one is the best and which one you love the most.

Go grocery shopping – Go live shopping. Show viewers your daily grocery list, how you choose products and show life tips.

Grow fruits and vegetables – Do you grow your own fruits and vegetables? Share your experience with beginners. Show them how to find good seeds, how to grow vegetables and other helpful tips.

Gastronomic festivals, competitions and events – Take part in various festivals and culinary events and share the highlights with your audience.

Food Challenges – Can you eat 25 hamburgers in 5 minutes? Make a video and challenge others to see if someone can beat you.

Experiences – do you like to experiment? If you know what happens when you add mentos in coke then you really like them. Think about crazy experiences and create a video. Don’t forget to advise your viewers not to repeat them at home.

Collaborations with famous chefs/bartenders – Think of different types of collaborations with famous chefs or bartenders. You can shoot some kind of “special holiday” or other themed videos.

Interviews with famous chefs – Maybe you could invite them to an interview? Prepare intriguing questions to keep your audience engaged.

Food/preparation trivia – We all love quiz and trivias. Write questions about cooking terms, famous recipes, dressings and sauces.

Prepare dishes from movies/cartoons/famous books – Prepare Naruto ramen, Remy’s Ratatouille, Lady’s Meat Spaghetti and Tony’s Tramp and many other famous dishes.

Show off your wine collection – Wine lovers and connoisseurs can brag about their wine collections and tell the stories of all the wines they have collected over the years.

Holiday Recipes/Special Occasions – You can dedicate one of your playlists to recipes for special occasions or holidays. Find special dishes from different parts of the world and share them.

What to prepare for a picnic – Help your audience prepare food for a picnic. Create a list of all the things that will make a perfect picnic.

Food Waste – If you know of ways to reduce food waste, start making videos and help them solve one of the world’s problems.

Food containers and packaging – Make a video about plastic food packaging and their natural alternative options. Raise awareness and help save the planet from plastic.

Kitchen Appliance Review – Create video reviews for kitchen appliances. Compare the prices and quality of the different brands.

Video parody of famous cooking shows – If you like watching cooking shows, you can try to make their parodies.

Cooking course – Teach the specifics of cooking different foods. How long are we going to cook the meat? Or what is the best cooking temperature?

Cooking game reviews – This idea may seem strange, but in fact, there are people who create videos about cooking games. In addition, there are people who watch these videos.

Food truck videos – You’re in luck if you have a food truck because it gives you the ability to film food truck videos and share them with your audience. If you don’t have it, scroll through and think of other video ideas.


How to make money on Youtube in 2024How to make money on Youtube in 2021

YouTube is half the Internet: every month, 1.9 billion people sign in. But at the same time, every minute, 500 hours of video is uploaded to the site. According to statistics, every minute 4.5million videos are watched on youtube. So, imagine if you tap into this platform in this digital age, how much millions will you be raking in monthly through Youtube Adsense. I will give you useful tips on how to make money on Youtube in 2024.

  • Sign in to your YouTube account.
  • Click on your account icon in the top right corner.
  • Click Creator Studio.
  • In the left menu, select Channel > Status and features.
  • Select Enable in the Monetization section.
  • Follow the on-screen steps to accept YouTube’s Terms.

I hope those tips will prove helpful in enabling you to make money on Youtube in 2024.


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