3 Perfect Jobs for People Looking to Escape the Office

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In recent years there has been a deep desire for millions of adults to escape a working routine that is tied to the office. Many people of working age will have experienced sitting in office meetings on a Monday morning that seemed to stretch on far longer than necessary before rushing to complete routine tasks and deal with a backlog of urgent emails. 

In addition, many office workers are routinely subjected to micromanagement where their workloads are heavily scrutinized, and tasks must be completed in a strict manner which may not always be the ideal method of completion. 

It is little surprise that for some, the need to find less traditional and more interesting forms of employment is growing in popularity. In this article, three distinctly different jobs will be explored that offer interesting work that is completely free of the need to spend Monday to Friday trapped in an office environment.  

Freelance shipping work

Millions of adults love driving and find that the open road can be both relaxing and exciting. From going on a family road trip, taking in sights along the way, to simply going for a Sunday drive out into the countryside, it can be an enjoyable pursuit for many. If you enjoy driving and have your own truck or van, it may be beneficial to consider making driving your form of income generation. Freelance shipping work is a popular method of working for many drivers. Gaining shipping work can be achieved by placing a bid on jobs that are advertised by shipping firms. If your bid is successful, you will be tasked with fulfilling the delivery in a pre-agreed timescale. This type of work swaps an office chair and computer screen for a steering wheel and a view of the open road, making it an ideal occupation for anyone who enjoys driving.

Travel representative

If you enjoy visiting exotic destinations and have a passion for helping people enjoy their ideal vacation, then the role of travel representative may be perfect for you. Travel reps typically work at one popular destination during the peak summer season and assist holidaymakers with a range of issues and questions. They can quickly become local experts for their resort and are able to help organize tours to local areas of interest. Salaries for travel reps average at $40K in America, but income varies by experience and the company you work for. Put simply, if you want to travel the world and earn a competitive income at the same time, this line of work could be extremely suitable.

Landscape gardener

For workers who enjoy nature and have an artistic side, the role of landscape gardener is one that offers complete freedom from an office environment as well as the health benefits of working outside. It is difficult to put an accurate average salary value on landscaping work as a lot depends on whether you are self-employed or working for a firm. In addition, your level of training and horticultural knowledge will be a key determinant of your final salary. You can find out more in terms of salary expectations here. In the summer months, this type of occupation can be truly enjoyable and will allow you to stay fit while enjoying the warmer weather. Put simply, for people who enjoy working outdoors, it can be an excellent form of employment.