A Guide to Concentration for Stoner Games

A Guide to Concentration for Stoner Games

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Have you ever heard of stoner games? Or perhaps there’s a rumor that weed aids in concentration. Read here to find out how the two aspects go hand in hand.

Can Cannabis Use Improve Concentration When Playing Computer Games?


  • Why is concentration necessary for gaming?
  • Can cannabis aid in concentration?
  • Best games to play while high
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A Guide to Concentration for Stoner Games

Stoner games are on the rise, whether they make the player giggle uncontrollably or spark creativity.

Staying awake and concentrating for extended periods may be difficult for some. That’s why cannabis is becoming a popular option to remain focused when gaming. Some gamers even cultivate marijuana crops using premium seeds for indoor growing

Do you want to find out exactly what the link between marijuana and concentration is?

Let’s dive in.

Why is concentration necessary for gaming?

Gaming has become a worldwide phenomenon in the modern day. It’s now considered a “sport,” and many competitions exist worldwide. Since it’s become more significant, people are turning to different ways to maintain focus.

Just like any other sport, concentration is vital. You wouldn’t want to lose focus while running an Olympic race. Gamers need to focus on performing at their maximum capabilities. 

Many video games require players to have complete attention.

Are you wondering how to get better at video games? The more focused you are on your gaming tasks, the more your performance improves.

Newbies train to have lightning reflexes. As an experienced gamer, it comes naturally.

Can cannabis aid in concentration?

Studies have already shown how CBD reportedly aids in stabilizing moods or helps treat specific disorders. Weed allegedly alleviates ailments such as stress and anxiety. Cannabis aids in focus as well.

Weed reportedly increases alertness in people because it activates receptors in the brain. 

Often, gamers play well into the night, resulting in less sleep. Since some strains of marijuana have uplifting, energizing effects, mixing weed and video games seems like a combination for success.

The best thing to understand is how playing video games affects the brain, compared to what cannabis does. Video games affect brain functions positively, improving focus, which is also what marijuana does. This connection is why the two go hand in hand.

Best games to play while high

Now that you know why concentration is necessary for video games and the role cannabis plays, let’s discover the best think-like-a-stoner games. Weed farm games are often the most recommended, but there are other options.

Whether for concentration purposes or to have the best experience while high, the following games can all benefit from the added focus cannabis brings.


One of the most iconic games out there, Tetris, is a video game where players have to match blocks in spaces as well as they can. This game requires quite a bit of concentration, as the player needs to ensure to fit the blocks together in the best way possible.

Tetris is a great stoner game since you need that focus not to lose. Gamers identify patterns in the game, aided by the concentration from CBD.

No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is a video game with infinite possibilities. There are several new planets to explore, each with its unique biomes, animals, weather, and more. Playing this game while high makes you more susceptible to concentrating on what each planet needs.

Zoning out and exploring all the new worlds is another aspect that weed helps in making it more exciting.

Kirby Air Ride

Kirby Air Ride is a racing simulator similar to Mario Kart. The objective is to beat the different tracks and become the ultimate racer.

How does concentration come into play? You need focus to hit the bends just right or have the controls in perfect harmony. Playing this game while high may benefit your concentration and be a fun experience all around.


This mind-bending video game allows you to explore anything and everything, all while being able to switch between forms. Explore all sorts of new worlds in Everything, from one object or molecule to the next.

Along the way, as the player, you learn the philosophical theory that life is all connected, a genuine stoner concept. There’s no win-or-lose aspect; float around and enjoy life.


Slither.io is an online game where you play as a small orb, floating around and eating smaller spheres until you become one big giant ball. This game is perfect for zoning out and watching your globe grow.

The pretty colors are another plus.

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With all this information taken into consideration, it seems that cannabis may improve concentration when playing computer games.

From easing tensed muscles to waking the body up, weed is a suitable choice for gaming. On top of that, several games out there are best experienced while high.