Arik Air Online booking, Phone number, Flight schedule, Contact and Customer care

Arik Air Online booking, Phone number, Flight schedule, Contact and Customer care

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Arik Air is a private Nigerian airline, owned and committed to achieving its goal of providing a superb standard in the field of aviation. The dream of realizing Arik Air was launched in 2002 after the liquidation of Nigeria Airways.

The airline’s president, Sir Joseph, Arumemi-Ikhide, bought a Hawker jet. Together with his colleagues and contacts in the oil industry, he used the Hawker jet to move quickly to Nigeria.

Due to the requirements of another jetEncore more people, a business jet business was launched and soon, Arik Air was born. In April 2006, Arik Air occupied some of Nigeria Airways’ former facilities in Lagos.Arik Air Online booking, Phone number, Flight schedule, Contact and Customer care

Major reconstruction work has been carried out withThe airline receives three new Bombardier CRJ900 aircraft, making the airline the first CRJ900 operator on the African continent and the first airline to introduce new commercial aircraft in Nigeria for more than 20 years.

However, it was in October 2006 that the airline was inaugurated and opened its doors to the travelling public on October 30, 2006. To date, Arik Air currently has approximately 28 aircraft, making it the largest airline in Nigeria and West Africa.

Arik Air International Ltd was founded in April 2007 in London by Dr Michael Arumemi-Ikhide. It was created to develop international routes and provide a truly global airline meeting world-class standards. Arik Air International serves as Arik Air’s foreign headquarters.

However, it was in December 2008 that Arik Air successfully launched its first long-haul flight between Lagos and London Heathrow, flying daily with a new Airbus A340-500.

In 2011, Arik became a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) after successfully completing the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) in 2010.

By the end of 2012, Arik Air had succeeded in less than six years of operation, carrying more than 10 million passengers on a network of 41 national and international routes. It operates an average of 120 flights per day from its two hubs at Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos and Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja, Nigeria.

In 2013, Arik Air introduced a new mobile service booking system and launched its first mobile app to further enhance the passenger experience. Many people now use these services and can be more mobile.

If you want more details on the use of Arik Air’s online platforms, we detail the online booking and check-in procedure below.

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Arik Air online booking and official website: Air Online booking, Phone number, Flight schedule, Contact and Customer care

  • The first step is to check the Arik Air website above and see if you prefer a round-trip ticket, one-way ticket or multiple destinations on the booking page of a flight.
  • However, in the Book a Flight page, fill out the Flight Booking field and click the search button.
  • This will lead you to the information of the passenger the Page Contact Information, where you will enter all the information and click Continue.
  • Make sure you have an identification document to get certain information and documents you will need at the time of booking.
  • The next page is the additional services.
  • You can put any additional service if necessary and click Continue. This is the payment page, where all payments are checked.

This is the payment page, where all payment is made using the payment options available with your banks. Arik Air accepts cash and credit card payments. Be sure to provide the correct information if you use your credit card to avoid unnecessary losses and delays.
Confirm your payment and print out the details once the payment is made. Take the printed copy with you to the airport.
Bring the printed copy with you to the airport if you don’t want to check in online.

How to check in with Arik Air

  • With the booking ticket in your hands, you just have to wait until the scheduled date for your trip to check in.
  • Online check-in can be made 24 hours before departure time.
  • You will need to go to the Arik Air check-in page, enter your booking code which will direct you to the check-in page and choose a seat.Arik Air Online booking, Phone number, Flight schedule, Contact and Customer care

Arik Air Customer Care

If you’re having problems or just need extra support, the Arik Air Support System is available 24 hours a day to meet your needs, both offline and online.

Customer service lines:

Here is the number by which you can contact a customer service:

+234 (0) 1279 9999,234(0) 8077793501,234 (0) 8157779472,234 (0) 8157779481,234 (0)8157779479,234 (0) 8157779470.

Online customer service sites:

For refunds, write to:

[email protected]

To save a supplement, write to:

[email protected]

To register a complaint, write to:

[email protected]

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