Best Beaches in Western Australia to Visit

20 Best Beaches in Western Australia to Visit in 2023

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Best beaches in Australia

Western Australia

Western Australia is a state of the Commonwealth of Australia and is the largest and most populous state.

Western Australia is a state of the Commonwealth of Australia and it’s the largest and most populous state. It has a population that exceeds 2.4 million people, which makes it the third most populated area in Australia, after New South Wales and Victoria. Western Australia shares borders with Queensland to its north-east, South Australia to its south-east, to the west by the Indian Ocean; as well as with both Indonesia and Papua New Guinea to its north-west respectively.

The Western Australian economy is largely driven by exports such as iron ore, gold, nickel, wheat, wool and natural gas (and lately offshore oil exploration), as well as agriculture (particularly mining).

What is Western Australia Known For?

Western Australia is mostly known for their natural beauty.

Western Australia is the largest state of the Australian mainland, and has four of the country’s six states and two of its three major cities. Its coastline extends to the west coast of Australia facing the Indian Ocean, with beaches extending around much of its coast. The Indian Ocean coastline is generally thought to be one of the most beautiful in the world.

Western Australian Geography & Climate

Western Australia is the second-largest state in Australia. It is bounded by the Indian Ocean to the west and north, South Australia to the east, and Queensland to the south. The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) is an enclave within this state.

The climate of Western Australia is generally dry because it has high desert areas, however it can be humid or even wet in coastal areas. The average annual rainfall ranges from 510 mm in coastal areas to less than 200 mm in desert regions.

What to Do for Fun or on Your Staycation in Western Australia?

Western Australia is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Western Australia is also famous for its vast natural landscapes which are home to many animal species.

Australia has a fair amount of national parks and reserves where visitors can go to get up close and personal with nature.

Rottnest Island, one of the smaller islands off the coast of Perth, can be reached by ferry boat. The island was once used as a leper colony and it has since become an animal refuge that is known for its koala population.

Cape Le Grand National Park has some of Australia’s most stunning coastal scenery, while Lake Mungo National Park is famous for its ancient human history.

The Best Beaches in Western Australia

That’s a bold claim- with over 10,000 beaches in Australia and we really are spoilt for choice, but I think Western Australian just takes the cake when you’re talking about quality & quantity of truly stunning beaches.

Many people enjoy the idea of heading to WA beaches, because that is where you get pure white sand for your toes, crystal clear water perfect for swimming and snorkeling, and if you’ve never seen the sunset over the ocean before coming here, it will completely blow your mind. Beachgoers will also find these places to be a lot less crowded.

We didn’t visit every beach in the state, but it was hard not to pick a favourite out of all the ones we’ve been lucky enough to visit. We picked our favorites below!

Best Beaches in Western Australia to Visit

Here are the Best Beaches in Western Australia to Visit in 2023:

  • Mullaloo Beach
  • Greens Pool
  • Little Salmon Bay
  • Middleton Beach
  • Duke Of Orleans Bay
  • Lucky Bay
  • Cable Beach
  • Hamelin Bay
  • Cottesloe Beach
  • Marmion Marine Park

1. Mullaloo BeachBest Beaches in Western Australia to Visit

Mullaloo Beach is perfect for all kinds of people. Located close to Perth, it’s the perfect place to spend your time on the sand. There are always daily patrols so you can enjoy surfing or just laze about. Ride a bike on the beach, take a stroll in the sand or visit patios with shady trees. You can also dip into the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean.

2. Greens PoolBest Beaches in Western Australia to Visit

A beautiful, scenic coastline awaits you just a short drive away from Denmark. The bright green water and white sand of Greens Pool is one of WA’s most iconic places to swim, snorkel and even dive. Be mesmerized by the sight of enormous boulders that rise out of bright, warm waters surrounded by steep, sometimes sheer cliffs.‍

3. Little Salmon BayBest Beaches in Western Australia to Visit

Located on beautiful Rottnest Island, Little Salmon Bay is a calm beach perfect for snorkellers and young adults seeking to explore the fish species flourishing around them. The white-sand beach, clear waters and amazing adventures await you at Glaverse. Relax on the beautiful, sunny shores or take a dip in Glaverse’s incredible lagoon.

4. Middleton BeachBest Beaches in Western Australia to Visit

Middleton Beach is a beautiful section of coastline where you can enjoy some 5km of amazing seascape. You can also walk on the white sand and go for a swim. It’s a great place for people to grab some sun and head out on a picnic with their family members. Visit the seaside town of Bunbury, a 4.5-hour drive from Perth. Catch your line from the jetty, get your steak on the outdoor BBQ or just sit back and watch the sunset over one of Australia’s most spectacular coastlines – it won’t disappoint!

5. Duke Of Orleans BayBest Beaches in Western Australia to Visit

Duke of Orleans Bay is a stunning wilderness just under two hours away from Esperance. This wild part of the Eyre Peninsula, is on a peninsula between Cape le Grand and Cape Arid National Parks. The Duke – a haven for family holidays – provides great opportunities for water-skiing, surfing and fishing. Picture: Tourism Western Australia.

6. Lucky BayBest Beaches in Western Australia to Visit

Just 45 minutes from Esperance in the Cape le Grand National Park is Lucky Bay. Matthew Flinders named it Lucky Bay when he landed at HMS Investigator while sailing a difficult route through the Recherche Archipelago. Risk of vehicle getting bogged in sand.

7. Cable BeachBest Beaches in Western Australia

the world-famous Cable Beach. This slice of paradise is filled with white sand and lined with the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. It’s on everyone’s list on places to visit in WA! If you’re on the WA coast on the other side of the continent, you should really take on an adventure into Cable beach. Named after a telegraph cable that was laid in 1889, it’s only an 8 minute bus ride away from Broome, or a quick flight from Perth. Catch a camel train for breathtaking views of waterholes and sand dunes set against red.

8. Hamelin BayBest Beaches in Western Australia

Hamelin Bay, four hours south of Perth, is home to friendly 2m-wide stingrays. Fishing aficionados can launch their boat from the ramp and explore the open ocean, while snorkelers may explore shipwrecks and caverns, as well as get up close and personal with marine life as they feed on fishermen’s scraps.

9. Cottesloe BeachBest Beaches in Western Australia

Cottesloe Beach is a popular beach in Perth, full of white sand to sink your toes into. It has been popular with locals for surfing and snorkeling, as well as families looking to swim. Cottesloe is an easily-accessible location for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Take a trip down to this coastal suburb where visitors have many activities to enjoy, including wine tasting tours or sunsets with views over Perth.

Honestly, this is so beautiful and looks like one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

10. Marmion Marine ParkBest Beaches in Western Australia

The limestone reefs and crystal-clear lagoons of Marmion Marine Park are located just north of Perth. The clean, shallow lagoons are a diver’s dream, making this park ideal for novice snorkeling and diving. Between September and December, look for migratory humpback whales along the coast or go on a whale-watching boat excursion to observe them up close. The park is a natural wonder and home to a wide variety of marine animals, making it an ideal spot for snorkeling because there is so much to see so near to shore.

11. Burns Beach

Burns beach is a great family-friendly destination for anyone who wants to spend quality time at the beach or take in the scenery. With such a variety of animals and various activities, it’s an ideal destination for animal lovers and nature enthusiasts alike. The area is full of signs describing the flora & fauna you’ll see on the way, making the hike feel even more immersive.

12. Monkey Mia

The calm waters of Monkey Mia, a two-hour flight from Perth (or a day’s drive for the adventurous), are home to friendly, mischievous, and curious dolphins, providing tourists with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to observe dolphins frolicking and feeding in their natural habitat. Apart from dolphins, you may go on Aboriginal cultural tours, have a camel ride, or go on fishing charters to explore the water.

13. Scarborough Beach

Because of its consistent swell, beautiful stretch of white sand, and afternoon sea breeze, this Perth favorite is popular with surfers, bodyboarders, and swimmers. Scarborough Beach, just 20 minutes from the city center, is teeming with cafes and restaurants, as well as an outdoor amphitheatre and a brand new geo-thermally heated open-air public pool for the whole family to enjoy.

14. Gnaraloo Bay

The remote Gnaraloo Bay is home to some of the best snorkeling places along Ningaloo Reef, as well as world-class surfing and windsurfing conditions. Gnaraloo Bay is a treat for the adventurous short-breaker, requiring a two-hour flight from Perth and a 140-kilometer drive on mostly unpaved roads. Windsurfing in the midday breeze is ideal, and experienced surfers will enjoy the big surge off Gnaraloo Point.

15. Eighty Mile Beach

The coastline between Broome and Port Hedland is known as Eighty Mile Beach, but it is actually 220 kilometers of pure white sand and turquoise waters. It forms the shoreline where the Great Sandy Desert meets the Indian Ocean, and it’s a great place to go bird watching, fishing, and watch the sunset over the ocean. Eighty Mile Beach is a vital feeding area for birds migrating from the Arctic Circle, and it’s a pocket of heaven you’ll likely enjoy alone.

16. Meelup Beach

This tranquil and protected bay, three hours from Perth, is ideal for families who like to splash around in the water. Meelup Beach’s mild waves provide great swimming conditions for young children, as well as yachts and sailing boats that anchor in the tranquil sea. Meelup Beach, which is surrounded by bushland and coastal walks, is guaranteed to become a favorite part of your seaside vacation experiences.

17. Turquoise Bay

Turquoise Bay, located within the Cape Range National Park, is frequently listed as one of Australia’s top three beaches due to its white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters. This harbor is surrounded by dense coral gardens that are home to thousands of vibrant reef species, making it ideal for snorkeling and swimming.

18. Bunker Bay

Protected by the rocks of Cape Naturaliste, Bunker Bay is ideal for families, divers, snorkelers…you name it! The white sand & gentle waves give way to a variety of marine life just offshore. This sheltered bay is just minutes away from Perth, great for those who want to throw their line in and catch some white fish.

19. Smiths Beach

Smiths Beach is a beautiful and serene location and it provides a wonderful summer escape. A short three-and-a-half hour trip south of Perth, this sandy beach’s got everything you need for a refreshing day out.Smiths Beach is also great for surfing with its ideal conditions to watch the sunset over the Indian Ocean.

20. Ningaloo Reef

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site The Ningaloo Reef is the world’s largest bordering coral reef, with immaculate coral gardens only a few meters from the reef’s beaches. Hundreds of colorful tropical fish make the reef lagoon home, spoiling snorkelers. Visitors may swim with beautiful whale sharks and view sea turtles, humpback whales, orcas, and manta rays between March and August. Ningaloo Reef is a must-see for any visitor to Western Australia, with daily flights from Perth to Exmouth.

How many beaches in Western Australia?

Western Australia is a very large place with about one million square miles of land mass. So, there are many beaches that are scattered all over the country.

However, there is no central database that can tell you how many beaches there are in Western Australia because not every beach has been counted. However, it’s safe to say that their number exceeds one thousand.

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