Top 10 Best Pet Insurance Companies of 2020

Top 10 Best Pet Insurance Companies and Plans 2024

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Pets are very lovable animals that require lots of care. it is one thing to just have an animal in your home and another to have the one that you really care for. If you have a pet at home you would go out of your way to do the best for it by getting food for it from the mall and taking it for regular check-ups at the veterinarian clinic.
You might also be still looking for a way to leverage and backup the financial worth of your pets while giving it the best possible care then you need to get a pet insurance policy.

What pet insurance does is that it enables you to save money and everyday preventive care and even routine vet visits. This insurance policy also helps to ease the burden of health emergencies of your pet and reduces your bill drastically. When you have pet insurance on your pet you relax because you know that any injuries or accidents that occur are covered financially.

What pet insurance does

Pet insurance is an aspect of health insurance that helps you to conserve and minimize you’re spending on vets’ bills for your pet. All you need to do to be the subscriber of the pet insurance is to pay a monthly premium fee.
what happens after you pay this fee is that whenever any medical cost from a veterinarian comes up you will make the payment and then file a claim to get reimbursement from your pet insurance company.

What pet insurance covers

There are several things pet insurance policy covers and they include illnesses, unexpected accidents, or injuries. For instance, if your card gets a cancer diagnosis due to consumption of things It shouldn’t have consumed then that’s unexpected. Depending on the pet insurance company you are working with some pet insurance plans contain routine wellness care which may be monthly or yearly grooming and checkups. However, one thing pet insurance does not cover is pre-existing conditions that are already there before the insurance coverage plan started.Top 10 Best Pet Insurance Companies of 2021

Pet insurance fee

pet insurance plans are not expensive and they differ depending on the pet insurance company you are going for. Although your monthly fee depends on the plan or packages you agreed to pay. Though the majority of pet owners pay between $30 and $50 monthly. premium insurance package costs between $10 to $100 monthly.

Want to ask if it is really what is giving person insurance a try and the answers you might get from one person might differ from another due to experience but the truth is the fee for routine wellness care might not really be worth it but in cases like accidents injuries or death that is where the best insurance plan becomes 100% effective.

There are many pet insurance companies that are in the world in 2024 but with our research and list of companies you can easily get the best service out there and this is because we’ve analyzed several customer reviews for every company on the list. The good news is these companies have affordable pet insurance policy fees.

You need to see these top 10 pet insurance in 2024.

Top 10 Best Pet Insurance Companies 2024

These are the best pet insurance companies and plans in 2024:

  • Nationwide Pet Insurance – Overall ratings
  • Healthy Paws Pet Insurance – Overall Value
  • ASPCA Pet Insurance – Multiple Pets
  • Embrace Pet Insurance – Emergencies
  • PetFirst Pet Insurance – Routine Care
  • Trupanion Pet Insurance – Hereditary Conditions
  • PetsBest – Older Dogs
  • PetPlan – Older Cats
  • Pet Assure – Exotic Animals
  • FIGO Pet Insurance –  Robust coverage


10. Nationwide Pet Insurance

Nationwide pet insurance has a long-range of incentives. The company ‘s extensive plans start at $35 a month and require you to use the vet of your choosing. The Big Medical program includes medications, surgeries, certain inherited disorders, and more, while the Pet Health package is tailored towards vaccines, flea and heartworm prevention, and health exams. Want more coverage? The Whole Pet with Wellness package has all the functionality of both plans. Almost all pet insurance providers provide daily care, and this is an environment where Nationwide has the benefit. Nationwide pet insurance is one of the best in the world.

Another perk of Nationwide? Exotic pets are welcome. The business is able to protect cats, chameleons, rats, lizards, and mice. Nationwide even lets you choose whether to get reimbursed with a particular fixed sum or with a percentage of the amount you paid. Reviewers say claims are handled easily and reimbursements are prompt; mobile claims are available, too, so you can easily file from your phone no matter where you are. Nationwide prides itself on providing the widest coverage available anywhere.

9. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

Strong Paws pet protection & foundation is a standout for its overall value. The insurance company provides four annual deductibles at $100, $250, $500, or $750, with no limit on any of its claims. Premium rates are usually lower as compared to other companies — monthly costs start at just $20 for dogs and $10 for cats — plus, Safe Paws doesn’t have yearly caps. Once you’ve reached the annual limit, any and all policy-covered accidents the occur for the remainder of the year will be charged. Healthy Paws reimburses up to 90 percent of vet bills for unexpected accidents or illnesses. For Safe Paws, you can use any approved vet and the coverage does not decline as your pet grows older. This is one of the best pet insurance 2024.

Out of several similar businesses, Healthy Paws is the only one that provides no limitations on either benefit (less the deductible), with no per-incident, annual, or lifetime restrictions on payouts. Healthy Paws also provides preventive treatments and doesn’t exclude inherited or congenital disorders. Overall, Safe Paws provides outstanding value for the dollar, with many different levels of treatment at an affordable

8. ASPCA Pet Insurance

Do you have more than one pet that needs insurance? ASPCA Pet Insurance provides a 10 percent discount on multiple cats. For ASPCA ‘s program, you can list all of your pets under one scheme, saving you time and money because there’s only one fee for all of your pets.

The Full Protection program includes injuries, diseases, genetic disorders, and behavioral problems for all the animals in your family and can be used at any clinic in the U.S. or Canada. You ‘re always welcome to add on to this base package for preventive services including vaccines and heartworm medication so all of your pets can remain safe.Top 10 Best Pet Insurance Companies of 2021

7. Trupanion Pet Insurance

Trupanion is one of those businesses, covering both inherited disorders and congenital conditions, in addition to covering the normal diseases and injuries. The insurance company provides one simple package that will give you peace of mind no matter what comes up. So if Trupanion isn’t sure if a disease is considered pre-existing, they’ll consult with the doctor to review medical history and find it out. Trupanion reimburses at 90 percent and never sets payout caps. You may submit a quote from Trupanion ‘s website.

6. PetsBest

The organization has no upper age limit, and your dog can participate in a program no matter their age. While premiums can go up depending on your pet’s age, the peace of mind of being reimbursed is worth it. This is one of the best pet insurance for dogs 2024.

PetsBest policies include accidents, cancer, injuries, and other conditions that your senior dog can experience. PetsBest also provides an add-on pet health package that helps cover routine treatment such as vaccinations — this is a choice that most pet insurance providers don’t provide, so it can be incredibly helpful when you concentrate on preventative care for your older dog. The customer support at PetsBest is always polite and supportive, willing to walk you through any procedure you require help with through phone.

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5. Embrace Pet Insurance

If it’s an excited dog running into the road or a curious cat chewing on a toxic plant, accidents happen — and that’s where a disaster insurance plan, which is designed exclusively towards emergency situations, will save you some money and stress. Embrace Pet Insurance provides a catastrophic pet insurance package with a premium of up to $ 1,000 and $15,000 in coverage per year (with no per-incident limits). The month-to-month cost is very affordable, and in the event of an emergency, you’ll be covered with Embrace.

Claims are handled effectively and efficiently, and facilities for after-hour treatment are included in embrace pet insurance emergency care coverage. Plus, the customer support and treatment are top-notch — when one customer’s cat passed away, they got a handwritten note of condolences from the Embrace Pet Insurance workers. Embrace also includes psychiatric disorders, occupational counseling, medical tests, and more. You can also sign into the company ‘s Wellness Rewards treatment package to get reimbursed on your pet’s daily care and avoid accidents before they happen. You can obtain a quote from Embrace ‘s website.

4. Pet Assure

If you have an exotic pet, you may have trouble finding a pet insurance policy that will cover it because most pet insurance companies only cover dogs and cats. Pet Guarantee, however, does, including birds, fish, pocket pets, amphibians, reptiles, monkeys, big cats, and kangaroos in its description of exotic pets. And if you have a dog or a cat too, these pets can be protected right alongside your more “ exotic ” ones.

Such programs offered include some in-house medical facilities and treatments ranging from dental cleanings to emergency treatment and surgical procedures. This is one of the best pet insurance 2024.

Unlike other pet insurance providers, Pet Guarantee covers health treatment and pre-existing conditions, plus, there are no waiting periods, deductibles, or age limits. You can submit a quote via the company’s website.

3. PetFirst Pet Insurance

Dental cleanings, injections, and spaying and neutering are all part of the daily treatment that your pet requires to stay safe — it can get pricey, costing $235 a year for dogs and $196 for cats. Although not all pet insurance providers will reimburse you for regular costs, PetFirst Pet Insurance has regular health coverage that corresponds to all of these needs and more. Being reimbursed on your pet’s routine care will lower costs overall over your pet ‘s lifespan. Plus, PetFirst Insurance coverage can be used at any vet, consultant, or emergency facility in the U.S. PetFirst is one of the top 10 pet insurance 2024.

The organization provides five different daily treatment solutions that you can add to your coverage. Depending on what you want, the program will include a mix of regular tests, vaccination, teeth brushing, microchipping, preventive care for parasites, spaying and neutering, and behavior training.

2. PetPlan Pet Insurance

PetPlan has no upper age limit, promising “coverage for all nine lives ” and welcoming any cat aged six weeks old or older. Available in the U.S. and Canada, PetPlan promises to never revoke your cat ‘s policy due to age.
PetPlan covers the pet’s congenital, inherited, and chronic illnesses, but doesn’t treat pre-existing problems, or cover daily appointments like teeth brushing, or wellness. Nonetheless, this is par for the course for most pet insurance companies — and you should be confident that your senior cat will be compensated up to 90 percent if any new accidents or illnesses pop up after enrolling in a contract.

1. FIGO Pet Insurance

This company was less than 10 years old but grew in market share for two reasons: easy online access and robust coverage. It is one of the top 10 pet insurance 2024.

We will continue with coverage that may hit 100 percent of covered procedures reimbursement. That level of coverage would of course entail a higher premium.

FIGO makes shopping easy too. Many of the products cover the same expenses — hospitalizations, emergency services, medical testing, genetic and congenital disorders, cancer treatments, and chronic diseases.