10 Best Tiktok Booster Apps To Get Free Followers

10 Best Tiktok Booster Apps To Get Free Followers (2024)

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Best Apps To Get TikTok Followers for Free on Android and iOS

TikTok boosters are mobile applications installed on your device to increase the activities of a particular account, such as its likes and followers. These apps are built with a very friendly user interface which makes them very easy to use. When these apps are activated in any account, they play a vital role in the profile growth of the account. Yes, they are 100% real.

One thing to note is that these apps do not just make you gain followers out of thin air, the accounts used in following you are either that of real TikTok users who would be compensated or fake followers who are managed by the developers of the booster app for the sole purpose of providing followers and engagement. 

10 Best TikTok Booster Apps To Get Free Followers

This section of the article is where we will bring you some of the most used and reliable booster apps that can help you increase your engagements and followers. Let’s dive in:

1. Toksocial:

The Toksocial app is one of the best apps that will aid in the growth of your TikTok account. Using the service of Toksocial works like that of an autopilot (easy peasy right?). Yes, it is that simple. From the content they display, you can tell that they make use of bots to grow accounts.

The amazing thing about TokSocial is its amazing team of professionals who understand and are intertwined with the algorithm well enough to ensure that your account does not get penalized while being automated. You can access this app both on iPhones and Android.

2. Seek Socially:

Seek Socially can be said to be one of the best booster apps for TikTok as it has got great support for TikTok. With the help of automation bots, they grow your account on your behalf. It does not just work like that you will need to set it up and provide details of the audience you target. This service begins to matchmake your account with your targeted audience and by doing this, your account gains more followers.

3. Sides Media: 

Sides Media gained popularity based on its ability to provide social media engagements. The followers you gain with Sides Media are very realistic and as such, there is only a small chance of losing your account compared to using other TikTok boosters that can be easily identified as bots. 

Their biggest goal when offering their service is to help each client expand their brand’s reach and we are confident that they can help you from beginning to end. Sides Media often reiterate that they offer their clients high-quality engagements, which is a very essential part of getting more of the right followers for TikTok content. One of their specialties is their ability to send their clients TikTok followers within a reasonable amount of time. Their average turnaround is 3 days.

4. UseViral:       

UseViral is a powerhouse when it comes to being a booster app because of the network they possess. Every TikTok booster has its approach to aid its clients in getting enough engagements and followers, and UseViral uses the networking approach. This means that they have an existing network that they tap into for their clients, to expand their reach and spread the content across the board.

5. Tokcaptain:

This app is on this list because they love the idea of being able to help their clients make and reach tangible TikTok goals that are not unrealistic. Reviews have it that Tokcaptain is a “Super User-Friendly” booster app that operates both on iPhone and Android. The amazing thing about Tokcaptain is that they work on their app daily making it better with features and services so their services can always be the best for their clients.Best Apps To Get TikTok Followers for Free on Android and iOS

6. Tikfuel:

This is a leading TikTok engagement provider. TikFuel is quite easy to use. According to the information displayed on their platforms, they do not offer fake followers. This particular information is very hard to believe as it is quite difficult to tell where the followers are coming from or how they help you gain followers. While we suspect these followers are bots, they look real, and as such the chances of getting discovered are very low.

7. Tokupgrade:

Tokupgrade is one of the web apps that you can use to grow your account on autopilot. Just looking at the app will give you the impression that it is just a regular booster app. A deep look will reveal to you that Tokupgrade is more than just a regular booster. It will help you manage and grow your account as per your needs.

Tokupgrade possesses support for advanced targeting which makes it very possible for clients to target audiences based on their interests, gender, and location. (Amazing right?). Yes, a very good reason you need to lean on Tokupgrade for your account boosting.

8. Tikfamous:

Tikfamous makes this list because of its ability to deliver perfectly and it has over 1 Million downloads on Google Play Store. The amount of downloads does not come as a surprise since it delivers excellently. Tikfamous has a community for TikTokers and when you join any of these communities, all you need to do is paste your TikTok profile there and members of these communities will start following you when you follow and like other people’s posts on TikTok.

9. Tikio:

If you ever thought you can never gain organic followers with a booster app, then Tikio is here to prove you wrong. This app will make you go viral and boost your account in tremendous ways you did not expect. This app possesses a lot of features to make it easy for you. To gain followers, you need to follow one person on TikTok and you will get 2 free coins and these coins double as you follow more people. The coins can be used to buy followers. 

10. Followers And Likes For TikTok:

Asides its cliché name, this is an app that lets you boost your TikTok account significantly by performing simple tasks that will earn you points, you can gather these points so that you can use these points to acquire followers directly on your account. This app possesses a lot of features, like coin systems that allow you to convert these coins to real followers or likes on your TikTok account. These followers you will get are real and active users on the app. It is available on Android.

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When it comes down to gaining followers on TikTok, it is quite easy if you know the right apps to use. In this article, we have given you a list of the 10 best TikTok booster apps to gain more followers. You can choose to go with UseViral, Toksocial and Sides Media as they all give the same results at boosting your followers.