15 Best Tracking Apps for iPhone Location 2022

15 Best Tracking Apps for iPhone Location 2024

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iPhone Tracking Apps 2024: Which One is the Best?

Introduction on iPhone Tracking

The iPhone Tracking App is a tool that could be used for tracking someone’s location. It is a very useful tool for parents who want to know where their children are, or for employers who want to keep track of their employees.

This app is also useful for people who are looking for the person they love and can’t find them. It will help them find the person they love and make sure they don’t get lost in the crowd

3 Methods on How to track an iPhone;

  1. Using best Location tracking Apps (Free and Paid)

  2. Track iPhone by using a Phone Number

  3. Track iPhone Using iCloud (Official free app)

The GPS system in smartphones is quite advanced. It comes particularly handy when it comes to tracing and recovering lost phones. Gone are the days when cell phones were only used as a calling device. Those were the days. In this day and age, every iOS device, whether it’s a low-cost iPhone SE or a high-end iPhone 11 Pro, comes with a GPS system. The GPS device’s capability is quite valuable, and it is also really simple to use.

Using the default Find my location app on your iPhone or iPad, you can quickly track the whereabouts of your family, friends, or children. The iOS stock GPS software is powerful enough, but if you want some extra functions, you can download a third-party program.

Best Tracking Apps for iPhone in 2024

1. FamiSafe

FamiSafe is regarded as one of the best iPhone tracker applications available. One of the reasons for this is because of the tracker’s unique features. This well-designed tracking app gives you access to a device’s position as well as its location history. Aside from that, it allows you to control when the phone may be used and what web content can be accessed. FamiSafe is a good iPhone tracker software that is effective and provides services that you will appreciate. The app is available for free on Google Play and the App Store.

Web filter & safe search, screen time limit & schedule, location monitoring & driving report, app blocker & app activity tracker, YouTube & Tik Tok history monitor; video blocker, social media texts & porn images warnings are among FamiSafe’s capabilities. The tracker is compatible with Mac OS X, Windows, Android, iOS, and Kindle Fire devices. The Screen Time feature of FamiSafe allows you to block your iPhone, view your child’s current location, set up a barrier that alerts you when your children leave the house, filter and ban unwanted website content, and the Driving Reports feature allows you to monitor your child’s driving skills, among other things.

FamiSafe has many helpful features. It is designed with a user-friendly interface, has great design and it’s available in 3-day free trial. The only setback of using FamiSafe is that you can’t keep an eye on texts or other messaging apps during use.

Download FamiSafe from App Store

2. Spyic

Spyic is said to be on par with the top iPhone tracker apps currently available. It allows you to keep track of the location of your iPhone, WhatsApp messages, images, and other apps on your phone. Spyic is a clever program that can track down your iPhone wherever it is on the planet.

Spyic’s functions include monitoring social networking apps, tracking phone whereabouts, tracking call logs, and taking screenshots. Spyic allows you to track your iPhone automatically, and you don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone to utilize it. The disadvantage of utilizing Spyic is that it does not have a free version.

Download Spyic from App Store

3. Find My IPhone

If you’re seeking for the best iPhone tracker on the market, Find My iPhone is without a doubt the one to go with. You may use this tracker to find your iPhone no matter where it is on the planet. You may also use this tracker to erase any important data on your device at any time.

Automatic content eradication via a PC or a second phone is one of Find My iPhone’s functions in case your iPhone goes misplaced. The “Play Sound” feature aids in the discovery of your iPhone. This feature comes in handy when you know your iPhone is around but can’t seem to find it. This feature causes your iPhone to make the loudest noise it can while flashing lights on and off.15 Best Tracking Apps for iPhone Location 2022

One huge downside to Find My iPhone is that you may suddenly receive friend requests from strangers who want to track your device. Still, the great features of this tracking service make it worth considering.

Download Find My iPhone from App Store

4. Phone Tracker

Phone Tracker should be at the top of your list if you’re seeking for a free iPhone tracker that’s also reliable. It allows you to monitor a phone’s real-time position without alerting the iPhone owner. One Apple device can track another Apple device using this tracker. You may only track ten iPhone devices for free using Phone Tracker. It includes a function that displays a detailed map of all of the places. It is compatible with iOS 8 and subsequent versions.

The tracker’s ability to work in different languages makes it a fun tool to use. The tracker also sends you information about the whereabouts of your relatives and friends. You can also look at the preceding 12 hours of your iPhone’s records. The disadvantage of using Phone Tracker is that it need the consent of the person you want to track before it can be used. This strategy eliminates any possibility of anonymity. Furthermore, the tracker is only compatible with Apple smartphones running iOS 8 or later.

Download Phone Tracker from App Store

5. Glympse

Despite being new to the tracking sector, Glympse has proven that it is no pushover when it comes to tracking iPhones. The tracker has a reputation for being quick, competent, and free to download and use on the App Store. One advantage is that this tracker does not require permission from the person you want to track before it can work. This manner of operation preserves your anonymity.

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You can also keep track on each other at any time if you and someone close to you both have this app on your Apple devices. If one of you loses your iPhone, the other can assist you by utilizing their device to track it down. Glympse comes with a lot of cool features. You may access sports, swimming, meetings, and social events, as well as present comprehensive locations and have a location update planner for everyone associated with a particular event or activity.

All of this demonstrates that Glympse is a versatile program with numerous features that have been updated to better serve you. The only drawback to this tracker program is that recorded data expires fast, making it difficult to display real-time whereabouts. This issue occurs even after you’ve updated your record.

Download Glympse from App Store

6. ICloud – Find My IPhone

It is not always possible to gain access to the target iPhone in order to install an app. As a result, it would be advantageous if you had another means of accomplishing this. A cloud-based service can assist you in accomplishing this goal. iCloud is one of the greatest cloud-based iPhone tracking systems available. If you don’t have the luxury of installing a monitoring app, this is the most often used iPhone tracker.

The software is simple to use and effective. To follow the target iPhone, all you need is the phone’s Apple ID if it uses iCloud. You can do so by using the Find My iPhone feature in iCloud. This feature, however, must be enabled on the target device. Because you can erase any data in the event of theft, iCloud keeps your information safe.

On another iOS device, you can verify the location of any target device. Offline Finding and Send Last Location are two features of the tracker that, when activated, will assist you locate your device even if its battery is low or it is offline. The disadvantage of using iCloud is that it fluctuates, resulting in complaints about not being able to access device locations, server issues, and poor connectivity.

Download iCloud – Find My iPhone from App Store

7. Google Maps

Google appears to be driven by an insatiable need to provide solutions to as many problems as possible. If you’re having problems finding your iPhone, Google Maps Timeline can assist you. However, this will only work if your iPhone’s Location Services are turned on. Google’s Timeline stores information; consequently, your iPhone’s location would almost certainly be stored in Google’s Timeline.

You’d be able to see your phone’s location history with this tracker. And such information cannot be evaluated by a third party. The tracker’s interface can be customized to allow you to edit and update data at your leisure. Google Maps Timeline is very stable, efficient and easy to use – you can assess any location information on a device that has an internet connection. The only downside about this tracker is that you will have to constantly log in to your Google account for location info.

Download Google Maps from App Store

8. Google Photos

You might be wondering how it might assist you find your iPhone based on the name. However, Google Photos can assist you in this endeavor. However, to use this method, you must first install the Google Photos app on your iPhone and activate the automated option. Although it may seem impossible for someone to seize your iPhone and start taking images right away, this strategy can come in helpful if that happens.

It’s simple to utilize Google Photos as an iPhone tracker. Using a computer, you can get any information from it. The program works by displaying the location of any photo you’ve shot. While this sounds like a great method to find your iPhone, there are some issues. You may not necessarily be able to use this application in the event that you lose your phone and it has no GPS enabled. In that situation, there is no certainty as to whether or not you will recover your device with this method.

Download Google Photos from App Store

9. Find My Friends

Find My Friends is a one-of-a-kind iPhone tracker that works well. You’ll need another iPhone to track an iPhone with this tracker, and this iPhone function must be enabled on both devices. One advantage of this tracker is that it comes pre-installed on your iPhone device, so you don’t have to download and install it.

It’s simple to track down a misplaced iPhone using the Find My Friends feature, as long as the feature is turned on in both the target and monitoring iPhones.

You can add friends to the feature if you want them to be able to see your location on their iPhones. As a result, as long as the feature is enabled, they will be able to locate you.

Download Find My Friends from App Store

10. MSpy IPhone Tracker

The multiple features of this iPhone tracker set it apart from the competition. As a result, it is much more than just an iPhone tracker. mSpy has a total of 25 features. You can use any browser to view the software. You can monitor emails, calls, and messages with mSpy iPhone Tracker.

The tracker is quite dependable. The only issue with mSpy is that it requires a sophisticated computing device in order to function properly.best phone tracker app without permission

How Does iPhone Tracking Work?

The iPhone is a powerful device that has the ability to track your location, tell you where your friends are, and even help you find your lost phone. However, there are some things that the iPhone can’t do without being connected to a network.

The iPhone can track your location by using a number of different methods. The most common way is by using cell towers and Wi-Fi networks. When these two pieces of information are combined together they create a map that shows where you have been in the past 24 hours. Another way to track your location is by using GPS satellites which are used in conjunction with an app such as Google Maps or Apple Maps to pinpoint exactly where you are on the planet at any given time.

How To Track Your Kids’ iPhone Location Without Them Knowing

The first step is to install an app. There are many apps that you can use for this purpose, but we will talk about the most popular one. Find My Friends is a free app that is available on both Android and iOS devices. Once it’s installed, you can track your kids’ location as well as their friends’ locations too.

You can also track them by logging into their iCloud account and then clicking on “Find My iPhone”. You’ll be able to see their location in real time as well as a map of where they’ve been.

Future of Phone Tracking Technology

The future of phone tracking technology is not clear, but it will probably be used in a number of different ways in the future.

How to track an iPhone by phone number

You may find out where your iPhone is by visiting a website that lets you to enter your iPhone’s phone number. You can monitor an iPhone using its serial or IMEI number on a variety of websites. To locate an iPhone remotely, certain sites demand the usage of an app on another phone.

If you want to track a cell phone number, you’ll need to look for an app that works on both Android and iOS. An program named Number Tracker Pro is the greatest alternative for this. The nicest part about this program is that it allows you to spy on almost any phone without being discovered.

  1. Using ‘Find My iPhone’ for iOS

  2. Number tracker Pro (Third-Party App)

  3. Use an IMEI Tracker

  4. Caller ID Name (CNAM) Lookup

  5. Using True Caller app on iPhone

If you’re wondering “how can I track my own phone number,” you should know that this app allows you to trace any phone number for free. Simply enter someone’s phone number into this app, and it will display crucial information such as the person’s name, address, carrier information, email address, and more. Any cell phone, whether it belongs to a person or a company, can be tracked.

Parents may use a variety of iPhone number tracker apps to keep a check on their children even if they are a long distance away. The majority of these applications have a variety of features that might assist you in monitoring your child, such as Social Media Tracker, Calendar Tracker, and GPS Tracking Systems.  When you install these tracking systems on your child’s phone, you can rest assured that they are on the right track home.

How to track an iPhone: Using iCloud Location service

There are several reasons for this, but one of the most compelling is safety concerns. If you want to track the location of an iPhone that is connected to the internet via iCloud, the procedure is pretty straightforward. This helps you to keep an eye on and protect your children by knowing where they are at all times.

By logging into iCloud, you get access to a large quantity of location tracking and data storage. If your child is old enough to have their own iPhone, you should consider doing so for a variety of reasons. If your phone goes missing, there are various options for tracking it. The only drawback is that you must be linked to a WiFi network or use mobile data, and if the phone no longer has service, it will not be found.

If your phone is misplaced or stolen, the Find My iPhone app is a wonderful way to track it down. The only issue is that you can’t use the app unless you’ve enabled the feature in your iCloud settings.

  1. You can also find your missing Apple gadget in the cloud. You can use Find My iPhone on iCloud.com by clicking All Devices and tracking down the last place it showed up.

  2. To locate another device, click on iphone icon and it will show you IP address of your iPhone

  3. If the iPhone is dead, this guide will explain what to expect next.

Setting up Find My iPhone is one of the first things you should do after purchasing a new iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. When your new Apple device is lost or stolen, it loses a lot of its luster, but turning on Find My iPhone can help you track it down.

Find My iPhone is a useful function to have on your iPhone or iPad. While not everyone will require it, Find my iPhone can assist in the recovery of a missing or stolen iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac. It also makes finding your devices on a map, sending messages, and displaying a message on your screen simple. Every handset comes with a free service called Find My iPhone.

Can track my iPhone be wrong?

There are a variety of things that can affect the accuracy of your iPhone’s location, but the most essential thing to remember is that you shouldn’t base your concerns exclusively on internet forums. Instead, test out the tracking app for yourself to see if there are any red flags. Remind your family to use their cell phones in specified areas, or test it while walking around the neighborhood. It’s possible that their findings differ from what you’re reading.

The iPhone’s GPS receiver sends a request to a number of distant servers, which then calibrates and determines the location based on their responses. This necessitates network connectivity, which cannot be accomplished if the network is turned off.

How far can Find My iPhone track?

Wherever there is cellular coverage or WiFi, Find My iPhone will operate. You do not need to be connected to the same network as your device. There are certain restrictions to location tracking, such as the inability to track when the iPhone is turned off.

Find My iPhone uses its built-in GPS or Wi-Fi hotspots if it is within range of one to locate your iPhone on a map. Find My iPhone makes this determination by default using your device’s data plan or Wi-Fi.

Even if you aren’t connected to the Internet, Find My iPhone will continue to collect location data from the Location Services database on your device until you are close enough to connect. When you’re within range of a hotspot, your iPhone sends the hotspot’s location information to Apple’s iCloud servers.

Can you track any iPhone?

Yes. As long as your iPhone is turned on, that is. Any Apple device can be traced as long as it is connected to an iCloud account. Apple gadgets, such as the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, can be tracked.

That used to be a question that was posed on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the response was generally “No.” With a few notable exceptions, the majority of folks had no idea where their iPhones were. The tables have now been turned. When someone can’t find their iPhone on the local network, the query is frequently one of skepticism or perplexity. After all, you believed it was on your local network, but it’s nowhere to be found! Where could it possibly be? What happened to it? How far might it have gone by itself? Is your phone switched off or have you lost your network connection?

How to track a family member’s device with Find My iPhone?

Find My iPhone is a fantastic app for knowing where your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, or Apple Watch is. You can quickly track a family member’s device if you’re linked in to iCloud with your Apple ID on several devices. A sound can also be played on a lost gadget to aid in finding it by ear. You can also remotely lock and wipe the contents of a device if it has been stolen.

You can track and locate your members for free using one of the apps listed above.

How can I track another iPhone from my iPhone?

Family Sharing is the answer. You can share the locations of your family members with each other using Family Sharing. When your family shares their location, you may see up to ten family members’ whereabouts on a single map at the same time—even if they’re on separate devices. Look Around can also assist your family members in locating their lost gadget. In the Family Sharing settings, all family members can allow or disable location sharing at any moment on their iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Airpods, Apple Watch, and MacBook.

You can see your family members’ locations on a map if you enable location sharing in your Family Sharing settings. You can also share your position with them, allowing them to see where you are and assisting them in reuniting if they become separated. Go to Settings > [your name] > Family Sharing > Location Sharing, then turn on Share My Location., then flip the toggle next to Location Sharing to enable location sharing. See the Apple Support article About Family Sharing for more information on how to use this feature.

Can you track an iPhone through iCloud?

Apple’s Find My iPhone service can be used to track iOS devices. If the gadget is connected to the internet, you can use iCloud.com to find its present position. If you’re concerned about someone following your iPhone, you can turn it off completely, albeit you’ll lose access to certain other valuable iCloud functions. If your iPhone is lost or stolen, you can use Find My iPhone to send a message or sound an alarm remotely.

Can I track a family members iPhone?

Family Sharing is a great way of sharing your iPhone with friends and family. You can use the app to share locations, check in on them, and provide updates about your day.


Constant technological breakthroughs continue to find solutions to many problems and make life easier in a variety of ways. When your iPhone goes missing, it may be a devastating event. You can now simply locate your iPhone using smart and effective tracking apps. The above-mentioned tracking apps have been tried and true. As a result, you can select the option that best matches your iPhone. These trackers can be useful in the event of a tragic event.