How to Buy Real Instagram Followers in Nigeria (2020)

Complete Guide: How to Get Real Instagram Followers in Nigeria (2022)

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Practically everyone at some point needs to have used or known about Instagram. It is a social network for photo sharing and video sharing that was launched back in 2010.

While Famous Celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Beyonce and Cristiano Ronaldo effortlessly garner the jaw-dropping followership index, several other users have to struggle to attract a few followers. Hence buying social signals like Instagram Followers and buying Likes have become pretty standard. Same for other social media like Instagram, Facebook and so on.

The condition in Nigeria is even worse where it is reported that people are usually thrifty. We believe that most likely you will relate to this sad reality, otherwise there is no hope that you will read this article in the first place.

Why are Instagram followers important?

There are several reasons which could be Business, personal you name it. Like a lot of other things in life, though, not many people get this luxury on a plate. Instagram followers are extremely important for awareness and acceptance of the brand. Who can trust a public page or personal profile that can’t command a respectable number of followers? Literally nobody.

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So, before you can start making any real progress, you need to know how to grow Instagram followers. If you are looking to raise your brand awareness, raise your personal profile or boost the digital perception of your company on Instagram, then you should seriously consider buying Instagram Followers. Followership means credibility and this is what most companies need to survive these days in online space.

Besides, if you’re looking to kick-start a career as an Instagram influencer, you should know that the book’s first trick is to get followers. Otherwise you won’t be taken seriously enough by any brand, business or company to use your services.

How to Get Real Instagram Followers in Nigeria (2021)


These are steps you can use to grow your instagram followers in Nigeria in 2021;

  • Devise a plan
  • Create Quality Content
  • Promote everywhere
  • Hashtags
  • Get your business on the Explore page
  • Follow relevant Pages
  • Be consistent
  • Write great captions
  • Contests and giveaways
  • Instagram stories
  • Instagram Ads


  1. Devise a plan: You might be tired of reading this but it’s the facts, but you need to create a clear plan for Instagram. Decide on your business objectives, target audience, brand aesthetics and exclusive narrative. Such elements make people fall in love with your website.
  2. Create Quality Content: Perhaps you’ve heard the expression “content is king” whoever created this quote is no lie! Share quality content, inform and educate your audience (dance, crack jokes, share comics and memes).
  3. Promote everywhere: Mention the Instagram account you have on other social networks and forums. Spread the word!
  4. Hashtags: That’s very tricky because most people are doing that wrong. It can be detrimental to use wrong hashtags on your profile just because you want likes. Always have correct hashtags to advertise your company in your related communities. Create your own hashtag for your brand too.
  5. Get your business on the Explore page: The simple hack to get your business on Instagram explore page is to get a lot of likes in the first 5 minutes of your post, particularly from other important and famous accounts. It sends a clear message that your page is important to Instagram’s algorithm in 2021, so many more people would be interested to see your message.
  6. Follow relevant Pages: Follow similar pages, especially those of your competitors and influencers relevant to your target audience. When they see your profile, some of them will follow back and this will help you reach a wider audience.
  7. Be consistent: People say you can post at least least once daily to be consistent, I suggest post at least 3 times a day. Instagram is a jungle that pays homage to hard workers.
  8. Write great captions: It is not possible to overestimate strong captions. Speak to your clients, place in front of your sentence the most interesting words, add emojis, ask questions to increase interaction.
  9. Contests and giveaways: This is the basic hack to the content generated by the user and nothing beats it.
  10. Instagram stories: This feature is what Instagram did specifically for business accounts. By reposting all the links to your Instagram stories, you will beat the feed algorithm. It is a simple hack but it’s very successful.
  11. Instagram Ads: To achieving great results, I urge people to mix the organic and paid ads, this applies to Instagram. Advertising will help you reach out to more people particularly if you are already curating great content on your website. Start by promoting posts with the most commitment on your page, slowly.

How to Get Real Instagram Followers in Nigeria (2021)


You get numbers not followers when you buy followers. Such numbers do not like any of your messages, and will leave no comments. Once people see your post, they think your followers are fake right away or how else do you justify a page with more than 100k followers with an average of 100 likes?

If you buy followers you put your brand at risk. When you buy followers from Instagram and find out about your real customers, do you expect them to trust you?
There’s more essential things you have to monitor than the number of followers. Two big ones are click-throughs and interaction (likes and comments).

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Here’s a formula to do a check on your Instagram page:

Number of Likes + number of comments / number of followers x 100 = engagement rate.

The metric will act as your Instagram strategy’s valid test, letting you know if your target audience is engaging with your content.

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