Gaming establishments with gardens attract more guests

Gaming establishments with gardens attract more guests

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A sign of a solid casino is its own green area, which is used by guests to take a break between bets and have a quiet, recovering rest.

5 Casino With Its Own Garden

Gambling has long been more than just a place to make bets. You can learn more about it at wiki. Today, these are entire entertainment complexes that include everything you need to be active and have a good time. It’s enough just to get here to feel a new atmosphere, where satisfying all customer needs is predominant. The management of such places competes with each other in how best to please the guests. 

The presence of a green area automatically increases the rating of the casino. This is a definite advantage to the image and therefore a guarantee of increased attention from gambling enthusiasts. It is a solution that allows a noisy group to have fun outdoors, rather than indoors in a confined space. Under-tree areas can be used for various purposes.

It is not always easy to find a casino that offers guests a walk in the garden. Mostly you will usually spot them in a dedicated gaming area or in a big business center. A brief overview of such places allows you to create a picture of what a park near a casino should be like and how its resources can be used. It’s difficult to enter the list of top casinos without the squares and new free slot games.

Gaming establishments with gardens attract more guests

Why a Green Zone is Necessary

The first casinos, which combined entire leisure activities, appeared in the mid-18th century. Today, a top-class gambling establishment integrates:

  • several restaurants offering European and Asian cuisine;
  • a performance hall where you can enjoy cabaret acts and sparkling shows;
  • a high-level hotel or rooms for privileged guests;
  • numerous indoor and outdoor fountains.

All this can also be done in a freestanding building. All you need to do is find a good space with the right volume and you can create almost any atmosphere inside. However, the garden outside of the establishment is a special highlight. The tranquility of live plants and large trees predisposes one to an orderly flow of thoughts. Every corner of the place is carefully designed and looked after by a dedicated staff of gardeners.

A walk through such a garden is as pleasant by day as by night. The trees’ shade provides relief from the heat and the birdsongs can be enjoyed in the surroundings. The level of the establishment has a direct impact on which flora is used. Chic casinos can easily have exotic palms, evergreen cypresses or elite conifers planted in their immediate vicinity. And the assortment of flowers in the flowerbeds is the envy of every plant lover.

A Harmonious Combination of Excitement and Recreation

Foxwoods Resort Casino which can be checked out at is located in Connecticut, USA. In the ranking of the greenest gambling establishments, it certainly takes a step on the top of the podium, thanks to its location in a nature reserve. The building is literally buried in greenery. This first-class vacation spot offers a full range of gambling entertainment, and it is complemented by a relaxing park for guests to recharge their batteries.

The casino is justifiably popular for its generous winnings. The 380 live dealer gaming tables allow you to bet live at cards and roulette. And for slot machine followers, there are more than 6,300 slots.

The Bahamas isn’t all about the famous beaches and lively parties. Atlantis Resort & Casino is also a hallmark of the region. The monumental building is set amidst a garden that is a pleasure to walk around. The unparalleled view from the rooms in the inner hotel draws tens of thousands of holidaymakers annually. The casino is due for some of its popularity, including:

  • qualified and attentive staff;
  • luxurious facilities even in simple rooms;
  • cuisine to suit every taste;
  • the opportunity to relax with children in the garden;
  • generous bonus support for players;
  • card tournaments with impressive prizes.

Although you can only get to the islands by plane or boat, it can be difficult to find a room in a regular hotel.

The Old World Defines the Trend

The European gambling business lags behind the Asian and North American sectors in terms of volume, but the establishments that do exist here have a special charm and luxury. As heirs to the Renaissance, casinos are often set in a number of parkland areas.

The Casino Barriere de Cannes is located in Cannes. The gaming rooms are designed more like a palace, and the staff wear special uniforms. There is its own public garden outside the building with welcoming pedestrian paths.

Casino de Monte Carlo is located in the capital of the Principality of Monaco. The tourism industry is a major part of the government’s revenue stream, meaning it offers privileged conditions for foreigners. Guests are always welcome here:

  • cosy game rooms;
  • an incomparable garden outside the building;
  • large jackpots at the roulette table.

Casino Estoril in Portugal cannot be ignored. It’s the biggest establishment on the continent. There’s a life of its own here, full of positive emotions. Enjoy a night out at the gaming table during the day in the relaxing park.

Guidelines for Selection

When choosing a holiday destination with its own park, you should consider the following factors:

Indicator Meaning
Number of tables and slot machines The more the better. However, the management knows exactly how many visitors the room can accommodate. Therefore, if there is a large attendance, hotel guests will have priority access.
Existence of hotel itself A very important factor, so it allows not to be distracted by transfers at rest. In addition the accommodation opens the door to the holiday complex.
Proximity to the airport It is of secondary importance as it provides transportation to and from the casino.
Leisure areas for children Animators will help take the worry off the parents and allow them to enjoy the experience.

It is always a pleasure to spend time at a table with a green cloth. The pleasant surroundings only increase the degree of enjoyment.