Greek names: for babies, Dogs, male and female (A-Z)

Greek names: for babies, Dogs, male and female (A-Z)

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There are hundreds if not thousands of beautiful and ancient greek last names in the world which can serve as greek last names, greek names for dogs, greek warrior names and famous greek names that you want. If you are tired of searching and already bored of the same common names you always see in most novel and romantic comedy, then you should check out our list of ancient greek names, i assure you’ll find something unique. Here is a conclusive list of ancient greek names that you can use  for male and female children.


Greek names and meanings (A-Z)

1. Achilles — Warrior

2. Aegeus — Protector

3. Aeneas — Praising

4. Aeschylus — Shame

5. Agafya — Good hearted

6. Agammemnon — Resolute

7. Agape — Love and affection

8. Agata — Good hearted

9. Agatha — Good hearted

10. Agda — Good hearted

11. Aggie – Sacred, Chaste

12. Agnes — Sacred, Chaste

13. Agneta — Sacred, Chaste

14. Agnete — Sacred, Chaste

15. Agnetha — Sacred, Chaste

16. Agnieszka — Sacred, Chaste

17. Agot — Good hearted

18. Agota — Good hearted

19. Agueda — Good hearted

20. Aileen — Torch of light

21. Aindrea — Manly

22. Ajax — Powerful eagle

23. Alastair — Defender of the people

24. Ale — Defender of man

25. Alec — Defending men

26. Alecta — Ceaseless

27. Alecto — Ceaseless

28. Aleixo — Defender of man

29. Alejandra — Protector of humanity

30. Alejandro — Defender of man

31. Aleksander — Defender of man

32. Aleksanteri — Defender of man

33. Alena — Torch of light

34. Ales — Defender of man

35. Alessa — Protector of humanity

36. Alessandra — Protector of humanity

37. Alessandro — Protector of humanity

38. Aleta — Truthful

39. Alethea — Truthful

40. Alex – Protector of humanity

41. Alexa – Protector of humanity

42. Alexander — Defender of man

43. Alexandra — Protector of humanity

44. Alexis — Helper

45. Alexius — Helper

46. Anaxagoras — Lord

47. Bakchos — To shout

48. Berenike — Bringer of victory

49. Bion — Life

50. Cadmus — The east

51. Caiaphas — To raise up

52. Calisto — Most beautiful

53. Callidora — Gift of beauty

54. Calligenia– beauty born

55. Callisto– Most beautiful

56. Celandine — A swallow bird

57. Chara — Happiness

58. Charalampos — Shining happiness

59. Chariton — Grace, kindness

60. Charon — Fierce brightness

61. Chloris — Green

62. Chrysanthe — Golden flower

63. Chryseis — Golden

64. Cyanea — Sky blue

65. Cymone — Hearkening

66. Damali — Calf

67. Damalis — Calf

68. Damaris — Calf

69. Damokles — Glory of the people

70. Damon — To tame

71. Danae — Parched

72. Dareia — Wealthy

73. Deimos — Fear, terror

74. Demeter — Of Earth

75. Demetra — Earth mother

76. Desma — Pledge, vow

77. Despoina — Mistress

78. Despoine– Mistress

79. Diantha — G0d flower

80. Dianthe — God flower

81. Diona — The goddess

82. Dione — The goddess

83. Dorcia — Gazelle

84. Dorus — Gift

85. Drakon — Dragon

86. Echo — Sound

87. Efimia — Well spoken

88. Efrosyni — Joy, mirth

89. Efthalia — Flourishing

90. Eileithyia — The ready comer

91. Eirene — Peace

92. Elias — The lord is my God

93. Eleftheria — The liberator

94. Elektra — Bright, shining

95. Elene- Torch

96. Eleni– Torch

97. Elisavet — God is my oath

98. Elissa — Wanderer

99. Elpida — Hope

100. Elpis — Hope

101. Enyo — Horror

102. Eos — Dawn

103. Erato — Lovely

104. Erika — Work power

105. Eris — Strife

106. Euadne– Good and holy

107. Eudokia — To seem well

108. Eudora — Good gift

109. Eudoxia — Good glory

110. Eugenia — Well born

111. Eumelia — Melody

112. Eunike — Good victory

113. Eupheme — Well spoken

114. Euphrosyne — Joy, mirth

115. Eupraxia — Good action

116. Eurybia — Wide, violent force

117. Eurydike — Wide justice

118. Euterpe — Giver of pleasure

119. Euthalia — Well blooming

120. Eutropia — Versatile

121. Evgenia– Well born

122. Fotios — Light

123. Fotis — Light

124. Frona — Self-controlled

125. Gaia — Earth

126. Gennadios — Noble

127. Gerasimos — Old age

128. Gregorios — Watchful

129. Glykeria — Sweet

130. Gorgophone — Murderer

131. Haemon — Bloody

132. Haides — Unseen

133. Halkyone — Kingfisher

134. Harmonia — Harmony

135. Hebe — Young

136. Hecuba — Far off

137. Hekate — Far off

138. Heli — Ascend

139. Helios — Sun

140. Hermes — Of the Earth

141. Hermia — Of the Earth

142. Hermione — Of the Earth

143. Hero — Hero

144. Herodotos — Hero given

145 .Hestia — Fireside

146. Hesiod — To send song

147. Hilarion — Joyful, happy

148. Hippokrates — Horse power

149. Hippolyte — Horse freer

150. Homer — Hostage

151. Horus — The distant one

152. Hyginos — Healthy

253. Hypatios — Supreme

154. Hypatia — Supreme

155. Iantha — Violent flower

156. Ianthe — Violent flower

157. Ioanna — God is gracious

158. Iason — To heal

159. Iduma — Red

160. Iesos — God is salvation

161. Ikaros — Follower

162. Ioannes — God is gracious

163. Iola — Violet

164. Iole — Violet

165. Iphigenia — Strong born

166. Iris — Rainbow

167. Isokrates — Equal power

168. Jonas — Dove

169. Judas — He who is praised

170. Jude — He who is praised

171. Kadmos — The east

172. Kallias — Beauty

173. Kalliope — Beautiful voice

174. Kallisto — Most beautiful

175. Kalypso — Cover, conceal

176. Karpos — Fruit

177. Kastor — Beaver

178. Kephalos — Head

179. Kepheus — Gardener

180. Kerberos — Demon of the pit

181. Khristos — anointed

182. Kleio — Glory

183. Kleitos — Glory

184. Kleopatra — Glory of the father

185. Klotho — Spinner

186. Klymene — Praiseworthy might

187. Klytie — Famous

188. Kore — Maiden

189. Korinna — Maiden

190. Kosmos — Beauty, order

191. Kronos — Horn

192. Kyriake — Of the Lord

193. Lachesis — Apportioner

194. Lazarus — My God has helped

195. Leandros — Lion man

196. Leda — Woman

197. Lefteris — Liberator

198. Leto — The hidden one

199. Ligeia — Shrill voice

200. Lykourgos — Wolf work

201. Lysimachos — Freedom fighter

202. Macedon — The tall one

203. Maeja — Mother

204. Maia — Mother

205. Makarios — Blessed

206. Manasses — Causing to forget

207. Margarites — Pearl

208. Mathias — Gift of God

209. Medeia — Cunning

210. Medousa — Guardian

211. Megaira — To grudge

212. Melaina — Dark

213. Melantha — Dark flower

214. Melina — Honey

215. Melita — Honey bee

216. Melpomene — Choir

217. Mentor — Spirit

218. Methodios — Method

219. Miltiades — Red earth

220. Minta — Defender

221. Mneme — Memory

222. Morpheus — Shape

223. Myron — Myrrh

224. Narkissa — Numbness, sleep

225. Natasa — Resurrection

226. Nemesis — Retribution

227. Nephele — Cloudy

228. Nephthys — Lady of the house

229. Nereus — Water

230. Nestor — Homecoming

231. Nike — Victory

232. Nikephoros — Bearer of victory

233. Nomiki — Relating to the law

234. Nyx — Night

235. Oedipus — Sore feet

236. Oinone — Wine

237. Okeanos — Ocean

238. Olysseus — To hate

239. Onesimos — Beneficial

240. Ophelos — Help

241. Origen — Mountain born

242. Orpheus — Darkness of night

243. Oulixes — To hate

244. Ourania — Heavenly

245. Ouranos — The heavens

246. Paeon — Healer

247. Paris — Wager

248. Pallas — To wield a weapon

249. Pamphilos — Friend of all

250. Pandora — All gift

251. Panos — All holy

252. Pantheras — Panther

253. Paraskeve — Preparation

254. Parthenia — Virgin

255. Parthenope — Virgin voice

256. Pavlos — Small

257. Pelagios — The sea

258. Penelope — Weaver of cunning

259. Persephone — Person slayer

260. Persis — Persian woman

261. Phaidra — Bright

262. Phaidros — Bright

263. Phile — To love

264. Philemon — Affectionate

265. Philomena — Sweet singer

266. Photine — Light

267. Phyllidos — Foliage

268. Phyllis — Foliage

269. Platon — Broad, flat

270. Polydeuces — Sweet

271. Polyxene — Hospitable

272. Poseidon — Distribution lord

273. Psyche — Animated spirit, soul

274. Ptolema — Aggressive

275. Pyrros — Flame like

276. Rhea — Menstruation

277. Rhoda — Rose

278. Roxane — Dawn

279. Sappho — Saphire

280. Sara — Princess

281. Selene — Moon

282. Semele — Of the Earth

283. Sethos — Dazzle

284. Smeme — Knowledge

285. Sofia — Wisdom

286. Solon — Wisdom

287. Sophos — Clever

288. Sophronia — Self-controlled

289. Sostrate — Safe army

290. Sotiria — Salvation

291. Sousanna — Lily

292. Spyridoula — Spirit

293. Spyro — Spirit

294. Stamatia — Stop

295. Stelios — Pillar

296. Straton — Army

297. Syntyche — Common fate

298. Takis — All holy

299. Tanis — Serpent lady

300. Tedora — Gift of God

301. Telamon — Support

302. Teris — Liberator

303. Terpsichore — Enjoying the dance

304. Thais — Bandage

305. Thalia — Flourishing

306. Thales — Blossom

307. Than — Death

308. Thanos — Immortal

309. Thecla — Glory of God

310. Thekla — Glory of God

311. Themis — Law

312. Therapon — Servant

313. Theron — Hunter

314. Thoth — He who balances

315. Timaios — Honor

316. Timo — Honor

317. Tisiphone — Avenging murder

318. Titos — White clay, white earth

319. Tobias — God is good

320. Tryphaina — Delicate, soft

321. Tryphosa — Delicate, soft

322. Tychon — Hitting the mark

323. Urias — God is my light

324. Usiris — Good tidings

325. Vasilis — King

326. Vasiliki — King, queen

327. Xanthe — Yellow

328. Xanthia — Yellow

329. Xanthippe — Yellow

330. Xanthippos — Yellow horse

331. Xene — Stranger

332. Xenophon — Strange voice

333. Xerxes — Ruler over heroes

334. Yanni — God is gracious

335. Yorgos — Farmer

336. Zacharias — God has remembered

337. Zebedee — God has given

338. Zoe — Life

339. Zona — Belt

340. Zephyr — West wind

341. Zopyros — Glowing

342.Zosime — Survivor

343. Zotikos — Full of life


Greek names and their meanings (D-Z)

See what your Greek name means here:


Davira: a hellish goddess. They worshipped her in eleusis and was related to the mysteries. Distant and melancholy, with a nice stature and innate sense of elegance. It causes passions.

Delilah: Etira, Samson’s mistress. Sensitive, very connected to the family. She’s often forced to do things against her will.

Damianos: Sophist of the 2nd century AD from Ephesus. He likes history, he’s connected to his memories and the past. It has velvety expressive eyes and a mild character. Artistic temperament.

Danae: Pampered by her family and life, she is graceful, demanding and Naziara. Pretty self-centered, not easy to make concessions.

Daniel, Daniela: Rational and calm, learns quickly, recognizes his mistakes and accepts the opinion of others. Social character on the surface, actually quite closed.

Darius: Responsible, full of interests for others, becomes quickly necessary.

Daphne: One of the most beautiful nymphs of Greek mythology. He was madly loved by Apollo, but when he attempted to make it his own, the Earth lose her. In its place grew nice little tree, then Apollo cut a sprig and adorned his head to be consoled. Since then, the branch of Daphne has become one of its symbols. She always looks younger than she looks. She is tender, jealous and intelligent, with great imagination and many interests.

David or David: in Hebrew it means “dear”. Not very spontaneous, it’s concentrated and stressful. He needs to be met well, to assess his qualifications.

Dolphin: It is customary in France. Attractive and agile, it draws men who can rarely be imposed on them. Contradictory character, with many mysterious sides. Charming.

Despina: Despina (Lady) coming from “dominate, dominate”. In Athens it was mainly used for Persephone. Despina is called the Virgin Mary. Willing, she knows how to take her life in her own hands. Sometimes others underestimate her intelligence. Peculiar personality. The Lady of the House.

Defkalion: Son of Prometheus. He has a fast mind, allowing him to overcome the difficulties. Excel in theoretical sciences.

Didameia: (Delos: Enemy + Damazo), the winner of the enemies.

Dimitrios, Dimitra: Stubborn and demanding, Dimitris is not so easy to symbiosis. Good friend, loves men’s company and football. But it is influenced by the woman he loves. Logic and practice, Dimitra knows what her interests are. She’s capable of handling people and situations. He loves kids. Mother Earth.

Municipality: Athenian of the 3rd century, renowned for its beauty. There is talk of him in the Goria of Plato. Well-hearted, sweet-talker, very dear to the children. Sensual in love, he likes a good-natured. He loves music.

Demosthenes: (municipality + Fortitude), the power of the people. The greatest speaker of antiquity. Commanding appearance and deep voice. He manages to live comfortably without getting tired. Charming, a bit sluggish.

Diogenes: (Zeus + genus), the Godborn.

Diagoras: Pink Athlete of the 5th century B.C. despite the historical past of his name, he rarely deals with sports. He’s more of a man of art and intellect. Difficult character.

Diana: Latin name of Artemis.

Dido: Peculiar character, artistic temperament. She takes care of her looks, loves to travel and knows how to find money when she needs to.

Diogenes: Optimistic and Reveles and womaniser! It is difficult to follow an ideology and prefer to face practically life.

Diomedes: (Zeus + Meidon: Archon), the Archon with divine power. King of Argos. Mathematical clock, has an appeal to the sciences. He is often forced to emigrate. Gentle character, affectionate family man.

Dionysis, Dionysia: Ancient Greek name comes from Dionysus. A little stiff Sometimes, Dionysis creates likes and dislikes. However, he has a sense of humor and likes to revise his life. More serious, Dionysia has a more enclosed character and is generally conservative. Dionysus.

Dione: (of Zeus), the divine.

Domna: Latin name meaning “lady”. Smart, nervous, often abrupt, misunderstood by those around her. But she has a heart of gold and she’s a faithful friend.

Dorotheos, Dorothea: It means “gift of God”. People smart, who dislike abstract concepts and study. They prefer the action and are very energetic. Women devote a great part of their energy to love. They’re stubborn and they like to advise others and feel necessary.


Irene: Goddess of the Ancient Greeks, daughter of Zeus and Themidos. Cute, she keeps her distance. It is driven by her feelings, so she is often driven to miscalculations. It is quite ambitious and pays attention to the image that others have of it. She wants to look more independent than she actually is. Peace, tranquility.

Ekavi: The second wife of the king of Troy Priammou. Hector’s mother. Serious and somewhat resentful, with a character that evolves according to the fate that life holds for her. She treats mishaps with great dignity, but she closes in on herself and becomes antisocial.

Epati: Goddess of the Moonlight, daughter of Zeus and starfish. She is often identified with Artemis and is considered a goddess of magic. Charming and mysterious, she gets more than she gives. She is rarely happy with herself and she is constantly looking to perfect him.

Hector: Homeric hero, leader of the Trojans. Son of Priammou and Ekavis, wife of Andromfight. Combative, defending and protecting those he loves. He has great delicacy and natural kindness and avoids affecting others. But alas, when he gets angry.

Elvira: Intelligent, driven more by reason than emotion. She’s defending her family to death. It is better not to have an enemy.

Eleni: Name derived from the word “Eleni”, which means “torch” or from the root of ele-which means “I possess, conquer”. A name which in today’s times bears women with strong character and personality. They have charm and when they’re still not beautiful, they always insist on being theirs. Even when they look calm, they’re dominant. And sensitive to compliments. The Lambessa.

Eleora: It means in Latin “soften, calm”. Romantic, she’s often religious or a fan of some Eastern philosophy. He has original ideas and artistic temperament. She’s quite attached to the memories and everything that has to do with the past. She likes collections.

Eleftherios, Eleftheria: From the homonymous ancient adjective which means “liberator”. Saint Eleftherios is considered the protector of pregnant women. Living and independent character, excel in the liberal professions. He likes nature, sports and group life. Freedom is kind and shy. It easily earns friends and admirers. Free, lack of restrictions.

Elisabeth: Saint of the Orthodox Church. Proud, she manages to perfectly control her rich emotional world. Her face quickly acquires an expression of maturity. She’s kind of bossy with her partner. It is not easily managed to be freed from its past.

Ellie: Granddaughter of Aeolus. Hyperactive, always has a lot of hobbies. Social, good hostess, has great contact with children. Lots of spiritual and artistic interests.

Eliniki: Daughter of Miltiades. Sweet and submissive, if she doesn’t leave her family’s home early, she’s in danger of being very dependent on it.

Hope: Bright presence, gives real courage and optimism to its environment. It is not easily suppressed and with a smile on the lips, it knows how to enforce its will.

Emmanouil, Emmanouela: Hebrew name meaning “with us God” and given to Christ as predicted by the prophets. Dreamers, they’re often moody. When they like someone they become warm, talkative and lovable. They love luxury and do not easily sacrifice their way of life. Women are quite need weird excitement and difficult to symbiosis.

Empedocles: Philosopher and researcher of nature, from Sicily. One of the most important representatives of the prosopocratic philosophy. That name gives two different types of man. The one, more introverted, is very concerned with the study, while the other extroverted has an appeal to sport and to practical things.

Epaminondas: (on + Aminon), the progressive. Thiveos military and politician of the 4th century BC enthusiastic, is ready for action and forgiving easily. He likes the good Life and sport. It’s pretty wasteful.

Erasmia: Pleasant, adorable.

Erato: (Ereau: I love), the adorable. One of the nine Muses, daughter of Zeus and Titannidos. Protector of marriage and love, she had the lyre and the guitar for her symbol. Sweet, full of understanding, she rarely gets angry. Her kids and her friends love her. He’s in danger of becoming the victim of others.

Erifili: (Eri: Very + Phylon), the exquisite of women. Closed and lofty, you don’t get close to her. When she falls in love, she forgets her reservations, she is given absolutely and she remains faithful.

Ermioni: The only daughter of Menelaos and Eleni. Smart, she has a positive science appeal. He doesn’t believe in absolute values. Balanced, she is happy only when she is in a civilized environment.

Ernestos: He is independent, bold and able to cope and overcome great difficulties.

Erietta: Independent and quite self-centered, without many sensitivities. When they hurt her, she even hears it after years. Elegant and elegant.

Henry, Errika: a Scandinavian name that means “leader”, “strong Man”. The name gives the man an open and cheerful character. The woman is more timid and very charitable. They both have social ambitions, and they’re not missing from the meetings.

Ersi: It symbolizes the morning dew. Mercury fell in love with her. Beautiful posture and artistic temperament. Even if she doesn’t become an artist herself, she’ll inspire someone else in his work. Peculiar and likeable personality.

Esther: Wife of King Xerxes I. Dreamy and mysterious, she likes to experience different experiences. He doesn’t hesitate to take risks.

Eteocles: (Eteos: True + Cleeos), the true glory.

Eva: the First temptation! Independent and demanding, she tends to want them all to herself. Quite a moody character, struggling to maintain a relationship. The worst part is, he can’t stand the loneliness.

Evangelos, Evangelia: Calm and sensual, they are very happy when they find the match that suits them. They are not particularly ambitious and often prefer the routine out of uncertainty. They like family life and hanging out with friends. The good news carrier.

Evagoras: (ev + Buy), the good speaker.

Evanthia: Social and curious, he doesn’t miss a chance for gossip. Avoids fatigue and discomfort.

Eugene, Eugenia: It means “good generation”. Conservative and measured Eugenius is devoted to his work, conscientious and fond of tradition. He likes the secularities. A more restless soul, Eugenia is a conventional in her ambitions.

Evdokia: She matures quickly and often contrasts with her family. He has beautiful, somewhat melancholy eyes. She’s going through enough trouble to make her life.

Eudoxia: (EV + DOXA), the good reputation.

Euthalia: Witness of the Orthodox Church. Serious, intelligent, studious, distinguished for its performance in letters. She marries very young, it is imposed on her husband and her children. She misses her independence.

Efthimios, Efthimia: The name of seven saints of the Orthodox Church. Character with swings, Efthimios is a revolutionary in his youth and becomes more conventional as he grows. It attaches great importance to financial security and material comforts. Calmer, cheer gives priority to love and family life.

Eulabius, Eulampia: Martyrs of the Orthodox Church. Serious and thoughtful, with heightened intuition and interest in parapsychology. Monogamous, they pay great attention to the family.

Eunomia: (EV + nemesis: Distribute), the fair sponsor of the goods.

Eupraxia: Good deeds, good manners.

Eurviadis: (broad + violence), the very authoritarian.

Eurydice: (broad + trial), the very fair. One of the dryades nymphs. According to one version, she was the daughter of Apollo and the wife of Orpheus. Radiant, sincere, despises hypocrisy and falsehood. He’s got a little heavy voice and a commanding look.

Evrykleia: (Broad + clime), the multiglorious.

Eurysthenes: (broad + vigor), the most prolific.

Eustatius: Saint of the Orthodox Church. Strong and loving character, he has a weakness for material pleasures. With the encouragement of his friends and family, which is necessary, he succeeds professionally. Stable, well-grounded.

Eustratios: Two saints of the Orthodox Church. Moody, he becomes explosive when he’s angry. He seems absolute, but he knows how to maneuver. He has great confidence in his judgment and does not easily change his mind.

Euterpe: (EV + Tersay), the very pleasant. One of the nine muses. She has many abilities, but often the need to create a family, makes her stand aside her professional ambitions. At older age, if she doesn’t find an employment, she tends to get nervous.

Eftychios, Eftychia: Good luck. They have a good heart, as long as they want to pretend to be tough. Unfortunately, when something goes wrong they tend to punish themselves.

Efrosini: One of the Three Graces. The one with the fun, the joy, the well-being. A little frivolous, it pays attention to detail and overlooks the essence. She likes the secularities. She doesn’t have much faith in herself.


Zora: Arabic name. Quiet and polite, it gives the impression of a weaker character than it actually is. Tasteful, he loves nice things and music.

Zacharias: Sensitive, can be done with the cynical years. He has a critical mind, he loves art. He’s afraid to face the hardships of life.

Zafiris, Zafeiroyla: From Petra Zafiri. Like the sapphire, they glow with their presence. They are ambitious and they love to be well-loved. They are vindictive in words, but not in deeds. Zafeiroyla attaches great importance to financial security.

Zephyros: The personification of the western wind. Son of Astraiou and the Holy One, who acquired the fast horses of Achilles (Theogagia). He has a symbol of the horse and the performances are depicted young and winged. Dynamic and quite peculiar character creates enemies.

Zenobia: Daughter of the King of Armenia Mithridates. Severe, measured and touchy. He reacts badly to remarks and criticism.

Painting: Like a painting. Smart and modest. It can withstand the greatest difficulties in order to achieve what it wants. She lacks optimism.

Life, Animal: witness to the Orthodox Church. Happy and optimistic, life has good contact with children. More serious, Zois is a man of duty, punctual and responsible.


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Other Greek girl names

  • Margot, Anna, Melyne, Alexia, Corinne, Tony, Aglae, Angélina, Sophia, Aleyna, Ilena, Martha, Johanna, Melaine, Philippa, Yélena, Aida, Gaia, Ophelieiris, Trecy, Tifany, Chloe, Liam, Phoebe, Daphne, Helene, MaxIllona, Anne,


  •   Sophie, Méliné, Miléna, Jordane, Fannie, Marguerite, Tracy, Véronique, Pamela, Ophelia, Selene, Elene, Eugene, Alexi, Elea, Tiphaine, Sonia, Cyriaque, Cloe, Meghane, Olympus, Ioanna, Oceane, Vaessa, Sélénée, lora, Tifanie,


  • Angèlina, Angèle, Xenia, Vanessa, Cathérine, Eulalie, Cléo, Lenaic, Typhanie, Appoline, Sacha, Sofia, Larry, Athenais, Meghan, Keren, Alexa, Melisa, Angele, Ileana, Varvara, Nell, Apolline, Andrea, Margaux, Angelina,


  • Amber, Cassandra, Aurelia, Sandra, Thea, Ambroisine, Agatha, Berenice, Zoe, Dafne, Aure, Irena, Alexandrine, Dorothee, Aliona, Teresa, Teodora, Petra.



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