Complete Guide on How to Buy Bitcoin in 2021

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Detailed instructions on How to buy Bitcoin in 2021

Bitcoin is by far the largest cryptocurrency and has almost become a monster since its inception. Having made headlines around the world, Bitcoin has grown in popularity and its value has grown much faster than even its creators could have hoped.

The original cryptocurrency quickly went from a very small value to trading at nearly $20,000 per unit. Although its value has dropped slightly since these peaks, Bitcoin is still valued at several thousand dollars per token at the time of writing. Many market observers believe it will get a value far greater than that achieved to date.

Bitcoin has introduced the entire concept of blockchain to the world, and will always be considered an iconic pioneer of the cryptocurrency world. Token is available in all cryptocurrency exchanges and is the easiest cryptocurrency to acquire.

You can say indefinitely how important cryptocurrencies are in the modern world, about their capabilities and so on and so forth. But as you read this material, then you generally know about Bitcoin, its advantages and features. If you are a “casual passenger” on this page, then click on our website. You will learn a lot of interesting things about cryptocurrencies, why they are bought and how to earn them.

If you are determined to buy bitcoin in 2021, then this material and detailed instructions are for you! Hopefully, it covers how to buy Bitcoin in India in 2021.


Choosing a Bitcoin wallet

In order to buy bitcoin, you need a wallet to store cryptocurrency.

The easiest and fastest way is to install a wallet on your computer or mobile phone or register an account online. It’s simple and fast. The editorial board of ProstoCoin uses Electrum, Coinomi and blockchain wallet. Read the detailed instructions on choosing and installing a wallet for Bitcoin here. You can transfer the cryptocurrency to any other wallet at any time.

The safest option today are hardware wallets, as they are almost impossible to crack – cryptocurrency is stored autonomously on a separate device, not connected to the Internet.

The most popular and affordable option is the Ledger Nano S. In addition to bitcoin, it supports more than 1000 cryptocurrencies and tokens. Costs Ledger Nano S only 59 euros (for comparison, the price of the cheapest analogue 85 euros), you can order free express delivery to Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries.

Of the cons – will have to wait for delivery, so you can first start an online wallet, and then transfer from it coins to hardware. This option is great for long-term storage of your cryptocurrency.

Many users are interested in the question of whether it is possible to buy a part of bitcoin. Please note that you can buy cryptocurrencies for any amount. It is not necessary to buy 1 bitcoin, you can always buy a smaller part of it. This means that you can buy half of bitcoin, a quarter of bitcoin, or even one-hundredth of bitcoin or any share, such as 0.03 BTC, 0.58 BTC or 0.024 BTC.

Complete Guide on How to Buy Bitcoin in 2021

How to Top-up Your Bitcoin Wallet in 2021

Now we have a wallet to store Bitcoin, and we also have a certain amount of money to buy cryptocurrency. The logical question is: where to get bitcoins?

Citizens of CIS countries can consider the following ways to buy bitcoin:

  • Online exchange services;
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges;
  • Terminals and ATMs;
  • Exchange with other people on fiat, gift coupons.

Let’s look at each of these options individually.


On the Internet, there are specialized services that are engaged in the exchange of money for cryptocurrency online. There are more than 100 such exchanges. You can find them on specialized monitoring services, or use the proven services described below.

Destinations for exchange can be different:

  • Online banking – Bitcoin;
  • QIWI -> Bitcoin;
  • Yandex Money – Bitcoin
  • Perfect Money – Bitcoin;
  • VISA, Mastercard – Bitcoin;
  • Skrill, Paypal, Payza, Payoneer and other services are Bitcoin.

You can use an international reliable exchanger, such as Coinmama. The service has been operating since 2013 and allows you to buy bitcoin quickly with any Visa/MasterCard cards.

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Verified cryptocurrency exchangers

BitOkk Coinmama Changelly Indacoin
Commission Low Average Low Average
Min. Deposit 500 RUB No No No
Russian Have Have Have Have
Currency support BTC ETH
LTC Cloud Token BTC ETH
(8) currencies Btc BTC ETH and
130 koins
BTC and 200
Visa/MasterCard Yes Yes Yes Yes
Go Go Go Go


You can also easily buy bitcoin for your national currency in local exchange services, which is very convenient and profitable, because so you will not lose money on currency conversion. There are even directions of exchange of cash for cryptocurrency, which at the moment work in all major cities.

Buying bitcoin through payment systems and internet banking

Buy bitcoin without commissions and at a favorable rate you can use the service Matby – it’s 2in1 exchanger with the function of an online wallet for reliable storage of funds. This is the easiest way to buy bitcoin, which is suitable even for beginners. You just need to register on the service’s website.

Available purchase through all popular payment systems and online banking, as well as for other cryptocurrencies. Exchange, entry and withdrawal of bitcoins is carried out around the clock in automatic mode. You can store bitcoins in a reliable online wallet, which is accessed by 3 factor authentication.

Buying bitcoin for rubles

BtC-Bank24allows you to buy bitcoin for rubles. It supports all popular banks (Sberbank, Tinkoff), as well as the payment system ziwi. You can buy bitcoins not only through the site, but also with the help of Telegram-bot @BtcBank24com_bot the whole process will take no more than 15 minutes.

How to buy bitcoin through Sberbank

The CashBox24 exchange service is the easiest and most reliable way to purchase bitcoin quickly and with a minimum commission through Sberbank. The service was created by professional blockchain developers taking into account all the security requirements of such operations.

The exchange is made after receiving 6 network confirmations. Only at this point, the exchange rate is fixed. This means that if it changes in any direction, you will get the amount recalculated at the new rate.

Registration on the site is optional, but it allows you to take advantage of the loyalty program and exchange cryptocurrencies on more favorable terms. The exchanger has large reserves, but if you need, even more, the administrators will consider your application individually.

Key recommendations

Before you buy bitcoin look at the exchange rate and terms. The exchange rate is worse by about 1-1.5% than on the market, i.e. on specialized exchanges. But on the other hand, this method greatly simplifies the purchase of BTC for beginners.

Buying bitcoin on the stock exchange in 2021

So we moved on to the second way to buy BTC – through cryptocurrency exchanges. Exchanges are platforms for trading. That is, the rate on them is “clean” formed by the market supply.

Among the most popular exchanges are:
Verified cryptocurrency exchanges

Binance BitMart Livecoin
Commission Low Average Average Average
Min. Deposit 1 BNB 0 No No
Russian Have Have Have Have
Interface Average Simple Average Simple
Visa/MasterCard No Yes No No
Currency input Cryptocurrency USD EUR
GBP RUB Cryptocurrency USD EUR


Learn more about each exchange:

  • CEX. IO – Choice Of ProstoCoin Editorial and one of the few exchanges that supports Visa/MasterCard cards, which is very convenient for those who buy cryptocurrency for the first time. It is also possible to top up the deposit through bank transfer without commissions. Buy and sell bitcoin on CEX. IO is fast, convenient and safe. Our editorial board has been using this stock exchange since the founding of our project.
  • Binance is by far the most popular exchange for trading. It has the lowest commissions and many other nice features, such as lack of necessary verification of personality, high level of security, huge choice of currencies and impressive trading volume. Of the disadvantages – the input of funds is carried out only in cryptocurrencies. There is an option to buy bitcoin with a bank card, but it is supported by another service in cooperation with Binance.
  • BitMart is a young fast-growing exchange with million-dollar trading volumes. The transaction commission is 0.05%. Supports only the introduction of funds in cryptocurrencies.
  • Livecoin is a young exchange with good conditions for traders. It is notable for low commissions (0.18%) for the transaction, a decent number of options are available: bank transfer, Perfect Money, OKPAY (only 0.1% commission), Perfect Money and others.


The advantage of the exchange is that you have the opportunity to work with a flexible rate. The cost of BTC fluctuates, so there is a chance to make a deal on better terms. Although conditions may get worse. So it’s a double-edged sword.

If you need to buy cue quickly, then work at the market price. It is usually automatically specified in order cells:

The most famous service for tracking cryptocurrency exchanges is Coinmarketcap. It contains information about the volume of trades on each site, as well as the current rate. Here’s what the list of Bitcoin-USD exchanges looks like:

Coinmarketcap Bitcoin-USD Exchanges

When buying it is better to focus on the exchanges with the lowest rate. After all, we will be able to get BTC at the best price. When you withdraw on the wallet will be charged exclusively network commission.

Bitcoin ATM and terminalsA Bitcoin ATM

ATMs and terminals with the possibility of buying Bitcoin are not yet very common. In Russia and Ukraine there are only a few of them, but the situation is changing quite quickly: the list of ATMs is on the website CoinATMRadar. Such devices are easy to work – just a few transactions with the card and the ATM itself and cryptocurrency will be credited to your wallet. Terminals work with banknotes.

Direct transfers, gift cards

No one canceled such an option as direct purchase of Bitcoin. If you do this with your friend, it is enough just to agree on a convenient payment method, as well as a course. There are even specialized services for P2P exchanges, which we will talk about below.

Cryptolocator is a specialized platform for P2P exchange, where you can buy or sell Bitcoin directly without intermediaries and commissions. You can look for a suitable seller by the purchase currency, country or payment method, or to create and publish the offer on your own terms.

Benefits of Cryptolocator:

  • Fast and safe exchange from person to person
  • A large selection of fiat currencies
  • A simple and user-friendly interface
  • Having a financial license
  • Simple identity verification (needed only for operations over $1000)
  • BTC/ETH exchange on USDT and back
  • Low withdrawal fee
  • Referral program, which involves payments of up to 50% of the platform’s commission for each transaction
  • referral and one-time payments of $10 for each referral that completed the volume of transactions for $1000.
  • Telegram bot for quick exchanges
  • iOS or Android mobile apps

Cryptolocator An example for operations is the Russian ruble

Cryptolocator supports SWIFT payments, bank transfers, electronic money, gift cards and another 30 payment methods, depending on the country or desired currency. You can exchange cryptocurrency on the site, as well as through Telegram-bot and mobile application. The developers of the platform guarantee the security and security of transactions thanks to the principle of escrow: the platform automatically holds the cryptocurrency throughout the transaction, which excludes fraudulent transactions.

One of the oldest direct exchange services is LocalBitcoins. Roughly speaking, this is such a cryptocurrency analogue of online bulletin boards. Someone sells bitcoin, and someone buys. There are also reviews about participants, their statistics. The probability of “running” on a scammer is quite low. There are no commissions as such, but the rate is higher than the market rate.

In countries such as Austria, South Korea, Mexico, there is an interesting option to buy BTC – through gift cards. You just need to top them up for par, and then enter the code on a specialized site. “Sellers” of such cards are well cashed in on commissions reaching 3-8%. However, the method is still in demand because of its simplicity.

To compare the buying methods, consider the table:

Method Dignity Disadvantages Commission
Exchangers A wide range of services
– There are websites for monitoring exchangers and courses;
Automatic exchange is available.
– Regular customers offer discounts;
A large selection of payment methods. The exchange rate is below market rates;
Limited exchange points reserve;
Additional commissions may be added; 10 to 12% depending on the exchange and payment method.
Exchange High reliability of exchanges;
A wide range of buying and selling limits;
Good changing course;
– There is an opportunity to work with other pairs of fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. A limited number of payment methods;
– Incomprehensible to beginners mechanism of work;
Commissions for the deal;
Verification (bank transfers) and delays associated with it. From 0% to 10% depending on method and currency. Up 0.3 percent per deal.
Terminals and ATMs Simplicity and accessibility;
High speed of operations. -Small ATM network;
Not the highest rate;
Additional commission. 2 to 10%.
Direct translations — You can agree on a convenient method;
Contractual course. Fraud;
Temporary negotiating costs;
– The time cost of finding the second side of the deal. No (contractual)


How to sell and withdraw bitcoin in 2021

Our guide to buying bitcoin is easy to transform into a guide to its sale. You still have the same options for sale:

  • Exchange services;
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges;
  • Bitcoin terminals;
  • Deal directly.

You need to do all the same, just the opposite. On the stock exchange, in the exchange to look for a pair of BTC- USD. In terminals enter your wallet number and buy fiat, as well as look for those wishing to buy your BTC.

As in the case of the purchase, you will have to face commissions, the threat to become a victim of scams and so on. All you need to do is know the address of your wallet and not give anyone a password from it.

If you bought BTC on the stock exchange and have not yet managed to bring it to your wallet, then try to make money on trading. The rate on these sites is dynamic, so on an even place, it is realistic to get additional profit in fiat currency. Or in cryptocurrency, if trades are conducted in cryptocurrency pairs. The standard principle of “buy cheap – sell more expensive” works. And then make withdrawal of money a convenient method.

Cloud mining deserves special attention. Many people can be quite expensive to buy at once a whole bitcoin. Cloud mining allows you to sign a profitable annual contract with small investments, in which your cryptocurrency will be mined “in the cloud.”

And you will be able to use BTC as a payment method on a variety of sites – from trading platforms, and ending with bookmakers. This is not such a bad idea given the availability of shares and discounts for payment in cryptocurrency.

How to Buy Bitcoin Anonymously in 2021

How to buy bitcoin anonymously in 2021, with the least possible risk? Whatever your reason for wanting to invest in Bitcoin without going through the KYC measures that are getting stronger day by day, on all platforms, it’s still – for now – quite simple. After all, the crypto space has always been very at the heart of protecting online identity. A quick tour of the most commonly used methods to invest without revealing your name.

Can we still invest in BTC anonymously in 2021?

Most countries hunt platforms without official identification procedures (KYC), so buying bitcoin while remaining anonymous is becoming increasingly complex. Even the “big ones” who were originally very little looking began to tune in, like ShapeShift or LocalBitcoins.

So we offer you a quick tour of the different ways you have left to buy BTC anonymously in 2021!

The price of anonymity

Buying bitcoin while remaining anonymous means agreeing to:

  • Pay a premium, i.e. a little more expensive than the market price
  • Take a slight risk, but our tips should keep you away from problems!

Remember that, despite what we often hear: Bitcoin is not anonymous, but pseudonym. This is the principle of a blockchain: the funds are easily traceable, remains to connect the addresses to their owners.

Thus, if you do not provide your identity at any stage, you can more or less consider that you bought bitcoin anonymously. More or less, because we always leave traces on the internet, and we then enter into a discussion around the choice of browser, the use of a VPN … but that’s another topic!

Why buy BTC anonymously?

So, of course, buying BTC anonymously in 2021 means being able to access a whole bunch of more or less dubious goods on the black market.

But buying incognito can serve other principles. Indeed, it would be absurd to believe that states around the world are only working for the liberation of their people. Sometimes economic freedom can be of paramount importance.

We remember, to mention only the most obvious, the case Wikileaks, which had been banned from all the big banks. Assange’s arrest has also sparked a massive flow of donations to BTC. And, for example, if you too want to participate, not leaving a trace of your support might be a good idea. Again: not all states are as free as they seem, moreover, the notion of “freedom” often tends to fluctuate.

How do I buy bitcoins, anonymously?

In order to be absolutely certain to buy bitcoin anonymously in 2021, a foolproof method remains… Paper money! Yes, yes, the very one that so many cryptos want to supplant. Indeed, proceeding by transfer will inevitably leave traces, so… Cash only!

Individual to individual

Various sites offer you to connect with sellers, without asking you for identification. Keep this advice in mind, however: if you want to buy your bitcoins anonymously in 2021, with a stranger, do so in a public place. This will prevent you from getting ripped off if necessary.

Fortunately, sellers have a reputation attached to their name on these kinds of sites. Thus, the better the reputation, the more the seller will be contacted, so you just have to spot a serious seller, and he agrees to deal with you!

Buy BTC anonymously on LocalBitcoin / HodlHodl

Sites such as LocalBitcoin and Hodl Hodl offer to put you in touch with particular sellers. Some accept cash deposits, and you only need an email and a pseudonym to register.Buy BTC anonymously on LocalBitcoin / HodlHodl

That’s all you need to sign up for LocalBitcoins!

However, LocalBitcoin has recently placed some restrictions, so if you can buy bitcoin by being anonymous in 2021 on the platform, it will be complicated to do so for large volumes.

“Identity verification may be required when you create advertisements, exceed certain trade volume limits, trade disputes, fraud investigations or account ownership.” Excerpt from LocalBitcoins’ terms of use.

It’s up to you not to be checked, but, of course, you may have fewer interested people, especially if you’re looking to buy a large sum! There is indeed a significant risk: that of the scam!

Because if you want to buy BTC anonymously in 2021, your seller may also refuse to reveal his or her identity. In the case of a transaction that goes wrong, you will have almost no legal recourse!

Other sites, such as Bitquick or Bisq, also offer to buy BTC anonymously in 2021, in cash. However, as with most platforms, a volume limit is set if you don’t identify yourself. For example, for Bitquick, the limit is $400.


Bitcoin ATMs: Buying BTC anonymously

A Bitcoin ATM
A Bitcoin ATM

For now, one of the safest ways to buy bitcoin anonymously will be crypto ATMs! Indeed, some ATMs do not need to identify you to get your hands on a token, most offer cash payment and it is sometimes also possible to resell your BTC!

Once you have chosen the amount you want to buy, the ATM will provide you with a paper wallet, which cannot be linked to your identity.

You can go to ATM Radar Corner to find the ATM closest to you!

Small problem for French citizens … The only ATM is in Avignon, and requires a KYC procedure! However, if you are traveling abroad (especially in Eastern countries), this can be a great way to invest in BTC anonymously in 2021!

Prepaid Cards

Finally, buying BTC anonymously can also be done through prepaid cards. These types of cards are found in tobacco offices, others are ordered online and some do not require identification to be reloaded. This is the case, for example, with AdvCash or WageCan cards. Be careful though, as user fees are usually quite high with this type of cards.

Buy bitcoins anonymously, in a nutshell, We have deliberately avoided mentioning solutions requiring bank transfers, because, as explained in the intro, they will inevitably leave traces, and farewell anonymity in this case!

Overall, the best way to buy bitcoin anonymously will be through cash, or if not an anonymous XMR crypto and deal with an individual. It is also a nice paradox, to be forced to meet others in order to guarantee their anonymity!

Of course, after getting your hands on your tokens, there are other ways to scramble the tracks. For example, you can use mixers/tumblers or use anonymous altcoins such as Monero (XMR), but this will probably be the subject of a future article!

Another lesson in cryptocurrency literacy has come to an end. Now you know how and where to buy bitcoin for fiat. There is nothing complicated in this – there would be a desire and means to buy. Whether you should do it, it is up to you.

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