How To Do Digital Marketing For Dealers

How To Do Digital Marketing For Dealers

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The profile of the automobile consumer has changed. They are no longer satisfied with mass advertising and has no time to waste with advertisements and materials that do not meet their needs and desires. All you need to make sure is that you have a good sales team and F&I manager in your dealership.

For this reason, it is necessary to know how to apply digital marketing for dealerships, avoiding the obvious and using each available channel as an effective means of customer service and sales.

Find out here how to attract customers to learn about your products and services through the Internet!

Invest in digital marketing for dealers

Digital marketing is the set of actions and campaigns carried out using the means available on the Internet to promote brands, products and services.

This is an investment that is gaining strength and popularity every day, since today more than 53% of people in Latin America are connected, according to data from Broadband Commission.

However, that does not mean that mass advertising should migrate from TV to the screens of computers, tablets and cell phones.

The digital world has revolutionized the way people relate to companies, since no one else is forced to consume what they do not want.

In the automobile market, this means that it is necessary to adapt the means of offering the fleet and rethink service formats. In practice: it is necessary to learn to use the digital world to position your brand and sell to those who want to buy or change the vehicle.

improve your site

A dealership site needs to offer more than a list of cars in the yard. It can be a powerful channel to gain clicks from customers that probably wouldn’t reach your business if it weren’t for the Internet.

Think about navigability. As more and more people browse through mobile devices (mainly smartphones), it is necessary to offer them an excellent experience on your page. Of course, without forgetting the classic client that accesses through the computer. Your site needs to be adaptable to different screens and browsers.

It seeks to make the visitor act, and not just look at the pages and leave. It offers many and diversified CTAs, which can be translated as “calls to action”.

With them, it is possible to conquer contacts that are looking for specific models, assiduous readers for your blog and an email base to send materials and offers.

Create a blog

The blog is a digital marketing differential for dealers who want to stand out. Why? They are a channel for a marketer to create lasting connections with their audience. How? Solving doubts and helping to solve the most diverse problems and obstacles.

A first-time car buyer, for example, may be afraid of the bureaucracy involved in auto financing or may be unsure about the best model for his or her lifestyle. Good content on the subject can make this journey simpler and more practical. 

Therefore, be well prepared to keep that channel always updated. Investigate with the public — and your sales team — what are the main doubts that your consumer has when changing cars, what to look for (or avoid), etc.