How to Find the Best Betting App in India? A Complete Guideline

How to Find the Best Betting App in India? A Complete Guideline

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There are more and more players in India that prefer making bets using their mobile devices. That is why every betting company is trying to invent their own mobile apps for Android and IOS where you can place your wagers and play some online casino. 

Mobile Apps in India – Why You Might Want Them?

How to Find the Best Betting App in India? A Complete Guideline

Mobile apps become more and more popular in India among online bettors. Why? Because not everyone have an access to make bets using their PCs or laptops. But there is always an opportunity of making bets through a mobile version of the website. So, why you might want to download a mobile app on your Android or IOS device? Well, there are many factors that we can tell you. We united them and decided to put them on the individual list. 

The good news is that most mobile apps are free like mostbet BD-3 download and you can download them in a few clicks. The main reason behind the popularity of mobile apps is that they are much more comfortable to use since they are very well-optimized and quick to use. You can have instant 24/7 access to your betting account without even login in every time you enter it. So, let’s move forwards and show you some of the key advantages you can capitalize on downloading mobile applications. 

Advantages of Mobile Apps 

Let’s see some of the best advantages and perks you can get access to through mobile apps. We put them in one list below for your comfort:


The main reason mobile apps are so popular among bettors is that it is much more convenient for mobile device holders to bet using a mobile app. You won’t have to login in every time like you would have to with a mobile version of the website. You can get one-click access to the application and instantly start betting. No matter what time it is, and where you are – you can place a wager on your favorite sports event in a few clicks just using your mobile device. 

Mobile Notifications 

This is one of the special features that are only available if you are betting from a mobile app. You can get 24/7 mobile notifications about your bets and the matches you have bet on. So, you will always be on top of your winnings and be able to utilize some special temporary offers and promo codes. You won’t get such a feature on official websites. 

Easy to Use

Mobile applications are very easy to use. The apps are very quick and well-designed for mobile devices’ needs. You can bet both from your Android or IOS devices most of the time. The only problem you can face while betting from your device with mobile apps is when you download them. 

Easy to Download 

Even though you will have to make some efforts to start betting from mobile apps – apps are very easy to use. You will only have to make a few simple steps on your way. Thankfully, we will later give you detailed instructions on how to download some of the best mobile apps in India. 


Every mobile app is free. You won’t have to pay extra fees and taxes to have better comfort. The only thing you need to pay for is your mobile device and internet connection. 

Special Offers 

One of the best things about mobile apps is that you get some special bonuses and promotions if you are betting with your mobile. Thus, a welcome bonus may be even bigger even than the one you will receive on the official website. Sometimes special sports betting offers also appear in your mobile app. So, if you don’t want to miss this opportunity – we would recommend you download a mobile app instead of betting from the mobile version of the website. 

How to Choose a Mobile App

If you have already decided to download a mobile app instead of betting from mobile websites – you may face a problem in choosing the right betting exchange in India. That is why we have prepared a small list of tips for you, so you will not be scammed or deceived and get the best possible betting experience:

  • Read the reviews. The first thing that we would recommend you to make is to read trusted reviews on the internet about the best betting apps in India. Check the best apps in India and what they offer you. But some basic things like safety, payment options, and sports betting opportunities are also important if you choose a betting company. Maybe an application also has special features and options for you. 
  • Decide what you are looking for. It is also important to decide what exactly you are looking for. For example, you may only want to bet on cricket. Thus, check what betting markets available on cricket are. Or it is essential for you to have numerous INR payment methods. You can go to the betting company’s website and examine if there is one you were looking for. 
  • Make a small list of the best apps for you. If you have already decided what is the main thing you need while betting from your mobile and read some unbiased reviews on the internet – you can now see a top-tier list of the best applications you will choose from. 
  • Compare the winners. Now, try to compare the winners using the factors we have provided previously. You will likely have 2-3 apps in your list and see if there is an obvious winner. But if you don’t have it – read the next point. 
  • Test everything yourself. If you can’t make your choice just by reading the review – try to check everything yourself. Download these betting apps and try to explore them yourself. Test the mobile notifications, make a few bets on your favorite sports and decide what is the best betting app for you!

Top 3 Mobile Apps – How to Download Them?

If you don’t want to make a choice yourself – we have prepared a small list of the best betting apps for you and made instructions on how to download applications on your device. The first app on our list is MelBet. 


Below, you will see a few steps on your way to downloading the MelBet APK file on your Android device:

  • Go to the MelBet official website. Use your mobile device to enter the homepage of the MelBet website. Type in “MelBet” in your browser and click on the first link among other options. 
  • Click on the Android icon. On the home page of the MelBet website, you will find an Android icon. Click on it and the downloading process will start at the same moment. Wait for a few seconds or minutes depending on your internet connection and the MelBet APK file will be located in the “downloads” folder of your mobile device. 
  • Allow the installation from third-party services. Go to the settings of your mobile device and allow the installation from third-party services. Otherwise, you won’t be able to install the MelBet app on your device. 
  • Install the MelBet app. Go to the “downloads” folder on your mobile and find the melbet.apk file in there. Click on it and wait for a few seconds to install the app. It will be done automatically. After that, you can enjoy betting with the MelBet app!


The next participant on our list is the 1win app. Let’s see how you can download it on your IOS device:

  • Visit the 1win mobile version of the website. Use your mobile device to visit the official 1win homepage. 
  • Click on the IOS icon. Scroll down the official 1win website and click on the IOS icon. After that, the downloading process will start automatically. Wait for a few minutes and the app will be downloaded. 
  • Wait for the installation. If you are a lucky iPhone owner – you won’t have to allow everything, just wait for a few seconds, and the app will be located on your desktop. 


1xBet is also a well-known sportsbook with an excellent betting app. Let’s see how you can download it on your IOS device using an official App Store:

  • Go to the App Store. Take your iPhone or iPad and go to the official Apple Store. You need to have an active Apple ID to be able to download the 1xBet app. 
  • Find the 1xBet application. Go to the search bar of the App Store and type in “1xBet”. See available offers and click on the first available one. 
  • Click on the “download” button. You will see a big blue “download” button. Click on it and wait for the installation of the app. 
  • Enjoy betting with the 1xBet app. That is it! Now, you can bet with an excellent 1xBet application.