how to gain experience in life

Best Ways To Gain Experience In Life

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how to gain experience in life

Do you feel like you haven’t achieved anything in life? Well, a lot of people feel the same way. It’s normal to feel lost in life and this is only because you are inexperienced about life itself. With the knowledge you get from being experienced in life, it becomes easier to find your way. With this said, how do you actually gain experience in life? Is it something we can all do? In this article, we are going to give you the perfect answers to all of these questions. 


Oftentimes, the most experienced people we know are married in age. Usually middle-aged or elderly. Does this mean it isn’t possible to gain experience as a young person? The answer to that question is a big NO.

It is actually possible for you to gain experience while you’re young. All you have to do is start right now! You don’t necessarily have to wait until you’re old. You do not also have to wait around for experiences to occur as you age. You can accumulate as much experience as you want to start from the present.

We are going to help you with the different things you can do to gain more experience. All the tips in this article apply to both young and old. So, read on if you want to gain experience as a young person. If you think you need more experience as an aged person, you should also read on.  

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If you are confused about what you need to do to gain experience in life, don’t worry. It isn’t as difficult as you might think it is. What you basically need to do is to put yourself out there and follow the right path. With this, you should be fine. 

It’s important to understand that there is no linear path to gaining experience in life. We are going to help you with a few things you can follow and when you’re done, you should be well on your way to gaining more experience in life. So what do you need to do to gain more experience in life? Let’s dive in:

1. Face Your Fears:

If you want to have a fair advantage in life and gain experience as you go on, you need to stop walking on eggshells. Oh fears usually have a way of bringing us down, thereby stopping us from gaining more experience in areas that might have been beneficial to us.

When you decide to stand up against your fears, you become better. Take one step at a time at trying to overcome one fear or the other. When you get to overcome these fears, you will get to notice that you’ve learned more things about yourself and what you can do.

With the experience you gain from facing your fears, you get a wide understanding of how fears work and what you can do to overcome the next one and move forward. This helps to keep you ahead in life. The more fears you face, the more experience you get. 

2. Read books:

One of the best ways you can use to gain experience in life and have a broad understanding of life itself is to read more books. By reading books, you get to live through the experiences of others and you learn from them. In a way, this adds to your level of experience in life.

Why? Because with the broad knowledge you get from the experience if others written in books, it becomes very easy fir your to navigate your way through life based on the lessons you have learned. 

3. Travel:

If you want to up your game on gaining experience in life, it is recommended that you travel often. Not to places you know, but to places that are very different from where you came from. 

Going through different cultures and diversity can teach you a lot about life. This gives you experience in how our world functions. The experiences you gain from traveling, it makes it easy for you to survive anywhere in the world. The more you travel, the more experienced you get at adapting to regions that are alien to you. 

4. Learn another language:

This also works hand in hand with traveling. Learning another language widens your reach in the world. It also helps you to communicate with people who speak a different language and learn from them.

With a better understanding of how the people of another culture or language think, your experience increases. This is because you have exposed yourself to environments beyond yours.

5. Learn a skill:

If you haven’t learned a skill yet, it is highly recommended that you do so. Having a skill set is very useful to both you and society as a whole. 

You can use a few skills to make money by rendering your services to people who need them. Learning skills also keep you creative. The constant communication between you and your prospective clients is enough to give you a better understanding at how life works and add more experience to you. 


Many people keep on asking this same question but the thing is, there is no particular criteria used to judge experience. It all depends on you. 

If you have consistently gone through something, it will become easy in the long run. A rule of thumb you should use is: the easier it becomes for you, the more experience you’ve gotten.

So, if you feel like you haven’t gotten any experience and things only seem to get harder. It means you probably haven’t been consistent at exposing yourself to life itself. Keep pushing and you will get to see results with time. It all depends on one thing: consistency.


As mentioned at the start of this article, it is normal to feel lost in life. This is usually because we lack the experience to guide ourselves down the path that would make us feel whole. So, how do you gain experience in life? 

We have given you a few tips you can start using to immediately gain more experience in life. All the steps are highly applicable. Remember, there is no linear path to gaining experience in life. The main point is that you should aim to expose yourself to the world at large.