4 Ways to Juggle Multiple Accounts on Your Smartphone Apps 

How to Juggle Multiple Accounts Within Individual Smartphone Apps

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There are a few ways you can switch between accounts like using in-app features or installing the light versions. Explore more ways in this blog.

4 Ways to Juggle Multiple Accounts on Your Smartphone Apps 

People have multiple accounts for all types of reasons. Some may want to keep their personal and work life separate. Others may want an anonymous burner account for daily rants. Whatever the reason is, you have the option to juggle multiple accounts on smartphone applications. 

Carrying two phones on you is not a very practical option. It can be an unnecessary hassle. The benefit of juggling accounts is that you choose the best offer from Spectrum internet offers or the network of your choice to fit all your needs in one place. Dig into this blog to see different easy methods to manage multiple applications. 

Make Use of In-App Features 

Many applications have an in-built feature to help you juggle multiple accounts. It is the easiest way to switch between accounts and does not require the knowledge of any hacks at all. Simply, make use of the provided options. Here is how you can manage multiple accounts on some popular apps: 


This Meta-owned platform allows you to manage up to five accounts straight from the Instagram mobile application. Simply, tap your username from the top left corner and select the add another account option. From there, you can either choose to create a new account or add your existing one.  

Once you have entered all your accounts, click on your username in the top left corner. All your entered accounts will appear in the drop-down. Simply, click the one you want to use. Everything from your feed to DMs will stay separate and quickly accessible. Thanks to the feature and app design, you can juggle between accounts without any problem.  


Twitter also makes managing multiple accounts easy. So, if you have an anonymous or Any twitter account that you would rather keep private, you can add it to the app and switch between accounts without any problem. Just tap your avatar on the left corner of the Twitter application. Click on the three dots placed next to your avatar. A menu will appear that will ask you if you want to add an existing account or create a new one.  

Once you enter the credentials and log in, you can transition between your accounts simply by first tapping your avatar from the left corner and then clicking on the account you want to switch to from the drop-down. It is so fast that you tweet, switch accounts, and reply to the account with the other profile within 15 seconds or less. And that’s when your device or connection is a bit choppy.  

Facebook Messenger 

Unlike Twitter and Instagram, Facebook does not allow such easy switching between profiles. However, you can toggle between the pages you are handling and your profile. But the Messenger application does let you switch between profiles and you interact with your people via messages and calls. Again, the key is to click on your avatar and log in with your other account. You can also click on create a new account option to create a fresh one to send and receive messages.  

Gmail and Outlook 

Email applications are designed with multiple users in mind. Whether you use Gmail or Outlook, you can toggle between accounts with just a few taps. Just click on your avatar and select the account of your choice. It is at the top left of Outlook and the top right of the Gmail app interface. Click on it and choose the account you want to open. You can add new accounts from the same drop-down menu. This feature on email accounts is a blessing that can help you take care of all your emails before it’s too late when you are away from your workstation.  

Download App Variants 

Another way to use multiple accounts from the same device is to download the variants of the same application. For instance, you can have regular versions of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Twitter alongside the light apps.  

For some users, having two separate apps may be a more manageable approach. They can simply visit the Play Store or App Store to download the light versions and log in with the credentials. The only problem with this approach is that the light versions have a slightly different feel compared to the real apps.  

Leverage Your Phone’s OS 

Most smartphone companies selling Android phones customize the Android OS and add a few features. One of these features on different phones is the parallel apps, dual apps, or the same feature under some other name. This feature allows duplicating an app on your phone and using it with your other account.  

Try Third-Party Apps

There are some third-party apps that allow you to duplicate applications on your phone. It works in the same way as the parallel app feature but using another app. When using such apps, make sure that they are credible and secure to use as they may be able to access much of your info. Preferably, you should try the above three ways to juggle account logins.  


In conclusion, managing multiple accounts on smartphone applications is a breeze with the in-app features, app variants, leveraging the phone’s OS, and third-party apps. You can easily switch between your personal and work profiles or maintain an anonymous account for your rants without the need to carry multiple phones. Plus, by choosing the best offer from Spectrum Phone plans or any other network of your choice, you can save money and enjoy all the benefits on a single device. Just make sure to choose a reliable and secure method to manage your accounts.