Johnslots and Facts: Interesting Slots Statistics to Impress Your Friends

Johnslots and Facts: Interesting Slots Statistics to Impress Your Friends

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We have gathered a list of the best statistics from the online gambling industry to use either in your choice of games in the future or at the next gathering where you need some small talk.

The gambling industry is full of fun statistics that can elevate the game for players, or simply give some people a talking point at the next party. We have gathered a list of the best statistics from the online gambling industry to use either in your choice of games in the future or the next gathering where you need some small talk but the weather hasn’t been too exciting lately. Read on for the best slot and casino statistics.

Did you know that in the gambling industry…?

To start with, we’ll give you an idea of just how much information there is to spread by demonstrating the size of the gambling industry.

For example, Las Vegas is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to worldwide gambling and Las Vegas is home to over 165 casino resorts of the over 900 commercial casinos in the US alone. In 2021, over $53 billion was spent on casino gambling in the commercial casino industry in the U.S.

Obviously, the aspect of luck plays a major role, but skilful gamblers taking advantage of good odds and smart bet decisions still account for about 20-30% of casino industry gaming revenue in strategy-focused games like poker and sports betting.

Did you know that in slot machines…?

Additionally, a whopping 63% of casino visitors state that slot machines and table games are their favourite activities at casinos. JohnSlots, the best slots comparison site, is the best place to find the best slots to play. Forget trying them all out to compare and instead read through extensive reviews or filter down slot features to find the best ones for you.

There are some statistics around the gameplay features of slots that might help you understand them better and use them to get more, or bigger, wins.

The best part of slots is the gameplay features that help you win. For example, nearly 70% of slot games now feature a bonus game. These bonus games offer a secondary chance for players to win additional prizes. Roughly 60% of slots now have free spin features. These provide players with a number of spins that don’t require an additional wager to activate. Plus, about 40% of modern slots now have a progressive jackpot feature. 

These aforementioned jackpots incrementally grow over time and can often reach multi-million-dollar prize amounts. And nearly 95% of slots now feature wild symbols. These wilds substitute for other symbols to help increase win frequencies.

As you might imagine, the retro style of slot machines is the most popular. This results in the most common symbols on slots are still classic symbols like 7s, bars, fruits, and bells. They are featured in around 80% of all games. A newer trend sees around 80% of virtual reel slots now featuring clustered pays rather than fixed payline structures for more potential ways to win.

Did you know that in casino games…?

However, slots aren’t the only games that online casinos offer. Stepping into any virtual casino might see you faced with blackjack, roulette, poker, bingo and more. Blackjack, the most popular of casino table games, is considered to have the best odds of winning for players, with a house edge around 0.5% if played optimally. This is perhaps due to the relative control the player has over the game when compared to craps or roulette. Blackjack occupies more casino game space than any other table game. There are around 2,100 blackjack tables in Las Vegas alone.

Roulette comes close behind blackjack in terms of popular table games and is a big hitter in online casinos. However, there are two types of roulette: American and European. The difference is one slot that has a double zero in it, but that makes all the difference. American roulette wheels have a house advantage of 5.26% while European roulette only has a 2.7% edge. 

If you’re looking for even more of an edge, it’s worth noting that the number 17 occurs most frequently in roulette, appearing once every 36 spins on European wheels. Additionally, over 37% of players prefer to bet on black versus red across roulette games worldwide. Make of that what you will. Will you go with or against the grain to win?

And then there is craps and baccarat, which each contribute the least to casino earnings. The average casino only holds about a 2-3% edge across all their games. Games like craps and baccarat give the house only a 1% advantage or less. They are very much games of chance, so you have to have lady luck on your side. The odds on a craps pass line bet are 1.41%, making it one of the lowest house edges in the casino, and baccarat house edge comes out at 1.06% on banker bets and 1.24% when betting a player.


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