Top 10 Largest Hospitals In The World 2021

Top 10 Largest Hospitals In The World 2024

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Biggest hospitals in the world

Top Hospitals: What Makes Them the Biggest

Some of these hospitals are considered prestigious around the world. Some are considered top hospitals in their respective regions. But all of them are worthy of visiting because they have made a serious impact on their communities.

There are many factors that go into deciding which hospital is considered one of the best, but there is no question that these hospitals provide incomparable services to their patients and communities.

The medical profession is one with a long history considered to be the noblest one in the world. People look upon doctors as next only to God. They place their faith on the capabilities of the doctors to nursing care for their loved ones back to health. As head doctors, they have a responsibility to provide service people with all that they need. They really need to ensure the best medical facilities for their patients. People will expect them to have the best of everything, so it’s hard on doctors who are not providing care at the home level.

What goes into deciding the quality of a hospital/clinic? A lot! Things like bed strength, number of healthy wards or in-patient beds, number of neonatal beds, number of operating rooms, and operating theatres. For this particular piece (list), we chose to look at the top 10 largest hospitals/clinics globally in 2021. We have a representation from every continent except Antarctica because we’ve spread our net wide.

Here are the Largest Hospitals In The World:

  • City Hospital, St Petersburg, Russia
  • The Auckland City Hospital, New Zealand
  • George’s Hospital, The United Kingdom
  • Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami, Florida
  • Hospital das Clinicas da Universidade de São Paulo, Brasil.
  • Presbyterian Hospital, New York
  • Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese medicine, China
  • Ahmedabad Civil Hospital, India
  • Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Critical Center of Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia

10. City Hospital No 40, St Petersburg, RussiaTop 10 Largest Hospitals In The World

St Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities in Russia

The St Petersburg City Hospital No 40 was built on the bank of the River Neva on what used to be a cemetery. Its first building was erected between 1803 and 1810. It has been fully renovated since 1996. Nowadays, it is among the best hospitals for surgical operations in St Petersburg.

It is the second oldest hospital in Russia, after Peter and Paul Fortress Hospital, founded in 1705. This is a well-known hospital in St Petersburg and has been described as an architectural gem of 19th century Russia. The hospital has been renovated multiple times during its history and it’s currently managed by municipal services.

The City Hospital No 40 is one of the most important landmarks in St Petersburg and this city has a rich heritage with many important buildings and landmarks.

This hospital is one of the largest providers for healthcare in the world. They have a total of 1000 beds and a capacity to treat 680 patients simultaneously. The name of the hospital may sound odd, but it’s actually The Saint Petersburg State Health Care Establishment, also known as Hospital 40 in the Resort District. This is one of the newest hospitals in Russia.

9. The Auckland City Hospital, New ZealandTop 10 Largest Hospitals In The World

This hospital is one of the most well-known hospitals in the world.

Auckland City Hospital (ACH) was opened in 1887 and since then it has undergone many changes. It has served as a public hospital for over 130 years and is currently New Zealand’s second busiest hospital after Auckland City Hospital.

The ACH is one of the most well-known hospitals in the world. For instance, it was visited by Queen Elizabeth II when she came to New Zealand in 1953.

For a country with a population as low as New Zealand has, the 3500-bed hospital would seem like an enormous amount. However, this hospital, The Auckland City Hospital, is actually the oldest of four hospitals in the Auckland region. Situated in the Grafton area of the city, you get some of the best medical services in the hospital. You have a separate section for women and children. This hospital houses some of the best medical labs in the world. The women & children’s clinics are designed specifically for these patients, therefore ensuring that they receive top-notch care. This hospital can likely accommodate over 750 patients.

8. St. George’s Hospital, The United KingdomTop 10 Largest Hospitals In The World

St. George’s Hospital is a teaching hospital, which provides educational and clinical training for undergraduate medical students.

St George’s Hospital was founded in 1852, with the aim of providing care to the poor of Liverpool. The hospital is still located in Liverpool but has expanded its facilities across the UK. The hospital now includes a number of specialist centers for cancer treatment, women’s health, cardiac surgery, and many other specialties.

The St. George Hospital in London is the largest hospital in Britain and is able to house up to a thousand patients at one time. This particular hospital offers different medical treatments, including cancer care, neurological treatment, etc.

7. Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami, Florida

Jackson Memorial Hospital is the second-largest hospital in the United States and also one of the leading academic medical centers.

Jackson Memorial Hospital is a modern, comprehensive, and culturally diverse hospital with an unparalleled commitment to quality and patient care. Jackson Memorial has more than 1,000 licensed beds and more than 400 physicians on staff, as well as an extensive array of services.

Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami is best known for its organ transplantation expertise. It’s one of the largest & most fully-equipped hospitals in the region, so it has enough space to house a maximum of 2000 patients at a time. You get the latest medical treatments available at your healthcare facility. You get to serve more than 70000 patients per year.

6. Hospital das Clinicas da Universidade de São Paulo, São Paulo, Brasil Largest Hospitals In The World

The hospital was opened in 1875 and is considered one of the most important and prestigious hospitals in Brazil.

The university clinic in São Paulo is a public hospital with a long tradition in medicine and surgery. It has about 5000 patients from different countries every day.

The hospital is located at Rua da Lapa, 470, which was once an area of marginal neighborhoods but now hosts the headquarters of multinational companies such as Petrobras, Ambev, Unilever or Votorantim.

The hospital attached to the Faculty of Medicine at Sau Paulo University is a school for numberless doctors all around the world, providing them with a level of medical training that is beyond expectation. With a capacity of 2200 beds and 24-hour medical diagnostics running, this hospital offers an experience that can be cherished.

5. Presbyterian Hospital, New York Largest Hospitals In The World

Presbyterian Hospital is a hospital in New York City. The hospital first opened its doors on January first, 1855, and has since grown to become one of the largest medical centers in the country with 16 floors.

Located on Fifth Avenue, the Presbyterian Hospital has been recognized by many as one of the best hospitals in America.

The Presbyterian Hospital was founded on principles of Christian healing and care through medical treatment. It was recognized by The United States government as a top-ranked medical center in 1922.

The hospital is capable of housing 2478 patients and is ranked No.6 among American hospitals on providing medical service. This hospital is better than other hospitals in the world.

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4. Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese medicine, China Largest Hospitals In The World

Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese medicine is a famous health care institution in China. It was founded in 1874 and is one of the oldest hospitals in Beijing.

China has many large hospitals which are on par with similar facilities across the globe. This particular hospital is able to accommodate up to 2500 patients on a given day and offer an extensive scope of medicine and alternative treatments. This hospital has a lot of treatments that are unique to Traditional Chinese medicine. They have been treating patients for many years and have a team of specialists who know more than anyone on this subject.

The hospital’s history dates back to 1874 when it was known as Beijing First Hospital for Women and Children. It opened with just one building dedicated to traditional Chinese medicine. The hospital has since transformed into the largest hospital for traditional Chinese medicine in China with its own training center, medical college, and research institute.

The hosptial offers an array of treatments including acupuncture, massage therapy, herbal medicines, dietary therapy, physical therapy among many others. They have also implemented Western-style medical technologies such as CT scanning machines along with other advanced devices to provide quality care for their patients.

3. Ahmedabad Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad, India Largest Hospitals In The World

Ahmedabad Civil Hospital is one of the most important government hospitals in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Since its inception in 1867 it has been serving people from all over the city since then.

The hospital has always offered free services to all patients. Since 2002, the hospital has also provided treatment for cancer patients without any charge.

One of the major factors that led to its development was due to Dr. Ishwarlal Sarabhai who initiated the idea of providing free health care for poor masses of Ahmedabad people back in 1922.

The Ahmedabad Civil Hospital is the biggest in Asia, covering a surface of 110 acres. This hospital can easily accommodate 2800 patients, which is worthy of the No. 3 position in this list. A considerable number of ambulatory patients can also be treated. This hospital offers a wide range of treatments with some of the greatest medical facilities in India.

2. Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital, Johannesburg, South Africa

Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital is a public hospital located in Johannesburg, the capital and largest city of South Africa. The hospital opened in 1925 as Johannesburg General Hospital and became known as Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital in 1977.

The hospital was founded by Dr. Thomas Ballance Rand, a Scottish physician who came to South Africa as an assistant surgeon with the British Army to serve under Dr. W.C.P Joubert, who later became the first President of the Union of South Africa

The hospital is named after Chris Hani, a freedom fighter and assassinated leader who was born at this hospital 12 years before it was created.

1. Critical Center of Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia Largest Hospitals In The World

The building is located in the city center of Belgrade, Serbia. It was built in 1970 and it’s the only one of its kind. It’s a landmark in the Serbian capital and an important cultural point of interest for both locals and tourists.

The building was designed by architect Josip Vancaš who wanted it to be modern, futuristic, and amazing at the same time. The building’s design is based on different shapes that are designed to have a different meaning when looking from different angles. The shape meant that people could get access to all levels without having to pass through any other level while also making it possible for people to see more than one floor at a time while walking down the street.

The largest hospital in Europe can house up to 3,500 patients at once. High-quality medical services are delivered to these patients. This hospital employs more than 7,500 people and is thus able to manage a lot of staff. It’s important to have enough staff on hand so that everyone needs to share in the workload.

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How to Find a Hospital Near You

Hospitals provide a lot of services to patients and their loved ones. As a patient, you should be very careful about where you go for treatment. Some hospitals have better facilities and skilled staff that can provide the best care possible.

This article discusses how to find a hospital near you that provides efficient and quality care as well as what factors to consider when choosing one.

Some of the factors to consider include location, cost, hours of operation, emergency services, specialty/certification center, number of physicians per staff member, and much more.

Hospitals provide different services such as emergency services (including ER), surgery (including OR), diagnostics, disease prevention and care (including preventive medicine), radiology imaging (including nuclear medicine and MRI), and much more.

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Some of the best hospitals to visit for an indispensable experience are:

– Johns Hopkins Hospital

– University of Washington Medical Center

– Massachusetts General Hospital

– Mayo Clinic and several others are at your disposition.