Most Expensive Pencils in the World 2021

5 Most Expensive Luxury Pencils in the World 2024

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Most Expensive Pencils in the World 

The pencil is one of the most important tools in a writer’s kit. It has been used for centuries to make everything from artworks to sculptures, and even buildings.

Pencils are a staple of any office. They can be used for writing, drawing, or simply checking items off of your to-do list. What you may not know is that there are pencils out there that will set you back a pretty penny. This article provides the top five most expensive pencils on the market today and what makes them so pricey!
But what about the most expensive pencils? They are worth more than some cars!

You might not realize it, but you have probably used a pencil before. It is considered to be one of the most common writing instruments in existence because they are typically made out of wood with graphite on the inside. However, if someone were to ask you how this seemingly simple object would cost more than your average pen or marker then you may think that there’s no way possible! But what many people don’t know about these items is their rarity and high value for being able to write so smoothly without running out like some pens do after just a few minutes at best.

Graphite, a soft bluish-black mineral used in pencils and other writing utensils for centuries, was originally sourced from an ore found near Borrowdale. As the demand for graphite increased with its usage across disciplines such as artistry and engineering – prompting more people to search out sources of this precious material – inventors created new ways to process it. The mixing of clay into powdered graphite allowed artists like Leonardo da Vinci greater control over how hard or soft their medium would be; meanwhile, Edward Nairne’s invention of wood cased leads resulted in what we now know as the modern pencil! In recent years there have been some surprising moments where particularly rare items sold at auction houses saw prices soar past millions of dollars.

What’s your favorite type of pencil? Do you have an opinion on how much it should cost? Let us know in the comments below!

5 Most Expensive Pencils in the World 2024

Here are the Most Expensive Pencils in the World 2024;

  • The Perfect Pencil – $ 12,800
  • Mitsubishi Hi Uni HB – $ 22.80
  • Palomino Blackwing – $21.95
  • Tombow Mono 100 – $ 20.80
  • Staedtler Noris HB – $12

1. The Perfect Pencil – $ 12,800Most Expensive Pencils in the World 2021

The Perfect Pencil is the most expensive pencil in the world in 2024 with a cost of $12,800. It has a unique design with 12 different colors to choose from and it will never need sharpening, which means that you don’t have to worry about cutting your fingers or hands while using this amazing pencil. The company claims that their product can write for four weeks without needing any kind of refill.

The perfect pencil was designed by Swedish artist Tove Jansson who worked as an illustrator and writer best known for her Moomin series of books. These are some other facts about the creator: she lived on Lilla Nygatan near Katarina Church in Stockholm until 1957 when she moved back to Finland; during World War II, she had published over fifty books in Swedish and Finnish.

The Perfect Pencil is a tribute to Jansson’s life and work; it was designed by her niece Sophia Jansson who wanted to create something that would be both practical as well as tactile.

This pencil isn’t just for children or artists, it has been used at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City where they provide an unlimited supply of pens! This expensive writing instrument can be found on their website: along with other luxury items like desk clocks, watches, wallets, notebooks and more… A must-have for any collector!

You might want to save up some money before you purchase this item because only 100 are being made each year – which means there will always be one in stock.

2. Mitsubishi Hi Uni HB – $ 22.80Most Expensive Pencils in the World 2021

The next expensive pencil on the list is from Mitsubishi Pencil Co. Ltd., which is a Japanese company that has been in business since 1915! They are one of the oldest manufacturers and retailers of writing instruments in Japan, making all kinds of products like pens, mechanical pencils, erasers, and more.

The most popular product they make? The Hi Uni HB 1825 is also known as “Kabura-kun.” This particular model was introduced to commemorate their 100th anniversary; it’s made with high-quality lead and comes in 12 different colors including blue, black, red/orange…

A cheaper version can be found here: for $13 but this specific type only costs about $22 dollars online (prices may vary).

As a Japanese company, Mitsubishi has had many different faces. They started as just one of the zaibatsu in Japan before being broken up by American occupation after World War II. But this didn’t stop them from producing all sorts of products that range widely and go for around $15 to $25 each – like this pencil for artists which is comparable to both Pentel’s brush pen and Papermate’s rollerball pens.

3. Palomino Blackwing – $21.95Most Expensive Pencils in the World 2021

The next pencil on the list is by Palomino, which was established in 1998 and has been creating top-quality writing instruments ever since. The company offers a variety of products from graphite to colored pencils so they can satisfy any artist’s needs!

This $21.95 model comes with over 12 different types of lead (including soft stub, hard sharpener point) and it also includes a kneadable eraser – perfect for artists who want to erase mistakes while drawing or sketching their work as well as students who are studying math or grammar at school.

It should be noted that this particular version is designed specifically for right-handed people; it’s ergonomically shaped and is easy to use.

One of the main reasons why Palomino has been so successful in this industry? They’ve developed their own “Eclipse” lead which provides a smooth, broad line for those who are using it on paper or other surfaces that require precision drawing.

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4. Tombow Mono 100 – $ 20.80Most Expensive Pencils in the World 2021

This next pencil is made by a Japanese company, Tombow Pencil Co. Ltd., which has been in business since 1960 and continues to make some of the best writing instruments on the market today!

The Mono 100 features a compact design that’s perfect for students who are constantly taking notes or sketching ideas during lectures; it also includes an eraser with a metal cap as well. The lead can be adjusted depending on how light-handed you want your strokes to look – whether they’re bold thick lines or thin delicate ones.

A cheaper version of this pencil can be found here: but these cost about $20 dollars each so if you have other hobbies that involve drawing like knitting then this might not be such a bad investment after all.

5. Staedtler Noris HB – $12.44Most Expensive Pencils in the World 2021

Another pencil on the list is by Staedtler, which has been in business since 1835 and is one of the most popular manufacturers of writing instruments – including pens, erasers, sharpeners as well.

The Noris HB model costs about $12.44 but it’s worth mentioning that this particular item only comes with 12 pieces instead of 120 like some other models, so if you’re looking for a longer-lasting alternative then we recommend heading over to because they have plenty more options there!

Some other features include an ergonomic triangular shape that makes it easy to hold while creating delicate lines or thick ones depending on what kind of paper you are using (from cardboard and foam board to wood and canvas) and a design that prevents your hand from getting tired while you create.

Since this model is so affordable, it’s perfect for anyone who wants to start practicing their drawing skills (and maybe one day become an artist).

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