10 Quick Tips on how to Promote Your Music on SoundCloud

10 Quick Tips on how to Promote Your Music on SoundCloud

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How to make viral Soundcloud promotion in 2021

SoundCloud is the largest and largest online music community. They turned the way we approach online music distribution. They give independent artists the space to promote songs on SoundCloud.

We are pleased to be able to offer the SoundCloud Connection tool to the entire SoundCloud community. This is the best way to promote music on SoundCloud.

Being able to use the many tools of the platform effectively will help you promote your project so that your creations are heard.

In this little guide you’ll find my 10 pro tips on how to promote music on SoundCloud in the best way possible.

10 Quick Tips on how to Promote Your Music on SoundCloud

Here are the best tips for viral Soundcloud promotion:

  • Make Use of Tags
  • Add a “Buy” link to your song
  • Tell a story with the SoundCloud wave
  • Make use of Visual
  • Share your song In private mode
  • Publishing is only the first step
  • Change the track without losing your statistics
  • Share other people’s music
  • Share your songs on social media
  • Stay active on SoundCloudviral Soundcloud promotion

1. Make Use of Tags

How do you get other users to discover your music? One of the best ways is to tag your music. That way you could easily promote your track on SoundCloud.

When a user searches, the tags will allow you to be discovered on SoundCloud.

The more honest, concise and accurate your tags are, the more quickly your music will be visible to users.

Also, if you’ve done a drum and bass track, define the main genre “Drum and Bass”. Also add your mood and a location for your tags. All of this should help.

Keep the same musical genre so that your project is clear. The reverse is not going to help you be more easily identifiable.

Tip: Tag and link your SoundCloud collaborators in the track description. Use a “O” in front of their SoundCloud nickname to attach it to their profile. It’s a great way to cross-promote and tell a little more about your creative process.


2. Add a “Buy” link to your song

Having “listening” and “likes” is pretty cool. But that’s not what will help you buy the microphone you’ve been dreaming of for some time.

Fortunately, SoundCloud allows you to add a “Buy” link to every song you’ve deposited on the platform. You just have to click on the “Metadata” tab when you drop your song.

Add the right links: Buy on iTunes, Beatport, Juno, Bandcamp or any other site you use to sell your music online.

Tip: If you have a pro account, you can change the title of the purchase link.

Change it to “donate” with a link to a Patreon or PayPal. You’d be surprised how many users will support your music.

 3. Tell a story with the SoundCloud wave

SoundCloud allows users to comment on your track in the text box as a wave. But do you know who should comment on it first?


Use the comments to explain your creative process to your followers and the community. Be transparent about how you did your trail. Ask for comments and mention specific sections.

For example, if you’re not convinced by a section of your track, comment directly under the wave at the exact spot where you want to get feedback.

For example, you might say, “Not sure about the bass here. What do you think? ». This is the best way to get feedback from your community.

Your track doesn’t have to be completely finished to be published. Post your projects, get feedback, and perfect your music.

4. Make use of Visual

Visuals are paramount, especially on SoundCloud.

The album cover or the visual of your track represents your music, no matter where it ends up.

If your track ends up on a blog, the visual will also be there. If you share your track on Facebook, the visual will also be there. So that’s something to be taken seriously.

Your visual should come out before anyone even clicks the “play” button. So take this reality into account and choose something that looks like you.

For best results, always use a JPG or PNG that is at least 800 x 800 pixels.

This may be an opportunity to invest some money in your project. If you don’t feel able to do your visual on your own, don’t hesitate to hire a designer or photographer who fits into your budget.promote songs on SoundCloud

5. Share your song In private mode

SoundCloud lets you share private links to your tracks.

It’s great for sharing unfinished leads with your employees, sending demos to labels or blogs, or communicating with other organizations like radio stations exclusively.

Sharing your music privately gives it a personal and exclusive touch, which is a plus to reach influencers.

It’s super easy to do. Simply download a track and set it in private mode. Save it and go to your profile. Click on the track you want to share privately and click the “Share” button under the track.

You’ll get a unique private URL on your track! You can even make a private playlist if you want to share your entire new album.

In addition, you can reset the private link at any time.

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6. Publishing is only the first step

Your trail is finally over. You spent some time there. You are satisfied with your work and now it’s time to share it with the rest of the world!

After clicking “Share,” you just have to wait. Good news, it seems to be working pretty well. People seem to like it!


But a few days later, you realize that your song needs a slight change …

Maybe someone has commented and advises you to boost a little bass.

Or maybe you’ve mastered your song and now want to publish the best version on your SoundCloud profile. But if you remove it, you will lose the listening, likes, and feedback.


7. Change the track without losing your statistics

Don’t worry about it. With the SoundCloud Pro subscription, you can change your track by downloading a new track at any time.

And the best part? You’re not going to lose your listening, your likes, and the comments of your fans.

So it’s a great way to share your unfinished songs and get feedback. Freeze your track with feedback and re-download your new version whenever you want.

Sharing your track is not necessarily the final step. Publishing new versions should be part of your creative process.

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8. Share other people’s music

Don’t just share your music. Rest the artists you love or songs and mixes that you listen to on a loop.

Share other artists and allow your followers to discover new music. This will strengthen their confidence and prove your expertise.

If you hear something cool, spread the word!

SoundCloud is a community. By sharing the slopes, you have a chance to be shared on your lap!

Reposting the music of another artist allows us to start a good relationship, which could eventually lead to collaborations, concerts, and why not partnerships.

This community can help you, and it’s up to you to shape it.

9. Share your songs on social media

Sharing your new songs to your SoundCloud community is already a good thing. But why not go on?

Share them on your other social networks like Facebook and Twitter.
Once you’ve downloaded your song, share it on your social networks with the “Share” tab.

You can also do this by linking your accounts. In your Settings on SoundCloud, you can manage your Connections.

Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and Google are connectable for sharing. Connect your accounts and increase your audience!

10. Stay active on SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a tool. To have good results, you have to know how to use it.

Use these tips to promote your creations on SoundCloud.

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11. Use Paid Promotion

You can also promote your music in USA, UK, Nigeria and other countries by booking a promotion agency. it is very affordable and effective. just click this link to promote your music on SoundCloud.

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