Top 10 Best CRM Software For Real Estate in 2023

Top 10 Best CRM Software For Real Estate in 2023

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Customer relationship management (CRM) tools can help real estate agents manage their clientele more effectively. A CRM tool facilitates access to and organization of client data. Real estate agents may keep track of prospects and active clients using these applications.

There are numerous CRM tools available online. However, not all of them are appropriate for real estate experts. We’ve hand-selected the best CRM for real estate agents and real estate companies in this blog post, read on to learn more!

Best 10 CRM Software For Real Estate

Here is the list of the Best 10 CRM Tools For Real Estate

  • Follow Up Boss
  • Pipedrive
  • IXACT Contact
  • Real Geeks
  • CINC
  • Wise Agent
  • Top Producer
  • Property Base
  • Hubspot
  • Close

1. Follow Up Boss

It is best for real estate agents to plan and keep in touch with potential leads. Realtors may record leads and follow up with them using Follow Up Boss from a single place. It automatically imports leads from over 200 sources, including MailChimp,, Zapier, and Zillow.


  • The mobile app provides features for making calls, emailing, taking notes, communicating with teams, and tracking lead sources, as well as built-in telephone facilities for dialing and receiving inbound calls.
  • The leaderboard tool may be leveraged to recognize and coach agents by broadcasting sales performance indicators like prospects.

2. Pipedrive

 Along with other helpful features, Pipedrive provides document management facilities, email marketing capabilities, and integrations with Zillow, one of the best real estate lead generation websites.

The drop-and-drag sales Pipedrive allows agents and teams to track the progress of their prospects and concentrate on the ones most likely to convert. Make notes and tasks to manage your interactions and transactions with current and former clients to make sure you are prioritizing and nurturing everyone in your pipeline. You can track performance, predict revenue, and compute your return on investment with the help of customizable reports.


  • Emails automatically associate with contacts, deals, and prospects in the pipeline.
  • Enabling transactions with integrated digital signature and document tracking features

3. IXACT Contact

IXACT Contact is a fantastic real estate CRM tool for new agents for some reasons. The first is more affordable because IXACT Contact provides new real estate agents who have had their licenses for a year with a six-month free trial with all features. This is an excellent opportunity for new agents to launch their businesses for nothing using cutting-edge real estate software tools.


  • The ability of the platform to create Internet Data Exchange (IDX) websites that instantly display current real estate listings
  • A customized roadmap tool for creating sales goals and outlining the procedures required to achieve them will be helpful for new agents.

4. Real Geeks

Real Geeks is a one-stop shop for marketing and sales of real estate. Real estate professionals can use web-based CRM to construct robust, user-friendly software that will help them increase their business. Real Geek’s goal is to make life better for brokers and agents by fusing fresh ideas with cutting-edge technology.


  • Manage and keep track of your agents. Using a straightforward dashboard that shows agent activity and productivity, you may identify team members that perform well and poorly.
  • Send the agent an email. Keeping track of all exchanges is simple when leads are forwarded to the agent’s email address and connected to the CRM.


The top real estate brokerage software, CINC, prioritizes maintaining connections between agents and their clients and customers. Agents can use CINC to control every aspect of the sales process, from lead generation to customer retention.


  • Demo Request: Offers a free demonstration demonstrating how to use the platform’s features to cultivate and turn long-term leads into customers.
  • Property listing: Real estate agents can advertise their properties and have access to prices and inventory via the free, exclusive property listing service. Included are the mapping properties.

6. Wise Agent

Real estate agents can use Wise Agent, a comprehensive all-in-one CRM. With easy transaction management, potent automation, time management tools, and the greatest real estate agent database with all your client information, Wise Agent can help you manage all parts of your business in one place.


  • Manage appointments, activities, and transactions and lead automation, sales, and marketing for the entire firm.
  • Dependable customer service: Contact customer service anytime or night with any difficulties, questions, or complaints.

7. Top Producer

Top Producer CRM helps you manage your entire business. Arranging appointments, handling transactions, and tracking leads and consumers.

Top Producer excels at working effectively with the various technologies that real estate organizations frequently employ, and its Internet Data Display (IDX) tool can get up to 300 data points for properties.


  • A contact database
  • Task management
  • Document Library

8. Property Base

Real estate professionals may manage their businesses with the help of Propertybase, built on Salesforce. The software includes tools for managing contacts, listings, and transactions.


  • The adaptable contact management system of Propertybase is one of its standout characteristics. Agents may create personalized contact lists and quickly keep track of clients, leads, and prospects.
  • Propertybase provides a website builder, lead generation tools, and CRM functionality. Managers will be assisted in leading their teams of realtors by their lead distribution system, team management features, and performance analytics tools.

9. Hubspot

¬†HubSpot marketing automation features are its strongest advantage, but it also provides a full range of software solutions for sales, customer support, and operations. HubSpot’s CMS and marketing tools will be useful if you predominantly use inbound marketing to create real estate leads.


  • They have excellent email marketing skills and even an integrated project management application with a marketing-specific focus.
  • Create landing pages that collect contact information, create marketing campaigns, and send drip emails.

10. Close

For small and medium-sized real estate businesses focused on closing more deals in less time, we built Close as an all-in-one CRM solution. Consider it a user-friendly powerhouse of features for sales automation and communication.

Real estate agents value the built-in email, calling, and SMS functionality. Tailoring your workflows will make reaching out to the right leads easier at just the right moment without managing a cumbersome administrative overhead.


  • Records contact information from numerous lead sources and robust reporting tools will always offer the real-time data needed to make smart decisions.
  • Develops sales email campaigns based on desired templates and connects Close with other apps in the toolbox with Close’s incredibly extensible API.


The finest free realtor CRM tool for managing customer connections is HubSpot, and . Follow Up Boss is the greatest CRM app for managing and tracking leads.

For organizing and managing client interactions, real estate firms and mortgage brokers are advised to use Pipedrive. Try close if you’re looking for a good CRM team collaboration solution.