Top 10 Best Law Firms in Seattle 2022

Top 10 Best Law Firms in Seattle 2024

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Top 10 Law Firms in Seattle for Individuals and Small Businesses

Seattle has a large number of law firms for a city of its size. They have around 1000 different lawyers to serve their local community and the surrounding areas. It is a diverse market with varying interests and many opportunities.

Here are the Top 10 Best Seattle Law Firms for 2024:

  • Cooley-LLP
  • DLA-Piper
  • Perkins Coie LLP
  • Seed Intellectual Property Law Group LLP
  • Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
  • Ahlers Cressman & Sleight PLLC
  • Alston, Courtnage & Bassetti LLP
  • Bennett Bigelow & Leedom, PS
  • Beveridge & Diamond PC
  • Bush Kornfeld LLP

1. Cooley-LLP

Corporate Litigation Regulatory Intellectual Property Practices Cooley is used by 40% of companies on the Wall Street Journal’s Billion Dollar Startup Club list. Since 2010, there have been over 300 life sciences corporate collaboration and license agreements. 280+ funds launched with $27+ billion raised in 2018 Practices & Industries 1,300+ M&A deals with an aggregate value of $440+ billion since 2012 #1 legal firm for tech and life sciences IPOs New York’s Chairman and CEO, Joe Conroy There are almost 1,100 lawyers in 16 offices spanning the United States, Asia, and Europe.

A single-tier worldwide alliance with 350 partners 2,500 people on the planet a good fortune Fortune’s Best Company to Work For Best Workplaces for Women Best Workplaces for Flexibility Best Companies to Work For Best Workplaces for Parents Best Workplaces for Giving Back. It is definitely one of the Top law firms in Seattle.

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2. DLA-Piper

DLA Piper is a worldwide law firm with lawyers in over 40 countries across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific, enabling us to assist clients with their legal needs anywhere on the planet. By providing quality and value to our clients, we seek to be the top worldwide business law practice. We accomplish this by providing realistic and inventive legal solutions that assist our customers in achieving their goals. It is definitely one of the Best law firms in Seattle.

In all situations we handle, we provide uniform services across our platform of professions and sectors. Our clients range from multinational corporations in the Global 1000 and Fortune 500 to start-ups developing industry-leading technologies. More than half of the Fortune 250 and nearly half of the FTSE 350 or their subsidiaries are included in this group. 

3. Perkins Coie LLP

Perkins Coie is a major international law firm known for providing high-value, strategic solutions and exceptional client care on issues that are critical to our clients’ business. We provide a full range of corporate, commercial litigation, intellectual property, and regulatory legal advice to a broad range of clients, including many of the world’s most innovative companies and industry leaders, as well as public and not-for-profit organizations, with more than 1,100 lawyers in offices across the United States and Asia.

Our first office opened in Seattle in 1912, and our lawyers have helped numerous market-leading enterprises grow into well-known, successful corporations since then. Amazon, Boeing, Costco, Microsoft, and Zillow are just a few of the firms we represent. Our Seattle attorneys offer a variety of legal services.Top Law Firms in Seattle

4. Seed Intellectual Property Law Group LLP

Our team of over fifty patent attorneys and patent agents, as well as a staff of over seventy dedicated professionals, make up a leading intellectual property law firm based in the Pacific Northwest. Seed IP‘s clients range in size from individuals to small businesses to large corporations, with IP needs ranging from trademark clearance to protecting complex chemical and biotechnology patents.

We think that developing strong and valuable intellectual property portfolios requires an integrated strategy for protecting intellectual assets. We use a team approach to legal services, in which attorneys with complementary expertise and talents collaborate to provide the most complete and cost-effective legal services possible. We use our legal and technical skills to create programs that are tailored to each client’s specific company needs and goals. It is definitely one of the Top law firms in Seattle.

5. Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati

Representing Technology Trailblazers and Disruptors in Market-Changing Innovation Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati‘s history is intertwined with Silicon Valley’s inception and progress. Wilson Sonsini has represented the technology pioneers behind practically every major breakthrough for nearly six decades. Today, the organization is known for guiding promising, creative businesses through the stages of their development. Our firm has expanded in tandem with our clientele. Wilson Sonsini today represents thousands of small businesses as well as several of the world’s largest corporations. Clients + Culture + Our Brand + Our Strategic Position Wilson Sonsini has played an active part in Silicon Valley’s technological ecosystem from its founding, continuing our work with top inventors and entrepreneurs, as well as the financial sources that support them.

6. Ahlers Cressman & Sleight PLLC

Ahlers Cressman & Sleight PLLC is happy to offer unparalleled service to its clients. We actively represent and fiercely protect our clients’ interests in a wide range of matters, from small company difficulties to multimillion-dollar litigation. Our objective is to provide high-quality legal services in a timely and cost-effective manner. Throughout the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, our firm represents general contractors, subcontractors, owners, design professionals, and suppliers working on public and private construction projects.

We also represent our clients in commercial disputes and litigation, as well as real estate transactions and disputes. In today’s demanding business world, our firm realizes the importance of thorough analysis and quick turnaround, and we understand that disagreements can have a substantial impact on a building project. As a result, we work hard to personalize our services to your specific needs.

7. Alston, Courtnage & Bassetti LLP

Alston, Courtnage & Bassetti LLP has continually offered high-quality, results-oriented, practical legal assistance on commercial real estate matters to its clients since 1985. Purchase and sale, development, leasing and asset management, financing, restructuring and workouts, distressed assets and loans, entity structuring, formation, reorganization, and dissolution are some of the real estate sectors and businesses in which we represent owners, developers, investors, lenders, tenants, and asset managers. 

We’ve worked on office, retail, commercial, industrial, mixed-use, master planned community, and residential projects, as well as health care, hotel, educational, energy, transportation, and special purpose buildings. We also act as outside counsel for significant financial and business institutions’ real estate sections. It is definitely one of the Top law firms in Seattle.

8. Bennett Bigelow & Leedom, PS

If you’re a healthcare provider in need of representation, you’ll want to work with a firm that speaks your language and knows the ins and outs of the industry. Bennett Bigelow & Leedom is an award-winning law practice with a renowned leader in healthcare law. That’s why physicians, hospitals, nursing homes, product manufacturers, and academic medical institutes throughout the Northwest and beyond choose us.

With locations in Seattle and Spokane, we have attorneys licensed to practice in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, and Massachusetts. We are able to comprehend our clients’ demands and give the best outcomes for each particular case by cultivating an in-depth knowledge of the healthcare business.

9. Beveridge & Diamond PC

You need lawyers that can “see around corners” and comprehend the big picture to help you plan for what’s ahead, no matter how or where an environmental issue emerges. And to forcefully protect your interests in court if necessary. Environmental challenges have an impact on almost every element of our lives and businesses. We have decades of experience advising a wide range of industries on environmental law and its changing application to complicated enterprises around the world. We also help state and local governments in the United States with these concerns. B&D is consistently ranked as a top-tier US environmental and environmental litigation firm by independent legal rating agencies. It is definitely one of the Best law firms in Seattle.

10. Bush Kornfeld LLP

Outstanding performance in debtor-creditor matters The firm’s practice is almost entirely focused on commercial debtor and creditor matters, with a particular emphasis on representing businesses in out-of-court workouts, restructuring, receiverships, and as debtors in Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings. Both Chambers and U.S. News routinely rank Bush Kornfeld as a top restructuring and bankruptcy law practice. It all starts with knowledge of our clients’ sectors and a grasp of their objectives and obstacles. Companies, creditors, creditor committees, and trustees are all represented by our attorneys on a regular basis. We’ve worked with financial issues in a number of industries, including technology, commercial fishing, telecom, wood products, retail, groceries, biotech, dairy, and agricultural, as well as distributorships and finance institutions.

Law, Crime and Justice in Seattle

Seattle is a city with a very active criminal justice system. It is home to the headquarters of many federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies. The Seattle Police Department (SPD) has been in operation since 1869 and has grown from a small department of just three officers to over 1,000 sworn police officers.

The Seattle Police Department (SPD) has been in operation since 1869 and has grown from a small department of just three officers to over 1,000 sworn police officers. The SPD is responsible for law enforcement in the city limits and provides policing services for the entire King County region that includes more than 2 million people. It is also responsible for law enforcement services on tribal lands within the city limits as well as on state land outside the city limits.

Legal Careers in the City of Seattle

In the City of Seattle, there are legal careers that are open to everyone. You can find a job as a paralegal, legal assistant, or even as a law clerk. The city is also home to many law firms that have a wide variety of jobs available. It is important to note that there are some career paths that require additional education and training beyond what is offered at the undergraduate level.

If you’re interested in pursuing one of these careers, it’s important to explore your options before deciding where you want to apply for an internship or position.

What is a Small Business Law Firm and what does it do?

Small Business Law Firm is a company that helps people with their small business legal issues. It offers services in areas such as intellectual property, trademarks, contracts, and corporate law.

The firm also provides advisory services for companies that are considering going public. It helps them with the process of drafting the necessary documents to make their company go public as well as help them with the process of creating a website and social media strategy.

The Best Law Firms in Seattle for Legal Advice on Growth Strategies

Seattle is the most popular city in the United States for startups and has a thriving startup ecosystem. With so many people looking for legal advice, it’s important to know which law firms are best suited for your needs.

In this article, we will be looking at some of the best law firms in Seattle that specialize in startups and growth strategies. We will also be taking a look at what their specialties are and what they offer their clients.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to legal advice on growth strategies. Every company is different and requires different types of services from their legal counsel.

How to Find the Best Law Firm For Your Business Needs

The best way to find the best law firm for your business needs is through a thorough research. You should consider the following:

– The size of the law firm

– How long it has been in business

– The reputation of the law firm

– Cost of services offered by the law firm

– Extent of services offered by the law firm

– Scope of services offered by the law firm

Conclusion: Know Your Options When Seeking a Legal Professional

When seeking a legal professional, there are many ways to go about it. There are so many different types of lawyers, and they each specialize in different fields. For example, there are criminal defense attorneys, family law attorneys, and bankruptcy attorneys. Each type of attorney has their own benefits and drawbacks that should be considered before hiring them. It’s important to know what you want from the legal professional before going through the process of hiring one.