Top 10 Best Tech Companies In Nigeria 2023

Top 10 Best Tech Companies In Nigeria 2023

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Biggest Tech Companies In Nigeria

In the current digital era, a country’s economic and digital power is determined by the quantity and quality of top tech companies in Nigeria. Nigeria is known as the giant of Africa partly because of the large number of high-caliber tech companies and other things present in the country

In this article, I’ll discuss the top 10 tech companies in Nigeria that you might not be aware of. Some of them are also part of the top 10 best tech companies in the world. To know more about them, continue reading.

 Top 10 Biggest Tech Companies In Nigeria

Below are the top 10 tech companies in Nigeria in 2023:

  • MTN
  • Opay
  • Pay stack
  • ULesson
  • Softcom
  • Andela
  • Airtel
  • Galaxy Backbone
  • Zinox
  • Google

●    MTN

In Nigeria, MTN is a well-known tech business. After GSM was introduced in Nigeria on May 16, 2001, the company was the first GSM network to place a call.


  • In Nigeria, MTN offers telephony and internet services. Due to their excellent signal, Nigerians primarily use this company’s service.

●    Opay

Opay is a platform for online payments used by Nigerians. Since there are no fees associated with any transfers you make, most consumers will use this virtual banking platform instead of their regular bank.

You are aware that there will be fees associated with sending money from your regular bank to anyone, no matter how small the amount is. But if you use Opay, there is no transfer cost, so it’s worth a shot.


  • You will receive savings on any recharge cards you buy from the site; for instance, if you wish to buy a $100 recharge card, you will only pay $97.
  • The platform also provides lending services without needing any security from you. You only need to drop your BVN.

If you only need a small sum of money, you may also use the Credit option to acquire loans faster.

●    Paystack

Nigerians can effortlessly obtain cash from other regions due to the Paystack internet payment network.


The days when providing services online were restricted since there was no way to be paid are long gone. With paystack, this is no longer the case because you may now use the site to receive money from other countries.

●    ULesson

Back then, making use of textbooks or receiving teaching from a teacher were the major choices for reading and learning. However, this could be challenging, especially with a busy schedule. But uLesson has now made it simpler. Students can now read on their mobile devices using their app or the uLesson web platform.

Sim Shagaya, the proprietor of Konga and uLesson, began operating in Nigeria in 2020. (A popular E-commerce store).


  • The platform is designed to make learning easier for pupils. Today they cover all the secondary school courses and go into great detail to answer any questions the pupils may have.

●    Softcom

The parent company of the mobile money service Eyowo, Softcom, is ranked as one of the best companies in Nigeria. The 12-year-old engineering firm also has a stunning workspace that some have even dubbed one of Nigeria’s best-designed.


An African company called Andela provides engineering as a service.


  • It discovers, formulates, teaches, and joins African engineering with the engineering teams of international firms.

●    Airtel

Airtel is a telecom business with its headquarters in India. After assuming ownership from Zain, it started operating in Nigeria in 2010.


  • The network now offers clients high-quality voice and data services after significantly improving under its new management.

 Airtel Nigeria, which has its headquarters in Ikoyi, Lagos, has one of the biggest and most devoted user bases for mobile internet.

●    Galaxy Backbone

The Federal Government of Nigeria owns 100 percent of the information and communications technology services business Galaxy Backbone PLC.


  • To pursue a coordinated and unified strategy for procuring, operating, and using information and communications technology in the public sector, the Federal Government founded Galaxy Backbone PLC in 2006.

●    Zinox

Stanley Ekeh, a pioneer in Nigeria’s IT sector, founded Zinox Technologies Limited in 2001. Nigeria’s first internationally recognized brand of computers included a Naira sign and a power supply made to withstand the unreliable power in the nation.


  • Addressing the lack of domestic computer manufacturing.

●    Google

Currently, Google is the world’s biggest and most reputable search engine. The multinational search engine juggernaut with an American base conducts business in several different nations worldwide.

The main office of Google Nigeria is in Rewane Ikoyi, Lagos.


  • Cloud computing
  • Internet advertising
  • Online search
  • Software



It is crucial to understand that tech businesses are crucial in every region of the planet, and they have become very popular over the years. They support a nation’s economic and technological progress, they are also necessary in every day of our lives to carry out our day to day activities. We hope you find this information useful, if you do please leave a comment below. Thank you for reading!