Top 10 Most Popular Disney princesses in 2022 (Complete list)

Top 10 Most Popular Disney princesses in 2023 (Complete list)

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Popular Beautiful Disney princesses

There are over 300 Disney Princesses. They are found in the form of dolls, books, movie characters, costumes and other merchandise.
One of the most popular ways to celebrate is through products or merchandise that have a connection with their names. Products and merchandises usually refer to women who are featured by male heroes or who have been promoted as leaders. These products and merchandise are often associated with girls causing the marketing for these toys to be aimed at girls as well.

Princesses are all about getting down and dirty with every turn and action they take, but how much do you really know about your favorite Disney princesses? Keep reading to find out!

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Top Disney princess List 2023

Here are the 10 most famous Disney princesses in the World 2023:

  • Snow White
  • Cinderella
  • Aurora
  • Ariel
  • Belle
  • Jasmine
  • Pocahontas
  • Mulan
  • Tiana
  • Rapunzel


p Disney princess List 2021

Snow White was one of the first-ever Disney Princesses. She was created to advertise the film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and created huge success for a 40 year period. Her depiction became so popular, she became a household name.

Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs, based on The Brothers Grimm’s German fairy tale, was a great smash and held the record for the highest-grossing sound picture at the time for a brief period.

Fun Facts About Snow White:

  • Snow White was the youngest Disney princess at the time of the film, at 14 years old.
  • Snow White had pouty crimson lips and long eyelashes when she was first designed by the same painters that created Betty Boop. Walt Disney, on the other hand, thought that Snow White should have a more innocent and pure appearance.
  • The only Disney princess who does not converse with her prince is Snow White.


p Disney princess List 2021

The second Disney princess picture, Cendrillon, was released in 1950 and is based on the French version of Charles Perrault’s novel.

Fun Facts About Cinderella:

  • Cinderella’s Prince Charming is referred to as Jacob on a few occasions, and in-universe. It is not uncaricatured..
  • Cinderella’s fairy godmother transforms her tattered garment into a lovely white ball gown is believed to be one of Walt Disney’s favorite pieces of animation.
  • Cinderella loses her shoe three times in the film: once when bringing breakfast, once while fleeing the ball, and finally on her wedding day as she descends the steps.
  • Cinderella’s tale takes place over the course of 24 hours. She is seen cleaning at the beginning of the day, attending the ball that evening, and then trying on the glass slipper the next morning.


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Sleeping Beauty, also known as Aurora and Briar Rose, is the next Disney princess on our list. This Disney film, which was released in 1959, was based on another Charles Perrault classic, The Sleeping Beauty.

Fun Facts About Aurora:

  • Princess Aurora is the quietest of all the Disney princesses, with only 18 words of conversation throughout the film.
  • Flora and Merryweather argue throughout the film about whether Aurura’s outfit should be pink or blue. This was because the filmmakers were having difficulty making the same conclusion.
  • Aurora’s thin, willowy body shape was based on Audrey Hepburn.
  • The fairytale book seen at the start of the film was a real handcrafted book that was repaired in 2008 and is now shown at public events.


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I’m not sure what occurred, but following Aurora, the Disney princess roster had a significant void. The Little Mermaid was released in 1989, and it heralded the start of the Disney Renaissance. Disney is currently developing a live-action remake of Hans Christian Anderson’s The Little Mermaid.

Fun Facts About Ariel:

  • Animators who worked with Milano at Disney have used her face as a source of inspiration when designing original characters for upcoming films. Alyssa Milano’s face has been beloved by millions, so it makes perfect sense to use her image in the debut film of one of the world’s most famous universes.
  • Look attentively among the throng of sea people as King Triton arrives at the arena at the opening of the movie to spot Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, and Kermit The Frog (the last one is sort of odd, right?)
  • The images of Princess Ariel on the cliff are evocative of the famous Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagan, Denmark.
  • Ursula’s character was based on the famous drag queen Divine.
  • Is Prince Eric a cousin of Prince Phillip and Princess Aurora? On his dining room wall is a painting that has a striking similarity to the Sleeping Beauty Royalty.


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Belle is my favorite Disney princess, and when the movie was out in 1991, I couldn’t stop watching it! Beauty and the Beast is based on Jeanne-Marie Laprince de Beaumont’s French folk tale (try saying that three times fast!)

Fun Facts About Belle:

  • Since she is Belle, the blue symbol of her uniqueness will come alive. Unlike her fellow Belle’s, she’ll be able to express herself with an aura of authenticity.
  • The Beast’s real name is Adam.
  • It’s animation from Sleeping Beauty that Belle and Prince Adam dance to at the end of the film. Due of a lack of time, the animators simply drew over Belle and Prince Adam.
  • Paige O’Hara was auditioning for the part when a stray strand of hair fell into her face, which she pulled back. That was agreed by the animators to be included in the film.
  • Only five minutes of the movie are without any music… Maybe that’s why I like this one so much!
  • Paige O’Hara was on board to celebrate the premiere of the Disney Dream’s Beauty and the Beast production in 2017. What evidence do I have? I got to meet her (the highlight of my Disney vacation!). She was also exactly as sweet as you’d expect!


10 most famous Disney princesses in the World 2021

Princess Jasmine was introduced in the 1992 film Aladdin, which was based on an Arabic traditional story.

Fun Fact About Jasmine:

  • Jasmine was the first princess to be spoken by two actresses, one of whom was also Jasmine’s singing voice.
  • Aladdin was based on three well-known celebrities, according to one of the animators. His appearance was influenced by Tom Cruise, his demeanor by Michael J. Fox (which I can absolutely understand), and his clothing by M.C. Hammer.
  • When Aladdin confesses a falsehood, a large purple feather falls from his turban and lands in his face.
  • Aladdin had known from the start that Jasmine was a princess. The animators modified it because they didn’t want it to appear like Aladdin was smitten by her because of her wealth.


10 most famous Disney princesses in the World

With the release of the film Pocahontas in 1995, we got our next Disney princess.

Fun Fact About Pocahontas: On the 400th anniversary of Pocahontas’ birth, this film was released.


most famous Disney princesses in the World

Mulan, based on the Chinese mythology of Hua Mulan, was produced in 1998 by Disney. In 1999, it was also Disney’s first DVD release.

Fun Fact About Mulan:

  • Mulan was the first Disney princess who wasn’t a princess at all. She wasn’t born into royalty or married into it.
  • Mulan was the second Disney princess to have two live parents (the first being Aurora). Rapunzel, Merida, and Moana have since joined the group.
  • Mulan is the first Disney princess to wear pants, even though her famous screen siren appearance was in a film made just one year after she did it ?
  • Mulan featured two actresses: one who voiced the character and another who sang the song.


most famous Disney princesses in the World

Tiana, the next Disney princess, debuted in 2009’s The Princess And The Frog. The Frog Prince, a Brothers Grimm story, is largely based on this film.

Fun Facts About Tiana:

  • The first Disney film to depict an African-American princess was this one.Tiana is the only princess in the kingdom who has dimples.A Merida doll may be seen on Charlotte’s shelf at the start of the film.
  • The Little Mermaid’s King Triton is featured on one of the floats in the Mardi Gras parade.Louis the alligator is named after Louis Armstrong, a legendary jazz musician.


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Rapunzel first appeared in the film Tangled in 2010. She has grown to be such a well-known princess that she now has her own television program.

Fun Facts About Rapunzel:

  • Of all the Disney princesses, Rapunzel has the largest eyes.
  • Rapunzel spends the most of the film barefoot, which is a sign of innocence. Mandy Moore, who plays Rapunzel, also enjoys performing barefoot.
  • Rapunzel is the first animated Disney princess film to be computer-generated rather than hand-drawn.


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Because Merida is the only princess with an accent, she has become our next princess since Brave was published in 2012.

Fun Facts About Merida:

  • The first Disney princess who does not sing is Merida.
  • Merida is the only princess in the kingdom who has brothers.
  • This is Pixar’s first film that takes place entirely in the past.
  • Merida is the only Disney princess who is also a Pixar character.
  • Merida is also the first princess to be without a suitor.


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One of our most recent princesses is also a favorite of ours. Moana became our new Disney princess after the release of her film in 2016.

Fun Facts About Moana:

  • A sequel to Moana is in the works, but the release date has yet to be confirmed.
  • On the day Moana premiered in theaters, Auli’i Cravolho, who played Moana, celebrated her 16th birthday.
  • Pua the pig emerges from behind a rug that resembles Aladdin’s magic carpet while Moana sings “How Far I’ll Go.”
  • It was the first time since Mulan that a Disney princess’s name appeared in the film’

13. RAYA

p Disney princess List 2021

Raya is the newest member of the Disney princess family. Raya And The Last Dragon, her animated feature, was released in 2023.

Fun Facts About Raya:

  • Raya is Disney’s first princess from Southeast Asia.
  • More than 450 Walt Disney Animation artists and staff workers worked remotely to complete this picture.
  • The scenario with the most animated characters takes place underwater, and there are almost 23,836 animated fish in all.
  • Tuk Tuk, a half-armadillo, half-pug mythical monster, is called after Thailand’s popular three-wheeled vehicles.


p Disney princess List 2021

The unauthorized princesses Anna and Elsa from Frozen are next on the Disney princess list. It’s one of the most beloved Disney princess films of all time, and I was completely swept up in the excitement, spending a month stalking Disney’s website in search of Anna and Elsa costumes. What’s not to like about a movie with such a great soundtrack?! (I challenge you not to sing along with Let It Go when you hear it.)

Fun Facts About Anna & Elsa:

  • The unauthorized princesses Anna and Elsa from Frozen are next on the Disney princess list. It’s one of the most beloved Disney princess films of all time, and I was completely swept up in the excitement, spending a month stalking Disney’s website in search of Anna and Elsa costumes. What’s not to like about a movie with such a great soundtrack?! (I challenge you not to sing along with Let It Go when you hear it.)


Each Disney princess performs a song about her deepest desires and aspirations. These songs were called the “I Want” songs by famous Disney lyricist Howard Ashman. Merida is the only one who does not sing in her film.

The following is a list of princess songs…

They could stay with you for the rest of the day (sorry, not sorry):

  • Snow White – I’m Wishing
  • Cinderella – A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes
  • Aurora – I Wonder
  • Ariel – Part Of Your World
  • Belle – Belle
  • Jasmine – A Whole New World
  • Pocahontas – Just Around The Riverbend
  • Mulan – Reflection
  • Tiana – Almost There
  • Rapunzel – When Will My Life Begin
  • Moana – How Far I’ll Go


Raya was recently revealed as the newest Disney princess, and she will be one of many to embrace her new role as Disney celebrates by adding a new member to its roster. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of all the Disney princess names. At the bottom of this page, you’ll find a free printable with the entire list of Disney princesses.


Even while Anna and Elsa are just as beloved as the Disney princesses, some may be shocked to find that they aren’t part of the official Disney princess lineup. Elsa is officially a queen in the first Frozen film. Anna takes over from Elsa at the end of Frozen 2.