Top 10 NGOs In Africa

Top 10 International NGOs In Africa 2023

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Non-governmental organizations, or NGOs for short, are groups of people who carry out socially valuable activities without the assistance of the government. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are autonomous from all forms of authority.

They operate independently of the influence of the government and engage in advocacy, social, environmental, and human rights activity. In their areas, NGOs aim to advance social and political change. Ngo is crucial to the growth of society, communities, and citizenship. We have examined the top 10 NGOs in Africa some of which are among the top charity organzations to donate to. Continue reading!

Top 10 NGOs In Africa      

Below are the top 10 NGOs In Africa

  • Doctors Without Borders
  • Alliance For A Green Revolution
  • Mastercard Foundation
  • Care
  • Merck Foundation
  • Global Citizen
  • Miet Africa
  • Greenpeace
  • Nyagi

1. Doctors Without Borders

Doctors Without Borders/ Médecins Sans Frontières (is an international humanitarian organization.

In France in 1971, medical professionals and journalists developed it. Today, it offers impartial and unbiased aid to more than 60 nations whose citizens are threatened by civil war, natural disasters, epidemics, and undernourishment.

Their focus includes:

  • Medical and health projects

2. Alliance For A Green Revolution

Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) was founded in 2006. A group of African scientists, economists, and businessmen assist AGRA’s national activities and African governments from its Nairobi, Kenya, headquarters.

The organization also maintains offices in 11 African nations, overseen by country heads responsible for implementing the organization’s national strategy.

Their goal:

  • To change African agriculture from a subsistence model to a robust industry that enhances the livelihoods of the agricultural households on the continent.

3. Mastercard Foundation

The Mastercard Foundation collaborates with forward-thinking groups to provide young people in Canada’s Indigenous communities and Africa access to meaningful employment.

The foundation goal:

  • Helping 30 million African youth, particularly young women, find employment they deem respectable and rewarding by 2030.

4. Care

CARE is a major humanitarian organization battling worldwide poverty. We give dealing with underprivileged women a particular emphasis because, given the right tools, women can help families and communities escape poverty.

 CARE’s community-based initiatives include:

  • to enhance basic education
  • stop the spread of disease
  • promote access to clean water and


  • Increase economic opportunity
  • safeguard natural resources.

 Along with helping people rebuild their lives, CARE also provides emergency aid to victims of armed conflict and natural catastrophes.

5. Merck Foundation

The charitable arm of Merck KGaA Germany is known as The Merck Foundation. Its mission is to advance human health and well-being through science and technology.

Their primary concentration includes:

  • Enhancing access to high-quality and equitable healthcare solutions
  • Developing the capacity of the healthcare
  • Scientific research
  • Empowering people in STEM*, focusing on women and young people in underserved communities.

6. Global Citizen

The Global Poverty Project, often known as Global Citizen, is an international advocacy and education group that seeks to spark the movement to abolish extreme poverty. The NGO was established to boost the quantity and potency of supporters of the cause.

To achieve its goal, the organization combines the following:

  • education,
  • communications,
  • advocacy,
  • campaigning

 This media changes the structures and policies that keep people in poverty while focusing on bettering the future.


 Oxfam collaborates with people to bring about change that endures across borders, from the local to the global. The foundation of Oxfam’s work is its dedication to the equality of all human rights. Oxfam International was established in 1995 by several non-governmental organizations to pool their experience and resources and coordinate their efforts in the fight against injustice and poverty.

The goal of the global movement Oxfam:

  • To eradicate poverty and injustice through battling inequality.

8. Miet Africa

An NGO called Miet Africa helps children and young people throughout the continent. It was established in 1996.

The role of Miet Africa

  • To enhance the lives of kids and young people by providing them with a high-quality education.
  • It emphasizes the weak and underprivileged school community.

Children’s educational needs and any other requirements related to their initial lack of schooling are addressed through Miet.

9. Greenpeace

Greenpeace Africa has committed to taking the lead in the battle against climate change. Greenpeace opposes industrialized agriculture and supports ecological farming and food sovereignty.

Greenpeace Africa’s roles include:

  • To protect Africa’s forests and ocean.

It also offers a program for food stability that safeguards rural livelihoods.

10. Nyagi

Tanzania’s Nyagi initiative (Now you are the group interest) works to provide all expectant women access to potentially life-saving ultrasound diagnostics. To help stop needless deaths, the project was started in 2013.

They achieve their aim through the following:

  • training in ultrasonography techniques
  • Nyagi equips local healthcare providers in underdeveloped areas to prioritize life-threatening medical illnesses


The top 10 NGOs African list is Based on the availability of Impact reports, the work done over the previous five years, their presence in two or more African countries, and their collaboration with other NGOs.

It is now up to you to decide which NGO resonates with you the most. And whichever NGO you support with your donation, we are confident they will be deeply grateful for it. The information in this article should help you make a more informed decision on which African NGO to support based on the issues that are most important to you.