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Top 10 Richest Rock Stars in the World in 2022

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Richest Rock Stars in the World

It’s a dream come true and at the same time quite possible to be a millionaire/billionaire doing what you love to do. This is a live example of these super wealthy rock stars. The amount of passion and hard work they put into their work led them to accomplish what they did. The world was witnessing their success and celebrating it. It’s important to be the true self and give your 100% to do what you love while wealth and success will follow up.

It’s a dream for millions to be a rock star. After all who don’t want the rock stars to enjoy all the recognition-success and lifestyle. There’s another enticing thing with all the fame and success— the huge chunk of money that comes with a lucrative career as a rock star.

We’ve looked at the net worths of some of 2022’s most famous and very wealthy rock stars that have built up in their successful careers over the years.

These are the Top 10 Richest Rock Stars in the World 2022:

  • Paul McCartney – Net Worth 2022 – $1.2billion
  • Bono – Net Worth 2022 – $600 million
  • Jimmy Buffett – Net Worth 2022 – $550million
  • Elton John – Net Worth 2022 – $480million
  • Jon Bon Jovi – Net Worth 2022- $420 Million
  • Mick Jagger – Net Worth 2022 – $360 million
  • Ringo Starr – Net Worth 2022 – $350 million
  • Bruce Springsteen – Net Worth 2022 – $350 million
  • Keith Richards – Net Worth 2022 – $340 million
  • Dave Matthews – Net Worth 2022 – $300million
  • Gene Simmons – Net Worth 2022 – $300 million


 11. Gene Simmons- Net Worth $300 millionTop 10 Richest Rock Stars in the World 2021

Gene Simmons, known for his painted face for the stage persona The Demon, is an Israeli-American musician, singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, actor, and personality on television.

Kiss, the rock band with rhythm guitarist Paul Stanley, was co-founded in the 1970s. He’s the bass guitarist and Kiss’s co-lead singer. The legend of rock n roll has an approximate net value of $300 million. He once said that when it comes to making money he’s like a great white shark, and he’ll never have enough of it. He said that he would never stop making more money. He made it to the Top 10 Richest Rock Stars in the World 2022.

 10. Dave Matthews-Net Worth $300 millionTop 10 Richest Rock Stars in the World 2021

Dave Mathews, from Johannesburg, South Africa, is a singer, songwriter and guitarist. He started out as a bartender in a club where he had a chance to perform live with some bands on stage. Shortly after, he was guided by his own musical gigs to form the band of his own group The Dave Matthew that became a great success.
The Rockstar also dabbles in writing, producing and acting songs as well as singing. The estimated net worth of his band Dave Matthews is $300 million, having earned millions as the front man, vocalist and guitarist.

The Dave Matthew’s Band is currently listed as the most popular musical act of the last ten years in the world. More than 50 million albums have been sold to date. He made it to the Top 10 Richest Rock Stars in the World 2022.

9. Keith Richards-Net Worth $340 millionTop 10 Richest Rock Stars in the World 2021

Keith Richards, the band’s founding member, Rolling Stone, is an English guitarist, singer and songwriter. He was ranked fourth in The Rolling Stone Magazine’s list of 100 best guitarists. With his band as the lead guitarist and also acting as a songwriter, Keith Richards made his huge fortune of $340 million. Part of his wealth also comes from Louis Vuitton and Gibson’s approval

8. Bruce Springsteen-Net Worth $350 millionTop 10 Richest Rock Stars in the World 2021

Bruce Springsteen is an iconic New Jersey, American singer and songwriter, widely known as The Boss. Turning 67 this year, he’s far from slowing down and has an estimated $350 million net worth. Most of these millions have been won by the legendary singer from his tour with E Street Band producing massive revenues.

7. Ringo Starr-Net Worth $350 millionTop 10 Richest Rock Stars in the World 2021

Ringo Starr is a British singer who was born and raised in Liverpool. In 1962, as a drummer, he joined the Beatles Group and replaced Pete Best. For several Beatles album, like yellow submarine, he was the author and lead singer. Ringo Starr is a very wealthy man with an estimated net worth of a staggering $350 million.

Not only is he incredibly serious about the contributions he regularly makes to eight large charities that support at least 30 different projects, ranging from medical research on AIDS and Cancer to third world growth.
His properties include a lavish Monte Carlo apartment, many homes in Las Angels, and his massive London house.

6. Mick Jagger-Net Worth $360 millionTop 10 Richest Rock Stars in the World 2021

Sir Michael Philip Jagger, an English singer is renowned as the lead vocalist of the Rolling Stone group. The Rolling Stones were seen as the darker arts of music, led by Mick Jagger. He sang about drugs, sex, and rock n roll, making millions out of it. The winner of the Golden Globe and Emmy award has starred and acted in several movies as well. A career that lasts more than 50 years has earned him a staggering net worth of $360 million.

5. Jon Bon Jovi – Net Worth 2022- $420 MillionTop 10 Richest Rock Stars in the World 2021

John Francis Bongiovi Jr. is an American singer-songwriter, philanthropist, record producer, and actor, professionally known as Jon Bon Jovi. Bon Jovi is best known as the founder and frontman of the 1983-formed Grammy Award-winning rock band Bon Jovi.
Jon Bon Jovi is a rock star raised in New Jersey who spent most of his teen years recording music in his cousin’s home. It’s been. through this that Jovi could have his first professional gig at the age of 17.

4. Elton John-Net Worth-$480 millionTop 10 Richest Rock Stars in the World 2021

Sir Elton Hercules John, the English rock singer, pianist, composer and songwriter, is the second richest musician in the UK and probably the richest man ever to perform on a piano. Over 250 million albums were sold in the career spanning four decades, making him one of the most successful artists ever. The recipient of an academy award, six Grammy awards and, among others, a Golden Globe award.
Elton is a prolific song-writer and awesome performer.
His net worth is $480 million, and he’s not only wealthy, he’s just as generous. Since a long time, he has made substantial contributions to charities focused on various charitable causes such as the arts and medicine. Nonetheless, his £ 23.2 million charitable donations, according to Sunday Times, made him the ninth most charitable person in Britain. Today it’s like having a silver heart and a touch of Midas.

3. Jimmy Buffett-Net Worth $550 millionTop 10 Richest Rock Stars in the World 2021

James Williams Buffett, popularly referred to as Jimmy Buffett, is an American musician, songwriter, author well-known for the lifestyle of the Island escapism that is often portrayed in his music. He’s best known for Margaritavilla’s super-hit song. The song painted a perfect picture of a paradise that inspired a whole worldwide chain of restaurants. He is the third on the list of Top 10 Richest Rock Stars in the World 2022.
He is constantly on tour, but he is also a savvy businessman apart from being a musician and best-selling writer. His massive restaurant, casino, resort and merchandise empires have made him the world’s third richest singer. He leaves behind the likes of Mick Jagger or Elton John with a reported value of $550 million.

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 2. Paul David Hewson (Bono) -Net Worth $600 millionTop 10 Richest Rock Stars in the World 2021

Paul David Hewson, an Irish singer-song writer, guitarist, and business man, is better known by his stage name Bono. He is the lead singer and song writer of the well-known Irish rock band U2 and widely regarded as one of the most influential music frontmen.
Combining his entertainment profits with his Facebook stock investments, his net worth is $600 million. Though he planned to cross the billion dollar mark with his early investments in social media giant and become the first singer to do so, Bono is still short of joining the billionaire club but remains the second on the list of the Top 10 Richest Rock Stars in the World 2022.
Aside from his business investment, however, he still made a lot of money to do what he does best, touring with his famous band U2. Among others, he enjoys the luxury of two mansions, a private yacht worth $30 million and a private Airbus A310. Bono is also known as a visible African poverty-focused philanthropist.

 1. Paul McCartney – Net Worth $1.2 billionTop 10 Richest Rock Stars in the World 2021

Paul is the only rock star to break into the club of the billionaire and he tops the list of Top 10 Richest Rock Stars in the World 2022. He was one of The Beatles ‘ top rock band members formed in 1960 in Liverpool. The Beatles are considered to be the most influential and successful in rock music history. Through his epic association with The Beatles, Paul McCartney earned millions, but decades later he got a whopping net worth of $1.2 billion.
The most celebrated singer-songwriter in music history remains a highly successful musician Paul McCartney. His song Yesterday is the most loved album ever created by over 2000 artists and bands, and he continues to receive royalties for the same thing.