Celebrity-Owned CBD Brands

Top 5 Celebrity-Owned CBD Brands in the World 2022

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Hemp-based products must be worthwhile if famous people stick their names on them. Check out five celebrity CBD brands trending in the wellness industry.


Are celebrities growing the CBD market?

  1. Tommy Chong’s CBD by Tommy Chong
  2. Willie’s Remedy by Willie Nelson 
  3. Happy Dance by Kristen Bell
  4. Game Up Nutrition by Nick and Nate Diaz
  5. Martha Stewart CBD by Martha Stewart

Are celebrity CBD brands setting trends in the wellness industry? The stars are taking notes as public interest leans toward more natural healing methods and fondness toward the plant increases. 

They see an opportunity to promote its wellness and cash in on profits through an expanding market. While many of these stars don’t cultivate their own CBD strain seeds to make their products, they support farmers who do.

Before adding some celeb-inspired cannabidiol (CBD) products to your cart, consider why this compound is making waves.

Are celebrities growing the CBD market?

A quick answer is yes. Celebrities are taking the lead in the CBD wellness era, but don’t disregard the companies owned by non-famous people. It doesn’t matter who sells hemp-based goods; their benefits remain the same.

What better way to increase brand awareness for cannabidiol-infused products than getting celebs to create their own? The industry is bursting at the seams.

CBD merchandise is fast becoming associated with those who never showed an interest in the plant before. With all the reported health and therapeutic benefits cannabidiol offers, it was only a matter of time before celebs took hold of this platform. 

People are more aware of hemp’s positive attributes, increasing demand for CBD-infused products. The industry is booming, and everyone wants in on the hype and profits. 

Projected CBD market sales are estimated to reach $12.64 billion by 2026. Who doesn’t want to be part of that? 

Some celebs like Mandy Moore use oils to alleviate discomfort in their feet after hours of wearing heels. Others rise to the challenge of creating their own brands. 

Here are the top five, in no order of importance.

5. Tommy Chong’s CBD by Tommy Chong

If you know who Tommy Chong is, you’re aware his CBD line is authentic and from a place of good intentions. He’s a longtime advocate of cannabis and never shies away from sharing his beliefs.

Chong believes that consuming marijuana aided his cancer recovery. He wanted to share this benefit with the world and created his own brand, Tommy Chong’s CBD.

All his products are third-party lab tested and made from full spectrum American-grown hemp. The company guarantees all its offerings are GMO, pesticide, soy, and gluten-free.

Tommy Chong’s CBD stocks oil tinctures, capsules, gummies, and topicals. The brand assures quality by offering a no questions asked refund guarantee.

4. Willie’s Remedy by Willie Nelson

It’s not surprising that music legend and cannabis advocate Willie Nelson owns a CBD company. After 40 years of putting the plant on the highest pedestal, it’s about time he created his own hemp-derived products.

Willie’s Remedy stocks top-quality CBD infusions, sourcing raw hemp from expert US growers. Nelson believes in supporting fellow cannabis farmers so everyone can reap the rewards.

The company provides a Certificate of Analysis (COA) for its customers to view. Having approved certification of what goes into the products you consume is vital, even naturally-derived ones.

Willies Remedy stocks:

  • Coffees
  • Teas
  • Sparkling water
  • Balms
  • Tinctures

3. Happy Dance by Kristen Bell

Mothers are the center of the universe, and when Kristen Bell created her brand, she had that in mind. The number one philosophy of Happy Dance is to provide moms with natural calming solutions in their daily routines.

Taking care of her face and body inspired the creation of CBD-infused feel-good products for anyone needing some “me time.” She’s taking influencer beauty tips to the next level with cannabidiol skin care.

The company guarantees the use of premium ingredients, including authentic US-grown hemp. A COA and lab batch codes on all of their products are available.

Happy Dance stocks CBD products along the lines of:

  • Facial moisturizers
  • Body butter
  • Hand creams
  • Bath bombs
  • CBD-infused coconut body moisturizer

2. Game Up Nutrition by Nick and Nate Diaz

UFC champion brothers Nick and Nate Diaz are the founders of Game Up Nutrition and fight for the rights of cannabis users. Their love for the herb inspired the rise of their cannabidiol wellness brand.

These CBD celebrities launched a wide variety of products within their line that cover the health needs of consumers. They source the highest quality hemp from Colorado and Oregon.

They’re transparent about their policies, resources, lab reports, and certificates. Their website is informative and offers detailed descriptions of the hemp-derived compounds in their products.

Look forward to these offerings:

  • CBD oils
  • CBD gummies
  • Hemp flower
  • Hemp pre-rolls
  • CBD topicals

1. Martha Stewart CBD by Martha Stewart

There’s no going wrong with Martha Stewart’s CBD brand, which she started in collaboration with Canopy Growth. Her cooking expertise and flair for presenting her dishes show in her products.

Expect perfection from this celebrity CBD brand, and rest assured everything is of the highest quality. 

Stewart selects and makes everything herself. She knows how to infuse CBD with other things; she’s a well-known friend of Snoop Dogg.

The Martha Stewart CBD product line consists of the following products in various flavors:

  • Wellness gummies
  • Oil drops
  • Softgels
  • Topicals
  • Pet treats

It’s always inspiring to browse websites and see celebrity-owned CBD products. Who wouldn’t want to buy coffee inspired by a legend like Willie Nelson?

Try celebrity CBD products from your favorite star and begin your journey to better health.

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