Ultimate Love: Full details, Participants, Owners and Winning price

Ultimate Love: Full details, Contestants, Owners and Winning prize

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here’s all you need to know about Ultimate Love, Ultimate Love contestants, Love guests, Dstv channel, Ultimate Love prize, winner and grand finale. read here.

Who owns Ultimate Love?

MultiChoice Nigeria is the owner of the popular Television broadcast Satelite known as DStv that produces Ultimate Love reality TV show.  Adesuwa Onyenokwe is the central eye of the reality show, due to her vast experience in broadcasting.

The show will continue to air on African magic channel.

Ultimate love 2021Ultimate Love reality show details

Ultimate Love is now the Nigeria’s first and trending love reality TV show, that kicked off on Sunday, February 9, 2021. It is getting quite as hot as big brother Naija and has left some viewers and social media users confused about the show and what it is all about.

The show which centers on finding love will see 16 housemates consisting of single men and women, living together in the ‘Love Residence’ for eight weeks.

These ‘love guests’ as they are referred to, are expected to find love during the show after which the winner will be rewarded with five million Naira, a house, and a sponsored traditional wedding.

The popular TV show centers mainly on finding love, the viewers will see 16 housemates made up of both single men and women, living together and cohabiting in the ‘Love Residence’ for just eight weeks.

They are called ‘love guests’ just like big brother naija have ‘housemates’, the love guests have one major goal, they are expected to find true love during the reality show after which the Ultimate love winner will be rewarded with the sum of five million Naira, a mansion, and will get a sponsored traditional wedding.

However, there are some crucial inquiries the viewers want to make:

  1. Is the Ultimate Love reality show here to replace the popular Big Brother Naija reality show? Since nothing has been heard from the organizers of the annual Big Brother Naija reality television show as regarding if the show will still hold in 2021, Nigerians are now wondering if the Ultimate Love Guests show is here to take the place of the BBN. Some social media users and viewers have tagged the new show as ‘low budget BBN’.
  2. having sixteen love guests in the house, how would only 2 love birds emerge at the end? What is the method of eviction adopted?

Another question that comes to mind is if there will be the eviction of housemates. Nigerians are in the dark as to how the final couple will emerge. Yes, there will be voting, but what will be the outcome of votes. Will housemates be evicted from the house or will the 16 love guests stay in the house till the end?

  1. What was the means of selecting the love guests?
    To some viewers, the housemates just appeared from nowhere. There was no publicity about the auditioning for housemates as it is popular with the BBN.
  2. What would be the activities of the love guests in the house?

What will they be preoccupied with for a period of 60 days? Having observed the activities of the new reality show for the past 24 hours, one would imagine what’s going to keep the housemates busy till the end period. What games would be introduced? What would be the tasks? How would the housemates be called to order? Who’ll play the role of ‘Biggy’ since the show fashioned after BBN?

  1. What is the parameter to measure the love among couples and how will they be merged? Now, the big question is, how will the love be measured? What will determine the realness of the love existing among the two best couples? Nigerians think some love guests may pretend to be in love, plan to emerge as the best couple after which they’ll go their separate ways.

The sixteen love guests chosen to participate in the fun and fascinating love search have very unique features that we find appealing. If you followed the show’s premiere, you will find that many of these guys are naturally introverted while others will be the’ Love Pad” life.

These guys represent essentially, every part of the country and profession sectors. The combination of medical doctors, journalists and even an actor will certainly give the audience a different feeling. While we hope these guys find love, it is also important they have fun. Okay guys, here is all you need to know about the sixteen ‘Love guests’ at the ‘Love Pad.’Ultimate love reality TV show 2021

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Ultimate Love Contestants 2021: Biography & Profileultimat love contestants 2021

Here are the love guests on ultimate love reality tv show in 2021;

  • Iyke
  • Jay
  • Louis
  • Nkechi
  • Theresa
  • David
  • Michael
  • Cherry
  • Ebiteinye
  • Bolanle
  • Obichukwu
  • Kachi
  • Arnold
  • Rosie
  • Chris
  • Jenny

Meet the Love guests;

  1. Iyke

He may be young but age is no more than a number for Iyke, a 24-year-old! The cutie who is young knows exactly what he is looking for. Iyke thinks it is a big turn-on for him to just say the lovely things at the right moment.

  1. Jay

Jay is an engineer aged 35, from Ebonyi state. Marriage is, for Jay, all about attraction. Attraction sets a tone for increasing mental and physical capacity. Jay says he’s not going to pretend to be in the house as they’re only going to see the real Jay … no gimmicks.

  1. Louis

The 33-year-old broadcast content creator hopes to find the love of his life in the Ultimate Love reality show. However, he thinks if he meets someone immediately, he knows if they are going to far instantly.


  1. Nkechi

For Nkechi, Ultimate Love is finding a life partner that would last for eternity. The 29-year-old senior marketing executive believes in small gestures like gifts. ”I love surprises! You can surprise me with a bouquet or whatever accessory that would please me. Just something nice o.”


  1. Theresa

She may be a city girl but tradition reigns supreme in this Love Guest’s world. An optometrist by profession, Theresa is ready to see her future with the perfect somebody. Probably the youngest in the pad, Theresa says she won’t be having sex during the course of the show.


  1. David

Obviously one of the cutest guys in the house, David is certainly going to be one of the most interesting figures in the house. The 34-year-old MC who hails from Bayelsa state says he thinks the idea of equality amongst partners should be the norm rather than the old school style of handling marriages.


  1. Michael

Well, Michael thinks one of his best physical qualities is his looks, we will be leaving that for the ladies in the house to judge. Even though he is a journalist, he hopes to find the love of his life outside his journals. One interesting thing about Michael is the fact that he is very traditionally updated for his age.


  1. Cherry

We guess Cherry’s busy schedule is the reason she hasn’t been able to lay hold of the man of her dreams. However, the 30-year-old medical doctor hopes to fall hopelessly in love during her stay in the love pad. Quick one…she has a very cute smile, guys!


  1. Ebiteinye

She is beautiful, chubby and has a smile that can lit any room. Ebiteinye is a trained accountant but wants the numbers she really wants right her now are days to her wedding and months of her wedding anniversary.


  1. Bolanle

Bolanle might be 35 but she certainly has the look and body of a 24-year-old woman. The serial entrepreneur is ready to meet the one in the house but wants to also have fun while connecting with the other guys.


  1. Obichukwu

Obichukwu is a specialist in selling cellphones and gadgets but wants to spend more time on the phone with the love of his life rather than just issue reciepts. We hope he finds love in the house and gets to keep that one phone number for the rest of his life.


  1. Kachi

Kachi is not your regular digital entrepreneur as he has made some cool cash and is ready to find love. For Kachi, Ultimate Love means forever and eternity. We hope he finds his forever and eternity while in the Love Pad.


  1. Arnold

Arnold isn’t a newcomer to the TV screens as he is a known actor and singer. Well, we think Arnold is done with the ‘baby boy’ lifestyle and is set to tie the knot. According to him, he is ready to do anything to find love in the pad and hopes he achieves that.


  1. Rosie

Unarguably one of the prettiest ladies in the pad, Rosie is ready to become the lady of the house. Despite a failed relationship that lasted for 12 years, the preschool teacher isn’t giving up on finding the one…we are rooting for you!


  1. Chris

Chris is the typical beauty with brains and for us, that would be one of her major selling points in the pad. The 35 years old brand architect believes in the African tradition in the house. She, however, knows what she is seeking for in a partner and won’t be missing it this time around.


  1. Jenny

Jenny is selling traditional fabrics for a living, but we believe she is willing to buy the one she wants for her wedding. Jenny Koko, as her dad lovingly calls her, claims she auditioned for the reality show of Ultimate Love, because her grandma said that she should do so before the oil dries up.


Ultimate Love Winners 2021

The winners of the love Reality Television show – Ultimate Love in 2021 has not been announced yet.

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