Ways to Fully Sustain Your Home in South Africa

Ways to Fully Sustain Your Home in South Africa

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It is a dream for most people to have a fully sustainable home in South Africa. You want your home to be able to generate your needs in no time. You prefer an off grid solar system south africa rather than depending on something else to produce your electricity. The steps toward a fully sustainable home are relatively easy. Here are ways to make your home as such through the tips listed below.

Different Ways to Have a Fully Sustainable Home in South Africa 

Install a solar power system

If you really want to have a fully sustainable home that is disconnected from the rest of society, you can have an off grid solar system south africa home. You will not depend on the local utility supplier for your electricity. Because of the enormity of the solar energy supply in South Africa, you must take advantage of such renewable energy sources by getting solar panels for your home. 

Those who want to be fully off the grid must have ample solar panels as well as batteries for storage of the collected electricity to be used during the night. You need the help of an expert to compute the total power supply that your house needs. You can also go online to compute this answer to have a rough estimate of the size of the system that your home requires. 

Grow plants 

You also need food to survive every day. To do this, you should have enough plants, both vegetables and fruit-bearing trees to sustain you throughout the week. You must have sufficient fruits and vegetables so that you can boost your immune system and protect your body from possible sicknesses. You must also save up for possible emergencies like drought and other possible environmental factors. You should pick plants and trees that can protect themselves from different seasons of the year. You can go to a plant nursery and ask some questions about the plants and trees that can withstand the elements all year round. 

Have livestock 

Another way to make sure that you have enough food to eat is by taking care of livestock. Depending on the type of food that you eat, you can have some livestock in your home. In this step, you may want to ask your local authorities first before you raise some animals in your backyard. You may encounter some laws and regulations that govern the area that you are in. 


To have a fully sustainable home, you should also encourage everyone in the household to recycle. Every item in the house can be reused somehow. The only way to find out more about this is through research and actual experience. You can reuse plastic bottles and cups for some other tasks that you do at home. You can store other items in the house through these materials. You can also use other broken products in the house for some other use. You just have to be creative so that you can maximize the things that you have at home.


To be able to sustain your home in South Africa can be challenging and be quite expensive at the start. But once you decide to go off grid solar system south africa today, you can be sure that your home is going to last more than a lifetime. It is all about taking the right priorities and knowing where to start. As long as you are moving inch by inch on your dream home, you can realize that you can establish your fully sustainable home in South Africa.