What are the 12 names of Hanuman?

What are the 12 names of Hanuman?

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Hanuman is one of the most famous gods of the Hindu religion. Lord Hanuman looks like a monkey and is worshipped all over India, especially in north India. He is worshipped for his strength, power, devotion, and wisdom. Lord Hanuman is one of the most important characters of the epic Ramayana.

Lord Hanuman is not only an important God of the Hindu religion but in Hindu mythology entirely. Just like any other Hindu God he too has multiple names. Most don’t know even half of his names.

If you are one of them, then you are in the right place. Discussed here are all of Lord Hanuman’s 12 names and their significance. This article first looks into who Lord Hanuman is. So, if you want to know more then follow the article carefully.

Who is Lord Hanuman?

Lord Hanuman is an important mythological character of the famous epic Ramayana. Ramayana is based mainly on Lord Rama and Goddess Sita, however, it is incomplete without lord hanuman.

Lord Hanuman is also known for his devotion towards Lord Rama and Goddess Sita. By birth, he is the son of Kesari and Anjani. He is also known as the son of wind god Vayu as his mother Anjani got blessings from the wind god.What are the 12 names of Hanuman?

What are the 12 names of lord hanuman and the importance of those names?

Hanuman has 12 names in total, and all these names are significantly relevant to his character. Mentioned below are all those names and why he is called by those names.

  1. Vayu Putra or the son of wind-god – As his mother was blessed by the wind God, he is known as the son of wind-god or Vayu Putra. It gives him stimulation in mental and physical categories.
  2. Anjani sut or the son of Anjani – His mother is Devi Anjani. Thus, he is known as Anjani putra.
  3. Om Rameshtha – He is also known as the devotee or bhakta of Lord Rama. Thus, he is blessed with godly powers.
  4. Om Mahabal – Bal means strength or power. Maha means great. He possesses great strength and power. Thus, known as mahabal.
  5. Om Phalguna Sakha – Phalguna is another name of Arjuna. Hanuman was the companion of Arjuna. Thus, known as Phalguna sakha.
  6. Om Pingaksha – His eye color reflected a reddish-brown color when he won against his enemies.
  7. Om Uddhikarmana – He possesses this name because he crossed the ocean without any complications to help Lord Rama and goddess Sita.
  8. Om Lakshmana Pran Data – Hanuman once saved Lakshmana.
  9. Om Sita Shoka Vinashana – He searched for Goddess Sita and helped her to decrease sorrows. Thus, he is called by this name.
  10. Om Amit Vikrama – He provides limitless power and abundance.
  11. Om Dashagriva Darpaha – He is fearless of evil.
  12. Om Hanuman – He blesses people with intelligence.

The bottom line

These are the 12 names of Lord Hanuman. If you are a devotee of Lord Rama, then you can also worship Hanuman as he was one of the closest persons of his life. You can worship Lord Hanuman for strength, wisdom, and self-control. It is also important to know about Hanuman if you are interested in Hindu mythology.