10 Best Drones for Kids and Teenagers

10 Best Drones for Kids and Teenagers in 2024

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The Best Camera Drones for Kids in 2024

Drones are becoming one of the most popular presents for kids. They are easy to use and provide many benefits for children.

Since drones are becoming more popular, they have also become more affordable. But with so many options to choose from, it is hard to identify the right drone for your child.

The best drone for children is not only about anything that’s cheapest for drones (though affordability can certainly be a factor!). We’ve created a guide to assist you select the finest dron for you and your family depending on whether you’re a budding photographer or videographer who would like some spectacular aerial pictures or whether you simply want a rush of adrenaline to run your drone.

Security and age-appropriateness are some of the most crucial elements in picking the finest drones for children. You may find that the improved functionality and quality of the more costly products are convincing while you want to keep the price down.

You could also find that kid-friendly drones with short battery life and a lack of pilot assistance features on various gadgets are sometimes difficult to control. Nevertheless, we have combated the Internet to locate even at more reasonable price points the greatest child-appropriate products accessible.

To make your search easier, we have gathered a list of the best drones for kids in 2024.

Here are the best camera drones for kids and teenagers in 2024:

  • Potensic A20
  • Holyton HT02 Mini Drone
  • Holy Stone HS330
  • Hubsan X4 H107D+ FPV Camera Toy
  • RED5 Motion Controlled Drone
  • Ryze Tello
  • Ryze Tello EDU
  • DJI Mavic Mini
  • DJI Mini 2
  • Propel Star Wars drone

Best Drones For Kids Under $100

1. Potensic A20Best Drones For Kids Under $100

Easy to fly mini drone with kid-friendly controller

  • Age: 8+

  • Use: Indoor (or on very still day)

  • Type: Altitude hold

  • Flight time: 8 min (x2)

  • Weight: 189g


+Compact +Robust guards


 Fiddly battery slot

This drone is not very compact and strong (although it is available in several good shell tones), but owing to its integrated pressure sensor, it can float without the assistance of the operator and fly in a pilot-friendly ‘headless’ mode.

This in practice means that you can use a control button to maneuver the drone around a room, which is easier than most video games! There’s strong robust prop protections when you crash.

On the down side, the attempt to protect the battery with a flap is clever but unpleasant, not misled by 16-minute flying time claims (as is always the case with smaller drones), but merely double the (optimistic) 8-minute duration for one battery, since there are two batteries on the package! However, the value and flight time are fairly good.

2. Holyton HT02 Mini DroneBest Drones For Kids Under $100

A kids’ drone so tiny its controller is also a travel case

  • Age: 8+

  • Use: Indoor

  • Type: Altitude hold

  • Flight time: 8 min (x3)

  • Weight: 19g


+Safety cage+Controller-case combination


Low range

This little drone from Holyton HT02 is a quadcopter with three distinct speed levels if you are seeking for a super-economic choice. This drone is conceived to be as user friendly as possible for pilots of all abilities to have fun flying with protectors, a headless mode and the ability to make the ’emergency stop.’

Three batteries are included in the Holyton HT02 drone which should provide users with up to 24 minutes’ flight time. Moreover, its lightweight and compact structure means that it is also very easy to transport, not only is your free registration of the drone with the aviation authorities.

A controller, four spare propellers, two guards, two USB chargers and 3 drone batteries are included in the super-economic drone. This gives your children the whole package they need to ride their drone. Although there isn’t a camera on the Holyton HT02 drone (not that we’d expect there to be here!), at that price you can’t really go wrong!

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3. Holy Stone HS330 Best Drones for Kids and Teenagers

A kids drone built with safety in mind

  • Age: 14+

  • Use: Indoor (or on very still day)

  • Type: Altitude hold

  • Flight time: 7 min (x3)

  • Weight: 25g+


+Small size +Robust construction+Simple controller

With a combination of professional brands and other toys this drone offers nearly-anticipated 3D flips and headless fashion, but it can also be driven by wafting a hand near the hovering drone with the addition of five sensors (front/back/left/right/low). This offers an obvious safety gain, but the propeller guards are better than many drones on this list. This is also important.

The circles mode (drone makes little circles), the choice of three speed modes and the battery design which can be inserted and removed without stressing delicate connections or lithium battery cells are further characteristics that make this a pleasant decision.

4. Hubsan X4 H107D+ FPV Camera Toy Best Drones for Kids and Teenagers

All-in-one FPV drone

  • Age: : 14+

  • Use: : Indoor and Outdoor

  • Flight time: 7 mins

  • Weight: 58g


+Lightweight with clean design+Can record video


Prop guard is a separate purchase

The screen is one of the reoccurring challenges with first person (FPV) integration cameras. To connect a telephone to a drone means that every time you power the drone, you change the wi-fi configuration.

Even if you deliver your own phone to the kids every time they fly, it could make you want to rip your hair out! You’re annoying enough with your own drone; A clear answer? In the controller, put a display.

That is exactly the thinking here – and with a range of around 50m, the drone is light enough to be durable, though it’s not for younger kids as the prop guard is a little rudimentary. The H107D+ is a refresh of the much-loved (and cheaper) H107D, adding new features like adjustable speed modes keeping up with your changing needs at home, in the office, or during HD video capture.

5. RED5 Motion Controlled Drone Best Drones for Kids and Teenagers

Easy-to-control drone for kids

  • Age: 18+ months (we’d suggest 4 and up)

  • Use: Indoor

  • Battery: 6 min

  • Weight: 123g


+Easy to grasp+Automatic hover


Prop guards less protective than some

Unbelievably easy to use, it is easy to see why the box hints that the 18-month-old might be a little optimistic. Supervision is essential, as is the case with many drones in this price range.

The actual flight is magically easy: keep the controller between your fingers and the drone replies with a height lock to maintain your motion. Intervention is however necessary to connect the unit via cumbersome connectors to the USB charger, so your children may require a few more months of life experience. It is certainly best utilized indoors and top quality propeller guards.

The lightweight prop guard is another worry. It certainly takes a few seconds flight more than similar goods, but it makes the delicate supplies for young fingers a little simpler to access. They are also fairly susceptible to breakdown, thus it’s advisable to practice in bigger venues.

6. Ryze Tello Best Drones for Kids and Teenagers

Best toy drone for educational value

  • Age: 14+

  • Use: Indoor & Outdoor

  • Weight: 80g

  • Flight Time: 13 mins


+Quality components, including camera+Prop guards+Up to 100m range


No GSMDoesn’t have all the coding features of the Ryze Tello EDU

Tello is a tech business, which is wonderful news in quality and smartness, with Ryze’s parent company DJI.

The camera comes with 5-megapixel or 720P video silence on the body – as nice quality as it is on the playground.

Beware of an Iron-Man branded tello and Edu(cational) flavor as well as the standard version (see below).

Of course there are many tricks and flips to get friends impressed, plus “EZ” videos. However, the educational value is where it really stands out. That also features Scratch compatibility – a visual programming block that allows computer enthusiasts to go as far as possible with programming on their phones or tablets. The Ryze is a popular choice for STEM educators with this coding feature.

Although the robust airframe hasn’t had an upgrade since 2018, multiple software changes have kept the app up to date.

Other companies have replacements written, available in telephone app shops, adding panorama photography and FPV flight features.

7. Ryze Tello EDU Best Drones for Kids and Teenagers

Best drone for wannabe computer programmers

  • Age: 14+

  • Use: Indoor & Outdoor

  • Weight: 87g

  • Flight Time: 13 mins


+Same specs as the Ryze Tello+Adds ability to program in multiple languages including Python


The extra educational components add to  cost of this version of the Tello

This is the greatest drone to learn coding and flying while you’re playing with your quadcopter. This version has the same specs as Ryze Tello and Ryze Tello Iron Man – but you can use other languages to create commands.

You can write Scratch and DroneBlocks with the original Ryze Tello – but this EDU version can also be used in Python and Swift programming, which is fantastic for desirable coders. You can even program Tello EDUs to travel in a swarm — and use synchronized airborne displays if you know others using the same drone.

The drone comes with software and pre-coded maneuvers that let it know how to react to certain activities, such as traffic lights or pedestrians. This way, it can fly itself autonomously.

8. DJI Mavic Mini Best Drones for Kids and Teenagers

A more serious drone for older kids and families

  • Age: 13+

  • Use: Indoor or Outdoor

  • Type: GPS Camera Drone with Gimbal

  • Weight: 249g

  • Flight time: 28min


+Stunning, smooth video quality +Good quality components


Not built for too much rough & tumble

Some people don’t fully understand the difference between the terms “toy” and “lightweight” and they can used interchangeably. This camera isn’t technically a toy but appears that way because it is made of lightweight materials.

This was the first DJI stack in a drone under 250 g. (the weight which is a cut off for registration in the USA & China, and a tier in the EU and UK). It’s a great job, honestly. This drone has the same basic components and flight times as the pricey pro drones for older children with cellphones (or grownups who haven’t even grown up). The MicroSD card can also record 2.7 K video, and 4000 x 3000 pixels of JPEG and the results are straight before other players since the lens is stabilised.

When you buy it, you get a real flying camera as a serious donation; you can even capture automated flights to orbit video selfies and enhance social media from the receiver. It also has all kinds of additional functions. Actually, in this list, there is just one drone that is better and closely connected.

9. DJI Mini 2 Best Drones for Kids and Teenagers

The ultimate drone for aspiring pilots

  • Age: 13+

  • Use: Indoor or Outdoor

  • Type: GPS Camera Drone with Gimbal

  • Weight: 242g

  • Flight time: 31min



+Pro level camera options+Good quality components


Not built for too much rough & tumble

The Mavic Mini is a terrific alternative for older children who want to love photography and drones, and at the time it is even more attractive if you are able to discount it. The DJI Mini 2 — which was announced in November 2020 — is identical in all respects; DJI added 4K footage to the original drone, automated views and in raw mode?

Who is it for? Who is it for? This could be useful for some serious users, to be honest. If you buy a photographer, or really have a 4K video display platform, then the additional functions on this computer appear to be disgraceful to ignore.

Flying with automatic home return and interior visual location is always as straightforward as feasible. If you buy for someone who needs the latest thing, don’t look any more.

This drone is also well equipped for interior and outdoor accessories, so whether you want something you can design yourself, float a message to anyone, or even make it into a cloakroom decoration (not, actually), it’s a great and kind donation that might well start a torrent.

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10. Propel Star Wars drone Best Drones for Kids and Teenagers

Propel Star Wars drone ($88): If you’re a Star Wars fan and you like the idea of having some fun with your new battle drone, why not get the new Propellers branded one? The new line of Star Wars battle drones are essentially a basic 4-ounce toy drone that is operated via remote control.

And not only do the Propel drones fly, but they can also actually battle with other real drones via eye-safe lasers that can be fired at other Star Wars drones. The drone actually wobbles and the controller vibrates in your hand if hit. After three hits, it is destroyed.

These drones are beautiful and should be considered an investment for the collectors in your life. They’re also affordable, which is perfect for Star Wars fans!

Price: $88

Flight time: 5-7 minutes


What is a drone?

A drone is an unmanned, flying robot which can be remotely controlled. It has become increasingly popular in recent years for aerial filming and photography. Drones are used by various companies across the world, including Amazon, DJI, and Google. The United States military also uses drones extensively.

Drones are becoming increasingly popular in recent years because of their abilities to fly over difficult terrain like mountains and forests with ease and provide high-quality images or footage at a low cost. They can be used for aerial shooting or photography purposes by various companies across the world; the United States military also uses them extensively.

How does a drone work?

Drones have been a topic of discussion for a long time now. They have been used to help with many tasks but the question still remains – how does a drone work?

A drone is a remote-controlled aircraft that can fly autonomously or be controlled by a human operator, either from the ground or from the air. A drone consists of three parts: ground control system, flight control system, and payload.

The flight control system is responsible for controlling the flight of the drone. It consists of an autopilot that controls navigation along with other functions such as hover and landing. The ground control system controls all aspects of flight including takeoff, cruise, descent and landing. The payload contains sensors and cameras to collect data on any given task which may include aerial photography or mine inspections.

Why would a child need a drone?

A drone is a remote-controlled aircraft that can be flown autonomously or manually. It has the capability of carrying cameras, sensors, and other equipment. Drones are becoming increasingly popular with children because they can be used in so many ways.

For example, drones can be used in photography to capture amazing images of things like landscapes and wildlife. They can also be used in education to show what different plants look like when they are in different stages of growth. Drones provide an immersive experience that could not otherwise be achieved with just photographs or videos.

Things to Consider Before Buying That Drone For Your Child

Drones are fun to play with, but there are some things you should consider before buying one for your child.

#1 Safety is the Number One Thing You Should Consider

-Drones can be dangerous to children – they can fall out of the sky and land on themselves, run into people, etc.

-If your child is not mature enough to handle a drone properly, it’s best not to get one.

-It’s also important that you have a safe place for your child to fly the drone where there are no people or obstacles present.

#2 You Should Choose The Right Drone For Your Childs Age/Skillset

-You should choose drones according to their age and skillset so that they can have a blast playing with them without getting bored quickly.