10 Best Conference Call Services For Small Businesses 2022

10 Best Conference Call Services For Small Businesses 2024

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Best free conference call services for small business

What is a Conference Call?

A conference call is a telephone call in which multiple people are simultaneously connected, usually by telephone.

A conference call can include audio and video conferencing, as well as web conferencing. The term “conference call” is sometimes used to refer to a conversation between two or more people who are not physically present at the same location.

Conference calls were first developed in the 1960s by AT&T Corporation and have since become an important means of communication in business and government.

Why do You Need a Conference Call Service?

A conference call service is a great way to make sure that you are present and engaged at all times. It also allows your team members to collaborate and share ideas while being on the same call.

The benefits of using conference calls include:

– The ability for employees to be more focused on a particular task, such as writing or marketing, without having to interrupt their work flow.

– The ability for employees to work remotely without the need for constant in-person meetings.

– The ability for remote employees to feel like they’re part of the same team and not isolated from one another.

– Lowering costs associated with travel time, which can be especially beneficial if your company is spread across multiple locations.

Here are the Best free conference call services for small businesses 2024

  • RingCentral
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Webex
  • me
  • Zoom
  • UberConference
  • Vonage
  • Mitel
  • Fuze
  • ClickMeeting

1. RingCentralBest free conference call services for small business

Okay. As a result, we may be biased. However, there was a compelling justification for putting RingCentral at the top of the list.

For starters, RingCentral is a handy one-stop shop for all things communication. RingCentral is more than just a strong conference call tool (more on that later). It also merges regular phone calls, video calling, and texting all in one location, allowing you and your team to work in only one communication tool: RingCentral.

With RingCentral’s conference call features, you may connect with up to 200 people at once. It also enables for screen sharing (so you won’t have to pay for additional screen sharing software) if you want to make your conference call into a video conference call.

As a result, your guests will be able to quickly peruse materials and respond to queries in the chat box without disturbing the speaker.

Participants can attend or host a meeting straight from their web browser, eliminating the need to download additional app to their computer or phone. Anyone can join right away by dialing the number provided in the invitation. Additionally, there is a smart-switch option that allows you to transition between devices—start a meeting on your phone, then switch to your computer once you’re there:

And RingCentral meetings are secure as well—just set an optional password to all of your conference call sessions to prevent any unauthorized guests. You may also utilize the Single Sign-On option to let your participants log in to RingCentral using their company credentials fast and effortlessly (which reduces the time they have to spend typing out their passwords).

Conversations may flow smoothly both before and after a conference call because RingCentral delivers an all-in-one workspace that functions as a team collaboration hub. You can also send action items or notes to guests after a call using the team messaging feature. This is one of the Best free conference call services for small businesses.

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2. Microsoft TeamsBest free conference call services for small business

Skype was the go-to video conferencing provider a few years ago. Microsoft Teams has taken the place of Skype for Business today.

Microsoft Teams, the communication center for Microsoft 365 subscribers, allows users to rapidly switch between group chats and conference calls for quick collaboration, with a limit of 250 participants.

Microsoft Teams treats audio and video calls the same, allowing for both types of functionality based on the needs of the participants. If you’re leading or arranging the meeting, you’ll need a dedicated Audio Conferencing line, which will set you back $4 (whereas RingCentral’s plans include it). When customers sign up for Audio Conferencing, they will be given a toll-free number that will be provided to them automatically.

The Microsoft Teams AI feature is a handy way of filtering out background noise during calls. This makes it easier for everyone to be heard and it allows you to focus on the parts of the call that matter most.

3. WebexBest free conference call services

Cisco’s Webex is a conference call service. It enables you to hold webinars, broadcast large-scale virtual events, learn online, provide remote customer assistance, or simply speak with a team member one-on-one.

Webex is another video-first platform with audio-only calling capabilities. A toll or toll-free dial-in number allows participants to join audio-only meetings, and a Call-Me function allows the conference line to call you directly, eliminating the need to remember the meeting number or password. This is one of the Best free conference call services 2024.

Many of Webex’s capabilities are related to video conversations because it is a video-focused conference call platform. Webex, like many of the other conference call programs on this list, supports screen sharing, chat, and video connections. If you’re meeting with a large group or organizing a virtual event, these can be useful.

Premium plans also display participant information, such as their company or job description, right in the conversation, which is ideal if you’re speaking to large groups or making sales calls all day.

Voice intelligence was recently added to Webex Meetings, allowing you to utilize voice commands to enable the AI-powered Webex Assistant to assist with notes, meeting highlights, and follow-ups, which you can then share with attendees.

4. Join.meBest free conference call services for small business

The goal of Join.me is to provide a simple platform for teams to communicate. The key word is “simple.” Join.me is a simple, easy conference call service built for everyday use, removing all the unnecessary features that can make meetings more difficult to handle.

Join.me has both video and audio conferencing capabilities. Participants in audio conferencing simply dial a toll or toll-free number and enter a password, whereas video conferencing participants can join without installing any apps or software, making it simple for participants outside your company who may not use the app on a regular basis to join.

Local conference numbers in the United States and 50+ countries, audio controls for meeting hosts, and the opportunity to join via phone or internet are just a few of the advanced audio capabilities.

All participants can connect via their preferred method with bridge audio conferencing, and everyone ends up on the same line.

While Join.me focuses on simplicity, iPhone and iPad users can use a whiteboard tool. Participants can follow notes, doodle, or even see your screen using the whiteboarding tool. At the end of the meeting, just save your virtual whiteboard and send it to attendees for future reference.

5. ZoomBest free conference call services 2022





Zoom has recently gained a lot of traction, and for good reason. It’s dependable, inexpensive, and really simple to use.

The business has expanded significantly, and it now provides some extremely appealing corporate conference call alternatives.

This cloud-based solution includes a variety of free and paid options to suit people and businesses of all sizes.

Zoom, on the other hand, is best for large or business teams. You can have up to 300 people on a single call for $199.99 per year. This is significantly more than any of the other providers (outside of enterprise-level plans). This is one of the Best free conference call services for small businesses.

You’ll get tools for recording and transcription of conference calls, as well as SSO and managed domains to keep talks secure.

For the most part, their initial paid plan should suffice. As your company grows, you can always upgrade to Zoom Business.

In terms of video conferencing and cloud conferencing rooms, Zoom stands out among its competitors. If you plan to make professional video presentations via conference calls, you should definitely consider this service.

While it isn’t for everyone, Zoom Enterprise is a great option for individuals who fit that description. Uber, Zendesk, Ticketmaster, GoDaddy, and Pandora are just a few of the well-known brands who use Zoom for conference calling.

With some of the subscriptions, Zoom offers a large knowledge base, as well as 24/7 phone assistance and live training. However, the audio quality can be poor.

6. UberConferenceBest free conference call services

UberConference claims free video conferencing with no PINs or app downloads—a it’s conferencing platform that allows guests to talk, video-chat, and share their screens instantaneously from anywhere.

Audio calls come in second to UberConference as a video-first conferencing platform. They are, nevertheless, simple to utilize, especially if you will be connecting only internally. You can start a conference with UberConference’s Instant Conference Call function by dialing in to your UberConference number or sharing your UberConference URL.

Their vocal intelligence system is one of their main selling factors. UberConference provides a complete, searchable transcription of your meeting at the end of every call, thanks to built-in AI technology. This allows people to concentrate on the discussion at hand rather than collecting notes. This is one of the Best free conference call services for small businesses.

Even action items can be recognized by UberConference’s AI. The platform automatically provides a report with next steps, a link to the call’s recording, and other relevant facts, removing the burden of creating a follow-up plan from your team.

7. VonageBest free conference call services for small business

Vonage is a commercial cloud communications company that provides small businesses and others with flexible and scalable phone, messaging, video, and data capabilities. Communications APIs, Unified Communications, and Contact Centers are the three key areas of their offering.

Vonage’s Unified Communications plan includes several options for holding a conference call. First, their Conference Bridge function allows you to join up to 30 people with a single button press. Simply provide attendees with a bridge number, invite them to join, and then utilize the moderator dashboard to simply add or remove conference participants.

You can use their Call Conference option for smaller conversations, which is included in the Unified Communications plan at no extra cost. This only allows for a three-way chat, but it allows you to effortlessly add another person to an existing call without having to create a new number and password.

Vonage Meetings, a communication platform that allows team members to hold call meetings, send SMS messages, and plan group meetings all on one platform, was recently announced by Vonage.

8. MitelBest free conference call services

Mitel’s MiCloud Connect platform is a simple-to-use, all-in-one cloud communications, collaboration, and contact center solution built on Google Cloud, which makes it dependable, secure, and scalable.

Audio and video conferencing are among its collaboration options, which also enable for web-based collaborative viewing and sharing of files and screens. Meetings can be arranged in advance or begun on demand, and participants can be called out for a more convenient call experience.

There is no need to download software before a call because participants can join calls using a standard web browser to stream audio and view shared desktops. Internal and external participants will be able to attend calls on time and without additional stress as a result of this.

A raise-hand option in Mitel’s conferencing features can prevent participants from talking over each other. This is especially useful in larger groups where numerous people might wish to say something. Your conference calls will operate much more smoothly if you use the raise-hand feature. This is one of the Best free conference call services.

9. FuzeBest free conference call services for small business

Fuze is a contact center and online meeting software that combines voice, HD video conferencing, integrated chat, and document sharing. Fuze delivers a smooth experience for both end users and administrators by employing a single application experience for both.

Your calls, meetings, and contact centers are all in one location with Fuze’s all-in-one platform. Fuze includes the same basic functions as traditional PBX systems, including as call transfer, conference, parking, call recording, and voicemail. However, it also provides a localized experience in over 110 countries, allowing distributed enterprises to use it as a single consolidated voice carrier.

Fuze is a software tool that offers HD audio and video for meeting calls & meetings of up to 1,000 participants. It also has features that make your meetings more fun by allowing you to share content & screens with other participants.

10. ClickMeetingBest free conference call services 2022

ClickMeeting, from email marketing experts GetResponse, is a webinar solution that also allows you to hold conference calls. Although ClickMeeting is primarily a tool for hosting webinars, it also includes a collection of helpful and practical conference call capabilities for staying in touch and collaborating with coworkers.

It’s worth mentioning, though, that because it’s primarily a webinar tool, the capabilities it offers are geared for delivering information (which makes sense, when you think about it). Nonetheless, it is adaptable and adjustable, and if you’re searching for a video conferencing application with an interactive user interface, ClickMeeting can be a suitable fit. This is one of the Best free conference call services for small businesses.

ClickMeeting has a lot to offer as a collaboration tool, and with its webinar capabilities, it clearly offers something that extends beyond video conferencing. Its monthly fees start at $25 and are invoiced annually. However, a 30-day free trial is available if you wish to give it a try.

11. BlueJeans

Verizon’s BlueJeans video conferencing technology, which is used by some of the world’s most well-known companies and brands, including Facebook and LinkedIn, is a high-quality audio video conferencing platform. BlueJeans believes that audio is king, so if you want a conference solution that allows everyone to hear each other with razor-sharp clarity, this could be the one for you.

You might be wondering why this is such a huge issue. Isn’t it reasonable to expect superb audio quality from a modern video conferencing tool? BlueJeans, on the other hand, is powered by Dolby Voice technology, which was created by audio experts Dolby Laboratories. Dolby is a company that specializes in audio encoding and noise reduction technologies, which is useful in this situation.

Dolby Speech is a technology that reduces background noise while guaranteeing that each participant’s voice has a distinct audio position. Creating the impression that everyone on the call is in the same room. You should have no issue making yourself heard by the other players, whether you have a true foghorn of a voice or are as quiet as a mouse. This is one of the Best free conference call services for 2024.

You may believe that BlueJeans is out of your budget range due to all of the technology needed. Actually, this isn’t always the case. BlueJeans plans start at $12.49 per month and include a 50-person maximum. You may also sign up for its enhanced plan, which costs $16.65 per month and includes up to 75 hours of video.

A downside of using BlueJeans is the maximum participant limit. Video conferences are typically popular with between 5 & 150 people, so not being able to handle larger groups of people could be a downside, depending on the application you’re looking for.

12. Lifesize

Lifesize is a practical solution for simple and convenient audio and video conference sessions. It includes a number of useful features, such as detailed information on how employees use the software and the option to store and share sessions with colleagues. There’s also a calendar integration function in the Lifesize app that allows you to change your calendar.

Lifesize offers superb audio and video quality, a highly-received app, a wide range of integration options, and a slew of other handy features, as well as round-the-clock customer service in case you need it. The only major drawback is that Lifesize’s chat facilities are a little underwhelming, so you’ll have to consider how important that is to you.

There are three paying plans and a free alternative with a six-month time limit. You can have up to 25 players with Lifesize Free, and there are no time constraints (while it lasts). With a minimum of 50 hosts, Lifesize Enterprise costs $12.95 per month per host. You get unlimited voice calling within the United States, 1,000-viewer livestream events, and premium assistance, among other things, for this price.

13. FreeConferenceCall.com

The concept behind FreeConferenceCall.com is simple: it’s a service that provides fully free conference call services. You have the ability to organize audio or video conferences with up to 1,000 people.

Despite the fact that the platform is free, it still includes some of the more advanced conference features seen in commercial services, such as remote drawing tools, recording capabilities, private chat, and screen sharing.

But, of course, it wouldn’t be free if there weren’t some restrictions. You’ll get a rather bare-bones experience if you use the entirely free version. Because storage is restricted, you may quickly run out of room if you save call recordings. You also won’t be able to provide toll-free call-in numbers, and each call will require a new number. This is one of the Best free conference call services.

If these are deal-breakers, they do offer paid add-ons to improve the user experience. However, because these extra capabilities are optional, you may end up spending less in the end even if you choose one of the other premium conference call providers on this list.

How to choose the right conference call service

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to selecting a conference call service that is right for your company. Your requirements will almost certainly differ from those of your clients, vendors, or even competitors, so while it’s helpful to acquire ideas on what’s working for others, you’ll want to consider your own requirements before making a selection.

When selecting a conference call provider, keep the following factors in mind.:

  1. Who is attending your calls? It is important to identify if attendees are internally or externally connected. It will also be beneficial to know how much they know about your platform & the expectations of them during the call. You should not expect people who haven’t been introduced to your platform before to be very tech-savvy but make sure you do provide levels of support for those who may require a little more guidance.

  2. How many attendees are there? How many participants are you looking to include for your meeting? Will there be an increase in capacity for the number of people included over time?

  3. How often will you need a conference call line? Would you like to have a conference call hosted by a professional voice actor? Are your conference call needs short term, or are you looking for an investment? Do you want to pay for the service monthly or yearly?

  4. How much can you spend on a conference call line? What are the features and services that you are looking for? Is this something that you want to spend on, or do you only need a basic package?

  5. How long are your conference calls? Do you need to have your meetings completed in an hour or do you want them to last for a few days?

  6. What do you need after a call? Whether you need a record of a phone call or want to share conversations with attendees, video recording capabilities are available. However, you may also want to take detailed notes about what was discussed to ensure that all of the information is captured.

  7. What additional features do you need? Does your business require you to have an audience in multiple locations? Do they need to share screens and take control of your attendee’s computers digitally? Can you deliver presentations seamlessly or connect with a virtual whiteboard?

What is the Best Way to Price Your Conference Calls?

There are many ways to price conference calls. The best way is to figure out your target audience and what type of conference call you would like to offer.

The cost of a conference call can be determined by the length of the call, the number of participants, and how far in advance you need to book it.

Understanding what a conference call is, who is the target market, the benefits of conference calls, and the importance of choosing a specific service.

A conference call is a two-way communication between multiple people in a group, where all parties can simultaneously speak and listen to each other. This type of communication is common for business and industry professionals.

Reasons Why People Choose Conference Calling Services

Conference calling services are a great way for companies to stay in touch with their clients and keep their business up-to-date.

1. It is a cost-effective way of staying in touch with customers and prospects.

2. It provides access to people from all over the world, which promotes international business opportunities.

3. It helps companies save time with conference calls by eliminating the need for travel or phone calls to be made between offices or locations.

Why Conference Call Providers are Important?

Conference call providers are important to businesses because they provide a way for their employees to talk. With conference call providers, companies can use their time more efficiently, which is important in today’s business world.

Conference call providers are also important because they make it easier for companies to build relationships with their customers and partners.

How to Choose Which Business Phone Line/Service Quality Suits Your Needs

Business phone lines are available in a wide range of quality levels. The quality level of a phone line is determined by the number of lines and the length of each line.

The cost to use a business phone line varies depending on the type of service and the number of lines that you need. If you have an office with multiple employees, then it may be more beneficial for your company to use a business phone line with multiple lines.

There are many different types of business phone services that are available for companies to choose from such as dedicated, private, toll-free, local, long distance, and international.