EyeDetect Opinion: 5 Signs to Look for When Someone is Lying

EyeDetect Opinion: 5 Signs to Look for When Someone is Lying

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Lying is one of the most challenging things to do if you want to keep something a secret. We’ve all done it, whether it’s fibbing to a friend, lying on a resume, or denying that you ate the last piece of pizza. But is it possible to learn how to tell when someone is lying? Yes, several signs can help you tune in to whether someone is being truthful or not.

Here are the following signs that indicate a person is lying:

  1. Change in vocal tone. The tone of the liar’s voice changes when they are lying and could change yet again when the liar tells the truth. It’s never a good sign if someone suddenly uses a different voice when lying. This can mean an underlying neurological injury or a problem with the brain’s speech center.
  2. Talking too much. There’s something about saying too much that gives you away. Don’t get me wrong; you’re not necessarily a bad liar. It’s just that sometimes you can’t help but let the truth slip out.
  3. Not talking enough. It is a cliché among liars to claim that they are “not saying enough” to prove their innocence. Lying is an art form, and liars are experts at obfuscating the truth. They are masters at keeping their stories vague, ambiguous, and hedging their bets by saying ‘I could have meant that…’ and ‘I could have meant that but…’ and ‘I could have meant that but then…’ just so that the truth of their words remains obscured.
  4. Uses non-congruent gestures. The use of non-congruent gestures can be an excellent indicator that a person is lying. That is because a person who is lying will often cross their arms or legs to force them to make a conscious effort to figure out what gesture they are making. If a person were telling the truth, they would not consciously think about crossing their arms or legs. Instead, they would simply be reacting appropriately to the information being transmitted to them through the senses.
  5. Change in the person’s speech pattern. The signs that someone is lying vary widely, but one is particularly telling: their speech changes. People lying will start to say words that they’ve never said before, and they’ll start using words in ways that don’t make sense. For example, a person might start saying “you know” when they’ve never said anything like that before. Truthful people will display the exact words but in the same way.

Some people are just bad at telling the truth. Whether they are lying to get something they want or just being manipulative, it can be hard to tell when someone’s lying. But what makes it even harder is that we often can’t ask them to tell us the truth. They might not want to admit they’re lying, or they might get angry and tell us they are telling the truth.

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