Top 10 Best Addictions Recovery Centres in the World 2021

Top 10 Best Addictions Recovery Centres in the World 2023

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What are addictions?

Addictions can be defined as the unhealthy, compulsive use of behavior or substance to self-medicate for a mental health condition.
Addictions are harmful habits that are difficult to break and usually cause long-term problems. They can range from drugs, alcohol, gambling, and shopping – all of which can have devastating effects on individuals and on society.
Addictions are often the result of an underlying mental health issue that has not been diagnosed or treated properly. They often need professional help for proper recovery and relapse prevention.

Addictions recovery centers are centers that provide treatment, counseling, and support services to people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol. These centers have different approaches to treating addiction. Some of them may focus on a 12-step program, like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), while others use a more holistic approach.

The most important goal of an addiction recovery center is to help the person addicted to drugs or alcohol completely get off of their addiction. The center may also provide more short-term treatments for people who are not able to give up their addiction yet, but it is the long-term goal that the centers are built on.

What Causes addictions, Signs, and Symptoms?

Addictions are a result of certain brain and body chemicals interacting in a way that is ultimately harmful to the person.

Addictions are caused by drugs or alcohol causing changes in neurotransmitters like dopamine, adrenaline, serotonin, endorphins. These changes lead to an addictive cycle where the person needs more of the drug to get back to a natural level of these chemicals. A person will eventually experience withdrawal if they stop taking the drug or making these chemical changes artificially.

Addiction can have many effects on people who suffer from it but these effects can be different depending on what is being abused. For example, addiction to prescription drugs could cause physical side effects like nausea, vomiting, and constipation while addiction to alcohol could cause liver damage and seizures over time.

What Recovery Options are Available for Addictions?

There are many recovery options for substance use, gambling, eating disorders, and other behavioral addictions. You will need to choose the option that best fits your needs.

The first step is to assess the severity of your addiction and then find out what options are available for you. For example, if you have a gambling addiction you might want to try Gamblers Anonymous or self-help groups like Debtors Anonymous. If your addiction is moderate, then outpatient therapy might be the best option for you.

If your addiction is severe and has caused significant impairment in your life or relationships then inpatient therapy may be a better choice. This means you have to check out some of these best addiction recovery centers.

5 Things You Must Know When Choosing an Addiction Recovery Centre

1. Licensed and accredited
2. Drug-free environment with no incentives towards relapse
3. Individualized treatment plans, not one size fits all approach
4. Good rapport with counselors and staff
5. Variety of therapy programs offered

How to Find the Best Addiction Recovery Centre for You

If you are struggling with addiction and need professional help, then you might be wondering where to find the best addiction recovery center for you?

Here are the Best Addictions Recovery Centres in the World 2023:

  • All Points North Lodge in Edwards, CO
  • Asana Recovery in Costa Mesa, CA
  • Suburban Hospital’s Center for Addiction Medicine, Washington D.C.
  • JourneyPure centre in Florida, Kentucky, and Tennessee
  • The Hope House – Scottsdale, Arizona
  • The Riverview Centre for Addiction Recovery Wernersville, Pennsylvania
  • United Recovery Center Hollywood, FL
  • Recovery Unplugged – Nashville Tennessee, Florida
  • The Caron Treatment Centers in Wernersville, Pennsylvania
  • TRC Luxury Rehab in Tarzana, CA

1. All Points North Lodge in Edwards, COBest Addictions Recovery Centres in the World 2021

All Points North Lodge in Edwards, CO is a luxury lodge with an excellent restaurant and spa. The rooms are decorated in a luxurious style with high-end amenities and personalized service.

The All Points North recovery center is a rehabilitation center that specializes in helping people recovering from addiction, trauma, or homelessness. The center provides a safe and comfortable environment for those trying to rebuild their lives.

All Points North Lodge is a comprehensive behavioral health campus specializing in addiction treatment, mental health, and trauma therapy. They also specialize in accredited Joint Commission Program for their wide range of therapeutic care and cutting-edge services. Our center also offers services for medication-resistant depression and OCD, as well as Hyperobaric Oxygen Therapy to treat diverse conditions and maintain wellness goals.

2. Asana Recovery in Costa Mesa, CABest Addictions Recovery Centres in the World 2021

Asana Recovery provides a safe and dignified environment for inpatient care, as well as outpatient services and supports.

Inpatient treatment is provided by a dedicated staff of physicians, psychologists, social workers, nurses and other specialists who specialize in addiction treatment.

The program utilizes evidence-based methods such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Motivational Interviewing (MI).

Outpatient services include individual counseling, group therapy sessions, recovery groups such as 12-step meetings and sober living skills training.

They also provide family education workshops for both parents and children on topics like co-addiction and codependency to help families understand the impact that addiction has on the whole family.

The Asana Way combines traditional and alternative methods while providing structure and practice to help patients find inspiration in life-fulfilling service. Asana Recovery provides a healing environment where patients accept and understand their addiction, learn new skills, find independence in daily living, as well as making lifelong commitments to recovery through self-empowered groups.

3. Suburban Hospital’s Center for Addiction Medicine, located near Washington D.C.Best Addictions Recovery Centres in the World

The Center for Addiction Medicine is a hospital in Maryland with a focus on dealing with addiction. They provide an environment that is comfortable and safe for patients to be able to recover from their addiction. The center also provides some of the best doctors in the country who are qualified to treat addiction.

Suburban Hospital’s Center for Addiction Medicine offers a number of addiction treatment programs. These programs include inpatient, residential and outpatient care. The center also provides counseling services for those who are addicted to drugs or alcohol and need help with their recovery process.

4. JourneyPure centre in Florida, Kentucky, and TennesseeBest Addictions Recovery Centres in the World

The JourneyPure centre is a rehabilitation and wellness center that uses holistic therapies to help their clients. They have centers in Florida, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

This facility offers a variety of different treatments for addiction including, acupuncture, yoga, massage therapy and equine therapy. They also provide their clients with psychology services, nutritional counseling and many other wellness-related treatments.

JourneyPure is the leading addiction treatment center in Kentucky, Tennessee and Florida. People from all over the U.S. fly there because of their expertise and hundreds of positive reviews from clients!JourneyPure’s success rates are better than most other facilities because they address causes that lie behind addiction – depression, anxiety, isolation, relationship conflict or trauma.

5. The Hope House – Scottsdale, ArizonaBest Addictions Recovery Centres in the World

The Hope House is a facility for pregnant mothers and babies from ages 0-18. They provide a variety of services to mothers who are at risk of pregnancy complications.

The facility is able to serve more than 3,000 clients per year with its current size, but it does not provide programming for the children of their past clients. It has been suggested that they should offer programs for these children in order to help break the cycle of generational poverty.

At The Hope House, they treat addiction as a disease that can be overcome. Their programs are run by master’s-level clinicians who have years of experience in addiction treatment. They offer multidisciplinary approaches and help you confront addiction at its source. They only accept 10 clients at a time, which means you get to work 1-on-1 with your therapist. they take privacy very seriously so you don’t have to worry about a stranger accessing your space.

6. The Riverview Centre for Addiction Recovery in Wernersville, PennsylvaniaBest Addictions Recovery Centres in the World

Riverview Centre for Addiction Recovery is a faith-based treatment centre that offers a variety of programs to help people recover from addiction. They offer drug and alcohol rehabilitation, group counseling, and other forms of therapy for those who wish to recover from addiction.

Riverview Centre for Addiction Recovery is located in Wernersville, Pennsylvania. It is situated on 140 acres of land with more than 10 acres being dedicated exclusively to the outdoor living area. It’s one hour drive west of Philadelphia and two hours southwest of Pittsburgh.

The Riverview Centre for Addiction Recovery was established in 1981 by Rev. John Siponich following the death of his son from an accidental drug overdose. The vision behind this Christian treatment centre was “to provide the most comprehensive service in the least restrictive setting.” This means they offer a wide variety of services to suit all needs and preferences.

7. United Recovery Center Hollywood, FLBest Addictions Recovery Centres in the World

United Recovery Center in Hollywood, Florida is a rehabilitation center for those with alcohol and drug addiction.

Patrick Nix, the son of an alcoholic, founded URC. He was addicted to drugs and alcohol for many years and eventually found that his addictions had taken over his life. He decided to break away from the cycle of addiction by going to rehab himself.

After he completed rehab Patrick wanted to help others like him who were struggling with addiction. He opened up United Recovery Center in Hollywood, Florida in 1989.

United Recovery Project was created to bring more people struggling with addiction to their recovery potential in a nurturing and supportive environment. There is always hope for everyone: the potential for change is always there, no matter your background. We offer a small client-to-therapist ratio in order to provide personalized care. We provide a safe space where patients are educated on how to develop coping mechanisms so they can sustain their mental well-being.

Therapists and counselors provide a variety of treatment modalities to help clients achieve long-term sobriety. We offer individualized treatment programs based on client’s unique differences to provide the highest level of wellness and recovery.

8. Recovery Unplugged – Nashville Tennessee, Florida, Texas, Virginia

Recovery Unplugged is a company that offers different types of treatment centers for people with addiction. The company’s main goal is to bring hope back into the lives of those who are struggling with addiction.

There are 8 Recovery Unplugged facilities spread across 4 states: Nashville Tennessee, Florida, Texas, and Virginia. These facilities offer inpatient and outpatient treatment options for people who are struggling with drug abuse. Drug treatment programs are available at all 8 locations; however, the type and length of treatment may vary from one location to another depending on the resident’s needs.

The Nashville facility in Tennessee is a residential rehab center where residents can stay up to 1 year. The Texas facility in Houston offers detoxification services that last 10 days long while the Virginia facility in Chesapeake provides a detoxification service that lasts seven days long.

9. The Caron Treatment Centers in Wernersville, Pennsylvania

The Caron Treatment Centers in Wernersville, Pennsylvania are a residential treatment program for individuals who are struggling with addiction and mental health disorders. The Center was founded by Father Thomas M. Caron in 1954 as the “Priory of Saint Vincent” and has since grown into an institution that is respected worldwide.

Caron Treatment Centers have many programs to help individuals recover from their mental illnesses, such as virtual reality therapy, which immerses the patient in a virtual world where they experience life-changing events like military combat or drug addiction. The Center is also home to the “ECAP: Emotional Cognitive Affective Program” which teaches patients new ways of coping with their emotions through cognitive behavioral therapy.

Every year, there is a graduation ceremony for those who have successfully completed the course in the form of a special school. Graduation ceremonies are characterized by speeches and gifts from the school to honor their achievements.

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10. TRC Luxury Rehab in Tarzana, CA

The TRC Luxury Rehab in Tarzana, CA offers a holistic approach to addiction recovery that has been proven effective over and over again.

The TRC Luxury Rehab program is designed to be a comprehensive, long-term residential treatment program. It provides counseling and therapy, life skills training, education, spiritual direction, family involvement with aftercare programs designed to help the recovering individual heal from their addiction as well as understand the temptations they will face on a daily basis in an environment conducive to healing.

Each person progresses at their own pace through the different phases of care at TRC which provide an individualized treatment plan for each client. The goal of this comprehensive program is not just to stop one’s drug use but to find peace and contentment with life without drugs or alcohol by accepting the limitations of the human condition.

11. St. Jude’s Recovery Center in Atlanta, GA

The St. Jude’s Recovery Center in Atlanta, GA is a rehabilitation center for people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol. It is a 60-day program that includes medical detoxification, mental health counseling, and vocational training. All the staff members at St. Jude’s Recovery Center have all been through their own recovery process and are able to empathize with the residents on their journey of healing from addiction.

St. Jude’s Recovery Center has been in the Atlanta, Georgia community for over fifty years, founded 1962. From the beginning, St. Jude’s Recovery Center has had a commitment to quality and accredited status that sets them apart from other treatment centers. They provide treatment for homeless and low-income adults. There are 7 facilities across the metropolitan Atlanta area.

12. Betty Ford Center in Palm Springs

Betty Ford Center is a rehab center that helps people with addiction. Betty’s goal is to provide a safe environment for patients so they can recover.

The Betty Ford Center has had an incredible impact on the lives of those who use their services. They offer medical detox and residential treatment programs, as well as outpatient counseling and support groups. They also have a building for out-of-town guests who are visiting Palm Springs, California.

13. Southeast Addiction Center in Atlanta, GA

The Southeast Addiction Center offers a variety of addiction treatments, including inpatient, outpatient, and residential.

Southeast Addiction Center is a nationally certified and state-licensed treatment facility with clinical staff specializing in substance abuse disorder treatment. We offer a range of addiction treatments for adults and adolescents, including inpatient, outpatient, and residential programs.

14. The Phoenix Centre in Toronto

The Phoenix Centre in Toronto is a nonprofit organization that provides mental health programs, services, and resources to help men become better fathers.

The Phoenix Centre was originally created as a result of the absence of mental health services for men during the 1980s. The centre’s mandate has since changed from serving men exclusively to serving all families.

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15. Riverwalk Ranch in Mansfield, TX

Riverwalk Ranch is a 490-acre property that houses a wide variety of wildlife, including whitetail deer, foxes, coyotes, bobcats, and feral pigs.

Riverwalk Ranch in Mansfield, TX is a 490-acre property that houses a wide variety of wildlife. They have an abundance of animals and trees that make for some great nature experiences.

Riverwalk Ranch provides individualized and collaborative treatment plans, with a full continuum of care to ensure patients have the support to accomplish their goals. Our treatment structure provides a safe environment for patients to work hard in achieving theirs. Riverwalk Ranch offers constant support to patients as they overcome addiction. If you or someone you love needs extra help in a top drug rehab facility, Riverwalk Ranch is the place to go.