Top 10 Best and Affordable HMO In Nigeria 2022

Top 10 Best and Affordable HMO In Nigeria 2023

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There have been several health issues in Nigeria over the years. Humans are vulnerable to diseases which result from increased exposure to different types of pollutant substances in the environment. Treating these diseases or health issues can be financially draining.

Because of this, it is necessary to register with any of the top HMOs in Nigeria and pay for their insurance plan; this way, you can pay for any medical expenses without breaking the bank. A monthly or yearly charge is required to obtain health insurance from an HMO. It comprises a collection of health insurance companies that deliver medical care via qualified medical personnel.

Continue reading to learn more about Nigeria’s top 10 health maintenance organizations (HMOs).

Top 10 Best HMO Services In Nigeria

Below are the top 10 HMOs in Nigeria;

  • Hygia HMO
  • Health point HMO
  • Reliance HMO
  • Redcare HMO
  • Greenbay HMO
  • Total Health Trust HMO
  • Metrohealth HMO

1.    Hygia HMO

One of Nigeria’s oldest and most well-known HMOs, Hygia has been around since 1986 and has amassed over 30 years of experience. This is due to the company’s skilled management and effective marketing.

The business has a lengthy history in Nigeria; in 2005, the National Health Insurance Scheme granted it a license. They provide Nigerian citizens with inexpensive health insurance through the following programs:

  • Personal plans
  • Maternity plans
  • Family’s plans
  • Corporate plans
  • SME group plans

They make it a point to collaborate with the most outstanding medical professionals in the nation.


AIICO Multishield Limited, one of the HMOs recognized by the National Health Insurance Scheme, began operations in 1997. They use the most incredible technology and staff to provide affordable healthcare services. AIICO Multishield plans include:

  • The Standard Plan
  • Executive Plan
  • Super Executive Plan
  • Magnum Plan
  • Evacuation plan

Additionally, users have access to a nationwide network of providers that they can connect to.

3.    Health point HMO

Children and widows in the nation are offered free health insurance packages through health points. Health Point HMO’s affordable prices are another one of its main advantages.

Health Point provides health management services at affordable rates; according to the company’s website, its monthly rates start at N800. You wouldn’t even notice it if you paid the fee using safe and practical online methods. The available packages under them include:

  • Standard
  • Pro
  • Health point Pro +
  • Pro Max

4.    Reliance HMO

This health management organization called Reliance HMO appears to be popular with both families and businesses. Reliance is a well-known HMO provider in Nigeria, offering health coverage for individuals and companies. Additionally, the Reliance HMO mobile app makes access to their HMO services simple. Their packages include:

  • Family
  • Parents
  • Business

Reliance HMO collaborates with more than 1,500 hospitals in Nigeria and is present in all 36 states.

5.    Redcare HMO

Redcare HMO is legally registered with the National Health Insurance Scheme and was founded in April 2009. (NHIS). Redcare Health Service Limited is committed to meeting client demands by delivering value through healthcare solutions.

The business is known for going above and beyond for policyholders. Among the services they provide are:

  • Company’s plans
  • Individuals plans
  • Families plans
  • Parastatals plans

6.    IHMS HMO

IHMS HMO is a health maintenance organization that takes a far more comprehensive approach to maintain health. In Nigeria, this insurance maintenance company has been in business since 2001.

They are among the best at what they do and strive to give their clients the best possible health and fitness. Their HMO plans include the following;

  • Retail health plan
  • Community-based social health insurance plan
  • Corporate health plan
  • Tertiary institution social health insurance plan
  • Group and association health plan

IHMS HMO collaborates with a broad network of medical facilities from each of Nigeria’s 36 states. These hospitals operate in the public and private sectors. The IHMS HMO team regularly inspects these hospitals and clinics to ensure they adhere to the highest standards.

7.    Greenbay HMO

The services offered by Greenbay HMO are concentrated on individual, group, and business health insurance policies. They also provide an online platform where you can access your health insurance information.

It is a modern health maintenance organization developed in response to problems with service delivery seen in the healthcare services sector. Furthermore, among the services they provide are:

  • Corporate plans
  • Individual plans

8.    Total Health Trust HMO

Three committed doctors founded Total Health Trust HMO in 1997 to offer affordable medical services. However, THT started running fully in 1998 thanks to funding from Leadway Assurance Company.

Total Health Trust Limited is the biggest insurance provider in Nigeria, with more than 300,000 members. You have access to more than 500 private hospitals through Total Health. The 2016 Nigerian healthcare award went to Total Health Trust HMO.

Some of their plans include the following;

  • Family plan
  • Individual plan
  • Corporate plan

9.    Metrohealth HMO

MetroHealth HMO offers Nigerian people a variety of high-quality health insurance plans, despite not being as well known as some other organizations on this list. Among their plans are the following;

  • Family plan
  • Individuals Plan
  • Couples plan
  • Business plan
  • Organizations plan

10. Hallmark

One of Nigerians’ top picks for the best HMOs is Hallmark. Additionally, they offer everyone access to cost-effective, long-term health care coverage. Their services include;

  • Company’s plans
  • Retail plans


You may safeguard your family, employees, and yourself from medical emergencies with the correct HMO. HMOs are a crucial component of cost-cutting and, more crucial way of preserving health in Nigeria.

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