Full List of the Best Cities in South Korea to Visit

Full List of the Best Cities in South Korea (Alphabetical)

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List of Cities in South Korea 

South Korea is known to be an East Asian nation that is located on the southern part of the Korean peninsula. The borders with the heavily guarded North Korean border.
South Korea is known for its hilly countryside, very old Buddhist temples, coastal fishing villages, high-tech cities, subtropical Islands, and green cherry trees.
South Korea is very popular because of K-pop, K-dramas, Korean fried Chicken, soju, Gangnam style, Korean barbecue, 12 step skincare routine, kimchi food, there are tech giants like Samsung and auto manufacturers like Hyundai.

South Korea is a very rich country and as at 2019, the per capita income according to World Bank was at $33,790. There are about 233 prominent cities in South Korea this list includes a number of cities they are latitude longitude, interests, and their province.

South Korean capital is the most popular city and is located in the country. The city has a population of 21,796.

South Korea changed a lot in less than 50 years skyrocketing its economies from one of the poorest countries in the world to the richest economy. The major highlights in this country are traditional, temples, ancient palaces, futuristic buildings, and gleaming shopping malls

South Korea has managed to uphold and preserve the unique culture of its people despite sharing borders with the two most powerful Asian countries which are Japan and China. Many of the museums and South Korea showcase amazing history local traditions and arts of South Korean people.

it is of no doubt that South Korea is a beautiful country to visit and the cities are well situated among these scenic mountains beautiful beaches and Islands. Immersing yourself in nature and hiking is also very popular in this country due to its beautiful and rejuvenating atmospheric environment. South Korea is known to be a very entertaining, impressive, and fun friendly country that has a lot to offer.

there are some big cities in South Korea that will be listed in this post but I’ll go ahead to analyze the top 10 best cities in South Korea and their positioning in the country.

Top 10 best cities in South Korea

Here are the top 10 best cities in South Korea 2023 to visit:

  • Geoje
  • Daegu
  • Gyeongju
  • Jeonju
  • Incheon
  • Gangneung
  • Jeju City
  • Seogwipo
  • Busan
  • Seoul

15. AndongTop 10 best cities in South Korea

The city is very friendly and welcoming please and its popular for its delicious dishes and cuisine. so if you’re a foodie trust me this might be the best city for you because it has local delicacies to offer you. This City has been in existence for more than 2000 years and has several cultural and historical attractions, it is also renowned to be a spiritual center because of the several religious sites and temples that exist there.

When you visit the Andong Hair folk village you’ll get to learn everything about the cultural history and local traditions about this city. This might be one of the best cities in South Korea to live in.

14. TongyeongTop 10 best cities in South Korea

This great City it’s more like an island because it is surrounded by Sea or body or water on three sides. The city is situated in the southern part of the Korean peninsula. most visitors that go to the city always use it due to the proximity to other 151 nearby Islands to explore. The harbor of This City is quite a laid-back place and could be said to be sleepy but it is still beautiful to behold. Having a delicious seafood dinner and taking a look across the harbor front during sunset might be the best experience you’ve ever had. I’ll do the activity in this town is very few and there is nothing much going on but this city contributes a lot to the growing beauty of several Islands close to it in terms of assisting tourists to get to their destinations. Nature lovers also appreciate the beautiful Hallyeohaesang national park.

13. DaejeonTop 10 best cities in South Korea

This City is a rapidly expanding city that has grown over the last decades. It is also known to be one of the largest cities in South Korea currently and is prominent due to the large Expo park complex science research centers that are located in it.

The city might not be the best physically in terms of beauty but it is home to several South Korean museums and also features the national science museum’s exhibits. This might be one of the best cities in South Korea 2023 to live in.

Whenever you are in Daejeon and you don’t make stuff at the yuseong hot springs then you’ve clearly missed out because taking a bath in the thermal Waters is one of the most soothing things you can experience in South Korea.

12. SuwonTop 10 best cities in South Korea

The city is very close to Seoul which is Korea’s capital so if you would love to make a day trip from the capital of Korea then this might be the best place for you.

The city is renowned as an industry-based City because of the presence of Samsung electronics in it. The streets of This City I’m very busy due to the cluster of shops restaurants and bars but if you want to have a very fun nightlife after work then you should visit Ingyedong.

Another reason why people visit this town is that a has an 18-century fortress of Hwaseong which is located at the center of the city, it has looming towers and twisting walls which is perfect for sightseeing.

11. YeosuTop 10 best cities in South Korea

This particular city is located on the peninsula of the south of South Korea and is known to be one of the most beautiful port cities in the country with a very prominent beachside resort. This might be one of the best cities in South Korea 2023 to live in.

The city is surrounded by mountains, cliffs, and Islands which make it look more spectacular. if you want to get to the best view of the city and you should receive the beautiful cliffside hermitage – Hyangiram Hermitage.

Yeosu might not be the best for sightseeing but the waterfront is very lively due to several seafood restaurants that are located there. so if you are relaxing on the beach and looking at the magnificent view that might be the best thing all day.

10. Geojecities in south korea alphabetical

Geoje is not just a city but an island at that. It has the nickname of the “Blue City”. This city is surrounded by a gorgeous rocky coastline, sparkling clear waters, and several beautiful beaches.

It also has a scenic charm which attracts several people. This City is a tourist attraction with places like POW Camp and 15th-century castle. This City has enough bars and restaurants to keep the occupants busy but the unique scenery is the best highlight of it. If you want to enjoy this city then you must take a trip to Odeo and Haegeumgang.

9. Daegucities in south korea alphabetical

This is a city inhabited by mostly students. It is quite youthful and has a sizeable population. It is very welcoming and friendly. Daegu is one of the largest cities in South Korea. If you take a walk downtown you can even find it more pleasurable to spend your afternoon. This City possesses beautiful art museums which are accompanied by aesthetic old temples and churches. The nightlife and foods are also thriving well. Daegu is seen to be a gateway to the region.

While you’re there, pay a visit to Palagong mountain. It houses several temples and a magnificent stone statue of Buddha. This might be one of the best cities in South Korea to live in.

8. Gyeongjucities in south korea alphabetical

This City has over 2000 years in history which makes it to be dubbed “museum without walls”. This is because of its endless archeological sites, tombs, and temples. This is probably because this city was formerly the capital of the Silla Kingdom.

Don’t underestimate this city or think it is too archaic, this city is a beautiful place to explore. It features Gyeongju National Museum which is home to several old artifacts. It’s also full of beautiful pagodas, old tombs, and traditional houses.

When you’re in the city, pay a visit to Bulguksa Temple which is rich culturally because it dates back to the 8th century. Also, check out Seokguram Grotto which is full of Buddhist and religious history.

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7. Jeonjucities in south korea alphabetical

The city is not to be the spiritual capital of South Korea because of the cultural landmarks and historical sites in it.
it is also the destination of one of the best tourist attractions in South Korea which is Hanok village where there is a display of artisan products, local cultural practices, and traditional houses from the region.

This City has several fascinating temples to visit with the alleyways housing beautiful restaurants and Cafes. If you eventually visit Jeonju, you should try the best local delicacy there which is bibimbap. This might be one of the best cities in South Korea 2023 to live in.

Before you leave, visit the national museum in Jeonju which preserves, protects, and promotes, the rich culture and history of the city.

6. Incheoncities in south korea alphabetical

This is the third-largest city in South Korea and is less than 40 km from Seoul. During the Korean war in 1950, it was the port of this city that American soldiers landed in to recapture the capital of South Korea.

This City is very important to the country in terms of Economic and Historical terms. Incheon has expanded rapidly and has a lot in store for visitors to see. It is a very busy Chinatown that has massive restaurants shops and bars. Bupyeong is also one of the highlights.

It also is one of the oldest temples in South Korea which is Jeondeungsa. It as old architecture and beautiful waterfront promenades. So if you want to take a break from the city of Seoul for an accessible and comfortable day trip then this is the best city to visit.

List of cities in South Korea

5. GangneungList of names of cities in South Korea

The city is located on the East Coast and is known to be the perfect place if you need some diversion and looking to explore the lesser-known cities in South Korea.

It is a very friendly City that the Taebaek mountain range separates from the rest of South Korea. The culture in Gangneung is very distinctive. The features of the city include cultural events and local cuisine which are very delicious. Another highlight of this city is the Danoje folk festival.

There are several impressive century-old temples that you can visit and also the museum in Ojukheon that are home to shrines, memorabilia from Koreans and some other traditional buildings.
Gangneung city has beautiful nature to offer. Gyeongpo is also located in the city and it has one of the most popular beaches in South Korea.

4. Jeju CityList of names of cities in South Korea

This is the largest city on Jeju Island that has welcoming and warm climates which makes it one of the best tourist destinations in South Korea. Thailand during summer to enjoy the trendy bars, teaming casinos, and fancy hotels.

Jeju city is one of the most pleasant places you can visit and it has several main attractions that are in the town like beautiful accommodations, upmarket boutiques, and fantastic restaurants. This might be one of the best cities in South Korea to live in.

Most people use the city as the point of exploration of the jeju island. Jeju City possesses a Loveland which is an adults-only theme park making it one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in South Korea.

3. SeogwipoList of names of cities in South Korea

The city is also located on Jeju island and is surrounded by a spectacular Rocky coastline, beautiful scenery, beautiful beaches, and plunging waterfalls.

People mostly visit the city because of its natural sights. it is one of the best places to go scuba diving in the world. There are several trails and parks that are leading into those waterfalls and coastlines.

This city is also famous for being a hiking destination.

The city might not be the best in South Korea but it has one of the best scenery that will make you fall for it. It also features massive submarine tours and a fun water park that you should check out when you are in the city.

2. BusanList of names of cities in South Korea

Busan is unarguably the second largest city in South Korea and I’m sure you do see it featured in Korean dramas. It is a famous tourist destination and has a bustling Port. Not just that it has gorgeous beaches and beautiful sceneries that have Forest coated mountains. The way the houses are lined up a very much colorful. This might be one of the best cities in South Korea to live in.

There are different sides to Busan City, it is a very much industrial area and has is hillside cultural village with colorful houses that makes the view of the city very delightful.

Most people that come to this city visit the beaches. also offers interesting historical sites that are around the town like the fantastic seafood restaurants, the several hot springs, the popular Beomeosa temple, and other outdoor activities.

1. Seoullargest city in South Korea

Seoul is the best and the largest city in South Korea. it is the dream of all South Koreans to visit the city one day and it has been the benchmark for tourist activities due to several sightseeing attractions in the city. This metro police contains over 25 million people and it is the capital of South Korea. It has everything to offer and it is to South Korea what New York is to America. It is one of the breathtaking places to explore in South Korea that has old temples and palaces with beautiful shopping malls and night markets. The food combination in this city is the best as it contains both international cuisines and local delicacies. There’s always something to enjoy no matter the kind of person you are in the city and it has the architecture of the 15th century. you can always go for a walk in the numerous parks in the City or take hiking in the nearby mountains. The city possesses fabulous museums that cover the rich historical culture of South Korea
It also has many great restaurants and stalls in the streets. The city brings out modern-day South Korea in terms of technology architecture fashion design and entertainment.

Which is your best city to visit in South Korea and why??

Cities in South Korea Map

Cities in South Korea Map

How many cities in South Korea?

South Korea is an Asian country that consists of 9 provinces and 7 metropolitan cities. There are over 200 developed cities in South Korea. Seoul is the capital of South Korea and boasts of the largest population with over 23 million people!

List of names of cities in South Korea (cities in south korea alphabetical)

Cities latitude longtitude country population
Seoul 37.5833 127 South Korea 21794000
Busan 35.1 129.0403 South Korea 3440484
Incheon 37.4639 126.6486 South Korea 2913024
Daegu 35.8667 128.6 South Korea 2461002
Gwangju 35.1667 126.9167 South Korea 1501557
Daejeon 36.351 127.385 South Korea 1475221
Suwon 37.2858 127.01 South Korea 1234300
Ulsan 35.55 129.3167 South Korea 1166033
Goyang 37.6564 126.835 South Korea 1061929
Changwon 35.2281 128.6811 South Korea 1046054
Tongjin 37.2361 127.2011 South Korea 971327
Sŏngnam 37.4386 127.1378 South Korea 948757
Bucheon 37.4989 126.7831 South Korea 867678
Cheongju 36.6372 127.4897 South Korea 833276
Hwasu-dong 37.2 126.7667 South Korea 655350
Jeonju 35.8219 127.1489 South Korea 653055
Ansan 37.3236 126.8219 South Korea 652800
Ch’ŏnan 36.8064 127.1522 South Korea 651661
Yanggok 37.6367 127.2142 South Korea 629061
Anyang 37.3925 126.9269 South Korea 573296
Kimhae 35.2342 128.8811 South Korea 534124
Pohang 36.0322 129.365 South Korea 520305
Pyeongtaek 36.9947 127.0889 South Korea 457873
Jeju 33.5097 126.5219 South Korea 435413
Masan 35.1833 128.55 South Korea 429612
Kihŭng 37.4167 127.1167 South Korea 425184
Uijeongbu 37.7486 127.0389 South Korea 421579
Kumi 36.21 128.3544 South Korea 421075
Paju 37.8328 126.8169 South Korea 415345
Gimpo 37.6236 126.7142 South Korea 352683
Yeosu 34.7368 127.7458 South Korea 341994
Chinju 35.1928 128.0847 South Korea 337230
Wŏnju 37.3417 127.9208 South Korea 330854
Asan 36.35 126.9167 South Korea 319929
Gwangmyeongni 37.4772 126.8664 South Korea 318021
Iksan 35.9439 126.9544 South Korea 302310
Yangsan 35.3386 129.0386 South Korea 297532
Kunp’o 37.3675 126.9469 South Korea 285721
Chuncheon 37.8747 127.7342 South Korea 281596
Gyeongsan 35.8167 128.7333 South Korea 278500
Kunsan 35.9786 126.7114 South Korea 275155
Yeosu 34.7607 127.6622 South Korea 273761
Suncheon 34.9506 127.4875 South Korea 265390
Kyŏngju 35.85 129.2167 South Korea 264091
Mokpo 34.7936 126.3886 South Korea 239524
Gangneung 37.7556 128.8961 South Korea 215677
Pocheon 37.8944 127.1992 South Korea 163388
Andong 36.5656 128.725 South Korea 162180
Gwangyang 34.9403 127.7017 South Korea 151834
Boryeong 36.3333 126.6167 South Korea 101852
Naju 35.0283 126.7175 South Korea 92582
Sokcho 38.2083 128.5911 South Korea 79846
Dongnae 35.2016 129.0848 South Korea
Jinjam 36.3003 127.3172 South Korea
Sinan 34.8339 126.3513 South Korea
Apae 34.8669 126.3128 South Korea
Yuseong 36.3539 127.3367 South Korea
Sejong 36.6092 127.2919 South Korea
Hongseong 36.6009 126.665 South Korea
Muan 34.9897 126.4714 South Korea
Bakjagol 36.043 128.0484 South Korea
Jangheung 37.7173 126.9412 South Korea
Onam 37.6983 127.2058 South Korea
Su-dong 37.7035 127.3258 South Korea
Wolgot 37.7165 126.5543 South Korea
Haseong 37.7195 126.6311 South Korea
Tongjin 37.6919 126.5986 South Korea
Gwangjeok 37.8257 126.9835 South Korea
Hamyeol 36.076 126.9641 South Korea
Yongan 36.1196 126.9528 South Korea
Gwangtan 37.7805 126.85 South Korea
Beobwon 37.849 126.8753 South Korea
Tanhyeon 37.8024 126.716 South Korea
Oepo 34.9404 128.7167 South Korea
Jangan 35.313 129.2424 South Korea
Gijang 35.2442 129.2139 South Korea
Ilgwang 35.264 129.2335 South Korea
Sangwol 36.2948 127.1409 South Korea
Sora 34.7935 127.6324 South Korea
Yulchon 34.8823 127.5786 South Korea
Hwayang 34.7085 127.6134 South Korea
Daehap 35.6137 128.4717 South Korea
Singwang 36.1291 129.2636 South Korea
Cheongha 36.198 129.3391 South Korea
Heunghae 36.1094 129.3452 South Korea
Guryongpo 35.9899 129.5538 South Korea
Ocheon 35.9705 129.4122 South Korea
Hyeonpung 35.6956 128.4461 South Korea
Ongnyong 35.0177 127.6193 South Korea
Okgok 34.9903 127.6987 South Korea
Jinwol 34.9791 127.7581 South Korea
Bonggang 35.0117 127.5813 South Korea
Jinsang 35.0212 127.7198 South Korea
Gwangyang 34.974 127.5809 South Korea
Juam 35.0773 127.235 South Korea
Seungju 35.0153 127.3897 South Korea
Haeryong 34.9141 127.5376 South Korea
Sangsa 34.9394 127.4552 South Korea
Oeseo 34.9142 127.2773 South Korea
Byeollyang 34.8748 127.4516 South Korea
Songgwang 34.975 127.2638 South Korea
Dongnae 37.8475 127.7616 South Korea
Sindong 37.8173 127.7166 South Korea
Gampo 35.8054 129.5011 South Korea
Waegwan 35.9925 128.3979 South Korea
Gujeong 37.719 128.8799 South Korea
Gangdong 37.729 128.9542 South Korea
Jinjeop 37.7272 127.1899 South Korea
Illo 34.8526 126.4895 South Korea
Haeje 35.1107 126.2946 South Korea
Chilbo 35.6032 126.9934 South Korea
Sannae 35.5678 127.0301 South Korea
Biin 36.1403 126.603 South Korea
Ganghwa 37.7472 126.4856 South Korea
Seonwon 37.7122 126.4844 South Korea
Samsan 37.7031 126.3214 South Korea
Gyodong 37.7827 126.2812 South Korea
Hajeom 37.7742 126.4123 South Korea
Yangsa 37.7987 126.408 South Korea
Songhae 37.7636 126.4658 South Korea
Bannam 34.9044 126.6518 South Korea
Seji 34.9201 126.7494 South Korea
Sangju 34.7242 127.9852 South Korea
Nammyeon 34.7725 127.8867 South Korea
Mijo 34.7128 128.046 South Korea
Buyeo 36.2747 126.9091 South Korea
Gyuam 36.2755 126.8842 South Korea
Gunbuk 36.1678 127.5274 South Korea
Deokjin 34.8195 126.6969 South Korea
Sijong 34.8689 126.6071 South Korea
Dopo 34.846 126.6437 South Korea
Yeongam 34.8006 126.6967 South Korea
Geumjeong 34.8635 126.7489 South Korea
Hongnong 35.3959 126.4453 South Korea
Gunnam 35.2403 126.4528 South Korea
Bulgap 35.2095 126.5077 South Korea
Yeomsan 35.2183 126.3719 South Korea
Yeonggwang 35.2781 126.5118 South Korea
Baeksu 35.284 126.4204 South Korea
Gunseo 35.2585 126.4752 South Korea
Beopseong 35.3627 126.4462 South Korea
Myoryang 35.2576 126.5432 South Korea
Okcheon 36.3012 127.568 South Korea
Gunbuk 36.3305 127.5337 South Korea
Annam 36.3568 127.6728 South Korea
Gunseo 36.2789 127.5269 South Korea
Cheongseong 36.3272 127.7598 South Korea
Iwon 36.2461 127.6196 South Korea
Dongi 36.2844 127.6199 South Korea
Changpyeong 35.239 127.0179 South Korea
Damyang 35.3189 126.9839 South Korea
Cheongsan 36.3465 127.7937 South Korea
Dongbok 35.07 127.1303 South Korea
Hancheolli 34.9741 127.0003 South Korea
Iyang 34.8895 126.9878 South Korea
Dongmyeon 35.0307 127.0384 South Korea
Cheongpung 34.8768 126.9703 South Korea
Nammyeon 35.0078 127.0962 South Korea
Hwasun 35.0613 126.9875 South Korea
Jeongok 38.026 127.0702 South Korea
Yeoncheon 38.1011 127.0773 South Korea
Hwanam 36.4487 127.906 South Korea
Haebo 35.1812 126.601 South Korea
Nasan 35.1145 126.6091 South Korea
Mujang 35.4196 126.5607 South Korea
Haeri 35.4614 126.5391 South Korea
Gongeum 35.3783 126.5114 South Korea
Daesan 35.3417 126.6033 South Korea
Daema 35.3018 126.5775 South Korea
Simwon 35.5245 126.5511 South Korea
Sangha 35.4449 126.4952 South Korea
Mungyeong 36.7353 128.1083 South Korea
Yongsan 36.2603 127.8285 South Korea
Cheongpyeong 37.7355 127.4174 South Korea
Donggang 34.7801 127.3338 South Korea
Jeongnyang 35.0834 127.777 South Korea
Geumseong 34.9645 127.7902 South Korea
Hadong 35.068 127.7515 South Korea
Jangseong 35.2978 126.7844 South Korea
Cheongyang 36.4516 126.8036 South Korea
Cheongnam 36.3534 126.9523 South Korea
Jangpyeong 36.3414 126.893 South Korea
Yecheon 36.6574 128.4551 South Korea
Simcheon 36.2373 127.7225 South Korea
Yuchi 34.8025 126.839 South Korea
Jangheung 34.6816 126.9069 South Korea
Gyeombaek 34.8299 127.1518 South Korea
Nodong 34.798 127.0707 South Korea
Boseong 34.7715 127.08 South Korea
Mundeok 34.9297 127.1724 South Korea
Bongnae 34.8932 127.1313 South Korea
Yureo 34.871 127.187 South Korea
Miryeok 34.8013 127.0875 South Korea
Joseong 34.8092 127.2475 South Korea
Beolgyo 34.849 127.3405 South Korea
Hoenam 36.4445 127.5803 South Korea
Samseung 36.397 127.732 South Korea
Annae 36.3943 127.6603 South Korea
Byeonggok 35.5306 127.6815 South Korea
Nagwol 35.2028 126.1376 South Korea
Imja 35.0846 126.1111 South Korea
Jido 35.0613 126.2075 South Korea
Palgeum 34.7857 126.1429 South Korea
Seolcheon 36.009 127.7901 South Korea
Chupungnyeong 36.2171 127.9919 South Korea
Yonghwa 36.0213 127.7665 South Korea
Yeongdong 36.175 127.7764 South Korea
Haksan 36.0976 127.6844 South Korea
Hwanggan 36.2324 127.9083 South Korea
Donggye 35.4417 127.2426 South Korea
Gurim 35.4536 127.1023 South Korea
Ssangchi 35.502 127.0028 South Korea
Ingye 35.4126 127.1414 South Korea
Yeongdeok 36.4137 129.37 South Korea
Toseong 38.2568 128.5597 South Korea
Seosang 35.6819 127.6877 South Korea
Baekjeon 35.5534 127.6356 South Korea
Beonam 35.5324 127.5437 South Korea
Hongcheon 37.6926 127.8873 South Korea
Seoseok 37.7119 128.1871 South Korea
Cheorwon 38.2092 127.2175 South Korea
Gwanin 38.1592 127.2493 South Korea
Sinseo 38.1856 127.1082 South Korea
Gwanchon 35.6746 127.2707 South Korea
Imsil 35.6131 127.2794 South Korea
Gangjin 35.5303 127.1636 South Korea
Sanseo 35.5836 127.3968 South Korea
Seongsu 35.6309 127.3334 South Korea
Bangsan 38.2088 127.9503 South Korea
Dongmyeon 38.2013 128.0433 South Korea
Haean 38.2863 128.1377 South Korea
Hwacheon 38.1071 127.7063 South Korea
Jangsu 35.6484 127.5152 South Korea