Top 10 Best Cooling Apps for iOS and Android Devices

Top 10 Best Cooling Apps for iOS and Android Devices

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Best phone cooler apps to stop overheating

Introduction: How Do These Cooling Apps Work?

The article will explain how do these cooling apps work and provide some benefits and drawbacks to using these apps.

A lot of devices have been created in modern-day society that enable us to do our day to day activities easily. One of those creations is the smart device we use for many tasks like creating a to-do list, fixing a date on your phone, or finding information online. You can do that with other things easily but as you do those things, your device might get hot from time to time.

This means you should keep an eye on the device to not overheat it. But luckily there are also apps created to help you cool down your device when it’s overheating. Below are ten of the best apps you can use to keep your device cool.

There are two main types of cooling app: one is a standalone device that provides air conditioning; the other is a phone app which assists in maintaining the temperature of the room.


– It controls temperature by remotely controlling AC, fan, and temperature settings

– It controls temperature in any room through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection

Drawbacks: – The installation of the device requires professional help.

Types of Cooling Apps That Can Be Used On The iPhone

There are various types of cooling apps that can be used on the iPhone. Such apps reduce the global warming caused by people who turn on their ACs.Top 10 Best Cooling Apps for iOS and Android Devices

Ways to Keep Your Phone & Other Gadgets Cool in Hot Weather with an iPhone Fan App

With summer around the corner, hot weather is already here. This can be a tough time for those who use their phone as an alarm clock, regularly take calls with it, or chat on WhatsApp. To make your phone and other gadgets cool in hot weather, this article will provide ways to keep them cool such as:

  • Remove the case. Extra insulation increases the difficulty of getting a cool phone. Consider a case with vents, such as the Razer Arctech Pro

  • Some cautionary advice would be to make sure you don’t leave your phone in a hot car – as that can cause it significant damage.

  • If you’re visiting a place that’s really hot, you may have to avoid any direct sunlight. If you take your iPhone outside in a bag or in shaded areas, avoid using it if possible.

  • You should avoid playing games on your device, because they can often use up a lot of processing power which heats the device up. Augmented Reality apps are more taxing on devices.

  • Stop using Bluetooth because it causes heat and drains your phone’s battery life. You can toggle off Bluetooth from the Control Centre: swipe up (or down from the top right on an iPhone without a Home button) and tap the Bluetooth icon.

  • Keep Location Services on to make the most of the native functions your phone offers. Turn it off using Settings > Privacy > Location Services.

  • Avoid using Maps turn-by-turn directions. This mode generates a lot of heat and drains your iPhone’s battery.

  • Don’t charge your phone until you’re somewhere cooler, or until it has had some time to cool down. Charging heats up the device.

  • Turn on Airplane mode. This turns off GPS, Wi-Fi and cellular data. It’s in Control Centre: tap the airplane icon.

  • We recommend turning the iPhone off entirely when not in use instead of using notifications. To do this, press down on the sleep/wake button and slide to power off the device. (If you have an iPhone 11 or other handset without a home button, you should instead hold down the power button and one of the volume buttons.)

  • There are many products to cool down a hot phone, such as the 10W Fast Wireless Charger and Momen Gaming Controller & Phone Cooler. This is done using a fan to maintain a constant airflow around the device. Our research has found that Moshi’s Magnetic Car Mount, which slots into your vehicle’s air conditioning vents, tends to cool down a handset as a side-effect if the AC is turned up high.

How to cool down iPhone fast

Tips to keep an iPhone cool

  1. Remove the case.

  2. Whenever storing your phone, avoid leaving it in hot places such as a car where the temperature can rise quickly.

  3. To not be exposed to direct sunlight, you will likely need to avoid it as much as possible.

  4. Avoid playing games.

  5. Stop using Bluetooth devices as they provide an extra heat source.

  6. Turn off Location Services.

One way is to blow on the iphone. It will cause a cooling effect as cool air from the mouth will be blown into the device. Another way is to put it in a bowl of cold water. The cold water will help to reduce the temperature of your iphone

Blowing on the iphone is a good way to cool it down quickly. You can also put your phone in a bowl of cold water, but this may take awhile for noticeable change in temperature.

10 Best Cooling Apps for iOS and Android devices

1. Smart Cooler – CPU Temp controller and phone cleaner

The first of the finest cooling apps for Android smartphones is Smart Cooler – CPU Temp Controller and Phone Cleaner. The software has a number of options that might help you make your smart device cooler. It’s a free CPU temperature detection tool that regulates the operating temperature while also monitoring the temperature of your smart device in real time. You can monitor the temperature of your phone at any moment with this app.

2. Phone cooler, Battery Saver

Huy Phong Tech invented Phone Cooler, Battery Saver, which allows you to accomplish a lot with your Android smartphones. This app is quite useful and integrates with a variety of features that make your device cool. The software contains a feature that detects dynamic overheating, analyzes CPU utilization, and allows you to cool your device with a single tap. It also has a feature that allows your phone to overheat by closing other apps.

3. Phone Cooler Master, Super Cleaner, Ram Booster Created by Team Lockapp

The next app I’ll recommend for you to download on your Android devices is Phone Cooler Master, Super Cleaner, Ram Booster by Team Lockapp. The app includes the majority of the features found in the other apps in this post. It has its own CPU temperature that will function effectively for you while also conserving battery life and reducing power consumption on your smart gadgets.

4. Cooling Master: Phone Cooler ( Fast CPU Cooler)

Cooling Master is another excellent cooling program that you can easily get for your devices. The software was made by Xiam Apps and is available for Android smartphones. It has a lot of features, much like the rest of the apps in this article. It also regulates the activity of other programs on the device that heat up the CPU and cause the device to overheat.

5. Cooler Master – Clean Booster

Another software I recommend is Cooler Master – Clean Booster, which you can download as part of the top cooling apps for Android devices. The app is quite easy to use. It was made possible by the mobile clean system lab. It also offers a real-time CPU temperature like most of the other apps, allowing you to save the energy left on your battery.

6. CPU Cooler- Cooler Master, Phone Booster, Cleaner

The Cooler Master app is another app you can use on your mobile devices. The app is like most of the apps in this article and it’s available for download on Android devices. The app has a huge range of features that include: lowering CPU usage and battery consumption. This means that your device won’t overheat and you’ll enjoy better performance.

7. Cooler Master Connect

Cooler Master Connect is the first of the best cooling apps that is available for download on your devices. It’s free to get, so you can download it at any time and it works by detecting CPU temperatures. This makes it possible to reduce CPU usage, which in turn helps improve your device performance.

8. Phone Cooler CPU Cooler Master (Speed Booster)

Phone Cooler CPU Cooler Master is in this list of the best cooling apps that you can get on your smart devices. It works similarly to most other cooling apps that are featured in this article and is available for Android users to download.

9. Cooling Fan

Cooling Fan is another complimentary application that you can download easily. It has a lot of different backgrounds and looks like any other app mentioned in this article. And it also has other features that make your devices cool

10. Cooling Master – Phone Cooler

The Cooling Master app is the last that I’ll be introducing in this article. It’s available on Android devices and allows you to do a lot. I use it for monitoring my server. It has a bunch of cool features which are similar to most other apps in this list. It is actually one of the best cooling apps you can use.

Is the weather too hot for my iPhone?

Have you ever felt like your phone is too hot to hold? It is because of the heat emanating from the phone. Keeping the iPhone cool is important for its performance and battery life.

Apple has already released a statement that claims that the company is looking into these complaints, but it may be too late. Many people are already looking for an alternative solution to their problem.

It is important to remember that iPhones are not heat-resistant and they have not been designed to work in extreme heat. The operating environment for an iPhone can range from 14°F (-10°C) to 95°F (35°C).

What happens when an iPhone overheats?

When an iPhone overheats, it can cause the battery to heat up and the phone’s screen to flicker and become unresponsive. It can also cause a device to slow down or even shut off.

If the device is plugged into a charger, it may not charge. The thing is that there are many things that can cause an iPhone to overheat, but you should contact Apple Support for specific instructions on what to do if your phone overheats or if you have any other questions.

Is my iPhone going to explode?

No, This is very unlikely.

iPhones have been known to overheat to dangerous levels, even melting the floor mat in a Florida woman’s car, but these have been exceptional incidents that usually come from some sort of accident. For example, the iPhone that melted the mat had previously been dropped in a pool.

(Even if your iPhone is accidentally thrown in water and magically recovers, you should still have it examined.) Internal corrosion may cause issues in the future.)