Top 10 Best Horror Movies of 2020 (Must Watch)

Top 10 Best Horror Movies for Halloween 2024 (Scary Films)

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Horror movies of 2024 would always want to give you creeps while watching it, it has spices of fear while entertaining you.
There are very scary movies ever made like ‘IT’ of 2017, I am Legend of 2007, Jaws of 1975, it chapter two of 2019, Evil dead, A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984), Shaun of the dead (2004), Dawn of the dead (1978), Saw (2004) and others.

Most of these movies are scary as hell and every viewer that’s all it can be a 9/10 rating. You might want to check out these movies at night because that is when the flavor comes out.

However, let’s hope the best horror movies of 2024 will match up to the best horror movies of all time.

Top 10 Best Horror Movies of 2024 (Must Watch)

These are the top 10 scariest movies of 2024:

  • The Invisible Man
  • A Quiet Place Part II
  • Candyman
  • The Conjuring 3
  • Underwater
  • Antlers
  • Swallow
  • Spiral
  • Fantasy Island
  • Halloween Kills

1. The Invisible Man

Jason Blum-backed horror movies are usually hit (Happy Death Day, Get Out) or fail (Ma, Truth or Dare), and there’s decent money on The Invisible Man to be in the former. In an H.G. film adaptation, Elisabeth Moss stars. Wells masterpiece, which is already looking like a convincing and graphic portrait of the wounds left to victims of abusive connections.

2. A Quiet Place Part II

A Quiet Place was one of the 2010s horror-film renaissance’s biggest breakthrough movies — which means a lot when you can stand out from the world’s Babadooks. Director John Krasinski returns to direct his sequel this year, which will follow the Abbott family as they struggle to live in a post-apocalyptic world populated by creatures with sound sensitivities. The first part was a blast, this one might be wayyy better.

3. Candyman

Jordan Peele + horror is already, at this stage, a virtual guarantee of best-of-year content. If you need more selling on the film here is: Peele co-wrote a sequel to one of the classics of the genre (Candyman does a Halloween and avoids the sequels of the not-as-good ’90s). The original follows a teenager as she discovers the Candyman, an urban legend that turns out to be a true, frightening one that has been stalking her. This movie is not just scary, it is disgusting at some point too.

4. The Conjuring 3

Paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren are seeking to discover the facts behind a tale of supernatural possession by a killer. Conjuring series are always scary.

What is the scariest movie of 2024?

The conjuring 3 is the unarguably the scariest movie of 2024, watch it at night for full effects.

5. Underwater

Underwater that stars Kristen Stewart as a mechanical engineer working on a deep-sea mining ship ended up being a good winter horror thriller. However, it turns out that the big bad monster from Underwater wound up being completely from a separate world of existing IP. I have seen the film and it is fun though heartbreaking.

6. Antlers

Do Keri Russell and Jesse Plemons lead a horror film? And they praised Guillermo Del Toro as a producer? That is enough to make our money worth it, whether we see that one in theaters or via on-demand video — the film was delayed due to the current coronavirus pandemic.

7. Swallow

If you’re not in the body-horror and horror-thriller Venn diagram middle bubble, don’t press play on that video. Swallow stars Haley Bennett as Hunter who just likes to eat stuff she shouldn’t eat. Marbles, syringes, push-pins … Oh, Lord. Haley Bennett nails her role as a housewife hellbent on changing things at home — this won’t be the last time you’ll see her.

8. Spiral 

Now we have had nine (nine!) films shown since the first outing of the series in 2004. That’s like, at least four too many. If anyone is going to make number ten worth watching, it’s Chris Rock who launches a quasi-reboot as Spiral’s executive producer and star, described as “Saw’s novel.” Let’s start the games! (Or something similar).

9. Fantasy Island

In a lavish yet remote tropical resort, the mysterious Mr Roarke makes the hidden dreams of his lucky guests come true, but when the visions turn into hallucinations, guests have to solve the island’s mystery to return with their lives.  This movie is definitely a blend of adventure and scary scenes.

10. Halloween KillsTop 10 best horro movies of 2024

As horror-genre icons such as Jason Vorhees or Freddy Krueger normally come back for one! Plus! Money-grabbing outing, we’re usually left to wish they’d stayed in the cemetery, or wherever eerie big-bads go when defeated. Surprisingly, this was not the case for Halloween 2018, which saw Jamie Lee Curtis replay her role as Laurie for a comeback against Michael Myers.
Now, in Halloween Kills, the two are going to have another go at it — which producer Jason Blum is lauding as “the 2018 speed movie.”

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