Top 10 Best Penalty Takers in Football in 2021

Top 10 Best Penalty Takers in Football in 2024

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Many football teams in different leagues all over the world have players that get very nervous when it’s time for a penalty kick. It is something that requires a lot of precision and courage at that point in time to be able to net a goal. It is crucial that i point out that not every great footballer is good at taking penalties. You can bear me witness that the best footballers in the world have missed penalties during their careers if not more than once.

This brings to mind the unpredictability not just in sports but in many aspects of life, including entertainment and gaming. Just like in football, where even the most skilled players face moments of unpredictability and chance, the world of online gaming, such as that found on platforms like hugewin, offers a similar thrill. It’s that heart-pounding moment of suspense, whether you’re watching a penalty kick or spinning the slot machine, where anything can happen. It’s a reminder of the excitement that comes with the unknown, whether on the football field or in the engaging world of online casinos.

In this post, we would be taking a critical look at the best penalty takers in the five different European leagues in the world in 2024. In no special order, this ranking of the best penalty takers in 2024 is based on their skills from this year’s spot-kicks.

Top 10 Best Penalty Takers in Football in 2024

These are the best Penalty takers in football leagues 2024:

• Luka Milivojevic – Crystal Palace
• Robert Lewandowski – Barcelona
• Harry Kane – Tottenham
• Lionel Messi – PSG
• Cristiano Ronaldo – Al Nassir
• Jaime Vardy – Leicester City
• Sergio Ramos – PSG
• Jorginho – Chelsea
• Ciro Immobile – Lazio
• Bruno Fernandes – Manchester United

10. Luka Milivojevic – Crystal Palacebest penalty takers 2021

Crystal Palace FC captain Luka Milivojevic, with an incredible 95 percent performance rate, has been said to be one of the deadliest penalty takers in the Premier League right now. Ever since his arrival in January 2017, he has successfully converted over 20 penalties. Luka Milivojevic is tenth on the list of the best penalty takers 2024.

9. Robert Lewandowski best penalty takers 2021

The striker from Poland in the final third is dangerous. He’s a consistent scorer, and last season, he scored 7 of his penalties, missing none. This season, he has already scored two and looks likely to score more goals from the spot. Lewandowski deserves a spot on the list of the best penalty takers in 2024.

8. Harry Kane – Tottenhamtop 10 penalty takers 2021

Harry Kane has already shown that he is the one who calls for penalty duty. He has also scored a penalty kick against Denmark in the Euro 2020. He’s only scored twice from the penalty spot this month. From the penalty spot, the English marksman is freezing cold and buries the ball more often than not in the net.

7. Lionel Messi best penalty takers 2021

In converting from spot-kicks, Lionel Messi is not known for his prowess, but you can not doubt that the Argentine legend is lethal from 12-yards back. In 2020, he scored all his penalties for Barcelona. One of the greatest players of all time – Messi is well deserved on the list of the best penalty takers 2024.

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6. Cristiano Ronaldo- Al NassirTop 10 Best Penalty Takers in Football in 2021

Cristiano Ronaldo’s conversion to the penalty is impressive. Last season, the Juventus forward converted 12 spot-kicks and has already scored one this season. He is renowned for his strong 12-yard shot which makes him to be among the best penalty takers 2024.

5. Jaime Vardy – Leicester CityTop 10 Best Penalty Takers in Football in 2021

In the final third, Jamie Vardy was a sensation to behold. All four penalties he took last season were taken by the present EPL golden boot winner, and he has already scored four this season.

4. Sergio RamosBest Penalty Takers in Football in 2021

The Real Madrid captain rarely misses a 12-yard kick. He has a high conversion rate of 100.0 percent despite being a defender. For his sublime panenka punishments, Sergio Ramos is also known. Last season, he scored all his penalties which makes him to be on the list of the best penalty takers 2024.

3. Jorginho – ChelseaBest Penalty Takers in Football in 2021

From the penalty area, the Italian midfielder is deadly. He converted all 5 penalties he played in the 2019/20 football season effectively, and he’s already scored 3 this season. He has a terrific penalty scheme that still defeats the goalkeepers including the one he scored at the EURO 2020.

2. Ciro Immobile – LazioBest Penalty Takers in Football in 2021

From the penalty spot in the last football season, the current European golden player seems to have been prolific. He has scored all the penalties he has got and continues to produce impressive results for Lazio. Out of 15 last season, he scored 13 penalties.

1. Bruno Fernandes – Manchester UnitedBest Penalty Takers in Football in 2021

The Manchester United midfielder, Bruno Fernandes, is first on the list of the best penalty takers in 2024. The Portuguese player has a transfer rate of 100 percent. All the fines that he took in 2020 were successfully converted. He’s arguably one of the world’s greatest midfielders, and undoubtedly one of the best penalty takers right now. Bruno Fernandes of Manchester United is the current best penalty taker in 2024. He is not just good at penalty conversions but also known as Man united King of freekicks.


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