Top 20 Richest football players in the world in 2020: Updated list

Top 20 Richest football players in the world in 2021: (Updated list)

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Who’s the World’s richest footballer in 2021?

There are over 700 million total revenue from the 20 highest-paid players in the world, and none of them take less than 20 million between contracts, bonuses, and sponsors. They are the ducklings of the football world, where money continues to rise, and pockets have never been so wide to hold all those figures.

In first place – according to the richest football players in 2021 list compiled accurately by Webbsy – Messi returns to the top of all, followed by the usual CR7 in the infinite dualism between the two champions of Barcelona and Juventus.

Neymar follows, and the numbers are monstrous. Also and especially because the sum of the top three highest-paid players in the world exceeds 300 million, three times what happened in 2013 and the quadruple of how far back 2008.

There is no Serie A player in the top 20, on the other hand ten play in La Liga, three in the Bundes (all Bayern), while two squares apiece for the Premier League, China and Ligue 1. Mls represented by Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

The Three Scrooge The podium is almost all Spanish, with the former Neymar having come to France to make life as king. Messi is the richest of them all, with 126 million revenue in 2018.

87 from Barcelona alone, plus more than 2 million bonuses, to which I would also add and especially the sponsors, for 37 million. Distant is Cristiano Ronaldo, who stands at “only” 94 million, curiously the same amount that Real spent to buy him from United in 2009.

CR7 receives 21 million euros per year (plus 5 bonuses) from Juventus, but even 45 from sponsors: surpassing any opponent in revenue. The lowest grade for Neymar, whose total entry of 81.5 million euros is mainly due to the Psg: 48.9 million come only from the salary – with 2.6 prizes – but also the sponsors are not bad for the Brazilian ace, who rose to 30 million.


Spanish League

To close the top 10 an exorbitant number of La Liga players: for a total of 8 players in the top 10, with only Ibra (besides Neymar) to be whiteflies in the group. In fourth place is Gareth Bale, who earns 44 a year thanks to 32 (plus 3 bonuses) from Real, along with 9 of the advertising contracts.

He follows Piqué of Barcelona with 29 million, who came into the top 20 after being left out of the top 20 in the last ranking of France Football (decisive the renewal with the Catalans from 20 million a year). In sixth and seventh place are the Blancos Kroos and Ramos (28.2 and 27.5 each for them), both with a contract of 20 million a year with Madrid.

In eighth place is Ibrahimovic, whose continental flight to Los Angeles has brought in a much less wealthy deal, even from “just” 1.5 million a year. In the meantime, however, his numbers at Manchester United were 17.6 million salary, plus 1.2 million prizes and 8 from sponsors.

Griezmann – closed with a total of 26 million (21 contract), and Luis Suarez, also at 26: 19 from contract with the Catalans and 6 from sponsors.

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What are the highest paid players in the world of football? Let’s find out together who are the 20 richest players who boast a pharaonic salary. Here’s the ranking.

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Ranking of the top 20 richest football players in 2021

If you think Ronaldo’s pharaonic arrival at Juve makes the Portuguese the highest paid of footballers in the world, you are wrong, because even with regard to salaries the king of kings remains him, the football god Lionel Messi.

The Argentine has practically a lifetime contract with the Blaugrana, and will earn only 87 million from Barcelona, but his business does not stop there, between sponsors and other revenues the Argentinian comes to 130 million according to the magazine French France Football.

In the richest football players in 2021 second place, however, comes the phenomenal CR7, which between the great Juventus signing and his entrepreneurial activities also in this 2019 will touch phaladon figures reaching, according to France Football as much as 113 million euros.

In third place is PSG’s Brazilian Neymar, who will earn 91 and a half. The gap between the three of the podium and the other stars of the football scene is net, at least in terms of salaries (but not only). In fourth place is Griezzman with 44 million.

The same figure for Gareth Bale. Iniesta follows him to 33 million, while he surprises Sanchez at 30.7 million, long considered the big bluff.

Top 10 Richest footballers in the world in 2021

Webbspy brings you the top 20 richest footballers in the world (2021);

  • MessiNet worth 2021 – $460million
  • Cristiano Ronaldo –Net worth 2021 – $450million
  • Neymar –Net worth 2021 – $185million
  • BaleNet worth 2021 – $114million
  • Paul Pogba Net worth 2021 – $100million
  • Griezzman –Net worth 2021 – $44million
  • IniestaNet worth 2021 – $33million
  • SanchezNet worth 2021 – $30.7million
  • CoutinhoNet worth 2021 – $30million
  • LavezziNet worth 2021 – $28.3million
  • SuarezNet worth 2021 – $28million
  • PiquèNet worth 2021 -$27million
  • Toni Kroos Net worth 2021 – $26.3million
  • Mesut Ozil Net worth 2021 – $25.8million
  • Kylian Mbappé Net worth 2021 – $25million
  • Oscars Net worth 2021 – $24.3million
  • Sergio AgueroNet worth 2021 – $24.3million
  • Kevin De Bruyne Net worth 2021 -$23.5million
  • Hulk Net worth 2021 – $23.4million
  • Sergio Ramos Net worth 2021 – $23million


World’s Richest Footballer 2021: Lionel Messi

Top 20 richest football players in the world 2021

Messi has six Ballon d’Or awards making him the best footballer in the world with an estimated net worth of over $460 million in 2021.

Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccittini ( simply “Lio”) is an Argentine footballer who plays as a forward or right-winger. He comes from a family of limited economic resources, consisting of his father Jorge Horacio Messi a factory worker and his mother Celia María Cuccittini worker of various trades. His maternal grandmother Celia Olivera, was the one who promoted him and motivated him to take football as a professional career, so in 1992 when he was 5 years old he began his training as a footballer at the club.

Flagged Grandoli, who was one of Rosario’s training teams. In 1994, Lionel Messi began his time in the lower divisions for Newell’s Old Boys where he began to show his skill with the ball and to win several national titles. At the age of 11, the player received not very pleasant news, as he was diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency, which was beginning to make him unattractive to major football clubs despite his great talent, However, this was not an impediment to Messi continuing his aspirations to be a professional footballer.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo – Net Worth 2021 – $450 million

Top 10 Richest footballers in the world in 2021According to the Forbes list, Cristiano Ronaldo has an estimated net worth of $450million in 2021. He also earns $47.8million from social media yearly.

Following nine years with Real Madrid Ronaldo joined Juventus in 2018. With his four-year contract worth $64 million year, he had taken pay cut. Juventus sold 520,000 Ronaldo jerseys worth more than $60 million within 24 hours of their sale. 

He has won FIFA’s Player of the Year five times and is the UEFA Champions League’s all-time leading goal scorer. With 400 million total followers, the Portuguese star is the most followed athlete in social media.

3. Neymar -Net worth 2021 – $185 million

Neymar is one of the most prominent and successful soccer players of our time, and at only 26 years old he has an estimated net worth of approximately $185 million in 2021.Top 10 Richest footballers in the world in 2021

Neymar is on a five-year contract with Paris Saint-Germain through June 2022 worth $350 million in salary. His transfer from Barcelona to PSG made breaking news as the most expensive in the world at $263 million, which the French club paid in full ahead of his signing.

4. Bale -Net worth 2021 -$114million

Bale’s famous bicycle kick against Liverpool will be remembered forever in the 2018 champions league final but in the football world, Bale is actually the fourth richest footballer in the world.Top 10 Richest footballers in the world in 2021

He is now playing for Real Madrid despite Tottenham Hotspur’s record transfer fee of 90 million Euros. Although it seems rumors are flying that Bale could leave the Spanish giants because of his injuries, according to Forbes, his current annual salary is $28.6 million.
Most of his wealth comes from deals and investments in an endorsement. Bale’s sponsorship deals worth $6m.

5. Paul Pogba -Net worth 2021 -$100million

Paul Pogba is currently playing for both the English Premier League Club, Manchester United and French National Team as a midfielder. He was previously a regular at the Juventus FC before playing for Manchester.Top 10 Richest footballers in the world in 2021

This was a contract he signed with Manchester United that saw him gain $100 million for those who wanted to learn how Paul Pogba became one of the richest footballers in England. Pogba’s weekly salary now stands at $25 million annually, apart from his $4.5 million from endorsements.


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