50 Best Startup Companies in London to Watch

50 Best Startup Companies in London to Watch in 2024

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List of startup companies in London

In the vibrant and dynamic landscape of London, where the iconic skyline meets the Thames River, a different kind of skyline is emerging – one defined by the towering success stories of innovative startup companies. The entrepreneurial spirit in the UK’s capital is palpable, and the city has become a hotbed for creative minds, groundbreaking ideas, and disruptive technologies.

As we navigate the ever-evolving world of business, it’s essential to cast a spotlight on the driving force behind much of today’s innovation – startups. London, a city steeped in history and tradition, is also a breeding ground for forward-thinking enterprises that are reshaping industries, challenging conventions, and setting the stage for the future.

In this exploration of the “Best Startup Companies in London,” we’ll delve into the stories of trailblazing startups that have not only weathered the storm of uncertainty but have also risen to prominence, making their mark on both the local and global stage. From fintech to healthtech, sustainability to artificial intelligence, these startups exemplify the spirit of resilience and innovation that defines the London startup ecosystem.

Join us on this journey as we uncover the success stories, delve into the challenges faced, and celebrate the groundbreaking contributions of London’s best startup companies. These are not just businesses; they are the architects of change, the visionaries shaping our future, and the pulse of a city that continues to redefine what’s possible in the world of entrepreneurship. Welcome to the inspiring world of London’s best startups!

What are Startups?

Startups are fledgling companies characterized by their innovative business models, disruptive ideas, and often a scalable approach to growth. These enterprises are typically in their early stages, aiming to address a gap in the market with a unique product, service, or technology. Startups are known for their agility, risk-taking mentality, and the pursuit of rapid growth, often fueled by venture capital or angel investments. These dynamic entities play a crucial role in driving economic development, fostering innovation, and reshaping industries.

Is London Good for Startups?

London has firmly established itself as a thriving hub for startups, fostering an ecosystem that embraces innovation, diversity, and global connectivity. Several factors contribute to London’s appeal for startups:

Global Connectivity: London’s strategic location and well-connected infrastructure make it a gateway for international business, attracting entrepreneurs and investors from around the world.

Access to Capital: The city boasts a robust financial ecosystem, providing startups with access to venture capital, angel investors, and various funding opportunities.

Diverse Talent Pool: London attracts a diverse and highly skilled workforce, offering startups access to a pool of talent across various industries and disciplines.

Supportive Ecosystem: The city hosts numerous co-working spaces, accelerators, and incubators that provide startups with essential resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities.

Cultural Diversity: London’s cosmopolitan atmosphere fosters creativity and cross-cultural collaboration, allowing startups to draw inspiration from a melting pot of ideas and perspectives.

Government Initiatives: Supportive government policies, such as tax incentives and programs to foster innovation, contribute to the conducive environment for startups.

Is the UK a Good Place for Startups?

The United Kingdom, including London, is indeed a favorable destination for startups. Several factors contribute to the overall attractiveness of the UK for entrepreneurial endeavors:

Legal and Regulatory Environment: The UK offers a stable legal and regulatory framework, providing a level playing field for businesses and protecting intellectual property.

Access to Talent: With world-renowned universities and a diverse talent pool, the UK provides startups with access to skilled professionals across various industries.

Market Opportunities: The UK market itself is substantial, and its proximity to European markets (despite Brexit implications) provides startups with access to a vast consumer base.

Government Support: Initiatives such as tax incentives, startup grants, and R&D tax credits demonstrate the government’s commitment to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship.

Tech and Innovation Hubs: Beyond London, cities like Manchester, Edinburgh, and Bristol have also emerged as vibrant tech and innovation hubs, contributing to the overall startup ecosystem in the UK.

In conclusion, both London and the broader UK offer a fertile ground for startups, providing a supportive environment, access to resources, and a platform for growth and innovation.

Best Startup companies in London to watchBest Startup companies in London to watch


A small business with grand aspirations, Allplants is on a mission to inspire everyone to embrace a plant-based lifestyle for the betterment of our planet. Beyond merely offering daily lunches, breakfasts, and snacks, the team at Allplants eagerly takes the lead in tasting new products.

Contrary to being exclusively for vegans, Allplants fosters an inclusive environment with flexible working arrangements and a mission that seamlessly combines feeling good with tasting good.

Superpower: Nourishing your stomach and the planet
Founded: 2016


Operating behind the financial scenes, Yapily empowers financial services to ensure everyone can access superior financial products. Beyond its impact on the financial world, Yapily is dedicated to saving its employees from subpar working environments. The team thrives on contributing to a high-growth space in the realm of Smart FinTech.

Superpower: Enhancing financial services for all
Founded: 2017


Understanding the value of time in business, Countingup has ingeniously combined banking and accounting into a single, user-friendly platform. The diverse team at Countingup shares a common goal: providing a financial platform for no fewer than one million small businesses.

Superpower: Streamlining accounting to give time back to people
Founded: 2017

47. ECHO

Echo has ushered healthcare into the 21st century by simplifying the process of ordering and delivering prescription medicine online. Going beyond the ordinary, the team at Echo enjoys a diverse and dynamic work environment, where each day brings new challenges and abundant health and well-being benefits.

Superpower: Simplifying the prescription medicine process
Founded: 2015


There’s nothing more inconvenient than a dying phone on the go, and ChargedUp has the solution. Their network of portable power banks provides on-demand power. To keep their employees charged and ready, the company prioritizes mentoring, growth, and social bonding with Monday morning team breakfasts.

Superpower: Supplying phone power anywhere, anytime
Founded: 2017

45. HUEL

With a focus on nutrition without additives, time and cost savings, Huel aims to make people feel good from the inside out. Encouraging curiosity, initiative, and collaboration among its employees, Huel ensures a top-notch experience for customers, including healthcare benefits and, of course, free Huel.

Superpower: Fostering well-being from within
Founded: 2014


Because every workday should be a good day, City Pantry is committed to delivering delicious lunches to offices and remote workers. Focused on employee well-being, the company promotes a culture of fun, freedom, and overall wellness, highly valued by its team.

Superpower: Banishing soggy sandwiches from work life
Founded: 2014


Habito’s mission is to simplify mortgages, striving to be better, responsible, and part of the revolution against bad mortgages. With benefits ranging from health insurance to stock options, the team enjoys a transparent and growth-oriented environment.

Superpower: Pleasing people with mortgages, not banks
Founded: 2015


Shifting away from diet fads, Second Nature is dedicated to making a healthy lifestyle second nature. Employees enjoy a culture of career progression, impactful work, and the opportunity to contribute significantly to people’s lives.

Superpower: Ditching diet fads for lasting health
Founded: 2015


Capdesk aims to make companies masters of their equity by simplifying employee equity schemes. With a small but highly thoughtful team, Capdesk practices transparent equity ownership, ensuring everyone benefits from the company’s growth.

Superpower: Streamlining equity plans with flexibility and confidence
Founded: 2015


EduMe is a workforce success platform leveraging technology for positive impact. Enabling companies to train people for job excellence, EduMe not only creates heroic workforces but also takes care of its own employees with flexibility, health budgets, and socials.

Superpower: Empowering workforces for optimal performance
Founded: 2016


Believing in doing good through technology, Visionable is on a mission to make healthcare accessible globally. Encouraging curiosity and positive challenges, the team enjoys generous benefits such as ample holiday allowances and continuous career development.

Superpower: Using video technology to build a healthier world
Founded: 2019


Florence is dedicated to transforming the care industry, proving that care homes can evolve. With a culture of fun, collaboration, and impressive growth, the team at Florence enjoys generous benefits, embodying the belief that it feels good to do good.

Superpower: Equipping carers and nurses for control
Founded: 2016


Linking over two million farmers across Africa, Wefarm goes beyond office boundaries, organizing offsites in Kenya and Uganda. Committed to building a fantastic global agriculture ecosystem, Wefarm’s team enjoys a unique work environment.

Superpower: Connecting farmers for a better future
Founded: 2015


Farewill simplifies the process of dealing with death, making it faster, easier, and fairer. With a diverse team genuinely caring about the product and each other, Farewill makes a tangible impact on people’s lives.

Superpower: Offering a simpler way to deal with death
Founded: 2015


Acknowledging healthcare workers as today’s superheroes, Doctify connects people with the best clinics and hospitals. With a focus on trust and transparency in healthcare, the team works passionately to support the good healthcare workers who save the masses.

Superpower: Promoting trust and transparency in healthcare
Founded: 2014


Thriva’s mission is to help people thrive, extending this philosophy to its employees. As customers receive personalized health advice, the team ensures a workplace where employees have all they need to focus on well-being.

Superpower: Putting health control in people’s hands
Founded: 2015


Not about becoming the next celebrity, Influencer is a team of creative experts helping brands succeed in social media. With a focus on mental and physical well-being, a generous holiday allowance, and flexible working hours, the team thrives in a dynamic environment.

Superpower: Influencing positive change for brands
Founded: 2014


On a mission to showcase the possibilities with data, Permutive’s team comprises dreamers, inventors, and discoverers. Here, employees enjoy the freedom to rip up the rulebook and work in ways that make them happy.

Superpower: Giving publishers the data they deserve
Founded: 2015


Operating in the fast lane, Motorway simplifies the process of selling cars quickly. In a fun and fast-paced environment, employees appreciate the flexibility, family-like atmosphere, and perks that come with growing together.

Superpower: An easy way to sell your car and drive straight to the bank
Founded: 2016


Hometree tackles hot water and heating issues with a commitment to making the world deserve better. Employees find solace in a safe and accepting workplace that encourages individuality, flexible workstyles, and personal growth.

Superpower: Making homecare plans work for you
Founded: 2016

29. FORM3

Empowering businesses to make instant payments effortlessly for their customers, Form3 operates with a remote-first approach, fostering a closely-knit team. Embracing the philosophy that nearly everything can be done online, Form3 allows employees to work from wherever they find happiness and productivity, offering excellent benefits that mirror this freedom. This FinTech is in a race for the top spot.

Superpower: Redefining instant payments for easy spending
Founded: 2016


Quantexa, a technology company shaping the world of data, boasts a team of smart and dedicated individuals. Embracing a ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality, employees enjoy mentorship programs, ample opportunities for professional development, and a vibrant culture, coupled with benefits like a generous holiday allowance and flexible working arrangements.

Superpower: Connecting data to empower decisions
Founded: 2016


Taking the chill out of house deposits, Flatfair has simplified the process for both landlords and renters. The passionate team at Flatfair is dedicated to improving people’s quality of life, fostering a highly rated culture. Employees appreciate the learning, development, and progression opportunities, creating a workplace where renting becomes as easy as pie.

Superpower: Flexible protection for seamless renting
Founded: 2016


Cazoo instills complete car-buying confidence by delivering reconditioned cars with a money-back guarantee. Operating at a fast pace, mirroring life at Cazoo headquarters, the team works together to make buying a car an enjoyable experience. As they speed toward their goals, employees find a dynamic environment and share in the fun their customers have buying cars.

Superpower: Transforming the way people buy used cars
Founded: 2018


Digitizing and simplifying payments, Shieldpay safeguards individuals and businesses during significant transactions. The company’s mission is described as supportive, encouraging, dynamic, and exciting, reflecting the kind words employees use to describe their life at Shieldpay.

Superpower: Shielding customers and businesses from bad transactions
Founded: 2016


Credit Kudos, akin to Robin Hood, aims to provide fairer credit for all by helping people access finances they can afford. The company extends this ethos to its employees, offering equity, pensions, health and wellbeing schemes, and necessary equipment. Credit Kudos believes in empowering its workforce.

Superpower: Fixing credit scoring for fairness
Founded: 2015

23. CLEO

Cleo, your friendly financial assistant, uses smart technology to manage spending. The company invests in its employees’ happiness, providing excellent compensation, mentorship, team bonding trips, and an abundance of snacks. Cleo makes managing money a walk in the park for both its users and its team.

Superpower: Making managing your money simple
Founded: 2016


Not to be confused with squishy sweets, Marshmallow is reconstructing car insurance for universal accessibility. The inclusive approach extends to the entire team, creating a passionate work environment with benefits like a clear direction, great atmosphere, and an irresistible promise of a free marshmallow supply for life.

Superpower: Smart, instant car insurance for everyone
Founded: 2017


Disrupting traditional car insurance, By Miles charges only a fixed annual cost and per mile driven. The team enjoys a workplace that prioritizes making travel easy, offering social events, a cycle-to-work scheme, and excellent commuting options.

Superpower: Making car insurance affordable for all
Founded: 2016


Zencargo endeavors to synchronize supply and demand for businesses, creating a team that operates in perfect harmony. Employees appreciate the flat hierarchy, fast-paced environment, and overall positive business outlook, making Zencargo an ideal workplace for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Superpower: A trust-based environment for businesses and employees
Founded: 2017

19. JOLT

Jolt is on a mission to enhance people’s careers, offering support and flexible learning for students to thrive in any industry. The company’s internal culture focuses on true value, providing employees with tools, courses, and skills for their personal and professional development.

Superpower: Giving students a competitive advantage
Founded: 2015


Navigating the complexities of healthcare, AccuRx facilitates easy communication among everyone involved in a patient’s care. The team shares a common obsession with their mission and each other, creating a company that values team happiness both inside and outside of work.

Superpower: All healthcare communication in one place
Founded: 2016


Handling fine art logistics globally, Convelio ensures timely and smooth art deliveries. The team, likened to a seaworthy crew, follows a working compass to not only deliver artwork but also ensure they deliver on their promises. Convelio offers a caring, agile, and demanding work environment.

Superpower: Building the logistics backbone of the art world
Founded: 2017


ComplyAdvantage, the Batman of the tech world, is developing software to combat the risk of financial crimes. The collaborative, proactive, and tenacious team is focused on delivering the best results and fighting financial evil while maintaining a pain-free process.

Superpower: Using technology to fight financial crime
Founded: 2014


Wagestream collaborates with companies to provide employees instant access to earnings, emphasizing trust, autonomy, and shared growth. The team enjoys a range of cool benefits, and their hard work is recognized with substantial funding from top VCs.

Superpower: Enabling people to control their earnings
Founded: 2018


Empowering businesses to run confidently, Fluidly ensures small companies always have cash in the bank. Employees find the culture, leadership, challenges, and product potential remarkable, offering a place for real development and learning.

Superpower: Predicting future cashflows for smooth business operations
Founded: 2016

13. JURO

Juro’s mission is to streamline work and make collaboration easy. Fostering an environment where everyone feels at home, the team enjoys various fun activities, showcasing a culture worth boasting about. Even potential hires can find information about the hiring process online, exemplifying Juro’s commitment to simplicity.

Superpower: Making work as simple as it should be
Founded: 2016


Demystifying the credit score, Portify offers a community-powered membership to help individuals reach their financial goals. The team at Portify receives everything needed to achieve personal and professional aspirations, ensuring happiness at work.

Superpower: Helping everyone achieve their financial dreams
Founded: 2017

11. ZEGO

Zego simplifies driver insurance, making it flexible, straightforward, and superior. Working at Zego mirrors this simplicity, with employees appreciating the culture, perks, competitive salary, holidays, latest tech, and awesome Zego merch.

Superpower: Taking the wheel of modern work insurance
Founded: 2016


Recognizing that dogs are humans’ best friends, Butternut Box delivers health and happiness to furry companions through drool-worthy meals. The company infuses a light-hearted sense of humor into its brand and team interactions. Prioritizing health and well-being, the company offers a focus on personal learning budgets, creating an environment where employees have plenty to bark about.

Superpower: Giving dogs happiness through the pawfect meal
Founded: 2016


Pento revolutionizes payroll by enabling employers to run it with a single click. Making work genuinely exciting, Pento offers unlimited holidays, flexible working, and an incredible growth journey. Employees find a workplace that is both dynamic and invigorating.

Superpower: Bringing payroll into the 21st century (finally)
Founded: 2016


Experiencing rapid growth, Fiit seems tailor-made for the modern era with its excellent app bringing the gym home. The company deeply cares about its employees, focusing on feeling good both physically and mentally. The team enjoys personal fitness and well-being budgets, team workouts, healthy snacks, and fun socials, proving that Fiit is more than just an app.

Superpower: Fitness at home at the touch of a button
Founded: 2017


Anticipating the shift to virtual events, Hopin took events online before the global pandemic hit. The virtual event venue goes beyond presentations, offering immersive networking and workshops. Employees at Hopin contribute to a fast-moving journey, making a significant impact and gaining valuable experiences for the future.

Superpower: Saving the world from restrictive online events
Founded: 2019


WeGift is the gift that keeps on giving. Incentivizing consumers to buy more from businesses, WeGift extends the same principle to its employees. With a generous holiday allowance, flexible working, diverse team socials, and attractive discounts, the company recognizes that hard work pays off, evident in its remarkable 500% growth last year.

Superpower: Rewarding consumers with instant incentives when they buy
Founded: 2015


Putting consumers and data at the heart of every business, Attest emphasizes people as its core focus. With clear values, benefits dedicated to growth and development, and a remote-working setup, Attest stands out as a workplace that challenges any competing business.

Superpower: Providing the data to turn guesswork into fact
Founded: 2015


With nearly £60m in funding, Truelayer is a FinTech powerhouse preaching about inclusion and diversity. The company focuses on inclusion before diversity, recognizing the importance of fostering an inclusive environment for success. Truelayer employees are part of a significant growth spurt, contributing to the FinTech industry’s progress with universal APIs and enjoying a super flexible working environment and engaging team socials.

Superpower: Aiming big to power the next era of financial innovation
Founded: 2016


Savings and investments might sound snooze-worthy, but Moneybox makes them easy. Easy sign-up, easy start, easy savings. Employees not only benefit from the company’s impressive growth but also enjoy awesome perks, a dynamic environment, and a welcoming and friendly team.

Superpower: Making savings as easy as putting money in a box
Founded: 2015


Working behind the scenes, Impala ensures that travel booking is as easy as browse, book, pay, and stay. Starting as a remote-first business and experiencing substantial growth, Impala shows no signs of slowing down on its mission to revolutionize travel. Offering an extensive list of employee benefits and backed by more than £15m in funding, Impala is the place to be.

Superpower: Creating a better world of travel through data
Founded: 2016


Beyond its cute brand, Yulife places well-being at the heart of everything it does. Yulife’s employee insurance product protects lives and rewards living, mirroring the care the company provides for its own people. Employees consider each other as part of the Yulife family, benefiting from a more than decent insurance coverage.

Superpower: Protecting, inspiring, and rewarding ‘yur’ life.
Founded: 2016

These startup companies in London represent a dynamic blend of innovation, employee-centric cultures, and a commitment to making a positive impact in their respective industries. As we delve into the top 29, we witness the diverse landscape of London’s startup ecosystem, where each company brings its unique superpower to the table. From reshaping the way we manage finances to revolutionizing travel and prioritizing the well-being of man’s best friend, these startups showcase the vibrant entrepreneurial spirit that defines London’s startup scene. Stay tuned as we continue to explore the exciting world of startups in the bustling city of London.