Everything You Need To Know About The Deadly Coronavirus In Nigeria, China And Rest of The World

What Is a Coronavirus?

Coronaviruses are a family of viruses known to contain strains that in mammals and birds may cause potentially deadly diseases. Usually, they are transmitted in humans by airborne droplets of fluid formed by infected people.Coronavirus in Nigeria and the world

What are the symptoms of a coronavirus?

Coronaviruses can cause a range of symptoms in various animals. Although some strains cause diarrhea in pigs and turkeys, infections can be likened to a bad cold most of the time, causing mild to moderate upper respiratory complications such as runny nose and sore throat.

There are a number of deadly exceptions that have had devastating effects on the world’s livestock and human health.

Admitted coronavirus patients may get help for their lungs and other organs as well as fluids if they are rushed to a hospital. Recovery may rely upon their immune system’s strength. Many who died have already been in poor health.

CoronaVirus in The World

Since the virus was identified in Wuhan, China, over 200 people have been confirmed dead and almost 10,000 others are infected and battling symptoms which include fever and respiratory difficulties.

This has led to the World Health Organisation to declare a global emergency for the coronavirus pandemic. CDC health force in the United States of America has begun quarantine of Chinese returnees after there was a suspected case. While Canada’s first confirmed case of coronavirus in Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto just discharged their patient.

CoronaVirus in Africa

There have thus far been no confirmed coronavirus cases on the African continent, though one alleged case has been identified in Botswana. Nigeria and 12 other countries were identified as high-risk African states for coronavirus by the World Health Organization.

The others listed by the WHO include Angola, Ivory Coast, Algeria, DR Congo, Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia, Mauritius, Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa, and Zambia.

A WHO report said the listed African nations have direct connections or a high frequency of travel to China.

CoronaVirus in Nigeria

In Abuja, Nigerian officials stormed and shut down a prominent Chinese store over fears about the spreading coronavirus.

The store is a big meeting place for Chinese citizens and expatriates who live in the capital of Nigeria. Panda Supermarket’s aisles and shopping counter are usually crowded with shoppers.
But most were empty Friday, two days since Nigeria’s Federal Commission for Competition and Consumer Protection (FCCPC) officials shut down the market.

Commission head Babtunde Irukera said the market has been closed due to concerns about imported goods that could contain the coronavirus.

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“The operatives of the place admitted that those things were imported from China,” Irukera said. “Our suspicion is not whether those products that we saw there are host carriers of the virus, but it was more of the fact that … is there a potential for a risk?”

There is no need to worry, Beyond China the spread of the virus is alarming but not an unforeseen growth. This increases the chances that the outbreak will be declared an international public health emergency by the WHO.

The main issues are how transmissible this current coronavirus is between people and how much gets seriously sick and ends up in a hospital. Viruses that easily spread tend to have a milder effect.

Workers in health care could be at risk if they encountered someone with respiratory symptoms who had moved to an affected region suddenly. The coronavirus usually tends to strike older people most hard, with few cases in children.

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