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Green Africa Airways Flights and Bookings

Aviation in Nigeria

Nigeria is a country that is rich in natural resources, but it has struggled to establish itself as an economically prosperous nation. The aviation industry in Nigeria has been challenging due to the lack of infrastructure and funding for airport maintenance. Low air traffic volume and profit margins, coupled with high operating costs and poor quality control standards have prevented airlines from being profitable. With Africa’s largest economy at $510 billion dollars according to the CIA World Factbook, Nigeria needs to take steps towards developing its aviation industry if it wants to compete globally.

The Nigerian aviation industry is a rapidly growing sector in the country and has seen exponential growth in recent years. The Ministry of Aviation (Nigeria) projects that by 2021, Nigeria will be one of the top ten largest air carriers globally with an annual revenue exceeding $6 billion USD. This rapid growth can be attributed to many factors including:
-The 2015 opening of Murtala Muhammed International Airport which served as an alternative airport for Lagos -The increased economic activity due to oil production and natural gas exports since 2010 -A robust regional airline market coupled with a population boom -An increase in internet usage over mobile networks, which facilitates e-commerce transactions.

The aviation industry in Nigeria has been growing steadily and is expected to continue this trend. In the past few years, more airlines are operating within Nigerian airspace which has led to a growth of passengers and cargo. Furthermore, there have been investments by foreign investors into Nigerian airports such as Lagos Airport that will allow for a robust infrastructure for future development of the country’s aviation sector.

About Green Africa Airways

An airline company of a different kind, Green Africa Airways was founded in 2015 to bring low-cost air service to the Nigerian travel market. At launch, it became one of only two carriers with an all-female staff and pilots. Underneath their sleek exterior lie customers who have been underserved by Nigeria’s high-cost airlines for too long: this is no time for passengers on tight budgets or lower-income groups wanting accessibility from remote areas across the nation.

Green Africa Airways Customer care

Send an email to [email protected] or call 0700-47336-237422, 0708 060 8800 and 070GREENAFRICA.Green Africa Airways Flights

Green Africa airways ownership

who owns Green Africa airways?

Babawande Afolabi

One man set out to change the Nigerian air travel market, and he did it. Babawande Afolabi founded low-cost airline Green Africa Airways on June 15th 2015 with the goal of providing service for “the masses.” In an effort to make flying more accessible while keeping operating costs down, this new carrier is dedicated entirely to Nigeria’s needs. From ticket prices as cheap as $35 upfront per person or less than two cents per kilometer flown in economy class seating that fits four adults comfortably across one row instead of three smaller seats like most carriers offer; you can expect juicy deals at every turn when booking with Green Africa Airways!

Green African Airlines was started by entrepreneur Babawande Afolabi who saw an opportunity in a competitively priced ticket buying option in West Africa’s most populous country – Nigeria! In addition to serving underprivileged communities both internationally and domestically.

How To book a flight on Green Africa Airways

How do I book a flight on Green Africa Airways?

Here is how to book flight on Green Africa airways:

  • Visit the official website
  • Choose your Departing location and Destination
  • Select departure date
  • Choose the number of bookings
  • Select available flight and done!

Green Africa airways management team

Names Roles
Babawande Afolabi Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Jag Singh Chief Operating Officer
Bart Roberts Chairman of the Safety Review Board
Thomas Horton Board Advisor
William Shaw Board Member


Green Africa recruitment

Green Africa Airways cabin crew recruitment is currently not announced publicly but in due time it will commence. This is because of the amount of traffic and workload the team would encounter, stay updated on the page or visit for further inquiries.

Green Africa Airways flight timetable

Which terminal does Green Africa Airways fly from?

Lagos Abuja 24th June 2021 N16,500
Lagos Port Harcourt 25th June 2021 N16,500
Lagos Owerri 26th June 2021 N16,500
Lagos Enugu 26th June 2021 N16,500
Lagos Ilorin 28th June 2021 N16,500
Lagos Akure 30th June 2021 N16,500

Required Travel Documents to book Green Africa

Passengers planning to travel on Green Africa must have in their possession any of these documents which will be checked before boarding:

  • Driver’s License
  • International passport
  • National Identification Card
  • Permanent Voter Card
  • Work/Employment Identification Card

It is your responsibility to ensure details on any form of identification match the details on the booking confirmation. It is also your responsibility to ensure all forms of identification are valid. Green Africa will not provide you with a refund of ticket, or bear any cost associated with the refusal to board due to invalid identification.

Green Africa Airways Office

43B, Oduduwa Crescent
GRA, Ikeja

Green Africa Airways Maximum booking

You are able to book up to 9 seats per booking.Green Africa Airways Flights and bookings

Green Africa Airways planes

How many planes does Green Africa Airways have?

Green Africa operates a fleet of ATR72-600s.

The ATR72-600 is built for efficient regional operations and has been recognized as a leading platform to achieve cost efficiency while providing options to customers. The ATR72-600 has a fuel burn advantage with 20% less operating cost in its category, which in turn will enable Green Africa to provide affordable fares and open new city-pair options to customers.

Green Africa is set to become one of the largest operators of the ATR72-600 in the region with plans to deploy 12-15 aircraft primarily across Nigeria between March 2021 and December 2022.

Green Africa Airways Baggage Policy

Your baggage allowance is dependent on the fare product purchased.

As a gSaver Customer, you are entitled to a 7kg carry-on baggage only.
As a gClassic Customer, you are entitled to a 7kg carry-on baggage and 15kg checked baggage.
As a gFlex Customer, you are entitled to a 7kg carry-on baggage and 20kg checked baggage.
For Infants, an additional 5kg checked baggage is allowed.
You can however purchase additional baggage on a per kg basis at the airport.

Is Green Africa Airways still flying?

Green Africa flights started from 24th June 2021 and are still ongoing.

Is Green Africa Airways still flying to Dubai?

No, Green Africa Airways is currently focused on taking over the domestic flight industry.

Are Green Africa Airways flights safe and secured?

Yes, Green Africa Airways has as much security and safe flight experience as other flight companies in Nigeria do, and that the flight fees are cheap does not make them substandard.

Does Green Africa Airways have an app?

Green Africa currently does not have an app but all bookings and inquiries are made on their official website

How do I cancel my Green Africa Airways flight?

You can cancel you flight by Sending an email to customer care [email protected] or call 0700-47336-237422, 0708 060 8800 and 070GREENAFRICA.

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