how to activate microsoft office without product key

How To Activate Microsoft Office Without Product Key for Free in Mac Book

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Microsoft Office is a powerful and popular software that offers a wide range of applications that include Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, and many more. One thing about Microsoft office is that it always requires a product key to activate the software so you can get to use all of the available features. But what if you do not have the money to purchase a product key?

In this article, we are going to show you several methods you can follow to activate the Microsoft office software without having to purchase a product key on your Macbook. Let’s dive in.

How To Activate Microsoft Office Without Product Key for Free in Mac Book

There are a few methods that can help you use Microsoft Office software without purchasing a product key. All of the below-listed methods should work perfectly for you. Let’s take a look at every single one of them:

1. Use a Product Key Generator

This is one of the main methods to resort to when you do not have the money to purchase a valid product key for Microsoft Office. A product key generator is a software application or program that generates a product key for Microsoft Office for free. Here’s what you will need to do:

2. Download the product key Generator

Before you head on to using the product key generator for Microsoft Office, you need to first make sure that you download it on your Macbook. You can type in “product key generator download” on google to find the download. 

Make sure you download the product key generator from a trusted website and you also need to make sure that you download the latest version of the program. Downloading the latest version should make it more compatible with your Macbook operating system.  

3. Disable Your MacBook’s Antivirus

Most of the Antivirus software on a Macbook will always detect a product key generator as a threat and this can stop you from running the program. Hence, you need to make sure that you temporarily shut down the Antivirus software on your Macbook before running the product key generator.

4. Run the Product Key Generator

Once you have successfully disabled your antivirus software and downloaded the product key generator, you can now run the product key program. It is usually user-friendly with several instructions to follow on how you can generate a product key for Microsoft. It’s pretty easy and all you will need to do is follow the on-screen instructions. 

5. Activate Microsoft Office

When you are done generating the product key, you can now use it to successfully activate the Microsoft Office software. Launch the Microsoft Office and input the generated product key when prompted. After doing this, Microsoft Office should now be activated and you should gain access to all of its features. 

6. Enable Antivirus

After successfully activating your Microsoft Office, you will need to turn on your Antivirus software to make sure that your Macbook is protected from any viruses or malware. 

7. Use an Office Activator

An office activator is an application that bypasses the product activation process and activates your Microsoft Office without the use of a product key. Here’s what you will need to do:

8. Download an Office Activator

Firstly, you will need to download an office activator from a trusted website. You will need to type in “office activator download” into your web browser and select whatever website is trusted to download the program from. Make sure that you are also downloading the latest version of the office activator. This way, it will be compatible with the operating system of your Macbook. 

9. Disable Antivirus

After downloading the office activator on your Macbook you will need to disable your Antivirus software. This is because the antivirus program will detect the office activator as malware and may prevent it from running. You will need to disable the Antivirus on your Macbook before heading on to the next step. 

10. Run the Office Activator

Most office activators are easy to use as they come with a user-friendly interface that is easy to scale through. When the activator starts running, make sure you follow all of the easy onscreen instructions. 

11. Restart Your Macbook

When you have followed all the instructions requested by the activator, you will be required to restart your Macbook for all the changes to take effect. Make sure that you save all open files and close every program before you restart your Macbook.

12. Verify Activation

After restarting your Macbook, you will need to open the Microsoft Office software and verify that it is activated. Once this is done, you should gain access to all the features available on the Microsoft Office software.

Is it Okay to Activate Microsoft Office without a Product Key?

One question that pops up while trying to activate a Microsoft Office software is: Is it okay to activate without a product key? Well, the answer to that question goes both ways but the pros greatly outweigh the cons if you followed all of the above steps. 

Using an Office activator or product key generator can lead to security issues or software malfunctions. Some Office activators contain malware that can easily compromise your Macbook. This can cause your device to crash or malfunction and you might end up losing a lot of important data. 

But this is very avoidable. To prevent downloading an office activator or product key generator that could be of risk to you is to make sure that you are downloading both these programs from a trusted website. Before downloading any of these programs from a website, make sure that you go through the reviews and take a good look at the site you are downloading from.  

Does the website you plan on downloading from look reputable? If it is a trusted site, you will not have any issues after downloading the office activator or product key generator. So it is recommended you cross-check the websites before you start downloading to avoid downloading malware or viruses. 


If you are planning on activating the Microsoft Office software without purchasing the product key, there are a few ways you can go about it. In this article, we have explained how you can do so using the product key generator and office activator. After following the steps above, you should be able to gain access to all of the features of Microsoft Office for free.