How to get Glo 500MB for N200 3G Network

How to get Glo 500MB for N200 3G Network (2022)

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Globacom limited is widely known as Glo is the Nigerian multinational telecommunications company that was founded by Mike adenuga on 29th of August of 2003. The company has its headquarters in Lagos and has employed over 3500 people worldwide by June 2018.

Conpetro Nigeria limited is the parent organisation Glo subsidiaries are glo mobile, glo gateway and others.

Glo just introduced a glo 3g camp boost 200 which gives the subscribers the 200mb plus 250 MB of camp+ 50mb data to share + an extra 200 naira airtime which can be used to call and text all networks.

Obviously this is a huge package for glo subscribers and those without closing would love to go and get one at the moment. This plan is very beneficial and excellent and it specifically for those that are looking for correct data subscription bundle with little money.

Steps on how to get Glo 500MB for N200 3G Network

  1. Dail *777#
  2. Select 1. 3G Data Services
  3. Select 1. Buy Data
  4. Select 1. Small Plans
  5. Select 2. 200Mb

After following the steps you will be deducted 200 naira from your airtime balance and automatically you will receive the credit of 200 Mb of data + anther 250MB of Data on Campus with your 200 naira you subscription with + another 50MB to Share with your Loved ones but, they have to be Glo subscribers.

Glo 500MB for N200 3G Network

It is very important to note that this data subscription plan can be used on all devices and it’s available to all glo subscribers but it can last for maximum of four days and it could be exhausted before then depending on how you use it.